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Fragile Heart by suria
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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“Uncle Hagrid! The cake burns!” Hermione laughed and chuckled at the same time. It was the first time in her life to bake a cake and she chose Hagrid as her teacher (not a really good decision actually).

Hagrid rushed to lift the cake out of the fire and brought it to the table. He pulled out his glove and tastes the cake.

“E’mione! Yer a good cook! Taste just nice, yer know!” He patted Hermione on her shoulder.

“Awwh… You don’t have to do that to make me feel nice. It’s okay, I can try again later.” She smiled happily. They were both busy cleaning the table when an owl came and knocked the window. Hermione untied the letter.

“A letter for me, from Seamus. That’s weird, he can always talk to me in the common room or Great Hall, why letter?” she chuckled. A smile on her face turned into a frown. Hagrid noticed that and asked her out of curiosity,

“Anything wrong?”

“Mmmmh…nothing serious.” Hermione shook her head, smiling forcefully. After done cleaning, she ran as fast as she could to Hogwarts. The letter kept on lingering around her mind.

Hermione, do you believe in me or Ron? There’s something about Ronald that you MUST know. Come to the library now, I’ll tell you everything. That’s the only place that I can think of where it is impossible for Ronald to be there. -Seamus-

Hermione ran to the library and caught Seamus near the Restriction Section.

“What do you mean?” Anxiety began to hit Hermione that she felt out of breath. Seamus looked at her right in her eyes and Hermione had a funny feeling that she must have looked pathetic right now that he looked at her pitifully.

“Hermione, I might not be your best friend but I’ve known you for the past 7 years, not to mention all the Dumbledore’s Army thing makes us closer. I’ve no intention to break your relationship, after all both of you are best friends, but I couldn’t stand watching him acting all superior in the room boasting about how many girls love him and want him. He even dated one of them silently, after class when you are at the library, late night after you go to sleep, during Quidditch practice with the new chaser, Giselle and on our last Hogsmeade visit, he even bought a box of chocolate for that girl.”

Seamus stopped, letting out a heavy breath when he saw Hermione’s eyes began to teary.

“There…must be an explanation for this,” she stroked her own hand acting all fine even though the tears started to flow down her cheeks. Her mind was busy trying to remember if she knew anyone named Giselle, but she didn’t.

“Hermione…listen here, you deserve a better man, you know. The war really changes everyone. Some changes to better and some don’t. Ronald started to feel important and superior as though he did the most during the war, he is not the same person anymore. I’m not lying, Hermione. Harry and I have been talking about it and he agreed to let me tell you everything because he couldn’t do it. Both of you are his best friends and he stuck in the middle but he is on our side. Tonight, you can pretend to sleep early and go out later to check them out. Remember, I’m telling you this because I can’t stand watching you being fooled, no bad intention.”

A sudden guilt hit Seamus when he saw Hermione’s blank gaze and tears even though he knew he did the right thing.

He came forward to hug her, she was holding on to the book shelf for support. She couldn’t believe her ears. She pushed Seamus and walked slowly to room of requirement, she just wants to be alone.

“I’m sorry, Hermione, for being a coward. I’m the one who should tell you,” said Harry, who hid behind the Restriction Section.



Hermione ran as fast as she could, failed to hold back her tears. She wiped her tears with her sleeves. Is it true? Should I believe him? Ron…

The door to the room of requirement appeared and she stormed inside, still running until she fell down on the floor. The memories of Ron and her played around in her mind.

She would like to see for herself whether it’s true Ron cheated on her but she was afraid. Afraid of the results. She screamed to the top of her voice that she felt her lungs would burst. She pulled her knees to her chest, pressing her face hard on her knees.

Is it better for her to pretend like nothing happened and hoping in silent that he will change someday? But it’s going to hurt so much. Furious, mad, crazy, sad, she feels everything.

After a couple of hours, Hermione lay down on the floor, too tired to scream. Tears still flowing down her cheek. She had a blank gaze, staring at the ceiling.

She made her decision. No one is allowed to make a fool out of her, she will find out that night.

Ronald Weasley…watch out…

She gathered her strength to stand up, walked slowly to the door, holding tight to the door knob. She wiped her tears completely before stepping out.

However, she didn't realise that a pair of grey eyes behind the closet in the room of requirement trailed her step until she could no longer be seen. His eyebrows pulled together.

“What’s going on? Did she fail her subject?” Draco muttered under his breath. The sight of hysteria Granger scared him. That was the first time he saw that side of her, a weak side.

There must be something happening to her. Even though he tried his best not to bother into something that got nothing to do with him, he couldn’t help but kept wondering what could kill her strength like that.


“Hey, Hermione! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you.” Ron rushed forward to hug her when he saw Hermione stepped inside of the common room.

“Why? Anything matter?” Hermione tried to look as normal as possible. Ron stroked her hair, still hugging her.

“Nothing. I’m just missing you,” he chuckled. Hermione smirked when she heard that.

“Oh, really? I miss you too. Ron, my head ache. I think I need to go to sleep,”

Ron kissed her forehead, acting like he cared about her.

“Well, then…Sleep early, hun…” he smiled sweetly. Hermione went up the stair into her room. Now that she thinks of it, Ron was getting more and more romantic after the war…Sweet talker…

When she reached her bed, she saw something on her bed. It was the Invisible Cloak and the Marauder’s Map with a note on it.

Hermione, I don’t know what happened but Harry told me to give this to you. He said you might need it. Take your time, and use it comfortably. With love, Ginny

p/s: I couldn’t find you anywhere, been looking for you the whole day to give it to you. So, I just leave it like this with this small note

When it was midnight, Hermione took the cloak and put it on. Slowly, she went out without making any sound. She found no one in the common room. Looking at the map, she could see Ron in a classroom with someone named Giselle Dewy. She whispered to the half-awake Fat Lady Portrait and went out slowly.

She was walking with her heart beating faster. When she was a few steps to reach the classroom, she could hear a giggling sound and Ron’s voice. Her heart sank.

She didn’t have the courage to look inside but her legs didn’t coordinate well with her mind. She was standing in front of the classroom, watching something that she would never think of in her whole life… 

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