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Albus in Wonderland by LittleLionGirl
Chapter 2 : Gossiping Flowers and Not Nott
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A.N.- Sorry this is LittleLionGirl- blahblahblah.. Owns nothing unorigonal.. blahblahblah... Insperation props you dont wish to see before you read... K done Now please READ ME!





Albus realized he was tiny compared to the new world he was in. He reached into his robes to find his wand but instead he found the bit of cake. It was labeled EAT ME. Al’s stomach growled in agreement with the lettering on the cake.

‘Well don’t mind if I do..” He muttered before eating the cake, it changed him from his eleven inches to his usual just over six foot. The garden was breathe taking; and oddly backwards. The flowers were as tall as Albus was, while the mushrooms were the size of houses; even stranger was the forest that had a collective mix of giant grass
blades and trees. He went to walk through the garden and heard,

“Hello! Who might you be?”

He began to look around for the source of the voice and heard,

“Yes, yes over here!” he turned to see a talking Orchid.

“Who are you?” Albus asked confused.

The flower totted in annoyance, “I asked YOU first. Who. Are. You.”

“Albus.” He replied timidly.

“THE Albus?” The flower asked in awe.

“Um…” Albus started but was cut off by the flower saying, “Lily!
Rose! Wake up! It’s T-H-E Albus!”

The rose woke up and shrieked; “THE ALLLBUS?!?”

“Yeah. Nice to meet you Rose.” Albus said awkwardly.

“How rude!” The rose flower scoffed.

“What?!?!” Al said confused.

“My name isn’t ROSE.” The flower said close to tears.

“Oh I’m sorry. Your name is?” Albus said carefully to avoid tears.

“Lily.” The flower replied.

“Hmm.” Albus said clearly in thought out loud holding a grin tightly
to prevent it’s escape.

“What?!” The flower replied obviously it was a smart flower so Albus
decided to exercise his Slytherin caution.

“Well you’re a rose.”


“And your name is Lily.”

“What’s your point?!” Lily the flower said close to shrieking, “You’re
a boy and your name is Albus. How would you like it if everyone called
you Boy?!”

The lily-flower piped in, “I think he isn’t the right Albus.”

“I dare say your right Rose.” A Posy added dangerously with a sharp
glare, “Spread the word that the fallacious
Albus has come to Underland.”

Albus walked away tired of the gossiping flowers and followed the only
possible path to catch up with the bleeding white rabbit. He followed
the path and heard things rustling and thought, oh now what?! As a
small group of rag-tag foreshortened people came out of the grass. They were all clothed in a mixture of what seemed like burlap and foliage. It was obvious they all tried to match each other; making a posse of badly dressed people in the woods.

One man that resembled a dwarf from a middle earth walked over to him and sniffed him,

“Stranger. I can smell it on him.” The man grunted.

Albus looked at them all as they said “Stranger. Stranger. Stranger.”
While flicking their hands similar to a jazz hand, walking in a
synchronized circle.

Albus was tongue-tied on words so instead of saying ‘Who are you?’ it
came out as,

“What- Merlin’s Pants- What are you tossers?”

“WE are the tree people. We live in the trees because we please.” The
foreshortened one that sniffed Albus said with a hearty laugh.

“I see. Have any of you seen a white rabbit? I was following him.”
Albus said trying to peer around for the animal.

“THE white rabbit?” One with a poorly made hat asked.

“Can’t be THAT rabbit.” A girl with knotted hair argued.

“Maybe it is!” A third; the smallest of all piped in.

“It is NOT.” The girl with poorly groomed hair said fiercely while stopping; making all of the tree people bump into each other.

The leader of the pack looked at Albus, “So is it THE rabbit you are
looking for?”

“White rabbit. Waist-coat. Pocket watch.” Albus dryly described with a
thinning patience.

“See. It wasn’t THE rabbit the argumentative tree person said standing up.

“Then what rabbit is it?” yet another tree person asked adding into
the maddening conversation.

“Why it’s A rabbit you dunderhead.” The girl spat.

Albus rolled his eyes tired of her bad attitude alone,
“Okay does anyone have any idea where the rabbit in questioning is at?”

The tree people all pointed in different directions. What a fat lot of help they were, Al thought as he continued on the path.

“No! Don’t! Stop!” All of the tree people yelled running forward to grab him and then backwards to save themselves.

“What are you all on about now?!” Al hollered seriously impatient. He had no idea where this was coming from seeing as he usually had the best word filter out of his entire family. This was one of the reasons he was the only Slytherin Potter child.

“The Red Nott lives there!!!” They all hollered.


“His older brother terrorized the whole village of us tree people. Half of the village quakes in fear.” The girl hollered.

“His brother did it? Is he anything like his brother?”

“No clue.” The leader of the foreshortened people grunted.

“Maybe he isn’t. I’m going to go find out.” Al called back to the cowering midgets.


Albus continued along his track and found a nest of sorts lying in the middle of the path,

“Must be where the Red Nott lives?” Albus wondered.

“Who DARES trespass on MY land?!?!” A voice boomed.

“Albus. Albus Potter. Who am I speaking to?” He answered trying to find the source of the voice.

“I- I am the youngest Red Nott- but I am not really a Nott you see.” A rather large red bird said coming out of the dense blades of grass.

“How can you not be a Nott?”

“You see my older brother is nothing like me. He’s hurt people but I haven’t. I am nothing like a Nott so I am not a Nott.”

“I see- I guess if you look at it that way then I’m not a Potter.”

“You just called yourself a Potter not five minutes ago!” The “not” Nott pointed out.

“But you yourself said you are the youngest Nott.”

“Well I am.”

“Then you are a Nott.”

“I am not.”

“Look- your family cant always defy who you are. You can be nothing like your family but still be related.”

“I see. So I guess I am a red Nott.” The bird said with a smile.

“You remind me of someone I know.” Al blurted out.

“I do? Who?”


“Zack? Hmm I like that name. That is now my name too.” the bird said with a nod.

“Well nice to meet you Zack.” Al said walking around the now nested bird.

“Say-” Al said turning around, “Have you seen a white rabbit?”

“Best see the white queen- Just follow the path!” The bird hollered as Al got farther away.




Told you all this Chapter would be up ASAP.. What do you think? Too long? Too Short? Too Personalized??? Hope you all leave your CC (ps I will not accept hate comments that and CC have a big diffrence so I'm saying it now...) Oh and Special thanks to my Conservation Camp pal Zebley who invented the tree people last year with me- they now truely have come alive...

Love, LLG

P.S. Thinking of renaming the chapter... Any better ideas for it should be added in Comments! 

P.P.S. Pleeeaaaaseeeeeeeee read and Comment on the other story on this account too- any ideas help and the past should really be written before the future so dont make me abandon this *evil I-Always-win smirk*


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