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The Art of Walking in Heels by 11whimsy
Chapter 4 : Broomsticks + Trains
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Usually, I don't like being considered a charity case. But in the Potter household I became one. Teaching me magic became a joint effort everyone participated in. Ginny was especially fun, she had a hysterical sense of humour. Whenever anyone had free time and was bored, teaching Cassie a new spell #1 hobby.



"Sorry you had to help mum clean," Albus apologised. We were sitting cross-legged in his room. He was in the middle of teaching me leg-lock bind.


"It was fun," I said. "Your mom is great."


Albus gave me a funny look.


"Oh, my bad. I forgot. Mum."


Albus rolled his eyes. "Americans."


"Mummy!" I mimicked in a phony British accent. "I want a biscuit!"


"Shut up," Albus laughed. "Don't mock the Brits, we're clearly superior. You Americans could've been British if only you'd paid your damn taxes."


"Getting, political, are we?" I sat up straighter. "Superior Brits-- that's practically an oxymoron right there. Or do you even know what that means? Do they teach SAT vocab at your magic little school in Britain?"


Albus grinned and whipped out his wand, luckily for me, I had the shield charm down, probably because Albus, James and Scorp kept me on my toes by always shooting spells at me.


"Locomotor mortis!" I shouted, Albus swatted it away.


He said something and I blocked it, however, the next spell came too fast. Suddenly, I was writhing on the ground being tickled by a thousand feathers.


This went on for several minutes until my stomach hurt from laughing. Albus just watched me beaming.


"Stop. It." I gasped. Finally mercy came over him and he waved his wand. I lay on the ground, sucking in air. “It’s not fair!”


"You have the cutest laugh," Albus commented drily. "HEE HAR HAR HAR."         


"I sound nothing like that," I said sniffily. "I have a delicate and dainty laugh."


"Dainty my arse," Albus said, collapsing on the floor to lay beside me. "For a second there, I was worried you were might be able to beat me eventually, but I think I'll always win."


"Just you wait, Mr. Potter. Someday, you'll lose to me."


There then was a long, comfortable silence. I had never felt so relaxed and peaceful. The birds sang softly outside, and as I listened to their song I drifted off.




I was in the middle of an interesting dream where I was levitating an antelope when an angry voice brought me back to reality.


"Dammit, Cassie, you fell asleep?" Albus cried in disbelief. My eyes fluttered open and I sat straight.


"You woke me up," I complained sheepishly. Albus looked confused, like he was rapidly re-calculating something in his mind. Probably along the lines of how lazy I was.


“I'm going downstairs," I yawned, sitting up. Mortified, I realized my shirt was quite askew, and I fixed it quickly then headed out, fighting the blush growing on my cheeks.




During my time in the Potter household, I slept on Lily's floor, which was wonderful. We had the greatest chats until 2 am. I have a hard time going to sleep most times, but there I was so tired I slept like a stone. One morning, Rose suddenly burst out of her room and called to me.


"Cass," she exclaimed breathlessly, "come on, we've got something for you."


I followed her down to the lawn, where Kendra, James, Lily and Teddy were gathered.


Teddy smiled at me. "Cassia, guess what we dug out of the closet."


"Uh... a dragon?" I guessed.


"A broomstick, you nimrod," shouted Lily. "My mum's old Nimbus 2000, terribly outdated but it will still work."


"You want me to get on a broomstick?" I asked incredulously. I'd watched them zoom around once or twice but never thought of actually getting on one. 


"Absolutely," Rose said.


"You're crazy. Have you seen me balance? I couldn't ride a bike until I was eleven!"


"It's easy," Rose explained, putting her hands on my waist and pushing me toward the broom. "Put your hand out and say 'up.'"




"You're not asking it, Cass, you're ordering. Be assertive."           




"Blimey," Lily muttered, covering her ears.


Rose winced. "Not that assertive."




The broom jumped into my hand, scaring me half to death.


"That's it, now just climb on. You're right handed, no?"


