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I.O.U by Lady in Waiting
Chapter 2 : The Fame
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The Fame

Yvonne padded into the dormitory dropping her shoes on the floor. Nora quickly skipped to the bathroom and pulled out some big bath towels to dry her friend. The smile she was sporting threatened to break her face in two and she had a funny skip in her step as she walked back into the room. Yvonne thanked her quietly and began to peel her wet clothes off.

Nora bounced down onto the bed giggling excitedly. Yvonne continued to take deep breaths, not allowing herself to become overwhelmed, but Nora's words still rung in her head. She started to dry off her legs and stomach as Nora began to chatter again.

"This is amazing. Like actually amazing! You should have seen yourself, Yvonne. You just went straight in and saved him and then the CPR. I mean, where did you learn how to do that?" Nora gushed, barely containing her joy. Yvonne shrugged and went to pull fresh clothes from her drawer, stepping behind the bathroom door to pull on her clean underwear.

"You know I work as a life guard during the summer, Nora," she called from the bathroom and Nora made a quiet noise of understanding before a new flood of words began.

"But still. You were fantastic. This is going to be all over the papers tomorrow, Yvonne. You are going to be the most famous girl in the country!"


Yvonne stepped out of the bath room pulling her hoodie over her chest and staring wide eyed at her best friend. "I don't want to be famous, Nora. I really don't."

Nora shrugged, still beaming. "You saved Albus Potter's life, petal. Did you seriously think that photos of you and your lovely spotty bra wouldn't be all over the papers tomorrow morning?"she teased and Yvonne choked on her own air. Clasping a hand to her forehead she collapsed onto the bed groaning.

"Nora," she whined. "I don't pictures of my boobs in the paper!" Nora cackled wildly, falling back onto the bed beside Yvonne.

"You brought it upon yourself. That's what you get for being a hero," she laughed and Yvonne whimpered. "You'll become a Hogwarts legend. Your story will be passed down through generations. Yvonne Brockley the girl who saved the son of the Boy Who Lived," Nora continued dramatically and Yvonne chucked a pillow at her.

"Stop it. This isn't funny."

Nora grinned. "I beg to differ. I think it's hilarious and, in fact, I think Libby will agree."

"Libby will what?" a familiar voice called from the door. She stepped into the room, barricading the door with her wand and her trunk. Turning and grinning, Libby skipped over to the bed, lying on Yvonne's other side.

"Well missus, you are one sought after cookie. I had to battle my way through hoards of screaming fan girls just to get to the Fat Lady!" she exclaimed and Yvonne groaned again.

Nora and Libby shared a look before breaking into hysterics. "You're going to be famous, Yvonne. You just saved the life of Harry Potter's son," Nora said in a more serious tone.

"Harry Potter's son who is a definite 9.7," Libby added quietly and Yvonne sat bolt upright.

"Oh my god. This is not happening. They're going to think there's like a thing between us aren't they?" she gasped and her friends shifted to be at her level.

"Maybe there could be a thing?" Libby suggested slyly, wiggling her eyebrows at her friends and Nora squealed again, jumping up.

"Oh, Yvonne! Not only will you be a Hogwarts legend you'll also be one half of Hogwarts's new power couple!" she shrieked. "Uniting the two warring houses, bringing joy to these hallowed halls, haunted by battles and the powers of darkness," she continued, waving her arms about dramatically – ever the actress.

"Shut your face, Ward!" Libby laughed, chucking Yvonne's pillow at her friend who caught it clumsily, pouting.

"I am so underappreciated in this relationship!" she whined, sitting down on her bed and pulling at a loose thread on the pillow. Yvonne sighed as the girls fell into a thoughtful silence.

"I'm going to have to go down to dinner," she said quietly. "And Sprout will make a speech and everyone will stare and I'll have to smile and...guys!"

She stopped abruptly as her friends started to laugh at her discomfort. She groaned again covering her face causing the girls to laugh more.

"Come on, Yvonne, suck it up. You can't hide in here forever," Libby reasoned and Yvonne shook her head.

"I could and you two could smuggle food up to me after meals and teach me everything we learn in class," she argued. Nora pulled a face and stretched out her hand.

"Come on, petal. We'll protect you," she said softly as if she was talking to a crying child. Yvonne stood up grumpily and straightened her clothes.

"I can do this. I'm fine. I'll be fine," she said confidently, straightening her shoulders.

"There you go," Libby said exasperatedly, moving her trunk from the door and opening it. She quickly shut it again and whirled around. "Right, Yvonne," she said nervously. "Deep breaths, yeah?"

