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Behind the Mask by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 2 : The Illusion
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Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, own nothing other than my OC's. All credit goes to their respective owners.


Beautiful CI of James by the lovely AstoriaViana @ TDA 


"Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep"


I. Don't . Do. Mornings.

There was a grunt as Rose flung her arm towards the clock, we charmed it so that all you have to do is hit it and it will stop, and knocked it of her bedside table.

"Thank you."


"Girls" I drawled back.

"We are going to miss you so freaking much!"

"I'll miss you to! Just not that alarm clock."

I glared accusingly at the alarm clock that still lay on the floor.

"Oh Tiff…"

"Don't you dare cry. Don't you dare."

They all hastily wiped their eyes and plastered on smiles.

"Thank you."

I looked at the new uniform I'd be wearing for the next month.

The blazer was jet black, coming in at the waist with the Hogwarts emblem sewn onto the top pocket rather than that of 'Sorcerers' you would normally find on it. Everything about it screamed muggle, not that I minded, I'd prefer a blazer to robes any day. There was also a dark grey skirt that came to mid thigh length as well as a charcoal grey jumper.

I quickly showered and brushed my teeth, getting dressed into the new uniform with lacking enthusiasm.

I stared at my reflection; not quite knowing what to think.

"I'm going down to breakfast girls, I'll see you down there?"

Without really waiting for a reply, I wandered down the stairs and out the common room, heading towards the Great Hall.

Slipping in through the door, I felt multiple pairs of eyes on me.

I walked towards the Gryffindor table and slowly sat down.

Everyone was staring.

I grabbed a napkin and hastily shoved several pieces of bacon and a couple of hash browns inside it.

Quickly getting up, I walked to the door and slipped out, practically sprinting across the grounds, heading towards the forbidden forest.

I slipped into the forest silently; heading towards a clearing I'd found years ago.

The sun shone down and lit the small area, flowers dancing hypnotically in the wind.

I sat down on a small tree stump that stood on the edge of the clearing.

Unwrapping my breakfast, I slowly ate it.

I normally ate in the great hall like everyone else but I hate attention, it just freaks me out.

I savoured the taste, as it's my last Hogwarts food before we go to America.

I glanced to my right at the small sundial, it told me that it was nearing 9 o'clock, which meant almost everyone would be in lessons by now.

I trudged back to the castle.

Once inside I took as many secret passages as I could to get back to the common room.

"Password dear?"

Well shit.

What is the password?

Qu'el est le password?

Que es el passworrdo?

Doesn't matter how many broken languages I say it in, my brain still doesn't respond.


"Oh it's bowtruckle!"

The fat lady smiled at me sympathetically before swing open to let me in.

I sprinted up the stairs to my dorm as fast as my legs would carry me.

The clock struck 10 and I triple checked the room for any of my things that the charm had missed last night.

I found a couple of spare treads for my heels behind the shoe rack in my wardrobe; other than that I had everything.

I flicked my wand and my trunk levitated itself behind me, my bag over my shoulder like normal.

I trudged to McGonagall's office, ignoring the fact that even by walking at snail pace I'd still reach my destination a full ten minutes earlier than the time we were supposed to meet: 10:30 and our portkey not even leaving until quarter to 11.

Walking down the corridors, even the paintings were staring, gossiping and even pointing at me.

The amount of time I felt like screaming my head of at them….

I refrained only because if I didn’t I would draw even more unnecessary attention to myself.

As I got closer to McGonagall's office, I spotted four figures already waiting outside. Ginny, Harry, James and Lily Potter. The other Potter thankfully still absent.

"Tiff." James smiled

"James." I nodded

"How are you?"

"Fine, you"

"I'm good, ta."


"Uh hu?"

"Walk with me?"

I hesitated.

"It won't take long…Promise."

"I, okay…"

He hooked his arm through mine and guided me round the corner to a deserted classroom.

"Keep in touch yeah?"

He gently placed a pretty round mirror into my hand.

I looked confusedly into it; instead of seeing my reflection, I saw James' face smirking at me.

I glanced up and saw him smirking at a mirror of his own.

"Stay here!"

Before I could say anything, he jogged out of sight down the corridor.

The mirror started to heat up gently, so it felt like you had your hands over an open fire.

Patterns of light were racing across the screen, colours erupting in every direction.

I placed the tip of my forefinger on the screen and held it there.

The screen instantly cleared and James' cheeky grin came into focus.

"Pretty cool huh?"

"Oh my freaking God-Merlin-Buddha! We can actually like speak?!"

"Yah, just hold the mirror and say 'We need to talk' and the other person will get a screen like the one you just got. To get rid of the sound you just cast a silencing charm."

