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Chasing Albus Potter by VeeKAY
Chapter 3 : Firebolts and Moronic Dugongs
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argh beautiful CI by my wife Karly. (uprising. @ TDA) TYSM BB XO


“Andy!” I heard my name being called, and I spun around to find Hugo panting and holding a quill.


“Where’s the flood?” I told you my sense of humour was horrible.
Hugo rolled his eyes. “Very funny Andy. We still need to sign up for the try outs tomorrow remember?”

“Oh yea…I forgot about that” I admitted, and pulled out a quill from my bag. “Shall we go now?”

Hugo nodded, and we walked back to Gryffindor tower, stopping outside the noticeboard. I found the piece of parchment magically glued to the noticeboard, with a fancy title of ‘Gryffindor Quidditch Sign Up sheet’.

There were already gazillions of names under chasers and keepers, but I scrawled my name down anyway. I’ll just turn up to trials, fly like a constipated unicorn (haha, mental image), and try not to make a fool of myself in front of Albus. I have the sexiest plans in the world. Right? Right? Yeah, didn’t think so.

I waited patiently for Hugo to read through all the names for chasers, and he tacked his name underneath mine. I’ve never actually seen Hughgy play quidditch as chaser, but since he flew like superman (muggle character, don’t worry about it) he would probably make the team.

“You done?” I asked, and he nodded. We moved aside to let the titchy little firstlings put their names down on the list.

“How many of them are going to turn up without brooms do you think?” I mused, and Hugo chuckled.

“I hope not many do, because if they can fly without brooms, I think Hogwarts need to check the students they let in. They might have been on steroids or something” He replied, and I laughed.

“Hello my evil gummy bears. I see you’ve both just put your names down for chaser” came the sing song voice of Lily Potter.

“Hello my weird fuzzy snow cone. You saw correctly” I giggled.

“Excuse me, my funny fairy floss friends, but can someone tell me why we are calling each other yummy names?” Hugo interrupted, before Lily could come up with another food to call me.

“I have no idea my Hughgy bear” and he scowled. I loved calling him my Hughgy bear. Sometimes I just shorten it to Hughgy, but nonetheless, he is still my little teddy bear. Even if he is mentally older than me. Whatever. My sense of time and age has completely gone out the window. (Not that it was ever…in the window).

“Shall we go down the transfiguration?” Rose trilled happily as she entered the room, hand in hand with Scorpius. Those two were just so darn cute. They were the kind of couple that you’d expect to never break up, and when they passed by, you would involuntarily go “awww”.

“Yea ok” I said, and the five of us warbled our way to the transfiguration corridor, hoping for Rose’s sake that we weren’t late.


Juliet soared into my open window, landing on the bed that I was sprawled all over, with stashes of chocolate chip cookies and milk by my side.

“ARRRGH!” I yelled, as the package my owl bore thonked me on the head. “Oh, sorry Juliet” I apologised when my scream surely murdered her little owl ears.

“Oh, mum sent me my firebolt” I smiled and patted my owl, offering her bits of cookie (it’s safe, don’t worry). Juliet nipped me affectionately and ruffled her golden feathers, before taking off out the window.

“What’s that?” Karen entered the room, in the middle of pulling her hair into a loose bun.

“My firebolt. I asked for it two days ago, and mum just sent it with Juliet” I replied, and Karen’s jaw dropped, and her hands fell to her side as she rushed over to me. Her hair was now a tangled mess around her neck.

"You have a firebolt?! Whoa. Those are still extremely expensive…” she gaped in awe. Karen wasn’t a girl to play quidditch, but she still loved expensive and rare things. It just so happens that my firebolt (that the broomstick companies have stopped making and selling) was both expensive and rare. Yippee. “Wait. Why do you need a firebolt at school anyway? Unless…no…you aren’t trying out for the team are you?” she gasped, and I nodded humorously at her expression, which resembled a baboon that had recently been bitch-slapped.

“Yea, I thought I’d just go for it” She nodded, and wished me luck, before hopping off my bed and disappearing into the bathroom, leaving me peering thoughtfully at my broomstick.


“Hey there Hugo” I chirped as I slid down the slide. “Why were you trying to get up to the girl’s dormitories?” I was dressed in muggle jeans and a violet sweater, while clutching my firebolt.

“I was going to get you” he grumbled. “Who knew that the staircase would turn into a fucking slide if a guy tried to get up there? Anyway, I thought you wanted to practise earlier”

I laughed, “Hugo, surely you would have known, what with Rose spewing up lines from Hogwarts: A history every few minutes?”

“HEY! I HEARD THAT!” came a muffled yell. I suppose that was Rose emerging from our dormitory, just in time to hear my (very true) comment about her love for books. She had definitely inherited her mother’s genes.

“IT’S TRUE ROSIE!” I screamed right back. Hugo stood there, amused.

“Erm, anyway, if you and my sister are done screaming your heads off at each other via stairc- slide, should we go down to the pitch early? You said you wanted some practise before tryouts”

“Oh right, yea” I agreed, and the two of us traipsed down to the quidditch pitch.