"Um, I'm a leftie."


"Oh," Rose said, thinking. "Then left hand underneath and right hand on top, slightly twist it, no," she grunted, physically moving my hands. "Like this-- stop squirming Cass-- nope, back like that, erg!"


I recoiled. "Sorry," I apologized in a nervous voice.  


"You're putting Cassie on a broomstick?" a familiar voice bellowed. Albus swaggered onto the grass.


"Hello yourself," Lily grumbled, examining a fingernail.


"How's it going, Rose?" Albus asked, looking extremely amused at my tense posture.


"Fine," Rose sounded, trying to move my hands again. I let out a nervous peep before wobbling then tumbling into a painful summersault onto the grass.


The boys howled with laughter.


"Shut up," snapped Rose, helping me up. Dusting myself off (and determined to succeed) I climbed back on.


Rose began adjusting my grip but I was through. "I got it," I said quickly then leaned forward. With a jerk, the broom shot straight ahead.


"She's up!" a voice shouted.


I narrowed my eyes to try to see what was in front of me. Shooting toward me was a blurry green mass-- a tree!-- and I leaned to the right. The broom veered and I let out a squeak of fear and adrenaline.


Suddenly I heard an excited whoop. Hair a vertical blur in the wind, Lily pulled up beside me. "WHEEEEEEEEE!" she shrieked. "Atta girl, Cass, you're doing it!"


I let my shoulders relax. She was right-- I was flying! I could do it! Grinning, I bent down and urged the broom forward.


There was another movement to my left and suddenly Albus was right beside me. "I'll admit it, I'm impressed," he complimented.


I grinned smugly. "That's high praise from you."


Albus smirked then suddenly swerved toward me, hip-checking me and sending me skating off to the right. I regained control of the broomstick and swung over and bumped him roughly, laughing.


Rose caught up, then, and was beaming proudly. "You're a natural."


"Thanks." I didn't know what to say, and could feel another blush rising to my cheeks. I was rarely singled out for anything other than my looks, to be honest.


"Let's play some Quidditch," Teddy shouted from not too far behind. I sharply turned and headed back to the lawn.


Once we were back in the yard (I was still shaking with excitement) Teddy and James split up the teams. Unsurprisingly, I was last pick.


"Ok," Teddy said once we were in a huddle. Scorpius had showed up and now the teams were even, 4-4.


 “Why do we have to get the newbie?” whined Kendra. “No offense to you, Cassie.”


“None taken.”


“Cass is great,” defended Teddy, and I smiled in relief. “For now, Cass, try being Chaser with Lily. I’ll be beater, Kendra, you're keeper.”


 “What about seeker?” I asked, remembering my quick-intro to Quidditch.


 “We don’t play with the snitch for our low-key scrimmages,” Teddy explained.


Lily grinned as she threw her arm around me. “Don't fear, C, we’ll be great.”



 “Ready, Set, GAME ON,” James shouted, throwing the ball into the air, definitely angled toward his team instead of a neutral toss. Albus quickly passed the quaffle to Rose, who zoomed nimbly toward me, dodging a well placed black bludger.


I had no idea what to do, but I’d played a great deal of soccer in my youth so I assumed I was supposed to steal the quaffle somehow. I flew straight at Rose, then poked the ball out of her grip and caught it. Regaining my balance, I did a U-turn they headed towards their goal. Did I just foul her? Am I allowed to even do that?


Lily pulled up beside me. I gratefully tossed her the quaffle, and she sped ahead to score dramatically, screaming like an Amazonian.


To make a long story short, we lost. But I’d never had so much fun losing before. I practiced every day.


 “By time there’s try-outs,” I decided, walking back to the house wiping sweat of my forehead, “I wanna make the team.” I was baking, it was so hot outside. Would it be too risque to strip? Especially in front of him?


Albus' voice brought me back to reality.


 “Ambitious," he said, removing his sweaty shirt. Oh. Good. God.


