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Out of my league by ritz97
Chapter 4 : Back to school
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 A/N- Everything belongs to JKR.


Thanks to VioletBlade@TDA

“Firs’ years’. Up ‘ere.” Hagrid’s loud voice boomed throughout the station. I stepped down from the train and stretched my arms.

“Finally, we are back.” Bonnie said in a sing-song voice. Hazel rubbed her tummy absently.

“We still have an hour for the feast.” She said and groaned. “I am so hungry!”

“You just gobbled up about half the chocolate trolley lady’s supplies and you’re still hungry?” Bonnie mused. Hazel scowled at her.

Hazel had been in a bad mood from the time I and Bonnie had asked her to forgive Lou. We kept on apologising to her and getting blank looks, scowls of fury and sometimes the finger in return.

I tried one last time.

“Haze, come on. We apologise, okay. Sorry. Bonnie and I we are truly sorry, we won’t ever take this up again. It’s up to you, if you want to kill him, you can. Just don’t be so cold to us.”

Hazel looked at me in amusement. She kept on looking for a moment or two. Then she burst out laughing.

“You” she said and linked her arms to mine and Bonnie “say the funniest things sometimes. Let’s go find a carriage.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and heard Bonnie echoing my reactions.


“Can you see an empty coach?” Bonnie craned her neck to look for one.

“No. All are occupied.” I replied. My stomach growled as I heard a voice call out my name.

“Bonnie. Hazel. Allie. Come on, get up here.” Scorpius called from an empty carriage. I happily bounced to him and hugged him and then climbed.

“Hi Allie.” Albus Potter was sitting inside with Rose Weasley, both of them almost obscured by the shadows.

“Hey Al, Hey Rose.” I responded. Al, Scorpius and Rose were best friends.

The others behind me climbed and the carriage started rattling.

“Where’s Abigail?” Bonnie asked Scorpius.

“Don’t ask me, I’m her brother not her father nor her boyfriend. I don’t keep tabs on her.” Scorpius shrugged one shoulder. Hazel looked at him in amusement.

“If you weren’t so cute Scorp, I would cobble you over your head.  Take better care of your sister. She’s a knockout, if you don’t some guy is gonna come and sweep her off her feet.” Hazel told him in a nice sweet voice. Rose snickered from behind her book. Scorpius threw one look at the book.

“Don’t worry Hazel darling, my sister’s way too busy obsessing over this douche bag” he kicked Al’s feet “to say yes to anybody else. When that day comes when she does stop whining over him, I’ll become serious. Till then I can sit back and relax.” As if to emphasise his point, he leaned back and placed his arms over Rose and Bonnie. Rose elbowed him. Scorpius quickly retrieved his hands.

Al gave his best friend the evil eye. I turned my face out and stared into the darkness, one ear catching the conversation going inside.

“You know you have to stop acting all casual about me and Abby.” Al was saying.

“There is no you and Abby.” Scorpius scoffed. “And as far as I know you, there never will be.”

“Roger that.” Rose said. “You’ll never notice Abby because she is your best friend’s sister. She’ll forget you one day. You’ll continue with your casual dating, she’ll get bored after seeing you snogging girls after girls and then viola, she’ll even be ashamed of the fact that she had a crush on you.” A thud, followed by an “ouch”.

“Don’t hit her Al.” Bonnie chided.

“Then she should shut up.” Al grumbled.

“Well, it’s not like she said anything wrong.” Hazel said, “You do casual relationships, even more than your brother.”

“Let’s not talk about Al’s love life anymore. And Rose, get out of that book. Let me see your pretty face.” Scorpius said sweetly. The thud that followed this was Rose’ book, I expect, being banged on Scorpius’ head.

“Seriously cuz, you gotta tame down on that flirtation of yours.” Bonnie laughed.

“It’s who I am, Bons. Besides, Rose likes this, don’t you Rose?”

“Leave her alone, Scorpius, I mean it.” Hazel said.

“Aww, come on.”