I breathed in the air, mingled with the fresh smell of damp grass. I loved the smell of grass after it rained, it’s so refreshing. I can understand now why people loved playing quidditch. It was intimidating but exhilarating to stand in a pitch with tall stands surrounding it, full of screaming people cheering their buttocks off. And I wasn’t even in the air yet. Plus, I could stand here and smell the grass all day. Not that I would do that. Because I’m completely normal. Yeah.

“You coming up Andy?” Hugo yelled, and I answered him with a giant -


I gripped my broom nervously now, and mounted it. Pushing off slowly from the ground, I felt a little rush of excitement as my firebolt rose tentatively into the cool air.

“Hey, you fly pretty well” Hugo complimented, as I slowly flew towards him.

“Hugo, I’m not flying. I’m thinking I look like a moronic dugong right now” I told him, and he rolled his eyes, and shot off, weaving around the goal posts and doing loops.

“That’s cool, I’ll just sit here and do my own thing” I yelled, and he ignored me. I grumbled but leant forward, causing the broom to shoot up.

“WEEEEEEEE!” I cried, and laughed as the wind soared through my hair, which would probably look like I just had a nice round of snogging. I should have tied it up or something. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong Idea.

“Holy Nargles Andy, you can fly better than me” Hugo exclaimed, as he zoomed towards my bobbing figure in the air.

“Shut up, and stop the lies coming out your gob” I replied cheerfully, doing a happy little weave around him.

“No, I’m serious Andy. Did you see the dive you just did? If Al wasn’t seeker, you would probably be his substitute”

What? I did a dive? WHEN? Okay then Hugo…whatever you say.

I told him this, and he rolled his eyes, and muttered, “Clueless, as always”, which earned him a thunk on the head.

“Shut it Weasley, just fly” I sang, and he shook his head, while chuckling.

“Fine Jones, but I bet that Al will be extremely glad when he sees you try out”

WHAT? I HEARD HIM SAY AL AND ZONED OUT. I suspect I’ll get extremely nervous when Al arrives; I probably will go back to flying like a dugong again. Maybe this time I’ll look moronic and constipated?

“Just fly” I rolled my eyes, and zoomed off to do some laps of the field.

I felt so free, just feeling the wind blowing my hair behind me as I shot around like a rocket. I raced a bit with Hugo, and even though he won most of the races, I still felt like someone stuck a needle in me and shot me with adrenaline.

“Adrienne? Hugo?” I heard the bewildered voice of Albus below, as he called up to us. I immediately seized up and froze in mid-air. Hugo nudged me and asked if I was alright and I nodded.

“Just shocked” I waved it off, and dived down to topple gently onto the grass, stopping right in front of Al’s ecstatic expression.

“I never knew you could fly like that” He exclaimed, and I blushed.

There’s a lot you don’t know about me, I thought. Like the fact that I am completely in love with you. “Err, thanks?” I replied, and he grinned.

“I should start trials now…I’ll see you later” I nodded and he jogged off towards the crowd of people that had turned up for try outs. I felt faint. Seeing Albus Potter jogging is not good for my mental health.

“OKAY, KEEPERS OVER HERE PLEASE!” He yelled, and I jumped as someone tapped my shoulder.


“Calm down Andy, it’s just me” Scorpius grinned as he sidled over to Hugo.

“Don’t scare me like that Scorp” I scowled, and he grinned even wider.

The three of us made our way to the stands, where the rest of the Gryffindors were waiting for their turn to tryout. Scorpius was also trying out for chaser, and he was on the team last year too. He and Albus were really good friends, but Al had ignored him for a week when he started dating Rose. All the Weasley and Potter boys were extremely protective of the girls. I sighed. I wish my brother was around more to care about me like that.

“Andy? Why do you always zone out like that?” Hugo demanded.

“Sorry, I just think about some things, and my mind wanders” I explained with a grin, and both boys rolled their eyes.

“I saw you two flying earlier, when did you get that good Andy?” Scorpius mused.

“Uhm…I snuck out over summers to fly, and I used to play with Meta and Richard in the yard. Then I started spending summers at the burrow, and Richard moved away with dad, so I didn’t really have time to play” I shrugged.

“Why have you never tried out for the team before?” Hugo demanded, again.

“I told you, because I never felt like it, and Rose doesn’t play. Why are you boys interrogating me?” I moaned.

“Sorry” Hugo grinned, while Scorpius looked over at the Keeper tryouts.

“Hey, it looks like Christian got it again” he told us. We grinned; it wasn’t a huge surprise that Christian Wood would get on the team once more. As the son of Oliver Wood (one of the best keepers of Gryffindor history- apart from Rose and Hugo’s dad of course), Christian seemed to have inherited his father’s quidditch skills.

The beaters were being tried now, and many first year hopefuls traipsed down the pitch, holding podgy bats and brooms with weird tails, bent in twisted angles.