Lily smiled as she rounded the corner, pulling off her shirt. Okay, sport bras were acceptable in England. I thankfully took off my shirt. Scorpius wolf whistled, which earned him an icy stare. Lily then was instantly distracted by a tiny kitten wandering around the garden.


 “Awww, you baby, get over here,” she cooed in a baby voice.


 “Oh bullocks,” Albus groaned. “Here we go again.”


Rose sighed. “Lily is obsessed with cats.”


 “I have a freak for a little sister. Sometimes I think she's related to Umbridge,” Albus grumbled. Rose glared at him in a rather threatening way.


 “Sorry,” Albus apologized quickly. No matter what the boys claimed, Rose clearly had the final say.





Well, Albus was right. Soon Lily was begging Harry to let her keep the cat. His only reaction was a nervous “ask your mother.” There’s something so endearing about the predictable nature of dads that make them so wonderful. And makes me wish I had a chance to meet mine; that he hadn’t abandoned my mother as soon as she discovered she was pregnant and reappeared only to collect the cash.


As I came to get a change of clothes from Lily’s room, I caught her dressing the kitten up in doll clothes. Wait, is it normal for a 15 year old to do that?


 “Uh, Lily, I doubt he likes that,” I warned her.


 “The little baby likes it, don’t you, kitty?” she said in her baby-voice. I could now understand Albus’ disgusted reaction.


I retreated out of the room, pulling a clean shirt over my sports bra, running smack dab into Albus.


Of course, if this was a movie it would be all romantic and funny  and I would fall on his chest and there would be an awkward pause before the epiphany came on and we'd kiss.


But, of course, this is me we’re talking about. My elbow hit him square in the face and I fell onto his knee with a muffled grunt.


 “OWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Albus screamed in an impressively high shriek. His hand was held to his nose, which had blood all over.


 “Shit,” I cursed. “I’m so sorry, let me get you a towel.”


There was a loud, painful throbbing in my right eye and I randomly wondered if I would need an eye patch for my first day of school. Arrrg.


James rounded the corner and laughed abruptly. “Looks like my brother's been having some fun."


 “Bugger off,” Albus muttered.


 “What happened here?” Ginny cried as she saw the scene from the kitchen.


 “I ran into Albus,” I admitted.


To my relief, Ginny laughed. “It’s about time a girl gave you a bloody nose, Al.”


I helped Albus into the kitchen. Instead of being all macho, like I expected, he was pitiful and kept whining about the pain.


 “Bloody bloody nose,” he said, which I guess was his lame attempt at humour.


 “Awww, Albus made a funny!" I squealed before frankly adding, "That was terrible."


Albus gave me a stony glare.


 “Sorry, Al,” I said as I wiped down the counter. “But that was pathetic.”


 “It was fairly clever.”




 “A little bit funny.”


 “Albus, that was just hands down awful. Stop making excuses.”


Albus sulkily returned to grumbling about the pain.


Rose jogged into the room and quickly assessed the situation. “What the hell happened to you?”


 “Cassie tried to kill me,” Albus groaned.


 “Not you, Al,” she snapped, looking at me. “Are you ok?”


 “Damn it, is it swelling?”


Rose’s face gave away the answer.


I raced into the bathroom and checked out my eye in the mirror.


 “Somebody’s gonna have a shiner,” Scorpius sang, coming into the room behind me.


 “YOU SCARED ME! You don't walk into bathrooms with closed doors you dimwit!"


 “Sorry,” Scorpius said with absolutely no conviction.


 “You know, there’s no point in saying it if you don’t mean it.”


Scorpius paused to ponder my logic. After a while he nodded. “True. But don’t worry, I find you just as attractive with a black eye.”


 “I’m so relieved,” I said sarcastically. "Oh, wait-- I forgot. You broke up with me. Pity, you can no longer comment on my appearance."


"I can do whatever I want," Scorpius sang, skipping out of the bathroom. I watched him go, shaking my head. They honestly don’t come weirder than Scorp. How many 16 year old boys merrily skip about places?




