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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 2 : The Hogwarts Express, and Other Minor Details
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I’ve edited the first chapter after reviews which were really helpful so thanks to the people that reviewed! I hope you also like this chapter but all credit for the Harry Potter world goes to JK Rowling and anything else recognisable does not belong to me either! Leave a review if you think something needs changing or even if you just like the story! Thanks! ~ Char



I had deeply considered sneaking out to the party that night, just so that people knew, James Potter ALWAYS attended parties, and then I was told Teddy was “Baby Sitting”.

‘Where are you going?’ I protested, I mean, WHAT? If Lily is allowed to go out on her stupid date, and mum and dad are going out, surely me and Al don’t need a baby sitter, we’re old enough to look after ourselves.

‘Teddy’s just making sure you don’t run off to your party!’ Mum smiled, kissing my cheek as she went out the door, ‘and he will most certainly report back to me if you disappear.’

I’m not scared of my mother, not at all... until she gets angry and then she terrifies me.

So that ruined my evening plans.

Actually spending the evening with Teddy and Albus was alright. Ted was like the older brother born into the wrong family, whose parents conveniently passed away meaning he spent most of his childhood with us anyway.

And he was really part of the family after his and Vic’s wedding a year ago, I gotta say it was the best wedding I’d ever been too, and with a family the size of mine, that’s pretty difficult.

Molly was due to be married too, her wedding was over the Christmas holidays, and Vic was her maid of honour, just like she had been Vic’s... it was pretty sweet actually, but I gotta say I should have been guy of Honour at Vic’s wedding, me and Victoire are bestest pals forever...  sort of. At least I got to be best man for Ted, and Albus was my understudy in case I got grounded which was likely, but never happened.

I ended up going to bed pretty early, still with plans of sneaking out, but then I fell asleep and everything was peaceful, everything was nice and quiet, I was perfectly happy lying in my warm snugly (don’t ever tell any guy I ever said that word) bed. I was having a nice dream about chocolate biscuits and sexy French girls and then... everything was surprisingly wet, I was surprisingly cold and I was no longer asleep in my warm bed.

‘WHAT THE HELL?’ I let out a very loud very irritated very guy-ish scream and my bedroom was filled with laughter. Who throws water over a poor innocent soul and then laughs at them? That’s uncool!

Turns out the ‘uncool’ person was my Mummy dearest and Albus (the bastard! I trusted him) as I was running late for the Hogwarts express... I had five minutes to get ready.

So as per usual I left the house without breakfast, more-messy-than-normal hair and a very bad mood. This did not please the parents who told me it was my own fault for sleeping in and not setting an alarm on my first day back at school.

So we arrived at the station with about two minutes to hug my parents which I obviously did so “willingly” and “without-complaint”... or that’s what my parents like to think... and then I was shooed onto the train with a quick reminder to behave... pshh as if I don’t behave, we’re talking about JAMES POTTER – I’m the most well behaved child at Hogwarts.

Also, another negative about being late (besides having water chucked over you and you’re parents being unhappy with your un-morning-ness) was every single compartment in the entire Hogwarts express was full. It was packed; I swear there were never this many people going to school before!

I couldn’t find Freddie or Dominique anywhere. Fredster and Dom are the only two of my cousins in the same year as me, so, by Code of Family-ness, they are my best friends! Just like Hugo is Lily’s best friend, and Al and Rosie are besties and... you get the picture right?

Well chances are Dom was off snogging the face off some other poor guy who she would leave within a week; when it came to relationships, she was almost as bad as me! She had a new boyfriend every other week.

I trundled very slowly down the corridor looking out for someone I knew. Except of course, being James Potter, I knew everyone, however there were some people I just DID NOT want to sit with.

So I passed straight by the compartment where the geeky kids from Ravenclaw hung out, and the compartment where the Slytherin sixth years were hanging out. I paused momentarily by Rose’s compartment and slid the door open, quickly pressing a kiss onto her head and nodding politely to her an Al’s best mate Scorpius. Albus had also joined this compartment, but being the good older brother I am I completely ignored him.

‘How are you Rosie-Posie,’ I asked, resting my head on her shoulder. Rose had started Hogwarts looking like... well like Char I guess; buck teeth and unshaved legs... and completely flat chested no offence to either of them.

However over the past few years Rose had become exceedingly more beautiful, (and yes I’m allowed to say that, she’s my cousin) like all the other Weasley girls (Lily is not allowed to become beautiful). And I think that Malfoy git is busy eyeing my Rosie up... I would have to have a talk with him later!