“No, Scorpius, leave my cousin alone, otherwise....”

“Otherwise what, Al?”

“I’ll go after Abby.”

“You wouldn’t dare. Go think of some other excuse, mate.”

“Seriously Al, everyone here knows you’re bluffing.  Just shut up, Scorpius is just kidding.” Rose said. “Congratulations on being a made a Head girl Hazel, anyways. I'm sure you'll be good.”

“Don’t remind me.” Hazel muttered.

Rose laughed.

“She’s pissed about Louis, he’s the Head Boy.” Bonnie told the two boys.

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” Rose said.

I tuned out after that.

My heart was not in the conversation. I don’t know why. Usually I was always ready for some chatter but today my mood was serious. All I could think about was how this was gonna be my last year, how we were going to be buried in work. I sighed as the thoughts in my mind spun in circles.

“Back to Earth, Ally.” Bonnie waved her hand in front of my face.

“Did I doze off?” I asked and yawned

“Yeah, you did” Hazel said and thumped my back sharply.

“What was that for?” I asked her angrily. It hurt.

“You’re half asleep. It was to wake you up.”

And then the castle came into view. Seven years and it still amazed me; the beauty of the place still took my breath away.

I got down of the carriage with Al’s help and Scorpius helped Rose and Bonnie down. Hazel hopped off like the tomboy she was.

We walked together to the castle as other coaches started to stop around us. Thestrals brayed and stopped with a jerk, not that I saw them. I just knew that because I studies from Hagrid in the third grade.

“Bonnie.” Abigail Malfoy’s voice rang through the place. I heard Al curse under his breath and Scorpius throw him a dark look.

“Don’t cuss my sister. I warn you Al.” He said under his breath. Al shut up immediately.

Abigail Malfoy was beautiful, radiant and the kindest person I had ever seen. Her golden curls bounced as she made her made her way towards us. Lorcan Scamander followed. The first thing I noticed was their linked hands. You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed her entrance.

“OMG! Abby?” Rose shrieked indicating their hands. Abby noticed what Rose was pointing at and quickly dropped Lorcan’s hand.

“Hey Lor. Why don’t you go ahead? I’ll catch up with you in a moment.” Abby said with a smile. Lorcan smiled at her and walked away.

“I thought you two were best friends!” Scorpius’ face was livid. I’m not her father-boyfriend speech damned.  

“Shut up Scorp. We are. I was just dragging him by his hand because he adamantly refused to leave the coach-” She abruptly shut up there. Scorpius’ eyes narrowed to slits.

“Because?” he asked.

“Because nothing.” She turned to Bonnie and hugged her. “It’s so good to see you. Save me a seat at the table you three.” She looked at me, Bonnie and Hazel. “Oh, and congratulations on being the Head Girl and tough luck.”

Hazel grinned.

“I’m getting tired of this now.” She dramatically wiped her hand across her brow.

“Anyways, I got to go. Catch Lorcan again. Bye all of you.” She gave us one huge smile and ran off in the other direction.

Rose looked stunned and Albus looked perplexed.

“She ignored you.” She said pointing at Al. He recovered and shrugged.

“It’s good. That means she’s moving on.”

“That Lorcan Scamander. I’m going to cut his head off and suspend it for a tree.”

“Really Scorpius.” I said. “You can be such a fool sometimes. Leave her be. I mean it.”

“Humph.” He stalked in the other direction. Rose and Al ran behind him.

“That was nice.”

We set off in the direction of the castle. I continued to chatter. My mood was cheerful.

“I mean, what if Abby actually is over Al? Don’t you think it would be nice?”

“Scorpius looked mad, though.”Hazel commented.

“It’s his duty, he is her brother.” Bonnie said.

“Goldstein, we got duty to do.”

“Oh my god. What is his problem?” Hazel groaned into her hands. Louis sauntered over to us, thankfully alone.

“Come on Goldstein, we got to escort the little chipmunks inside.” He offered her his arm. Hazel glared daggers at him.

“As if I would let you escort me inside.”

