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Time Turner Troubles by ginnypotter4ever
Chapter 4 : Uncle Ron
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J.K. Rowling owns everything Harry Potter!

Ronald Weasley was awake WAY earlier than usual. He was a sleep in until noon kind of guy, so it was odd that he was up at 7:30 A.M. Harry wasn’t awake yet, he was still sleeping soundly on his blow up mattress by Ron’s bed. Ron was already dressed and picking up various items around his room to putting them back in their rightful places. Just as he placed Hogwarts, A History back on the bookshelf, the Burrow began to shake.

“Stupid twins.....” Harry mumbled as the shaking stopped. He was apparently not happy about being woken up so early.

“About time you were up, sleepyhead!” Ron joked. The only reply he got was a pillow thrown in his face.

“Hey!” Ron cried out in mock outrage. “I’m trying to straighten things up!”

“YOU are cleaning?” Harry was shocked into a sitting position, Ron HATED cleaning!

“Hermione is coming over today and she is always saying how messy my room is, so I thought it might be nice to clean it up a bit.” Ron replied with a small grin and a blush. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed. Those two really needed to just get together already!

“Whatever. I’m going to go change.” and with that, Harry grabbed some clothes and headed towards the loo.
Ron just shrugged as he picked up a shoe and threw it under his bed.


“Harry?” Ron asked, “I thought you went to go change?”
A boy around the age of nine climbed out from under the bed.

“WHO THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?” Ron demanded as he grabbed his wand out of his pocket and pointed it at the boy.

“Aunt Hermione doesn’t like it when you swear!” said James with a sly grin, “But I wont tell on you if you give me a galleon!”

“What?” Ron was really confused.

Harry casually walked into the room without looking up, and he didn’t notice the intruder right away.

“Harry, do you know who the bloody hell this kid is??”

Harry looked up and took in the scene. He quickly stood by Ron and pointed his wand at the boy.

“Oh! Now you’ve said it twice! Now it will take two galleons to keep me from telling Aunt Hermione!” James looked at his uncle victoriously for a moment, but then got confused when he realized his dad and uncle were pointing their wands at him. “Daddy?” James asked tentatively, “What are you doing?”

Harry just stared emotionlessly at the young boy. This wouldn’t have been the first time that Voldemort tried to mess with his emotions.

“Voldemort sent you, didn’t he?” said Ron, who was thinking the exact same thing as Harry. “Are you a Death Eater?”

James was now very confused, and a little scared. His dad and uncle had never pointed their wands at him in a threatening way before.

“Uncle Ron, don’t you know who I am?”

Ron ignored the scared boy’s comment and murmured to Harry, “I say we stun him, tie him up, and take him downstairs to my dad.”

Harry replied with, “Stupefy!”

James fell backwards onto Ron’s bed. Harry picked up the small boy, and walked downstairs with Ron following behind. They found Arthur Weasley in the kitchen eating breakfast with his wife. He glanced up from his Daily Prophet as they walked in.

“Morning boys. Your up earl-- WHO IS THAT?” Mr. Weasley jumped up and pointed his wand at the boy in Harry’s arms. Mrs. Weasley did the same.

“We don’t know dad. We found him in our room this morning. We thought that he might be a Death Eater or something, so Harry stunned him and we brought him down to you.” Once Ron was finished with his explanation, Mr. Weasley nodded his head and sprung into action. He pulled out one of the chairs from the table, took James from Harry and roughly sat him on the chair. As an extra precaution, Mr. Weasley uttered a spell that caused big ropes to tie James to the chair.

“Molly, would you Floo over to Hogwarts and get Professor Dumbledore while I stay here with the intruder?” Molly nodded and went over to the fireplace. She threw in some Floo powder and shouted “HOGWARTS!” with that, she was gone.

There was silence for only a moment, because an owl suddenly knocked on the window. Mr. Weasley walked over and took the letter. As he read it, he got an agitated look on his face.

“Boys, I have to go to work. There is speculation that they might have found my enchanted car roaming deep in the caves of some mountain.” He looked up at Harry and Ron, who were grinning. “I should be gone for less than an hour. If the kid wakes up,” He added, gesturing to James, “Just stun him again.” He turned on his heel and was gone.

Ron made his way over to the table and began to butter some toast. Not even a possible Death Eater intruding in your home could stop his famous appetite. Harry started laughing at the thought.

“What?” Ron asked with a mouthful of toast, which only made Harry laugh harder.

Harry immediately stopped laughing and turned around when he heard someone behind him exclaim, “James!”
Harry saw that it was a boy younger than the one that he and Ron had found, but it was still an unfamiliar face.


Albus fell to the floor.

“Oi!” Fred exclaimed, as he and his twin entered the kitchen. “Who stunned Harry?”

“I don’t think thats Harry...” George said, gesturing to the real Harry on the other side of the room. Fred finally saw the real Harry and his eyes went wide. He then noticed James, who was passed out and tied to a chair.

“What the bloody hell is going on here?”

“Harry and I found this kid in our room this morning and we thought he might have been a Death Eater, so we brought him down here. Mum is getting Dumbledore, and dad had an emergency at work.”

Harry continued the story, “I saw this kid walk in the kitchen, and i didn’t recognize him so I stunned him just in case. Speaking of which, we should probably tie him up too.” Harry hoisted Albus onto an empty chair, and magically tied him up.

“So you guys thought that this kid was me?”

“Well yeah, you can’t say that you don’t see the resemblance.” the twins said together.

Ron looked at Albus. “They’re right Harry, he looks like a younger version of you! He has the green eyes, black hair, and he’s scrawny.”

“But he doesn’t have glasses like I do, or a lightning bolt scar.”

George looked at Harry. “We thought that you had lost your glasses or something.”

“And I guess we just didn’t think about the scar.” Fred finished.

“Yeah, I mean we didn’t know that there were possible Death Eaters running around the Burrow.” George supplied.

Harry just nodded. He still didn’t know how the twins had mistaken a seven year old for him, but whatever.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash from upstairs.

“I think that came from Ginny’s room.” Harry said as he ran up the stairs.

Once Harry was out of earshot, Fred jabbed his twin in the stomach with his elbow. “They aren’t even going out and she has him wrapped around her finger.” George snickered in reply.

“You mean not going out yet.” Ron butted in, “Haven’t you noticed the way Harry has been looking at Ginny? I am practically blind when it comes to that kind of stuff, and even I have been noticing.”

The three boys quickly stopped their gossiping as Harry walked down the stairs with an unconscious boy in his arms, and Ginny following behind him.

“Bloody hell!” Ron was shocked that there was yet another intruder found in the Burrow.

As Harry and Ron tied Teddy up to a chair, Fred and George checked the rest of the house for possible intruders, but came up empty.

“Did you dye this blokes hair or something Ginny?” Ron asked as he gestured to Teddy’s bright pink hair.

“No, I think he’s a Metamorphmagus. The first time I saw him his hair was blue.”

“That’s a very rare and interesting trait, usually passed down from either mother to child or father to child.”

Everyone whipped out their wands and turned towards the new voice that had entered the room. The wands quickly lowered though when they saw the face behind the voice.

“Hermione!” Ginny squealed and ran to give her friend a hug.

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