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The Jar of Marmalade by talltwin18
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Explanation of my weirdness and Chapter 1
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The aim of this story is to eventually become a set of three stories. They are all based around Harry and all the events of HP book 1-6 remain the same except for a few character changes. Sirius, Lily and James never died and Harry lives with the 3 of them and his 2 older brothers Andy and J at Potter Manor. I have read many stories where Harry has younger siblings but I love the relationship between Charlie and Bill and Ginny and wanted to try and recreate that for Harry.

Andy is 29 and works as an auror with James who is Head of the Auror Department. He is engaged to Kat (Katarina), a dark haired Hispanic liaison between the Ministry and foreign Ministry’s in Spain, Portugal and France.

J is 27 and works as a Healer like his long term partner Matt. J flew through Healer training with flying colours and is head of a diagnostic team and also has a muggle medicine degree. Matt works in paediatrics.

Harry and Ginny never broke up at the end of HBP but Dumbledore was still killed. Ron and Hermione professed their pent up feeling for each other soon after Harry and Ginny and are now a couple.

For the purposes of reducing confusion, in this story the Deathly hallows won’t exist. Too much of a headache trying to keep tracking of who has them all! Horcruxes do exist and the Order knows about them.

This story begins several months after the end of HBP. For ease of timings, I am assuming that school finished early after Dumbledore’s death. Therefore this story begins around July before Harry’s 7th year begins.

I know this might be confusing and that I have changed a lot but isn’t that the whole point of fan fiction, to write things how you would have liked them to happen so that it was I’m trying. I know it might not be what a lot of people like but I have tried to incorporate all the best bits of stories I have read and my own ideas as well.

As someone very expertly put; Harry Potter is J K Rowling’s toys, we just play with.

I hope you enjoy the following and try and be nice as this is my first fanfic.


Tall twin





Chapter 1:

Andy’s POV





3 months





91 days





2184 hours





131040 minutes.





It was how long his chair had sat empty at the dining table.


It was how long he had listened to his mother cry herself to sleep to the whispered words of comfort from his father.


It was how long he had automatically put out the marmalade at breakfast each morning before realising that there was no-one there to eat it, as his Mum only bought it for her youngest son.


It was how long he hadn’t let go of Kat’s hand, afraid that if he did she might disappear too.


It was how long he saw his brother hold Matt’s hand with similar thoughts for his nearly brother.


This was the length of time it had been since Harry had been taken.




It was a week after they had all returned tear stained from Hogwarts. Dumbledore’s funeral had cut the school year short for everybody and they were all sent home in an attempt to regain some normality to their summers’. Over that short space of time Andy and J watched as their little brother built his life back together after losing one of the most important men in his life.

That painfully long week didn’t see Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron ever far apart. They could often be seen with the girls in their guys’ arms, tears tracking all of their faces and offering words of support that only the four of them could lend each other. And slowly they began to come back to life.

 Andy was amazed at the strength his little brother showed, but wasn’t surprised based on the horrors of Harry’s first 6 years at Hogwarts. He had faced a 3 headed dog, Quirell, acramantula, a basilisk, Lucius Malfoy, dementors, werewolf Remus, a Hungarian horntail, mer-people, Umbridge, death eaters, Sirius nearly dying in front of him, being possessed, Draco Malfoy, Snape, Inferi, Dumbledore’s and Dobby’s death, around 10 attempts on his life and 6 encounters with Voldemort all whilst battling raging teenage hormones. It was hardly a childhood at all, though Andy, his Mum, Dad and J had all tried to give him every childhood experience but none of them could deny that during that week he had become a man.

On Sunday, the whole family was over at the Manor for Sunday brunch as was tradition; all the Weasleys (minus Charlie) plus Fleur and Hermione, Remus and Tonks, Sirius and all the Potters plus their other halves. Andy remembered the arguments between the twins and Molly Weasley as they and Sirius charmed all the boiled eggs to leap out of their serving bowl and start singing a 4 part acapella version of ‘How do you like your eggs in the morning?’

This had everyone falling of theirs chairs with laughter as Fred, George and Sirius all took bows and Mrs Weasley began to scold the twins. It was at this point when Sirius had sheepishly sat down and attempted to hide his beetroot face from Mrs Weasley’s wrath as the twins were given all the blame for the rather ingenious prank.

After everything had calmed down Lily had asked Harry to go and fetch the teapot from the kitchen which he had done begrudgingly as it meant leaving Ginny’s side, Andy remembered with a slight smile.

The next thing he knew there was a loud pop followed by the unmistakable smash of china hitting a stone floor. The 2 families had burst into the kitchen wands drawn to see a broken teapot and a flash of Harry’s unruly black hair thrown over the shoulder of a black hooded figure before both disappeared with a pop leaving the smashed remains of the teapot, a luke-warm brown puddle and silence.

Everything seemed to slow down to a stop and move impossibly quickly at the same time. Order members flitted in and out of the house moving there wands over every inch of the kitchen and trying to understand where Harry had been taken. His mother had sat down at the kitchen table and wept as J stared around the room in a mixture of confusion and disbelief.


And now it was 3 months later.

And the marmalade still sat in the cupboard.

Things had followed in a similar pattern. Order members were constantly flooing in and out of the house, so much so that the kitchen was taking on an eerie green hue. James, Sirius and Mr Weasley only returned to their homes once everyone else was asleep in bed and left again before they had begun to stir. Lily had kept a brave face, the result of having such a strong auror for a husband and not wanting to seem weak, but nearly every night she could be found in the doorway to Harry’s room staring around at the maroon walls. Andy and Kat and J and Matt all moved back into the boys’ childhood bedrooms, Andy and Kat leaving their jobs in El Ministerio de Magia and apartment in Barcelona and J and Matt taking advantage of their holiday time from St Mungo’s to leave their terraced house in Kent for Potter manor. This reunion of the Potters should have brought laughter and petty arguments to the house, and Lily would moan at her 3 boys when they would play increasingly more ridiculous pranks on each other seeking the perfect revenge.

But there were no arguments. No laughter. And no hours of the boys holing themselves in their rooms while they concocted the most ingenious plans. And then one day, 3 months after Harry disappeared, things changed.


The dining room was a mirror image of how it had been for the first time since that dark night. But it was like an inverted reflection. Instead of laughter a cold silence filled the room, broken only by quiet conversations between family members. Instead of piles of steaming food, only clasped hands lay on the table and instead of an animated smile, Ginny’s face was empty of emotion and eyes haunted as she stared at the empty chair beside her.

The tension in the room was broken as the three people they had all been waiting for entered in a flash of emerald flames.

James looked around the room as Remus and Sirius stepped next to him and he said 3 words that filled Andy’s heart with equal measures of joy and fear.

‘Malfoy Manor. Now.’

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