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Simply Chaotic by just_jae
Chapter 3 : A Little Game
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 A/N: I enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope that you enjoy reading it! I am still in the process of writing the next chapter and it will be a little while before it is complete. I am moving right now and so things are getting a bit chaotic. Hopefully we will be all moved in by next week and then I will be able to write a lot more often. Well I hope everyone enjoys the chapter and please remember to leave me a review!


                                                          Chapter 2: A Little Game

     “I won’t be around for a few days. Do you think that you can look out for Ellasyn for me?” Remus was sitting with Sirius in the living quarters after making sure that his daughter was busy in the study.

      “It’s the full moon tonight. That’s why you’re leaving. Moony, you shouldn’t have to do this alone. Let me come with you,” Sirius said, his eyes pleading. He couldn’t bear the thought of his friend going through the transformation and spending the entire night alone.

      “I’ll be fine, Padfoot. I have the wolfsbane potion and that helps a lot, I just don’t want to take any chances with you and Ellasyn here. I am going to the Shrieking Shack. That way if anything bad happens, not that it will, I will have the care of Madam Pomfrey.” Remus knew it pained Sirius to see him go through this alone and he loved him for it, but he had been going through this alone for years now and while it was great to have his old friend back and helping him through this time of the month, he knew it was best to go through his transformation alone this time.

      “You know I will do whatever it is that you need me to.” Sirius glanced down, the thought of being alone with Ellasyn for three days made him nervous.

      A few hours later, Remus said his goodbyes to his daughter and friend and left to go to the Shrieking Shack before nightfall.

      “So, now what?” Ellasyn asked as she took a few steps toward Sirius.

      “Wh-what do you mean?” Sirius took a step back, Ellasyn was mere inches away from him and he didn’t know what to do. He could feel her warm breath on his face and she smelled like... “Why do you smell like sex and candy?”

      “Umm, I’m not sure about the sex part, but I just had a bubblegum sucker,” Ellasyn smiled up at Sirius, she could see the blue flecks in his gray eyes.

      “I don’t know why I said that,” he ran a hand through his hair as he felt the blush rising in his cheeks. He couldn’t believe this girl could make him tongue-tied and blush. He was Sirius Orion Black, Marauder, illegal animugus, and not to mention he was Gryffindor’s self-proclaimed sex-god at one time. He was supposed to be suave, charming. He wasn’t supposed to be blurting things out and tripping over his words. He took a deep breath. “How about we play a little game?”

      “A game? What kind of game?” Ellasyn raised her eyebrow at him as he moved to sit on the couch and patted the seat next to him for her to join him.

      “I ask you a question and you have to tell the truth and then you get to ask me a question. This way we can get to know each other better.”

      “I’ve got a better idea,” she said as she sauntered into the kitchen. Sirius could hear the sounds of glass clinking together. After a few minutes she walked back in the room and set a bottle of Firewhiskey and two shot glasses on the small table in front of the couch. “This way will be more fun. If we chose not to answer a question, we take a shot.”

       “And how do you think Remus would feel about you doing shots?” Sirius raised his eyebrow at Ellasyn as she smirked at him. That mischievous grin made his heart race.

      “How would he feel about me doing shots or how would he feel about me doing shots with you, his best friend?” She just laughed at his bewildered expression. “It doesn’t matter, I’m of age. So, let’s start.”

      “Ok, I’ll go first, what’s your real hair colour?” Sirius didn’t want to start off with intruding questions so he decided to start with small unimportant questions that didn’t matter.

      “Sandy blonde, the same as my dad’s. What’s your favorite muggle object?”

      “Motorbike. I used to have a flying one. You haven’t known Remus for very long, so why do you call him ‘dad’?” At this point, Sirius leaned back on the armrest of the couch and folded his arms over his chest.

      “Because my adoptive dad died when I was almost two, so I never really had a father figure in my life and even though I haven’t known him that long he feels like a dad to me. What’s the real reason for the nicknames ‘Padfoot’ and ‘Moony’?”

     Sirius didn’t say anything. He poured a shot of Firewhiskey and made eye contact with Ellasyn as he downed it in one quick gulp. As he set his glass back on the table he told her he couldn’t answer that question, at least not yet. This of course got her curiosity up, but she didn’t say a word and just waited for Sirius to ask his question. “Why did you call me ‘Siri’ the other morning?”

     “Because ‘Sirius’ is just so…serious sounding, no pun intended. ‘Siri’ on the other hand is cute,” Ellasyn looked down and let her hair fall in her face, she bit her lower lip and chanced a glance up at Sirius before she continued. “Kind of like…you.”

      “You think I’m cute?” Sirius couldn’t help but smile at this.

     “It’s my turn to ask the question, not you, Mister.” Ellasyn could feel the blush rise in her cheeks as she repositioned herself to sit cross-legged in front of him. “How long have you lived here?”