I swiftly left my little cousins carriage after a few more minutes when Xena Chang arrived. She was a sweet kid and all but I had been informed by Al she had a baby crush on me and that was not cool... so I avoided her at all costs.

Further down the train I came across an empty compartment, exceedingly surprised by this discovery I burst in, only to trip over a person who was knelt on the floor looking under the seats, desperately reaching for something. The outcome – both of us sprawled in a very small space.

‘A simple Hello to alert me you had arrived would have been ok Jim Jam,’ Charla sat up and rubbed a spot on her forehead then fumbling again under the seats until she found her distressed miniature owl called Baby, she stuffed Baby in her cage which was on the seat and sat back on her bum in a huff.  

‘Hello,’ I smiled mischievously.

Char was wearing her hair in two French plaits again, one of which I reached over to tug playfully as I got to my feet. Then I offered her a hand and pulled her up too, (Code of Guy-ness says to be gentlemanly, it’s not at all because I wanted a chance to pull her closer to me... okay that was a weird thought, why would I want to be unnecessarily close to Char?)

She was also wearing a very tight white tank top and tiny denim shorts that showed off so much leg it should be illegal. Especially since her legs her incredibly nice... WHAT AM I SAYING THIS IS CHARLA – THE GIRL I SAW IN NAPPIES!

‘I didn’t actually expect you to turn up...’ she trailed off, then flopped into a seat and propped her legs up on the seat across from her.

‘Well here I am!’ I smiled and placed myself next to her.

‘Where are your mates James?’ she raised her eyebrows.

‘You’re my mate Charlie!’ I wheedled. She did not look so impressed, and actually (with my amazingly talent for noticing these things,) she looked pretty pissed off... ‘is everything okay?’ I asked, my voice sounding all concerned (that was weird!)

‘Fine,’ she smiled, ‘why wouldn’t it be?’

‘I dunno,’ I retorted, ‘but you look depressed and all like...’ I pulled a sad face and she laughed.

‘I’m fine Jam!’

I was about to protest again because she certainly didn’t look fine when we were interrupted by the arrival of the food trolley... another of my favourite things in the world.

‘Anything off the trolley dears?’ the elderly witch asked pleasantly, I was on my feet before she could get anymore words out and scanning the choices she had this morning.

‘Twelve liquorice wands, three packs of Every Flavour Beans... and four chocolate frogs!’ I ordered, placing a little pile of coins from my pocket onto the trolley.

‘And you honey?’ the witch asked Char, after laughing and telling me I would get fat.

‘Nah,’ she smiled, ‘I’ll steal James’s!’

I sat down again and handed over a liquorice wand, a pack of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and a chocolate frog pack and began to open my own food.

‘Did your mum not feed you this morning?’ Charla asked sarcastically, stealing another wand and taking a massive bit out of it before I could protest.

‘Nope,’ I said, emphasising the ‘p’, ‘I woke up late!’

‘That’s so you Jim Jam!’ Came a new voice.

I was then attacked by another red headed child that I was not related to in a flying ball of hug.

‘Hey Rory, how you been Love?’

Aurora Wood, the cutest little kid of all time, had moved to France after her parent’s divorce to stay with her mother. In most ways, she was just like her sister; small, ginger, obsessed with Quidditch to a point where it became unhealthy (not that Quidditch is ever unhealthy).  She had unbelievably green eyes that made her look a bit like she was wearing coloured contacts, and she had definitely grown from being the cutsie little nine year old into quite a good looking third year.

‘Hey James,’ She said smiling and sitting herself on my lap to give me a hug.

‘Have you seen Lily?’ I asked, pulling away slightly, ‘she’ll be thrilled that you’re back again this year, you would not believe how much she missed you, especially that first year!’

‘Ya I saw her just now, I only came back to grab my stuff, Char I’m gonna go sit with Lils and Hu and they’re friends,’ the little girl replied.

‘No probs hun, look after yourself!’

‘And tell Lily if there are any boy’s I’m going to eat them!’ I instructed.

Charla fussed for a few moments over her baby sister, as she had always done, and I almost felt as though things had gone back to the way they had been. Charla and me hanging out all the time was something that wasn’t uncommon “back in the day”.

That was a while ago now though. That was the times when Char actually told me what was wrong when she was upset, the times when we could chill together and laugh, and it wouldn’t be me sitting there wondering what was up with my ‘almost’ sister. The times when both of our families were together and we were certain we were all going to live happily ever after.

And those were the times when I didn’t look at baby Rory, the girl who everybody loved, and saw her skin from her wrists up to her elbows, covered in knife cuts.



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No Awkwardness: The Hogwarts Express, and Other Minor Details


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