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Roommates by Antilles
Chapter 1 : I make plans.
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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing you recgonize.






Life is an interesting beast.


I mean, here I am, drinking with my best (Non-Cousin! No one can compete with James) friend at my sister’s wedding reception. It had been a beautiful wedding, almost exactly to her tastes. I mean sure, Tori and I had never gotten along very well during school years, but now that we were both out and adults we seemed to have just clicked, I can’t really explain it, as I don’t understand it, but Aunt Ginny had told me that’s what happens, you get over the childhood arguments.



Anyways! Back to drinking!


I pounded back a shot of firewhiskey and let out a rather unlady like belch before giving Jackson a huge, silly and completely drunk smile.


“It’s a good thing your mother isn’t here Dom, or else she would have probably hexed you because of that.” Jackson said as he smirked at me.


“Why do you think I’m drinking so much, Mum is driving me up and down the wall at home, I just need to escape.” I replied letting out an exasperated sigh. My mother was something of a neat freak, and wanted me to be a perfect lady. But that just wasn’t me. I was like almost every other woman in my family, a Weasley, which involved lots of food, a big mess, and not being ladylike at all.


I’m pretty sure she had once tried to even get Aunt Ginny to be more like her once. I don’t really know what she had done to her, but I remember Uncle George telling me that Shell Cottage had been dirty for months after it, so she must have.


Don’t get me wrong though, we Weasley women were definitely feminine. I mean we all cared about how we looked for events, we all wore make-up, we all liked to go shopping, and other things people would call girly. But we also had that damned Weasley gene in us, that loved to eat, to play Quidditch, to get dirty and make a mess (except for maybe Gran, and Lucy; I still say something is wrong with Lucy, she is just soo…. None Weasley… but then again, she is Uncle Percy’s kid.).


“I just wish I could afford to get my own flat, but I just can’t afford it.” I said with a sigh, grabbing my pint of Muggle beer and taking a sip. God damn that stuff was good, they had finally done something right. “I mean James and Freddie moved in together, and they even offered me a room, but I just can’t live with them. They may be two of my best friends, and my relatives, but I just can’t. They are honestly the worst for leaving a mess in this entire family.” Trust me, that was saying something, Uncle Ron and Uncle George could really leave a mess.

“Well, what about Kaylee, or Ashley?” Jackson asked as he took a sip from his own beer. I had gotten him, as well as James and Freddie addicted to them after one night out in Muggle London. “Didn’t they move in together?” 


Ohh Kaylee Harper and Ashley Reynolds, my two best female friends. They were awesome, upon our very first night in the Gryffindor tower way back in our first year, we had just clicked. We had been the three most coveted girls at Hogwarts once my sister and her friends had left. I can’t count how many times we had been asked out, I mean once Ash had even been asked out by a little first year. Now that had been hilarious, we still wouldn’t let her live it down. I mean the language the kid had used describing her; I had almost passed out from lack of oxygen I had laughed so hard. Once we had graduated though, they had instantly moved in together, and again I had been offered a room. At the time though, I had been having a rough time, with the break up with Davies (just don’t ask) and leaving school forever. So I had turned them down, and they had drafted one of our other dorm mates, Rina Forge to be their third.


“They only had three rooms, and Rina took the last one after I had turned them down.” I replied waving my glass filled hand through the air. I looked over at the dance floor and saw Tori was dancing with Dad. I let out a sigh as I watched them waltz around the room, Tori’s head resting on Dad’s chest as he whispered things to her. I’m fairly sure I knew what he was saying, but I guess I would know when the day finally came that we had that moment ourselves.


“Well… I just got a flat near Hyde Park, It’s kind of big for me to be all by myself.” Jackson said as he set his glass down and looked at me quite seriously. “I mean, my parents bought it for me when I told them I wanted to live in London. They figured they would put me in a nice neighbourhood in a nice place.” He shrugged and looked over at his own parents who were chatting with Neville Longbottom, Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny. “I have tons of room.”


I looked over Jackson with a raised eyebrow. “Jackson Wood…. Are you asking me to move in with you?” I asked before taking another sip from my drink.


Jackson blushed a little before looking away, “I guess. I mean you desperately want to move out, I need a roommate.”


“I’m not exactly sure If I will be able to pay rent…” I said we a sigh. I was between jobs at the moment, and It really was not fun, I guess another reason why it was a better thing I hadn’t moved out. After graduating a little over a year ago, I had gotten a job at a shop in Diagon Alley. That hadn’t lasted long though… My boss said I was too rude to customers. Not my fault that lady couldn’t take the truth about the robes making her look fat. Four times.


Jackson laughed, “You rent would be cooking and cleaning, my parents outright bought the place and gave it to me. No rent.” Lucky git. His parents were almost as rich as the Potters. I guess it did help that both his Mum and Dad had played professionally, and now owned the Puddlemere United though. Oliver Wood still coached too, and Katie was a scout now. I do wonder if Jackson ever felt guilty for choosing the Falmouth Falcons offer over Puddlemeres.


“Well… Wouldn’t it be a bit awkward… What if you walked in on me in the shower?” I asked with a bit of skepticism.


“Not anything I haven’t seen before.” He said with a smirk, before winking. Long story… Maybe I’ll tell it sometime.


“Hey! I’m still angry at you for that!” I said loudly before smacking him square in the chest.


