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Slytherin Much? by NightStar
Chapter 2 : Making An Enemy
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 ‘Fiona!’ I called out at my Hufflepuff friend but amidst the noise of the Great Hall, she couldn’t hear me.

‘She can’t hear you, babe’ whispered a rather good looking but annoying blond sitting on my left. 

‘For the umpteenth time Chase, my name is Scarlet! Scarlet Green! Not ‘babe’!’ I hissed angrily at the blue eyed fourth year.

‘I know, babe.’ 

I rolled my eyes at him, ‘You know, for a Ravenclaw, you’re hopelessly dim-witted’ and stuck out my tongue at him. 

‘And for a Slytherin, you’re hopelessly unorthodox,’ said Jeremy, with his long, black hair peeking out his book.

‘Yeah, I know Jay. I take that as a compliment actually. But of course the other snakes hate me for it’, I scowled. 

‘But we’ll always love you, babe’ said Chase putting an arm around my shoulders. I swatted it away and glared at him.

‘Don’t even think of it Chase! I told you, I’m not interested.’ I said.

We were all in the Great Hall having breakfast and I stuck out as a sore thumb as the only Slytherin in a table full of Ravenclaws. As always.

‘Jeremy, can I please borrow your Charms homework?’

Jeremy went deeper into his book, beside me.

‘Jay, I know you’re listening!’ I tugged on his arm ‘You know I hate doing my homework..Please?’ I tried my best puppy dog eyes, hoping it would work.

I looked into those brown eyes behind his rectangular glasses and gave a small and (hopefully) innocent smile. He looked at me disapprovingly but a moment later, he succumbed and grinned ‘Fine, but just this time Scar!’

I pulled him into a hug ‘Thank you, Jay!’

He ruffled my hair and I grinned at him.

At the end of my first year, I moved houses and my parents, being Muggles sought more Wizarding families so I could interact more and feel belonged. But I was a Slytherin. I’m not saying being a Slytherin is bad but I’m a Muggle-born. It isn’t often that you see a ‘Mudblood’ in Slytherin. And that’s where the Hill family comes in. We moved into a large enough flat and my parents soon became good friends with the Hills. Initially I was afraid Jeremy wouldn’t like me because I was a Slytherin but the clever and rational Ravenclaw he is, he didn’t judge me based on my house nor blood status.

And soon after a year of being bullied, getting crushed and being friendless, I found myself an absolutely amazing best friend.

‘Now if you too are done with your lovey-dovey session, Jeremy and I have to go for Herbology!’ yelled Chase.

I blushed pink but glared at Chase while Jeremy had gone a bit pink as well. He fixed his glasses (even though they were already straight) and ignored Chase.

‘Uh well I gotta go. I’ll see you later,’ he said, ‘but Scarlet Nicole Green, take my word, I want the essay back by lunch.'

I winced. Last names!

‘Hah! Is that a threat I hear from Jeremy Hugh Walters?’ I asked raising an eyebrow. a threat I hear from Jeremy Hugh Walters?’ I asked raising an eyebrow. 

Jeremy sighed but ruffled my hair again and left.

I smiled and bit into a slice of toast.

I headed for my Potions class after finishing my Charms essay (okay, copying not finishing)

Potions was a bore. Professor Slughorn being a very biased teacher preferred the Potions prodigies over the others in the class. And often, those ‘extremely talented’ and the ones with a flair for the ‘fine art of potion-making’ were given special treatment. Like not getting busted for incompletion of their homework or sometimes even detentions. Little things like that.

I was early and I took a place at the front. I was randomly flipping through my Potions book when I heard someone say ‘I want to sit here. Go find another table.’

I looked up from my book. He had dark messy hair and round glasses but surprisingly, he was a Gryffindor. James Potter, of course. He was apparently famous for god-know-what but I didn't know much about him except that he liked some girl and of course that the other Slytherins resented him (who don’t they hate really?) 

But boy, this Potter fellow was rude.

I stood up and said ‘No, I’m not moving. I got this table before you did so its mine. Go sit somewhere else.’

He raised his eyebrow ‘Well, woman,’ I winced ‘I want to sit right here and if I’m not wrong, I sat here last class as well.’

‘Too bad for then, I have every right to sit wherever I want.’ I said with my hands on my hips.

He turned back where a girl and a boy were sitting and said stubbornly, ‘Nope. I’m sitting here.’

He pulled up a wooden stool and sat next to me.

This guy has nerves.

Professor Slughorn entered the class and I threw James an annoyed look. 

‘Move,’ ordered James ‘I need space to write!’

‘Shut up Potter, it’s your fault! Go sit somewhere else if you’re having a problem!’

‘Why don’t you join your evil friends? Go suck up to that Bellatrix girl and become one of those Pureblood maniacs right?’ he said casually.

I hate it when people do that! Even after 3 years, I still can’t stand it when people judge me like that. So what if the other Slytherins are cold and hostile? I believe I’m different. Potter has no right to say anything about me. 

‘Shut up Potter, you don’t know anything.’ I replied rather loudly. Tables around us were staring now.

James looked at me warily but slowly turned away. I guess I looked pretty furious. But I’m glad he decided not to push it. Good for him.

I continued to write down the instructions of the Sleeping Draught. 

James was staring at the table on his right again. Craning my neck, I saw a short pretty red head frantically scribbling in her parchment sitting closely beside a thin, pale boy with long shiny hair. Severus Snape and that girl must be Lily Evans.

James looked distant and his eyes were dreamy as he gazed at Lily’s bobbing head.

Oh, so that’s why he wanted to sit here. What a bloody idiot.

‘Hey Potter, are you gay?’ I asked casually.

It was common knowledge that James had a humongous  crush on Lily but she rejected him over and over again (Who wouldn’t? He’s such an arrogant prick)

‘Huh? Yeah.. ’ he answered absent-mindedly.

Score. That was exactly what I wanted.

‘Hey everyone!’ I announced grinning, ’Potter just admitted to being gay!’

The Slytherins ignored me but a lot of them were smirking. Whereas the Gryffindors laughed out aloud. Lily began giggling and Severus had a smug smile.

But the best reaction has to Potter’s, ‘Wait..WHAT?’ he whipped his head back at me and I grinned widely.

‘Potter! How come you never told us! We’re your best mates man!’ shouted a boy from the back of the class.

The class howled with laughter again (Well, the Gryffindors mostly) and James looked stricken.




'Why in Gryffindor's name did you do that?’ he hissed at me.

‘Don’t blame me,’ I shrugged ‘You’re the one who was blatantly staring at Severus!’

Severus? Are you freaking insane?’ 

‘Honestly, Potter! I was kidding! Why are you yelling?’ 

‘Get a better sense of humour then! You put my reputation on line there!’ he hissed angrily.

‘It was JUST a joke! Stop acting like I ruined your life!’

‘Well it wasn’t very funny! And yes you almost ruined my life!’ he said facing me sternly.

I noticed we were suddenly very close and I tensed slightly. He looked cross and ready to kill.

‘Mr. Potter! Ms. Green! That is quite enough!’ said Professor Slughorn suddenly.

James looked away hastily and we didn’t talk for the rest of the hour.

I quickly packed up as class ended but James was too quick for me. He bolted out of the classroom with his friends before I could speak to him.

I reckon what I did was a bit mean but wasn’t he over reacting a tad bit too much? I should have shut up and not said anything. But nooooooooo, I went ahead and made myself another enemy. As if I didn’t have enough.

Life just loves me so much.



A/N: I hope you liked the chapter! Please review and let me know what you think of Scarlet, Jeremy, James or Chase!


Constructive Criticism is welcome!



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