I helped Ginny prepare dinner, knowing Albus wouldn’t act like a baby with his mom in the room. Then I helped serve dinner. In return, Ginny did some sort of spell which cured my black eye for the most part.


 “You know, Cass,” Ginny said as she removed the roast from the oven. “Nobody’s going to know you didn’t know any magic until the last two weeks.”


Is she kidding me? Do I believe her one bit? HELL NO.


I still suck at magic, I'm nowhere near my goal (absolutely destroying Albus in a duel.)


But some support was good to hear, after all, tonight was the last night before the start of term. I was starting to have a bout of butterflies in my stomach.




 “I mean it,” Ginny said. “It’s actually rather remarkable how much you’ve picked up. Teddy tells me you’re becoming quite skilled at magic and have started Quidditch like you’ve been playing for years.”


 “I doubt he meant it,” I said. The only thing I was good at was beater, the players moved so fast I was practically a human bludger as I tried to figure out what was happening. 


 “What house do you think you’ll go into?”


Hmmm. I had thought about this a lot but had no idea. Mostly everyone was a Gryffindor, Teddy used to be Hufflepuff, Kendra was a Slitherin and Lily was a Ravenclaw . “I guess I hope I’m a Gryffindor with everyone else,” I admitted. Ginny smiled.


“I was hoping you’d say that. That’s my alma motto, you know, a great house. At first, when Lil was sorted into Ravenclaw, I was really worried but now I can tell it’s been a great place for her.”


I gulped and nodded. Ginny sensed my fear and put her hand on my shoulder.


 “Trust me, Cass, you’ll do better than you think.”


I would give anything to make her right.




 “You excited for tomorrow?” Lily asked, climbing into her bed. I rolled over in my cot on the ground.


 “Terrified, actually.”


 “Don’t worry, it will be fun. You should be in Ravenclaw with me.”


 “What house is Theo in?” I teased. Lily stiffened.


 “Shut up! Nobody knows about that!” Lily paused. “He’s a Ravenclaw, too,” she whispered. “He’s one of Hugo’s best friends.”


 “How sweet.”


 “Well, what about you?” Lily prodded. “Got your eye on Teddy?”


 “No,” I whispered.


“Cassie?” Lily asked. “Can I ask you something.”




“You don’t like Albus, right? Because I think he likes you.”


“We’re just friends,” I lied. “That’s all.”


“Are you lying to me?”


There was a long silence.


“He’s a really good guy, once you get past all the other stuff.”


I smiled and rolled over. “I know. But we’re just friends. Good night, Lil.”


 “Sleep well.”




The following morning was hectic. Harry had taken the day off in order to facilitate the transportation of trunks and students.


 “Careful, now,” Ginny cautioned. I was using my handy-dandy levitation charm to ease my trunk down the stairs.


 “No worries, I’ve got it,” I assured.


James came banging down the stairs holding his owl’s cage. “Morning,” he huffed as he blew by me.


 “I’ve figured out how to rent a muggle car,” Harry gloated. “Pity I don’t know how to drive it.”


 “I’ll drive!” yelled James.


 “Absolutely not,” Ginny shouted from inside.


 “I have a license but it doesn’t work in England,” I offered.


 “No, no that's great—any sort of driving training works,” Harry said. Lily jaunted outside and put a small wire cage in the trunk.


 “No.” Albus said firmly.


Lily just smiled and skipped away.           


 “What is it?” I asked, leaning over the trunk.


 “She’s gonna take that damn cat to Hogwarts,” Albus said, reaching to pull out the cage. There was a fizzing noise.


 “Oh, god! LILY!” Albus shouted in horror as an angry red rash raced up his arm.


 “Yes, Albus?” Lily asked sweetly.


 “What the hell did you do to this cage? Hex it?”


 “It wouldn’t have done anything unless you tried to remove it.”


Lily bounced over and tapped Albus’ arm with her wand and the rash stopped spreading.


 “Now make it go away,” ordered Albus.