"Why?" Yvonne asked suspiciously. Libby grinned nervously.

"There are lots of people outside who want to see you. So just smile and don't say a word. Okay?" she said softly. The three girls left their dormitory and were suddenly face to face with a crowd of female students. There were at least fifty of them crushed into the tiny stairway and Yvonne, Nora and Libby had to battle their way through to get to the equally cramped common room.

Yvonne focused on breathing. She'd always been claustrophobic and hated it when so many people were pushed into a small space. But she was tall so she tried to keep her head above the rest of the girls many of whom were in the lower years. As she craned her neck she spotted a male face she recognised.

"Rory!" she called and she watched his eyes focus on her. He waved and beckoned her over to where he was standing beside the door. She pushed her way forwards but seemed to be making little headway so Rory began to shove his way through the crowd towards her.

"What the hell is going on?" he asked in confusion and a screaming girl grabbed at Yvonne's arm. He batted her away and shot his friend a terrified look.

"I don't know. They all want to talk to me," she explained as the pair of them squeezed past everyone in an attempt to reach the portrait hole. There they met an out of breath Libby and a red-faced Nora and the four of them quickly made their way outside where they were faced with even more chattering girls. Libby screamed in frustration raising her wand threateningly and shot three sparks into the air.

A red glow lit the corridor and the crowd fell silent. Nora gave a quiet cheer and Libby began to shout. Yvonne had no idea where she got all this confidence from but it came from somewhere. Perhaps being the daughter of a Quidditch player made you better at dealing with screaming fans.

"If you don't all move RIGHT NOW," Libby bellowed, "YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY." Maybe it was her accent, maybe it was the terrifying glint in her eye, maybe it was the conviction with which she spoke but whatever it was it made the students clear a path down the stairs to the Hall.

Yvonne found herself thanking people as they stepped out of her way and could hear Libby tutting at her. Rory was spluttering in confusion.

"What was that all about?" he asked incredulously. When Yvonne didn't answer, Nora did.

"Well, Yvonne saved Albus Potter's life and now all his admirers are trying to get her autograph," Nora exclaimed as if it was Christmas morning and she'd just received the best present ever. Rory's eyes widened.

"How did you save his life?" he gasped and Yvonne groaned.

"He was drowning and I jumped in then did CPR and stuff," she mumbled waving her hand, really not wanting to talk about it. Rory spluttered again in a way which made her want to punch him.


She didn't answer him as they reached the doors to the Great Hall. She took a deep breath and walked inside. Hoping it wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

It was worse. Not only was there staring but there was standing and there was clapping and there was cheering. Yvonne could feel her cheeks burning as a blush began to spread across her face and neck. She gave a strained half smile and made her way to her seat. Even this, however, was difficult as people hugged her and clapped her on the back. She slumped into her seat and let her hair fall over her face.

She looked up at Nora who was beaming, Rory who still looked flabbergasted and Libby who seemed unphased as usual. Finally, the applause died down and everyone took their seats. Thankful that it was over, Yvonne began to place food on her plate but to her disappointment, Professor Sprout – the headmistress- stepped up the podium. Yvonne could have cried.

"Well," Sprout began, "that reaction says it all really. Congratulations, Miss Brockley, your act of bravery is one we can all aspire to. I wish you know that we are all very proud of your actions today and it is students like you, that Hogwarts aims to produce. One more round of applause, please, for Yvonne Brockley."

Yvonne smiled weakly as the hall erupted in cheering and clapping once more. Thankfully, that was the last of it and she was allowed to get on with her dinner in peace. She didn't speak much and her three friends continued as they had before: Nora gushed, Rory was baffled and Libby remained perfectly calm.

After dinner, they headed back to the common room. People continued to stop Yvonne in the corridor to congratulate her but this she could handle. She was well liked by most of the students she was acquainted with and was a helpful person by nature. A day barely went by without someone stopping her to thank her or to just say hello.

When she walked into the common room however, she was met by more cheering but on much smaller, more manageable scale. She smiled more easily in this environment and took a seat in her usual space by the window with her friends. Everyone settled down fairly quickly but there was a slight commotion with the seventh years by the fire. Before she knew what was happening, James Potter had appeared by her side grinning madly. He was of course surrounded by his entourage. Well, that was a tad unfair. They were his friends – his cousin Fred, his girlfriend Isla and Libby's big brother Ian.