     “All my life, except when I moved out for a few years and the time that I was…gone.” Sirius didn’t know if she knew he was in Azkaban and even though he was innocent, he still didn’t want to risk scaring her off. “So, do you think I’m cute?”

     This time it was Ellasyn who poured herself a shot of Firewhiskey. She tried her hardest not to blush as she felt Sirius’ eyes on her. “When was the first time you got drunk?”

     Sirius took another shot. It’s not that he didn’t want to answer, he just couldn’t remember and he needed another shot anyways. “Why didn’t you want to answer my last question?”

     “No. You are not allowed to ask that. No asking why I wouldn’t ask a certain question. It defeats the purpose of the Firewhiskey.”

     “Ok then, have you ever done anything illegal?” Sirius used his famous heart melting smirk on her, hoping she had a wild side, he loved girls who had an edge.

     Ellasyn tipped back another shot of Firewhiskey. Of course she knew that by not answering the question it automatically meant that she had done something illegal, but she also knew that if she answered the question truthfully that she would have to explain and right now she really didn’t want to tell him that she got arrested and had to spend the night in muggle jail for streaking down the street on her seventeenth birthday. Ellasyn was quiet for a few minutes trying to think of a good question to ask. “What is your favorite part of the female body?”

     Sirius could feel his heart speed up in his chest as soon as the words escaped her mouth. Slowly, Ellasyn inched closer to Sirius until their knees almost touched. He stared intently in her eyes and he could see flecks of blue emerging in her green eyes making them look more teal than the light green they were before. Sirius then focused his attention to her lips. She had a naturally pouty mouth with full, dark pink lips that looked soft and inviting. Ellasyn stuck her tongue out slightly to wet her lips and then proceeded to bite her lower lip as she waited for an answer. Sirius began to lean in towards Ellasyn and she held her breath for a second and chewed slightly on her bottom lip as he got closer and closer to her. His mouth was now inches away from her own and she closed her eyes. He turned and whispered in her ear, “Time for another shot.” He then leaned back and downed his shot of Firewhiskey. He knew he was playing a dangerous game, but he couldn’t help himself. He was attracted to her more than he thought possible and he was going to do what he always did best in school. Make her want him.

     After a few hours of playing this game and taking shots, Ellasyn was starting to feel a lot tipsy while Sirius was only a little. She tried and failed to stifle a yawn and Sirius chuckled slightly. “Want to go to bed?”

     “With you?! I—well—uh—”

     “No, separately. Would you like to go to your own bed and go to sleep?”

     “Oh, no, and it’s my turn to ask you a question so, if you could taste like anything what would it be?” She said all of this in a rush as her insides started to feel warm and funny from the Firewhiskey.

     “If I could taste like anything? Hmm that’s an interesting question…I guess chocolate sauce mixed with butterbeer.” Sirius had an amused expression on his face, he could tell that she was tipsy and that she wasn’t thinking clearly. He, on the other hand, had three shots of Firewhiskey so far and knew he could handle his liquor, but he knew that one or two more shots for Ellasyn and she would be plastered.

     “Chocolate is yummy, I think I’d taste like butterscotch or caramel candies or both, you know how the ice cream syrup tastes? Yeah, like that I like that so I think I’d taste like that. Oh weren’t you supposed to ask a question?”

     “You are drunk, should we stop playing this little game? Or should I catch up to you?”

      “Is that your question?” She just stared at him for a moment, his once dull gray eyes had a spark in them and he had a small smile playing on his lips, his shoulder length black hair was messy as usual. He was sexy and she just wanted to kiss him, but she wouldn’t allow herself, not yet at least.

     “Yes, that is my question.”

     “Catch up.” It was a simple statement and she crossed her arms over her chest defiantly signaling that she was being completely serious. After a moment, Sirius poured himself two shots and took them both. He shook his head slightly as the Firewhiskey burned his insides on the way down. “Tell me a secret, something that no one knows about you.”

     “That’s not a question, Ellie.” The Firewhiskey was starting to take effect on him.

     “Fine. So why’d you just call me ‘Ellie’ when my name is ‘Ellasyn’?”

     “Because ‘Ellie’ is cute and you are definitely cute, Ellasyn just seems too formal of a name for someone like you,” Sirius smiled at her as the blush crept into her cheeks, which in turn made him smile more. “Did your name change when you were adopted? Or is ‘Ellasyn’ your adoptive name? I didn’t word that right…”

     “When my parents adopted me they had the option to change my name to whatever they wanted, however the adoption agent that was assigned to my case did inform them that my birth mother died and that her and my birth father had decided on the name ‘Ellasyn’ before anything bad happened and so my parents decided to keep my first name out of respect for her. My middle name and last name, however, were changed in the process.” Ellasyn paused as she finished this. Sirius was asking some pretty personal questions at times, so she figured it was her turn. “What were your parents like?”