 “That’s a no can do,” Lily said coyly, then returned inside.


 “Bollucks!” cursed Albus. “SISTERS. I swear to Merlin.”






 “Load ‘er up!” shouted Harry as the entire family squished into the car. Being in the driver’s seat, I was the only one that didn’t have to share with anyone else.


There was a chorous of muffled complaints as people tried to make room, but when the doors finally closed I was able to turn on the car and drive into London.


I quickly discovered that the switched lane-directions were extremely confusing, not to mention I was constantly distracted by Harry leaning over and pointing at things.


After nearly crashing several times, (and Harry doing something to several  cops that kept trying to pull us over) we finally pulled into King’s Cross. I locked the doors then handed Harry the keys. After staring at them strangely for a second, he muttered “oh, right,” and pocketed them.


 “So what subjects will we take at Hogwarts?” I asked Rose as we pushed our trunks into the beautiful, sky-lit station. “Math? Science? English?”


Rose snorted. “No. All sorts of magic-related stuff. Divinisation, astronomy, potions, that sort.”


I wanted to curse. I knew nothing about any of that stuff. “I’m screwed.”


Rose shot me a sneaky grin. “Actually, my mom saved all her notes from her 6th year. They might come in handy.”


I beamed. From what I'd heard, Rose's mom was one of the smartest witches (or wizards) to attend Hogwarts. “Sweet.”




The family pushed ahead, weaving through people. I was worried I’d lost them a couple times, but I could always catch a glimpse of Lily’s red hair through the crowd.


When I finally caught up, I was surprised to find them all standing in front of a brick wall. “This is going to sound strange,” Harry said, “but you’re going to run through this wall, okay?”


 “Okay.” I remembered the Floo station, hopefully this was the same concept.


 “I suggest you run,” Ginny said kindly.


Taking a deep breath and staring at the extremely-solid looking wall, I mustered all of my courage and charged forward.


For a second, I felt a puff of cool, musty-smelling air then, just like that,  I was standing at a bustling station. All sorts of people were hustling about, many wearing Hogwarts’ robes. I felt insanely cool. YEAH! THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE!


 “Mum!” Rose shouted suddenly and sprinted forward into the arms of an older woman. She had a kind face and wavy brown hair. She affectionately embraced her daughter, then turned to me.


 “Rose, is this the Cassie you mentioned?”


 “Yeah, mum, this is Cass, Cassie, this is my mum.”


 “Call me Hermione,” the mom added.


 “Nice to meet you,” I replied. Uh, want to give me all the tests' answers?


 “Enjoy Hogwarts,” Hermione said, winking. “If you ever need any study help, just call me up on the Floo.”


 “Will do,” I vowed gratefully.


 “Oh, there’s Hugo!” Rose said, her neck craning to search the crowd. “HUGO!”


A boy turned and waved at Rose then headed over. Upon arriving, he stared at me for a couple seconds. He definitely resembled Rose in his dreamy eyes and poofy hair.


 “Hullo,” he said.


 “Hugo, manners,” hissed Hermione.


 “I’m Hugo.”


 “Cassie,” I responded. Lily came flying through the crowd and practically tackled Hugo. She began rapidly talking to him.


 “They’re best friends,” Hermione said as means of explanation. Aww, Lily was so cute with her little 5th year friends! I couldn't wait to see her with her boyfriend.


I eventually wished Ginny and Harry a warm thanks and goodbye, and both of them gave me a big hug. For some reasons, I started choking up.


I don’t cry at many things. I guess this sounds stony-hearted but those dead-dog stories just made me mad. Seriously, why the hell would you write a story for the sole purpose of making kids cry?!? I proudly refused to tear up at many things. (Of course, when your potential fiancé cheats on you is a whole different category.)


But I as I headed for the train I began to have a full-blown panic attack. Taking deep gulps of air, I dabbed at my eyes to make sure I looked fine to the rest of the world. I froze at the entrance of the train.