“Do you think they’re strong enough to be beaters?” I whispered to Scorpius as they walked past. Scorpius chuckled and shrugged.

I focused on Albus on the pitch, and the way he was calmly reassuring a nervous first year made me flutter with affection. He was wearing his quidditch robes, and I couldn’t help but notice how amazing his muscles looked in them. I was head over heels in love with this boy, and he had no fucking idea.

“YES! FRED AND JAKE MADE THE TEAM!” Hugo crowed, and Scorpius did a funny little dance of jubilance. I grinned, and clapped with the rest of Fred and Jacob’s friends. Fred Weasley obviously inherited his father’s talent as a beater.

“CHASERS WILL BE TRIED NOW” yelled a hoarse Albus. Scorp, Hugo and I flew down from the stands and joined the group of Gryffindors waiting patiently in line.

“Okay, first, just, fly around the pitch twice please. As fast as you can” Al instructed, and Hugo and I took off immediately. It was just like the race Hugo and I had before trials. It was exhilarating, and before I knew it, I had landed smoothly on the ground, with Hugo laughing behind me.

"I won! Finally” I said smugly, while Hugo argued.

“No way, next time I’ll win”

“You keep telling yourself that darling” I grinned.

“Uh” Al’s voice came from beside us.


“How did you guys do two laps that fast? The rest are still on the first lap!” He exclaimed, astonished.
“Well…we were racing?” I said uncertainly.

“Well it was damn brilliant!” He jumped excitedly, and I suppressed a grin. He was so cute.

“Of course we are” Hugo interrupted, and we all laughed.

“Okay, well, we should start using the Quaffles now. Pair up and I’ll get each pair to throw the ball back and forth, then score in one of the hoops. FREDDIE, YOU READY UP THERE?” Al yelled, and Fred gave a thumbs up while hovering on his broom, in front of the goals.

“Uhm, the first years can go first” Al continued, motioning for a few firstlings who were still panting from the two laps to get up into the air.

They chaser trials were horrifying. One pair of first years crashed into each other even before the Quaffle was handed to them, and had to be sent up to the hospital wing. Another kept dropping the Quaffle every few metres, and eventually crashed into Fred, who yelped and almost fell off his broom. Albus was nearly in tears. I wanted to go comfort him and hug him and kis- never mind.

“ALRIGHT. SCORPIUS, YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE UP” he yelled, and Scorpius flew up into the air, with a random seventh year girl right behind him. They started tossing the Quaffle back and forth, manoeuvring skilfully around the beaters and scoring a goal. Well, Scorpius did at least. The seventh year (a leggy blonde called April Mathews or something) squeaked and immediately wobbled back to the ground when she saw the beaters. I suspect she showed up to trials just to get a glimpse of Al in his quidditch robes. Can’t blame her, he looks like a Greek god.

Al brightened at Scorp, and yelled “SCORP, YOU’RE ON THE TEAM. NEXT PAIR PLEASE!”

I cheered for Scorpius, but unfortunately, the next (and last) pair, consisted of Hugo and I. Shitfuckitydamn.

I rose into the air, clutching the maroon Quaffle, and threw it to Hugo, who grinned, caught it and sped towards the goalpost. He was aiming towards the left goalpost, but Fred was already there, defending it. Hugo suddenly threw the Quaffle to me, causing me to yelp and do a backflip thingy, catching the Quaffle. I tucked it safely under my arm and sped to the other side of the goal. Fuck this better work Hugo, or your dead.

I threw the Quaffle as hard as I could into the right goal, and waited for Fred to come soaring over the save the goal. To my surprise, the red ball soared right through Fred’s arms, and through the ring. Hugo cheered, and came over to hug me. I laughed and returned his hug.

“Okay, enough hugging” Albus said, amused. “Well, congrats, you’re both on the team, with Scorp of course” It took a minute before I recognised what he had just said.

“Wait. What?” I said blankly.

“You’re-on-the-team” Hugo said to me, nudging me as my face showed nothing but shock.

“Seriously?” I slowly started to smile, and Al rolled his eyes.

“Seriously” Al repeated, and my smile turned into a fully-fledged grin.

“HUGGGOOOO! I MADE THE TEAMMMM!” I sang, and did a little happy dance right there on my broom. Not the best idea since I wobbled and almost fell off. I’m so un-co.

“So did I!” Hugo pouted.

“Oh, yea. Sorry my Hughgy bear!” I hugged him again, and Al chuckled.

“Well, I expect to see you guys here next Wednesday for practise. Congrats” He smiled.

I stopped. I made the team. Which meant quidditch practise. Which meant seeing Albus Severus Potter almost every few days in intense, sweaty training.



A/N: Hi! Thanks for reading chapter 3 x) Review and tell me what you think!

Also, I want to draw attention to the validators. The definitely don’t get enough credit, and I think we need to thank them at least once. These people spend their own time to go through and read our chapters, making sure they’re suitable for the site. So thank you so much to the validators! <3 We appreciate what you do for us, and HPFF x) Hope you enjoyed your staff vacation xD <3 :D

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