     Sirius took a deep breath before answering. He had a mental debate with himself about whether or not to just down a shot so he didn’t have to answer. He knew that wasn’t fair to her though, he asked some personal questions and she answered without a second thought and he knew he owed it to her to answer this question. “When I was younger, they were fine. My mother was actually pretty nice to me once upon a time. My father was more distant and stern; he either stayed in his study or out of the house a lot. When I was 11, I went to Hogwarts and got sorted into Gryffindor and befriended a muggle-born witch as well as those who approve of muggles. ‘The Ancient and Most Noble House of Black’ couldn’t afford a blood traitor in their family. That’s when everything went downhill. I didn’t approve of the way they viewed things or their actions and they didn’t approve of me.” Sirius watched as her expression turned into one of sympathy and sorrow. “I learned to stand my ground and stand up for what I believed; I knew I didn’t want to end up like them someday. Anyways,” Sirius took a breath. “It’s my question now. So, if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

     Ellasyn took the hint that he wanted to talk about a lighter subject, so she didn’t push it. “Paris, in the winter, I think it would be beautiful with all of the Christmas lights.” She paused as she imagined the twinkling lights that might belong in a fairytale. “What’s a fantasy that you’ve had?”

     Sirius gulped, he didn’t know if she meant sexual or general and since he didn’t want to take a chance he knocked back another shot of Firewhiskey. “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

     “My eyes. Boxers or briefs?”

     “Boxers,” even though he answered the question, Sirius took another shot of Firewhiskey; he needed to be more than buzzed if she continued asking these questions.

     “Why’d you take a shot?”

     “Needed another drink, you want one?” He poured them each a shot and handed her one when she nodded her head. Ellasyn’s head was starting to feel like it was floating. She leaned back to stretch and her shirt rid up halfway to her breasts. She could hear the breath hitch in Sirius’ throat. She was teasing him now and he knew it. As she sat back up her shirt slid down to a little above her belly button and seeing him flustered made Ellasyn not want to fix it.

     Sirius took another shot of the amber liquid before he chanced another glance in her direction. He was definitely drunk now and he could tell be the way she was swaying slightly that she was too. He took a deep breath as he turned on the couch to face Ellasyn. Her eyes were glazed over slightly as she looked around the room and he knew it wouldn’t be long now until she passed out. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady her swaying and then gently turned her head with his right hand so that she was looking at him. He brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he said in a gruff whisper. Slowly he leaned in towards her until they shared the same air. He watched her flutter her eyes shut before closing his own. His lips were almost on hers when she turned suddenly and pushed him away. She turned to the edge of the couch and started heaving. Sirius jumped up and grabbed Ellie’s wand and muttered a spell so that her puke went into bucket and not on the floor. After a few minutes he handed her a glass of water and damp towel.

     “Sorry,” she said weakly as she wiped her mouth. Sirius made her lay back on the couch and within seconds she was passed out completely.

     “Well, that was successful,” he muttered to himself before he went to his room. He changed into a pair of sleep pants and grabbed two blankets off his bed. When he went back into the living quarters, he placed a blanket over Ellasyn and cleaned up the mess of vomit with a flick of the wand. He then laid down on the couch opposite and soon fell asleep too.

     In the morning Sirius was the first to rise. He went to the kitchen and mixed up a simple potion. When he walked back into the room, he saw that she was just starting to open her eyes and soon hid her head under the blanket. He just chuckled at her and sat down on the edge of the couch she was on. “Ughnunblehckoo,” she mumbled incoherently.

     “I didn’t quite catch that, love.” He couldn’t help but smile at her as he removed the blanket from her head. She glared at him and he just laughed in return. She knew it was a real laugh and there was no dullness in his eyes anymore, just happiness and she was glad she could cause it. This made her glare turn less harsh as she tried not to smile at him.

     “I. Don’t. Feel. Good.” She enunciated every word for him as she attempted to glare at him some more.

     “Here, drink this, it’s a potion that your father and one of our friends from school came up with to help get rid of hangovers,” Sirius said as he handed her the small vial.

     “Did anything…happen? You know, last night?”

     “We talked, drank, you can’t hold your liquor to save your life, you puked, then passed out. Why?”

     “I don’t know, I guess I thought we kissed, maybe it was dream.” She rested her head back down on the couch and realized that Sirius was shirtless. She reached her hand towards his chest and absent mindedly traced one of the tattoos he had. Sirius grabbed his hand with his own and when she looked ashamed he assured her it just tickled him a bit.

     “You had a long night, try to get some more rest.” Sirius stood up, but before he left he placed a light kiss on her forehead.


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