 “Get in!” I screamed at myself mentally. Why are you just standing here? But my legs refused to move.


You’ll do fine, I told myself. Anyway, what do have left, really?


But despite my panicked reasoning, I was petrified with fear. What was I doing here, pretending like I could belong?


 “Need any help?” a voice asked. I looked up into the eyes of a rugged boy that looked old enough to be a 7th year.


 “I’m fine,” I answered in a shaky voice. Buy it. Please buy it.


Instead, he wordlessly, he reached out his hand and I took it. My palms were all sweaty and trembling but he graciously acted like didn’t notice. I climbed onto the train.


 “What year are you transferring into?” he asked as I surveyed the luxurious interior. God, I really looked like an outsider, didn't I?




 “Cool. I’m a seventh year. Name’s Nicholas Sharp, if you need anything.”            


 “Thanks. I’m uh, Cassie Andrew.”


 “Nice meeting you,” he said as he headed off.


The train lurched forward and I grabbed the handle by the wall. Where was I supposed to sit? I began walking down the train, glancing into the booths.


Finally I saw Rose in one. I knocked and she happily opened it up.


 “Cass! I was just wondering where you were.”


 “Oh, thanks,” I said nervously.


 “Where were you?” she repeated.


I just had a full blown panic attack and couldn’t get on the train. Yep, that sounds lame. “Just had a moment’s hesitation,” I decided.


In the booth were Scorpius, Albus, and two other girls I didn’t know.


 “Hello, love,” Scorpius said lucratively.


 “What did you do to your hair?!” Instead of its normal blond, straight-hanging mess, it was slicked back. “Did you gel it?!”              


 “Do you like it?” Scorpius said, feeling it gingerly.


 “It’s terrible,” I answered honestly. Albus let out a laugh, watching for Scorpius’ reaction.


 “Well, I think it’s terribly handsome,” Scorpius replied airily.


I sat between Albus and Rose, who introduced me to the other two.


 “This here is Heather,” Rose said, pointing to an intense-looking girl. She was really short and had dip-dyed pixie cut hair. In her nose was a sparkling silver nose-stud, which twitched when she smiled.  She gave me a firm handshake.


 “And this is Victoria,” Rose said, gesturing toward the girl in the corner. She was either dark skinned or wickedly tan, and had long, straightened black-brown hair. It looked like she wearing a thin layer of purple eyeliner, and as she shook my hand I noted her turquoise nail polish. Ah, a fashionista.


The door flung open and there was yet another introduction. “This is Samantha,” Albus said. Samantha was my traditional idea of an Englishwomen, she had wild corkscrew red girls, unlike Lily’s copper, these were tomato-red. Her eyes were a interesting shade of green-blue, like the Mississippi in late fall; she had remarkably pale skin and golden freckles sprinkled all over her nose.


 “Hi,” she said brightly, wriggling in between Victoria and Heather. “What’s your name?”


 “Cassie Andrews,” I said, feeling like a broken record.


 “An American,” she squealed. “Splendid. Have you studied magic before?”


 “No,” Albus answered for me, “but she’s learned fast.”


 “Cassie gave Al a bloody nose,” Rose bragged.


Heather looked up and let out a sly smirk.“Niiiiiiice. Witch starts with many letters, you know.”


I couldn’t help but smile at her comment. “I have high standards.”


Heather pulled a pocket knife out of her pocket and began using the tip to clean her nails, her tongue between her teeth. Is this normal?


 “What the hell, Heather,” Scorpius said bossily. “This is why I couldn’t find you a date to the ball. Put the knife in your pocket and wear a skirt or something pretty instead of your dad’s dumpy old rags.”


At first I was nervous Scorpius was going to hurt her feelings, but then I realized this was clearly a running joke. Heather looked up again and squinted at Scorpius.


 “Maybe I would be able to find you a date if you would keep your mouth shut, you’re much more attractive that way.”


Victoria sighed. “You two are horrible.”


 “By the way, babe, you left your broom at my house,” Scorpius said. Albus raised his eyebrows. “It was an afternoon visit,” Scorpius insisted.


