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You Again by FeltonLewis
Chapter 1 : You Again
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You Again, One-shot

Hello friends (: Here's a one-shot for you guys that has nothing to do with TOR or EHFAR for once :P It's something I wrote for time-pass because I had nothing to do and I thought of the idea suddenly. Never had the time to out it up with TOR and EHFAR going on, so here we are finally (: Enjoy xx


The title and CD is based on You Again which is film directed by Andy Fickman and written by Moe Jelline :) 


Hermione rolled her eyes at the couple that were practically snogging all over the counter. She reached over to the pile of tickets to her side, ripped off two and passed it across the counter top.

"Enjoy your movie", She said in an overly-cheerful voice.

"Thank you", The girl in front of her giggled as her boyfriend slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her towards him.

Hermione mentally gagged. Revolting couples.

Yes, she was single. While Ronald Weasley had gone off with some woman called Violet after their break-up, she was still alone. While Harry and Ginny were in an extremely strong relationship, she was still alone. Well actually, she preferred the term "In a relationship with freedom". Yes, that was more like it. 

While Ron and Harry were working at the Ministry as Aurors and Ginny worked at St.Mungo's as a healer, she wanted to stay away from as much of the wizarding world as she could for some time. So while her job applications at different companies were being reviewed, she decided to earn a little money working at a movie hall selling tickets. Yes, not the best of jobs but it would do. Only a handful of wizards actually went for movies in Muggle London. So it was a good choice for her. She had found her parents in Australia after the war and had tried reviving their memories, but was not able to do so. Therefore until Macgonagall was able to find a solution for her, she was living alone. 

She had bent over to chuck a piece of paper into the dustbin when a shadow loomed up in front of her. 

"What can I get for you?" She asked, sitting up straight.

"Movie tickets would do", A voice said. 

"Yes, I figured", Hermione said, looking up, "Which one and-" Her jaw dropped open as she stared at the man in front of her. No way! 

His white-blonde hair was the same as ever, just not slicked back. His stormy blue eyes were shining as he stared down at her, his signature smirk in place.

"Hermione Granger", He said, burying his hands in his pockets. He was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up messily to his elbows.

"Draco Malfoy", Hermione said, still in shock.

"The one and only", Draco smirked.

"Fancy seeing you here", She said, shaking her head and trying to recover, "Aren't you the anti-muggle type?"

"People change", Draco said, withdrawing his hands from his pockets and leaning over the counter top towards her, "What brings you here? I always wondered where you had gotten to- you never became an Auror."

"I did not", Hermione said, "And what brings me here is none of your business, really. I'd never thought I'd ever be asking YOU this, but- which movie do you need tickets for?"

"You Again", He said, reaching over to his back pocket to take out his wallet.

"You again, indeed", Hermione muttered, searching for free seats on the computer screen to the right side of her desk.

"What was that?" Draco asked, though he had heard her perfectly.

"Nothing", She said, "How many tickets?"

"Five, please", He said, taking out a cash card.

"Firstly, did Draco Malfoy just say please?" Hermione smirked, looking from the screen to him. 

"What can i say, I'm full of surprises", Draco said, winking at her.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Secondly, five tickets?"

Draco nodded and turned to his right and called, "Hey you guys! Look whose here!" She heard the shuffling of feet and voices getting closer. Oh dear... please don't be more Slytherins...

She grit her teeth as Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass and Theodore Nott made their appearances. 


"Hermione Granger?" Pansy spluttered, though without a trace of malice in her voice.

"Hi...?" Hermione said, her greeting came out as more of a question.

The five Slytherins grinned at her while she shook her head. 

"I never thought Id see the day where five of the purest of purebloods were in Muggle London to watch a Muggle movie", She said, not sure if she found the situation more shocking or more amusing, "Could this get any more surprising?"

Draco smirked and passed her his creditcard.

"Oh, it just did", Hermione said, her eyes wide as she took the card from Draco.

"He just passed me a muggle American Express card", She muttered to herself, "I have got to be hallucinating or something."

Draco leaned closer to her and said in a quiet voice, "You know Granger, they say that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity."