They were all smiling and quickly made themselves comfortable. This, however, seemed to make Rory even more uncomfortable. He was quite easily intimidated by James and his friends - bless him. The girls weren't too bothered by the older students' presence. Libby got on well with her brother, Yvonne knew Isla as she too was a prefect and Nora was a social chameleon. Even still, it was a very rare occasion that James came to speak to Yvonne specifically.

"Well, I hear that you are the girl that saved my darling brother," James said smoothly, shooting her his charming smile. She felt herself smiling back and confirmed his suspicion. Nora, being unable to resist, quickly butted in saying,

"She was fantastic wasn't she? The way she just jumped right in and rescued him like that."

James nodded silently and Isla smirked at him. "Yeah, you were great Yvonne," she said genuinely.

"Liked the little kiss you snuck at the end too. That was sweet," James added cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows. "Obviously, Al's not quite as handsome as me but he must have more charm than I thought, seeing as he can pull a girl even when he's half drowned. That's quite impressive to be honest."

Yvonne stared at him as he rambled, he mouth hanging open. "I didn't kiss him," she said defensively. "That was mouth to mouth."

The seventh years laughed and Fred spoke, "Is that what they're calling it nowadays?" he joked causing them to laugh even harder.

"No!" Yvonne said desperately. "It's called CPR. It's a muggle life saving technique. I was blowing air into his lungs to get him breathing again!"

Yvonne had never even considered that the wizarding community wouldn't recognise how a life guard would save someone's life and the gravity of her situation finally dawned on her. James snorted at her explanation.

"Then why didn't you go like this?" he asked, facing Isla and blowing gently against her lips from a distance of a few centimetres. Isla chuckled pushing his face away playfully. Yvonne rolled her eyes.

"Well, that's hardly effective is it? You're just blowing air at her face. It's not going in her lungs!" James frowned realising his mistake.

"I don't see how doing this is any better!" he argued, suddenly pulling Isla towards him and kissing her brazenly. Yvonne heard Rory quietly groan in embarrassment from her side while Nora cooed. Fred and Ian whistled and Isla's face heated up as she pulled away quickly.

"That's not what I did either," Yvonne muttered and Isla sighed in exasperation.

"James, you're wrong. Just accept it."

"I'm not wrong!" he said adamantly. Yvonne was shocked at how quickly he went from charming hotty to whining child.

"You are, mate. Leave it. See you, Libs," Ian muttered, slapping James on the back and taking his leave. Fred soon followed suit and Isla eventually managed to drag James away.

There was a small silence once they left and Yvonne took a deep breath.

"I'll have lost all my hair by next week at this rate," she joked lightly.

"That'll definitely get you in the papers," Libby teased. Nora, who had clearly not been listening, suddenly spoke up.

"Fred Weasley out of ten?" she ventured thoughtfully.

"Relevant," Libby said sarcastically and Nora shrugged. "I'd say he was maybe an 8?"

"I'd give him a little more maybe," Yvonne added and Rory made a choking noise. "What?"

"You're terrible! Judging people on their looks like that. It's so shallow!" he said, affronted.

"Men do it to women all the time. It's only fair," Libby responded and Rory gaped at her.

"If I went around rating girls on their looks, how would you react?" he asked. Nora laughed.

"I'd be a bit surprised to be honest. I thought you were gay," she pointed out and Rory gasped again, a blush spreading straight to his roots.

"Hey! I dated Yvonne last year!"

"Well, she's enough to turn anyone, isn't she?" Libby muttered and Nora cackled, slapping her thigh. Yvonne kicked Libby gently while Rory grumbled. There was a short silence before Rory spoke again.

"So... what am I then?" he asked. The three girls pulled a disgusted face and Rory made another one of his new choking noises.

"We can't rate you. That's disgusting," Libby explained far from sympathetically. At Rory's hurt expression Nora jumped in.

"It would be like rating our brother or something, Rory. It's weird," she said soothingly and Rory turned to Yvonne.

"Come on, Von. You must have found me at least a tiny bit attractive. What would you give me?" he asked light-heartedly but Yvonne could see he was begging her to put him out of his misery. She would not comply and sighed instead.

"Right, I'm tired enough as it is. I'm off to bed." She said her goodnights, ignoring Rory's whines, and made her way to the stairs. She managed to avoid any staring first years but not before she heard Rory's incredulous shout of, "SIX! You're giving me a six?"


Well I am abso chuffed at the response you've given this story. Thank you all so much for reviewing and I really hope you liked this second chapter too! Also I'm going on holiday for a few weeks so I won't be able to update (I don't think) until I get back.


Oh and Also also, opinions on  the new banner? :)

Emily x


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