He walked back into the room.

"Come on let's go."

We arrived back outside McG's office just as Potter did.

"About time to Albus!" his mother scolded.

He at least had the decency to look sheepish.

Go Ginny Potter! Remind me to send her some chocolates or something.

"I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!"

"Professor Jacobs?"

"Oh hello Potter, and the rest of the Potters.."

"You alright Tiff?"

"Uh hu"

"Professor, I'm sorry but what are you doing here?"


"None of your fecking business Potter!" I snarled.

"Jeez Broadhurst, I was only asking! Bloody hell woman!"

His mother's jaw dropped slightly.

"You're Tiffany Broadhurst?!"

"I go by Tiff or another abbreviation, but yes that's me…"

"I yes, I remember, I completely understand, I'm so sorry dear…"

"Mum? How do you know her?"

"I knew her parents…"

I felt my eyes start to water.

"So…." James started conversation quickly, obviously for my benefit rather than his own.

I made a mental note to thank him later.

The door opened to the office.

"Ahhh, come in."

Luke kicked my shin slightly whilst mouthing the word 'Behave'."

What an idiot.

There was a present box - ribbon and all - sat on McGonagall's desk, which was presumably our portkey as well as a gift for the other school, quite possibly because McGonagall feels sorry for them.

"Miss Broadhurst and Mr Potter, this is your portkey." She said motioning towards the present on her desk.

Was I right, or was I right?

Beat that bitch.

"You are to be on your best behaviour" She glared at me pointedly.

Yeah yeah, whatever…

"And you do whatever the other students, no ifs, ands or buts."

"Sooo, Professor, if the other students tried to destroy the school, we'd partake, no questions asked?"

I felt my shin being kicked again.

I will behave if she does.

McGonagall looked rather flustered at the point I had just made.

I say flustered, I mean she looks like a scared, mentally unstable squirrel.

"No! Of course not, only go along with things that are unquestionably legal!"

I merely smirked in response.

"So it's time for your final goodbyes…"

Luke practically leapt out his seat at me.

He should become a celebrity jumper.

Jumping is an Olympic sport,..

"I cannot believe you."

"Oh hello, shin killer."

"Oh come on!"

"If I live life with a slight limp, you're responsible."

"Do I like bothered?"

"You should be."

"Bring it bitch."

"Luke, please."

"Pretend it never happened?"

"I shall store the memory forever."

"I hate you."

"Love you to."

"I'm going to miss you so much sweetie!"

"You sound like a hormonal old bat."

"I just said I'd miss you, and all you pick up on is the emotion in my voice?"

"You know I'm going to miss you to, what am I going to do without you eh?"

"Fail potions?"


"Fine, come 'ere you mad cow."

He pulled me into a bone crushing hug before kissing the top of my head and murmuring for me to behave.

When will he learn?

"Oi Tiff! Come give us a hug."

James pulled me into his arms for a hug of his own.

"Keep in touch, yeah?"

"Course." I replied.

I grabbed my trunk with everything in it - I'd expanded it so Bessie and my broom fitted in as well - and pulled my bag onto my shoulder.

Potter did the same.

The Portkey started to glow.

Our hands touched the object at the exact same moment.

There was a sharp hooking sensation behind my navel.

I was stuck to the Portkey like superglue.

We started to spin, getting faster and faster, flying out the open door away from the Hogwarts grounds.

Travelling faster and faster, everything as just a blur.

Looking down, all I could see was blue; probably the Atlantic ocean.

We raced towards North America, only slowing once we over dry land.

Slowing down considerably more, large palace came into view.

Greeny-grey turrets on each of it's eight points, standing tall, glistening in the sun.

To our left, there was an average size Quidditch pitch; towards which we appeared to be headed.

We hurtled towards the ground at great speed.

Mere millimetres before we face planted into the ground, there was this sudden feeling that a hundred thousand pillows had been shoved directly underneath the two of us; slowing down our descent, our bags and trunks resting on the ground.

"Welcome to South Dakota's school of Sorcery!"

What an entrance.

I looked up to see a man whom appeared to be in his early thirties, with dark brown - almost black - hair and an easy going smile.

"Professor Fletcher, headmaster here at Sorcerers'."

He extended a hand to me, helping up from my position on the ground.

I heard the 'delightful' Potter sniggering from behind me where he was standing up already.

I sent best a glare as I could, which was rather good considering I was still on the floor.

What a prat.

I quickly grabbed Fletcher's hand and let him haul me to my feet.

"Thank you"

"No worries." He smiled

Well, if only McGonagall was that nice.

"So, Al, Tiff, I trust your journey was alright?"

I looked at him in shock, nobody ever called me Tiff before being told.