“Why wouldn’t you? Everybody does.” Hazel looked at him and then huffed.

“See you two later.” She muttered and stalked off. Louis looked at his arm with a crestfallen expression.

“And I thought I was doing so well!” he muttered.

“You were until you put on your ‘I own the world’ act. Save it for the stage.” I patted his arm and moved ahead. Bonnie giggled and followed.

“We’re going to be so under the workloads this year, the Professors are gonna kill us with their speeches on the first day itself.”

“Don’t worry Bonnie. We’ll be alright. We’re Ravenclaw’s after all.” I told her.

“Yeah. We will, but it’s still gonna be tiring.” She glanced around. We were already at the Great Hall.

I greeted people as I passed. Excitement bubbled in my stomach. I was back at Hogwarts, my school.

I took my place next to Scorpius who seemed to be grumbling.

“Oh, shut up already.”Abby said from the other side.

“Why were you holding his hands?”

“I told you it was nothing.”

“Guys, shut up, please. If she is saying it, she means it.”

They shut up immediately at Bonnie’s voice.

“Ooh, look. The sorting is going to start soon.”

Excited chatter filled the Great Hall as the big doors opened.

Hazel and Louis strode inside, both looking as if they had smelled something bad. Frightened little children followed them in.

“I think they fought again.” Bonnie whispered.

“I think so too. They look murderous.”

Whispers started. Those who didn’t know the new Head’s had a shock.

The sorting began. Whenever our house’ name was called, we cheered. Some students stood up and danced on the table when a student was sorted into their house. It was madness.

But the most mayhem was created on the Gryffindors table. I could see James and Fred banging their fists on the table. Damien Wood and Lily Potter creating sparks with their wands. I even saw McGonagall altering between giving them amused and dirty glances.

The sorting finished, the hat put away, McGonagall made a small speech and the feast began.

Hazel and Scorpius piled their plates and started eating. Bonnie politely helped herself to bacon and steak. I gobbled up roast chicken and pork chops.

Dessert came and mounds of chocolate éclairs, treacle tarts and Yorkshire puddings filled the table. Laughter and conversation flowed throughout the meal. Scorpius and Abby roared with laughter when they heard about Fred Weasley’s blatant flirting. Lorcan kept staring at the Gryffindor table, and Abby kicked him in the shins, which made him hastily stuff his face with an apple pie.

“Aaah.”  Bonnie sighed and licked the ice-cream off her spoon. I flicked my wand at her and cleaned her overly messed up face.

“You eat like a baby.” Hazel said, grinning with her mouth smeared with chocolate. “Don’t go making that noise around me ever again.”

Bonnie grinned slyly and started making little noises. I looked around the tables to find Fred Weasley staring at our table. He caught my eyes, grinned sheepishly and ducked his head back into his food.

The food vanished.

The tables cleared themselves and Professor McGonagall rose to address the school.

“Welcome to Hogwarts everyone. I’m obliged to remind you that the forbidden forest is out of bounds. Anyone caught in there will be given severe punishments.” Her eyes strayed to the Gryffindor table as she said this.

“All the Weasley products are banned and anything found will be seized. And lastly, I hope all of you have brought dress robes and gowns for the ball this year. Now off to bed.”

We got up from our seats and went off to our different directions. I caught sight of Jenna Wilkins and shuddered. She was going off with her Slytherin friends. Her pony tail was swishing right and left as violently as her hips. She gave me creeps.

We got to our so called eagle headed door. I was dizzy with the climb and stuffed after so much of food.

I clutched at Bonnie’s hand and groaned. Jacob Davies, our fellow seventh year Ravenclaw, laughed at me. I stuck my tongue out at him.

The door opened and we all climbed in. Without a second thought, I waved goodbye to everyone in the common room, hugged the Malfoys and trotted upstairs.

I threw myself on the bed, still in my robes, murmured a goodnight to anyone who was listening and fell asleep.



A/N- sorry for my long long absence, but I can promise you one thing, I’m here to stay.















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