"Perhaps", Hermione said, passing him the tickets and his card back, "But according to the official book for Purebloods, you have definitely gone senile if you're doing the same activities as those inferior Muggles are." She smirked, turning back to the computer.

"Like I said, Granger, Im just full of surprises", Draco said, passing the tickets around, "Oh! By the way, I thrashed the official book for Purebloods the day the war ended." She looked up at him but he was already walking away with his friends.

Firstly, she had been kidding about the book and she was sure he had been too. Was he saying that he stopped believing in prejudices when the war ended? Perhaps...

She still couldn't believe what had just happened. 

She shook her head and asked for the next person in line to come forward. 

* * * *

"I knew I'd see you again", A voice said over the counter. Hermione's head snapped up, her wide chocolate brown eyes meeting his blue ones.

"Excuse me?" Hermione spluttered, "You knew you would what?"

"See you again", Draco said, winking at her.

"Uh... See- Um- I- ...Sorry?" Hermione stammered.

"Dont get your knickers in a twist, Granger", He smirked, looking at her flustered expression. She really did look much better than their Hogwart's years. Her hair no longer resembled a bush and now flowed neatly down her back and shoulders in soft, mostly straight, waves. 

"What can I get you?" Hermione asked, shaking her head.

"I told you- I came to see you again", He said, leaning over to counter like he had the previous day.

"I-I'm not in the mood to play games, Malfoy", She said firmly, confusion etched on to her face, "What do you want?"

"You again!" He exclaimed, enjoying what he was doing to her.

"You already said that- seriously, what do you-"

"The movie, love", Draco smirked. Her face turned from confused, to flustered, back to confused and then realization hit her.

"Oh... Oh! You were talking about the movie?" She asked and felt extremely stupid. No! She wasn't stupid! He was playing with her!

"I was", Draco said, nodding, "Did you think otherwise?"

"Uh- No- I- You- You watched it yesterday", She stuttered. She cut him a ticket and passed it across the counter. He passed her the exact amount in cash and just before leaving said, "If a Malfoy likes what he sees, he comes back to see that very thing over ad over."

And for the second day in a row, he walked away from Hermione, leaving her more confused than she had ever felt. 

* * * *

On the fourth day, when a shadow loomed over her at 6:15 just like the past three days, without looking up she said, "You Again."

"Precisely", Drawled a much-too-familiar voice.

She passed him a ticket and he passed her the money. Unlike yesterday, though, he said something.

"Come for a movie with me".

She froze.

"E-Excuse me?" She said, pretty sure she had heard him wrong.

"You heard me- come for a movie with me", Draco said, ignoring the man behind him who was asking him to hurry up.

"I- I- is this some kind of joke?" Hermione asked, unable to believe what she was hearing.

"No, I mean it", Draco said, shrugging.

"Mate, hurry up- the show starts in five minutes", The man behind him said.

"Then you should have come earlier", Draco said, turning around to face him, "I am asking this young woman here out so please give me a minute."

"Malfoy, this is ridiculous- please leave and let the next person come forward", Hermione said, shaking her head.

"Fine then", He shrugged again, "Just know that there will be fifth day. And a sixth. And a seventh. All the way until you agree".

With that, he turned on his heel and left, leaving a very flustered Hermione staring after him.

* * * *

At 6:15 the next day, Hermione was prepared. She had a ticket ready and before they could exchange words, she pushed across the ticket.

"Two actually", A voice said. An unfamiliar one though. Her head snapped up to meet a pair of black eyes. He was dark and had spiky hair and a charming smile.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I thought you were someone else", Hermione said, "Its Blaise, right?"

"That is correct", The man nodded, "You Again please."

"At least you're not watching the movie for the fifth time", Hermione said, as sing him a second ticket.

"He doesn't actually watch the movie", Blaise said, a smile on his face, "He thrashes the ticket as soon as he buys it."

"Why would he do that?" Hermione asked, "He's wasted a lot of money in that case."

"Hermione, he's a Malfoy", Blaise said, ignoring her shock at his using of her first name, "He has enough money to waste. You tell me why he comes here everyday? What's the only other thing that's there everyday except the movie?" 