 “By the way, babe, you left your meds at my house,” Heather replied, eyes glued to her nail-cleaning process.


 “Just thought you would want them back,” Scorpius retorted.


 “So I could double your prescription, it’s clearly not working.”


 “By the way, babe, you left your bra at my house,” Scorpius improvised desperately. Heather wasn’t ruffled at all.


 “It was a gift, your little undershirt is not offering enough support for your man-boobs.”


The entire crowd burst out laughing. “HEATHER WINS!” Albus shouted.


 “Heather, 239 and counting; Scorpius, nil,” Heather whispered under her breath.


Amused by the banter, I watched the conversation break up into many discussions. Over the course of the train ride, I learned several things. Heather was the most down-to-earth person I’d ever met and played each game by her own rules, Victoria was driven and clever, and Samantha was optimistic, bubbly and had a loud laugh. Rose had clearly been best friends with them for a long time, but I wondered if I fit in. First they were talking about school but then began gossiping, which was entertaining to listen to.


 “Of course she’s dating Nathan, Tessa throws herself at boys,” Victoria was complaining in a dark voice.


 “They’re a cute couple,” Sam pointed out. She was leaning in and her hair was like kudzu exploring all of the open air in the cabin.


After a bit of silence, Victoria stood up and stretched her tall, skinny frame. “Let’s change,” she decided. “Out, boys.”


 “Oh, I don’t mind staying,” Scorpius said sleazily.


Albus winked at me then headed outside. Scorpius stayed put.


 “Out,” Samantha said, holding out her wand teasingly.


 “It’s fine, I’ll be good here.”


 “Out,” Heather said, pulling out her wand.


 “Ok, ok,” Scorpius said, hurriedly gathering up his stuff and dashing outside.


Heather rolled her eyes and stashed her wands.


 “Ok,” Samantha said, turning to face me. “Dish.”




 “Are you a movie star or something?” Victoria said, eyeing me critically.


 “I’m confused,” I admitted.


 “Honey, you’re gorgeous,” Victoria said in a jealous tone. “Are you even wearing make up right now?”


 “No,” I said uncomfortably.


 “Oh, bugger off,” Victora said. “No wonder all the boys kept walking by this cabin.”


I glanced at Rose, who smiled encouragingly. “Well, I did model in America,” I confessed.


 “I knew it!” Victoria exclaimed.


 “Oh boy, someone super fashionable, I bet you wear the same size as me! I need some clothing help,” Sam exclaimed, then added, “besides you, Vic, you’re obviously the epitome of Paris runways.”


 “Yeah, right,” Victoria sighed.  


The girls began to change, and I pulled off my shirt and put on a plain white tee and long black skinny jeans, then pulled on my favourite suede ankle boots, which had a small heel.


 “Damn,” Heather said as she pulled on some distressed capris and military boots. “You can walk in those?”


 “Yeah,” I said. “I don’t know why, heels are easy for me.”           


 “I can only walk in wedges,” Sam said admiringly.


Victoria examined them and smiled as she put her arm in mine, her cat-like face curling into happiness. “Love, you and I are going to get along well.”


I pulled on the robes over my outfit. Secretly I've always loved the comformity of uniforms. I also had to wear a strange, thin tie thing.


"Don't worry, dress code kind of evaporates as the year goes on," Victoria said as she struggled to tie the cloth in a relatively cute way.


"Vic, give it up," Sam said, tying a purple ribbon around her head to keep the hair out of her face. "Face it, you'll never look darling in the uniform."


Guess this is not the time to admit that I like the robes. Honestly, when you spend all of your time trying to stand out, blending in is sweet relief.


The train then rumbled then jerked to a stop. Taking a deep breath, I looked out the window.  The sight took my breath away.


It’s only fair to say I fell in love with Hogwarts at first sight. Its grey towers loomed majestically in the twilight and is sheer size made my neck hurt.


So here I was. Home?  






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