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Beautifully Undone by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 3 : Deals
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I woke to the pinning of stones on my window. I opened my eyes and rolled over, practically killing my cat Muffasa in the process. He yelped; stalking away to the foot of my bed, as I sat up rubbing my eyes, attempting to locate the source of the noise. A dim light caught my eye and I walked over to my window, opening it and perching on the sill.

“What time is it, Lorcan?” I asked sleepily. I covered my mouth as I yawned, reminding me of my big stink of a cat.

“Half past one.” He replied. He had changed into his pajamas, his hair messy from a day’s work. Lorcan was perched on the sill with a cup of tea beside him.

“And why have you so chosen to wake me at such an un-godly hour?” I scolded, grumpy from the lack of sleep, and the fleeting feeling of the previous day’s events falling hard upon my shoulders.

“Lysander told me about the party.” He whispered, running a hand through his hair. He looked up, trying to meet my eyes, but I shut him out. I looked down, at the briar rose patches my mum planted a few years ago. Tears fought to the surface, but I hastily brushed them away.


“Can I have some tea?” I asked, looking up in spite of my tears. Lorcan handed the cup over, and I took a sip.

“I’m so sorry,” He said, his eyes seeping of pain. I stared into the depths of my tea cup. “You can’t keep on living like this.”

“Why not?” I demanded, my anger exploding and my heart pounding. “It’s not like I’ve known any different.” I whispered. I looked down at the briar rose once more, the moonlight illuminating the petals to a soft pink. The morning dew was beginning to set in upon the leaves.

Lorcan continued to stare at me. I felt vulnerable, even as my best friend, he was examining me, finding my flaws; my weaknesses.

“Believe it or not, I care about you Molly.” His voice a steady whisper, strong and determined but hushed and shy.

“Well I don’t need your help,” I replied bitterly. However, the moment I looked up into his face I knew that was the wrong thing to say. “Look Lorcan…”

“Save it, Molly.” He swung his legs back inside and began to close his window.

“Lorcan, that’s not what I meant.” I felt my heart thump, everything seemed to be crashing down around me. I looked up at the stars, the bright moon being hidden by stormy rain clouds. It’s dull light was enough for me to see the hurt, set deep into Lorcan’s face. He closed his eyes, and shut the window; leaving me with his tea, and my briar rose.

I crawled back inside, and collapsed onto my bed. Closing my eyes did me no good, for I could only see the hurt on my best friend’s face, the hurt I had caused. So I kept my eyes open and stared at the stars on my ceiling. I tried to listen to Kelly Clarkson’s soothing voice, but my Walkman was out of battery. Track six was scratched anyway. So I laid in bed, listening to my cat’s smooth breathing, and somehow managed to fall asleep.

When I opened my eyes again, the house was quiet. I glanced at the clock that read ten past eight, and dragged myself out of bed, in hopes of finding sustenance for the day.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, the floor smelt of crisp lemon. My sister had obviously had a quarrel with father last night and my mom took it to cleaning, one of her many nervous habits. I slumped over to the kettle, delighted to find tea and lemon biscuits waiting for me, my favourite pick-me-up meal. Stuck to the fridge was a note that read:


Your father was called into the Ministry early with Mr. Scamander until dinner and I am going to plan out lessons for Muggle School that starts next week. That means you and Lorcan are on your own for school supplies. I have left twenty five galleons, for lunch and school supplies on the counter. Lucy is to stay home, so please pick up her list of things as well. Thank you darling; I will be home around dinner time.

Love, mum

I sighed and picked up the galleons. Retrieving both Lucy and I’s Hogwarts lists, my tea and some toast, I made my way back up to my room. I placed my tea down on the desk and averted my eyes from the window, cringing at the memory of my hurtful words like fog surrounding me everywhere I turned. I focused my attention back on Lucy’s school list.

One Cauldron

Standardized Spell book: Year Three

Five sets of Hogwarts school robes

“Luce! What size of school robes do you want?” I called into the hall. I stared at my chewed nails, waiting for a reply. The house was oddly quite. I walked down the hall to Lucy’s room, knocking on the door. “Luce?” I tried the door knob but it was locked. Reaching above the door frame, my hand reached for the small metal key. Depositing it into the lock, I flung open the door. My sister’s bed was empty, and the window was open, the breeze joining the curtains in a blissful frolic. I rolled my eyes and walked back to my room, deciding to buy her ill-fitting robes so that she’d be miserable all year. I walked over to my window, deciding to let the tension out, I slid it open. My mum had always told me not to, considering there was no screen, but it was just to perfect not to. With a ledge on both me and Lorcan’s windows, how could we not sit out there and enjoy the outdoor?. Sure, when Lorcan “accidentally” pushed out my window screen, and I “accidentally” pushed out his two weeks later when we were seven, didn’t help matters.

But that was purely accidental, of course.

As I opened the window, I saw yet another note, taped to the inside of the window across the way.

My place, half past eight.

I glanced at the clock that read eight twenty.

I jumped, throwing on the first thing I found on my floor, and threw my hair up into a bun. I raced to the bathroom and scrubbed my teeth. I grabbed the lists, my jumper, and shoes and raced out the door…

… All the way across my lawn, over the hedge and briar rose patch to Lorcan’s front door.

Ringing the doorbell, I tried to catch my breath, while putting my jumper and shoes on. I had just managed to straighten up, when Lysander, Lorcan’s twin brother, opened the door.

“Uhg, it’s you.”

I gave him my most charming smile, patted his cheek and stepped inside.

“The kettle’s on and Lorcan is upstairs.” Lysander called to me, as I raced up the stairs, two at a time. I stuck my head into Lorcan’s room only to see him baring nothing but a towel, a very small one at that.

“Whoa, oh gosh, I’m sorry.”  I slipped back into the hall, sinking down against the wall. Even though I’ve known Lorcan since I was five, I have stayed clear of sights in his…southern reigon. Don’t get me wrong, I can tell from the tight jeans he used to wear back in third year, that he’s got the stuff… it’s just… it’s Lorcan.

“Why hello there, Miss. Weasley. You know, there is such a thing as knocking.” He teased.

“Sorry.” I called sheepishly.

“You said that already, dear.” He walked out of the room –fully clothed, mind you- and headed down the stairs. I followed behind him, lagging a few paces. My mind whirled. After our fight, I’d been sure he wouldn’t want to go supply shopping together.

Then again, it wasn’t a fight as much as a disagreement.

“Coming, Molly?” He shouted up the stairs. I snapped out of my trance to realize I was still only halfway down. Lorcan grabbed his coat and opened the door, so I raced down the stairs out onto the street, not before ruffling his hair first.

“I’ll get you, Molly Eleanor Weasley!” Lorcan ran up behind me a picked me up. I screamed and hit and giggled, pretending to be upset, but when this happens as a daily occurrence, you sort of get used to it. I suppose he started in third year, after he went to a strength training class, and got really, well, buff.

He let me down on the grass and laid down beside me.

“I’m sorry, for being so harsh on you last night, Molly.” Lorcan turned to me, brushing aside some hair that had fallen down from my bun.

“Truce?” I offered, as I sat up to put my hair back up.

“Truce,”  He agreed. We did our secret handshake back from when we were eight – fist bump, hand shake, elbow, elbow, fall- and laid back down, to enjoy one of our last withering days of summer, before taking off to Diagon Ally.


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