Hermione kept quiet, though she knew the answer.

Blaise passed her some cash and said, "Do you believe in second chances?"

Hermione bit her lower lip and nodded.

"I think that's all he wants. I've been his friend for a proper five years now and I don't think he's ever worked this hard for anything."

"Malfoy wants a... Second chance? From... Me?" Hermione asked, "Why me?"

"I think if there's one thing he regrets about his past, it's the mistreating he did. He'll never admit it though. Can you try?" Hermione looked at him, unsure.

"Please?" He asked. She nodded.

"Thanks", Blaise said, grinning. Just before he walked away, he passed her a little piece of paper, "He wanted me to give you this."

She unfolded the paper and for the first time, instead of feeling like she always did when he left her after collecting his ticket, she smiled a little at reading the words:

"I definitely want to see You Again"

* * * *

Hermione looked at her watch and frowned a little. It was half past six and Malfoy was still not here. 

"Looking for someone?" That familiar voice whispered in her ear. She jumped in her seat, eyes wide. She spun her rolling chair around and came face to face with Draco Malfoy himself. His face was centimeters away from her's and his stormy eyes were boring into her's.

He smirked and took a step away and she released a breathe she didn't know she was holding. She took a few seconds to observe him. He looked much better than he did in Hogwarts, more...mature and manly. His new hairstyle made him look much more... Hotter? She could not believe she was thinking this. His shirt hugged his body loosely, showing off the effects of years of playing Quidditch. 

"Enjoying the view?" His voice brought her back to the current situation.

She shook her head and said, "What do you want, Malfoy?"

"I came to see You Again", He said as if it was it most obvious thing in the world.

"Let's make this clear- you came to see me again or the movie?" She asked, raising one eyebrow questioningly.

"You tell me", He said, leaning over and resting his hands against the desk on either side of her.

"What do you want, Malfoy? Say it straight out", She said, trying to ignore... Or more like trying not to get lost in the eyes in front of her, staring her down.

"Come for a movie with me", He said simply.

"And you couldn't say this from the other side of the counter?" She inquired. And then realized something suddenly, "And who the hell let you in here in the first place?"

He moved his head to the side long enough for her to see the pretty black haired girl standing at the door at the side of the counter booth, dressed in a pretty purple dress, grinning at her.

"Irene, how could you?!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Oh Hermione, but he's so charming! How could you say no?"The girl, Irene said.

"Yes, how COULD you say no?" Draco smirked, leaning closer to her.

"Is this counter open?" A voice from the public side asked. Draco reached behind and turned over the sign that sat on the counter top.

"Does it look open to you?" He asked. The woman on the other side huffed and muttered something along the lines of "how rude" and stomped away.

"I know what's wrong!" Draco suddenly exclaimed, stepping away again. 

"You've gone completely insane?" Hermione suggested.

"That you don't know how to have fun", Draco said, ignoring her comment and looking like he had solved the biggest puzzle in the world.

"I know how to have fun!" Hermione said, looking highly offended.

"Of course you do", Draco snorted,

"But I do!" 

"What's your idea of fun? Reading a book?"


"You can't even come for a simple movie!"

"Fine!" Hermione said, standing up and grabbing the first two tickets she saw, "Let's go then!" She grabbed her coat from the back of her chair and stomped out of the booth, ignoring Irene's winks.

"Thank you for granting me permission into here", Draco said, tipping his imaginary hat to Irene.

"My pleasure", Irene smiled, allowing Draco to leave, "I'll take over here and make sure she doesn't lose her job." 

"Thanks", Draco smirked and left the booth and jogged to catch up with Hermione.

"So, which movie?" He asked her, falling into step with her.

"You Again", Hermione said, walking towards the hall, "It's already ten minutes in though."

"Ironically enough, amongst the five times, six including this one, that I've bought the tickets to this movie, this would be only the second time I'm seeing it", Draco said.

Hermione fought back a grin, "You obviously had other things on your mind when you came to buy them then".