"Luke told me." He winked.

"How much did he tell you?" I asked, shaking slightly.

"We were good friends during training, he talked about you a lot."


"Don't worry, I would have been told anyway."

Queue awkward throat clearing.

Fuck you Potter. Fuck.You.

"Right well, I'll hope you'll excuse me, I need to see to something, in the mean time Miss Kirk here will show you to your room."

A blonde haired girl in Sorcerers' uniform smiled brightly at the par of us.

"Hi, I'm Zoey!" She spoke in a thick American accent, which was quite hard to understand.

"So how are you liking it here so far?"

"Better now I've met you." Potter winked seductively.

"Hungry already Potter?" I hissed.

"Oh! Did you not have breakfast? I can get you some food if you ant.."Blondie Beamed.

"Oh no sweetie, he's already eaten, he's just a bit of an animal." I smirked.

"Broadhurst." he growled, like legit growled.

"Oooh! I love cats! Do it again!"

Potter's face dropped in disbelief.

I laughed, cackling my head off.

"Great Bellatrix Lestrange impression!"

Potter and I looked at each other and silently agreed on something:

This bitch is going down.

We both plastered on sickly sweet smiles.

"So, our rooms?"

"Ohhh, room."


"You what now?"

Our knowledge of the English language is amazing.

"I, there was only one room left an nobody would move, but your headmistress said it was fine… They were going to make a temporary wall in-between but it would have been too dangerous"

Fuck you McGonagall. Fuck. You.

We remained silent, glaring straight at her.

", here we are.."

She gestured to the door in front of us, which was where the west wing joined the north west.

"Well at least you get the biggest.."

Oh well that's alright then..

I've still got to share the room with the prat.

She held out two identical keys attached to chains.

"For your room.." She clarified. "They found magic was too temperamental.

I grabbed one of them and Potter took the other.

She pushed the door open gently and gestured for us to go in.

The sight that greeted us was pale beige walls, pale beige curtains, pale beige everything.

"You can decorate it however you want…"

Just as well really. Pale beige in large quantities is horrible.

"I'll…err, leave you two to get settled in then…"

Blondie shut the door behind her quietly as she left.

"So what colours are we making it?"

"Bloody hell Potter, are you actually being civil?!?"

"It would be less infuriating if you were to.."

"What colours?"

"What about Gryffindor colours?" He asked hesitantly.

Well shit we're thinking the same thoughts…This can't be good.

I grabbed my wand from my inside blazer pocket.

"Potter, you know any decorating spells?"

"No..I thought you would."


"Well it can't be too hard Broadhurst, first years do it."

"No shit Sherlock."

I wonder…

I pointed my ebony wand at the wall opposite our beds and concentrated on the colour scheme of my dorm back at Hogwarts.

Red and Gold sparks flourished out of the tip of my wand and merged on the wall to recreate the colour scheme from my dormitory.


I pointed at each of the remaining walls in turn and did the same.

I did the same for the curtains and made all the furniture the mahogany colour it's normally found in back at Hogwarts.

"That's amazing…How?"

"It's quite simple really…" I said whilst hauling my trunk onto to the bed on the right. "Just imagine it and it'll appear."

I slightly flicked my wand to unlock and open my trunk before pulling piles of clothes out.

"Broadhurst…What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm unpacking, Potter…"

"Ohh, good idea I suppose..."

"Potter are you felling alright? Your acting really weirdly…"

"Of course, I'm fine."

"Your acting nice…Too nice..."

"Well excuse me for trying to be civil."

"Ooooh, civil, using big boy words now Potter?"

"Ohh piss of Broadhurst."

I laughed and carried on unpacking, putting things in either my new wardrobe, chest of draws or on my bedside table.

A sudden wave of fatigue washed over me.

I went to my chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of pyjamas.


"I'm going to get changed then I'm going to bed."

With that I walked into our ensuite bathroom and locked the door before getting into my pyjamas.

The shorts were navy blue with bludgers racing across them and the vest top exactly the same.

I pulled my dark brown, almost black hair into a side plait running along my right shoulder.

Unlocking the door I walked out and climbed into my new bed.

I deliberatly ignored Potter's gawping, and got comfy.

Good night world.

A/N: Oohh, bit of drama eh? ;) So what do you all think? Who's your favourite character so far? The 'Qu'el est le password' etc is my broken use of different languages, i didn't bother checking them in a translator as I doubt very much Tiff can speak perfectly in French or Spanish...I'm sorry if there's any mistakes in the chapter, I'll check it later and update it... Thanks you for your favourites and reviews, your the best! <3 Reviews = Cyber treats ;) (The box is down below :D) Till next time guys :) - Julia <3

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