“Not my fault the door broke.” Jackson replied innocently. “Besides, the place has enough bathrooms that it shouldn’t happen.”


“I still dunno….” I said leaning back in my chair. It was definitely tempting, it was in London according to Jackson, and it would allow me to move out of the house, and he was one of my best friends….

My thoughts were interrupted though by a hand setting on my shoulder. I turned my head to look up and saw Teddy smiling down at me. “Care for a dance, Sister-in-law?” 


“Sure.” I replied setting my glass down on the table. “You drink any of it, I’ll kick you were the sun don’t shine Wood.” I gave him a menacing stare before taking Teddy’s arm as he lead me out to the dance floor. Tori was now dancing with Uncle Ron, while Dad was dancing with Mum.


“Excited to finally be officially part of the family?” I asked Teddy as he took my other hand and we started swaying to the music.


“Totally, you cannot believe how long I have been waiting for the moment.” He replied beaming down at me. He was tall, almost 6’2”, so he towered over my 5’6” frame, his hair was currently a bright shade of turquoise, Victorie’s favourite colour.



“Well, it’s good to finally have you in it, Brother-in-law.” I said with a smile of my own. It was true, Teddy had been an un-Official Wotter for so long, I’m pretty sure we would have made him an official one by now if he hadn’t gotten married to my sister.



“So, what were you and Jackson talking about Dom?” he asked as he spun me around.



“Jackson offered to let me move in with him in his new flat in London.”



“Are you going to say yes?” He asked with a questioning look on his face. Another great thing about Teddy, he cared for everyone in the family.



“I think so, I just can’t take Mum anymore, she is driving me up the wall with talk about being a proper lady, cleaning my room, eating less food!” I exclaimed as I watched Mum and Dad leave the dance floor to go join Grandpa and Nana at one of the tables.



“Well, I think you should then.” Teddy replied looking me in the eye. “Jackson is one of your best friends, and he offered to let you stay with him, what could possibly make it so you wouldn’t want to?”



I looked around hesitantly, making sure that any respective family members were out of earshot. “I may have fancied him a bit when we graduated.” I said looking away from Teddy and over towards Jackson who was now chatting with his teammate and my cousin, James.



Teddy let out a barking laugh as he spun me out and then back in. “Dommie, That was almost a year ago now. I know for a fact you have dated since then, why would that be an issue?”



I blushed a little as we spun again. “Ya, I know, I just don’t want it to be awkward.”



“Well, as far as I can tell, you used to like him. Now, he is offering to let you move in with him, and you’re hesitant, because of something you used to feel.” Teddy finished with a slight smirk on his face.



I let out a low sigh as the song finished and we left the dance floor. “Right… I guess I should than.”



“Yes, you should. Tori and I will even help you move out if you want.” Teddy said as we sat back down at the table with James and Jackson.



“Help who move where?” James asked stopping his conversation with Jackson to enter ours.



“Help Dom move out of Shell Cottage.” Teddy replied.

“Where are you moving Dom?” James asked, now even more interested. 


“Into my flat with me, I’m guessing.” Jackson said with a smile, “So you want to do it?”



“Ya, I do, thanks Jackson.” I said, a huge smile appearing on my face. “It’ll be good for me.”



“Great! I’ll have to get my Dad to alter the wards a bit, but than we are golden.” Jackson said.



“Hey! Tori’s Married now, and Dom is moving out into the world… I think this is a cause for celebration!” James said excitedly. “OYI! FREDDIE GRAB A BOTTLE OF FIREWHISKEY AND BRING IT OVER HERE!” He yelled across the room to Fred who was at the bar already.


I saw Fred wave a hand and start to make his way over with a bottle of Firewhiskey. Lord, just what I need, more alcohol. He crossed the dance floor, ignoring various pairs of family members dancing about. “Why am I bringing over a bottle of whiskey?” He asked as he approached the table, and dropped into a seat beside me.



“We are celebrating! Dom’s moving out into a flat with Jackson.” James replied  as he made 5 shot glasses appear out of no where.



No, actually he didn’t us his wand to make them appear, he literally pulled his hand from under the table, and made them appear.



“Now that is a cause to celebrate.” Freddie said with a large grin on his face. He uncapped the bottle and poured some into each shot glass. James passed them out and we all raised our glasses.



Teddy smiled as he raised his glass, “To start new. Me, getting married to the love of my life, and Dom moving out and starting hers once and for all.”



“To starting New.” We all replied, clinking our glasses together before downing the shot.



I slammed my glass back down onto the table and smiled at Jackson. I was starting my life once and for all, moving out and becoming an adult. And Jackson would be there beside me. That made my heart do a little flip.

Wait… my heart do a little flip… Jackson beside me as I lived my life.... Heart do a little flip… heart.. flip…

Well shit, that can’t be good….





A/N: Well... This is my other story.

So... This is a companion story of sorts to my other story that features Blake and Molly. By sorts, I mean all the characters from that story will be in this one, and events that happened in that one while also have taken place in this one. Dont get me wrong though, this is a Completely stand alone! You dont need to read my other story to get whats going on in this one!

As to this story.. Its an idea I had while writing up the plot for my other story. It's one I just couldnt not write. :)


So... the way its probably going to go from now on, is I will be alternating updates on teh stories, unless I get the spur to write excessivly for one story or another.


Anyways... Read and Review please!!!

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