"I could suggest one thing", He smirked and she gave in and smiled.

"So what is it that you really want?" Hermione asked, nearing the hall.

"I think Blaise has already told you that", He answered, looking down at his feet.

"A second chance?" She asked, looking at him.

"I was wrong in the past and I'm sorry", He said quietly.

Hermione nodded, took his hand, surprising him greatly, and dragged him into the hall.

"Let's just enjoy the movie, okay?" She said, smiling at him. He nodded and they took their seats.

- - - - 

"That was really fun", Hermione smiled, as she stood facing Draco after the movie and the dinner that followed.

"It was", Draco agreed, "Thank you."

"For what? You were the one that convinced me to come", Hermione shrugged.

"For giving me another chance", Draco said, looking down at his feet.

"I only give second chances to those who deserve it", She said and he looked up at her. She stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek, "You're one of those people".

"Thank you", Draco nodded, "Hope to see you around". Tipping his invisible hat in greeting with a lopsided grin on his face, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked backwards a few steps before turning and walking away.

Hermione took a deep breathe, unable to stop smiling. 

* * * *

3 months later...

Hermione scanned through the DVD's on one of the shelves of the DVD store down the street from her apartment.

She wasn't looking for anything in particular, just something to watch at night while munching on some cake and ice-cream. 

Her finger came to a stop at one CD in particular. She picked it out and looking at the cover and reading the title over and over again, she couldn't help but smile. She took the DVD over to the cashier and placed it on the counter top.

"Ten seventy-five please, Miss", The cashier-lady said.

Hermione was about to place the money on the counter-top when a pale hand reached over and placed a Twenty note on the counter top before she could. 

"Its on me", A voice she had been hoping to hear for the past three months said. Hermione's head snapped to the side and her mouth fell open.

That smirk she had missed was in place and those stormy blue eyes she had gotten so used to in just six days was staring right at her.

"What're you doing here?! Where have you been?!" She exclaimed, shoving her own money into her pocket and pulling him into a hug.

Draco hugged her back, though a little awkwardly and said, "I was kind of in a mess with my dad's Azkaban sentence. He wanted to go to the Ministry court or something so I was fighting to try and make sure he didn't get it. He doesn't deserve it."

Hermione nodded understandingly.

"I like the CD you're buying", Draco said, nodding towards the now-packeted DVD.

Hermione grinned and said, "You know I used to wonder where you'd gone to. At 6:15 everyday I'd expect you to appear in front of me and say something ridiculous and absolutely mind-flustering".

"Is that the effects my words had on you? Mind-flustering?" Draco smirked.

"Did you miss the first part? I also said "Ridiculous" ", Hermione smiled, taking the packet off the counter top.

They stepped outside and she turned to him and asked, "Want to get coffee?"

He bit his lower lip and said, "Sorry, Im not in the mood for coffee and I got to go."

Hermione's face fell in disappointment but she managed a small smile. "Well... that's okay. I- I... It's fine. I'll see you around hopefully. Come to the hall sometime... Maybe..." She trailed off weakly.

She waved at him and turned to walk away. She was a few steps ahead when his voice stopped her.

"Hey, Granger?" She spun around to see one hand of his buried in his pocket and one hand rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Yeah?" She prompted him to go on.

"Im not in the mood for coffee-"

"Yes, you already said so." Why did he need to rub it in?

"-But Im hungry enough to grab some lunch", He offered her a smile, "How about it?"

Hermione's face lit up and she grinned, "Sure. Didn't you have somewhere to go?"

"It can wait." He smirked and caught up with her and together they went to the furthest cafe possible, just so that they could spend time with each other. None of them would admit that though. 

And of course, the packet containing the CD was in Hermione's hand, the very title on the cover that had brought the two together, the very title that gave Draco another chance and the very title that was the beginning of a new relationship. 

The title being "You Again".


Again, that was time pass although even if it was, I'd love your reviews :D I'm not a big fan of having Dramione together at the end of short one-shots so sorry for those who expected it :P Thank you for reading and please please review :) The title is from a real movie called You Again.

Until next time,
FeltonLewis xx

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