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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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A/N: I really hope you're all enjoying this so far, I know there's not much Amelia and James at the moment but Albus and Mariah seemed to just write themselves, I promise there will be more of them soon.


Friday’s classes were the bane of Mariah’s existence, not only did she have to contend with copious amounts of homework, she also had to spend all of her lessons stuck near the thing that made her life hell. Albus Severus Potter, who had a middle name of Severus? Mariah would often ask herself. Before chuckling at Albus’s misfortune of having a terrible middle name, at least Mariah’s was somewhat normal ‘Esmeralda’ was a cool middle name, for cool people. And Mariah was definitely that.

She strutted down the corridor towards her first lesson of Charms, she felt really good today and nothing was going to get her down. The reason she felt so good today was that she had finally learned the shrinking spell, so she had shrunk her books, quills, inks and parchments down to a tiny size so she could fit them straight into her pocket. No more having to lug around heavy school bags for her, she made sure to laugh at other students who were carrying bags like chumps. That’ll teach them for not learning anything.

They gave her a strange look before she walked into her classroom; of course, Albus was already there, filling the air with his big head. Mariah felt her eyes automatically frowning at him and she clenched her fist in annoyance as he had the audacity to glare back at her. She took her seat the other side of Scorpius and tore her gaze away from Albus. Digging her hand into her pocket, she pulled out the tiny versions of her book for the class, her quill with its ink and some parchment.

Scorpius stared at the small items now on the desk in front of Mariah.

“What on earth happened there?” Scorpius asked Mariah, who scoffed proudly.

“Oh, you don’t know the shrinking charm then?” she asked, taking her normal sized wand out of her pocket and waving it around. The items done nothing.

“I shrunk my stuff so I didn’t have to carry it all around,” Mariah told them as she waved her wand again, once again nothing happened.

“Can you remember the counter spell?” Albus asked mockingly, laughing at Mariah’s attempts to get her stuff back to its regular size.

“Of course I know the counter curse!” she snapped, “I’m not an idiot”

“Oh yeah?” Albus asked, thoroughly enjoying the frustrated look on Mariah’s face as she waved her wand around frantically, a spark shot out at Scorpius and managed to turn his hair bright green and grow down to his shoulders. He merely let out a sigh as he pushed it out of his face.

“If my hair didn’t match my house colours I would so not be happy right now,” Scorpius drawled as though used to this happening every day, Mariah wasn’t listening as she was still waving her wand around, which caused Albus to laugh loudly both at Scorpius’s hair and Mariah’s frantic attempts to get her stuff back to the right size.

“You are such an...” but Albus didn’t get to finish, as a spell shot at him, hitting him in the face before he could move out of the way or hide behind Scorpius. He fell to the floor in a heap clutching his face, letting out screams which caused everyone in the classroom to turn their attention away from Scorpius’s hair and over to Albus who was still writhing on the floor.

“Oh Merlin!” Scorpius cried, leaning over the table to look down at him, Mariah had stopped waving her wand around and was looking down at Albus to a slight worried look on her face which she hid instantly, in case anyone thought she was capable of feelings towards Albus. “Are you alright mate?”

Albus stopped writhing around; his hands were still over his face. “I’m actually alright,” he said, his voice muffled by his hands; “it didn’t hurt at all.”

“So you worried us for nothing,” Scorpius tutted returning to sitting back properly, running his fingers through his hair like a hairbrush, looking at the ends of his hair for split ends. “You could have at least styled my hair Mariah,” he told her as they both went back to ignoring Albus who was slowly getting up off of the floor as professor Flitwick entered the room.

“Quiet down class, quiet...” Professor Flitwick told the class as he made his way to his stack of books and pulling himself up onto them, his eyes caught sight of Scorpius’s hair and then to Albus. “Well, Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy I’m not sure the new looks are allowed at this school.”

Everyone turned to look at Albus who was sitting in his seat with his hands entwined in front of him on top of it. He gave them a smug look from behind his bushy handlebar moustache, suddenly the class burst out laughing.

“What the fudge is that?” Scorpius roared with laughter as he pointed in Albus’s face.

Albus sniffed, wiggling his nose around which caused the moustache to ‘dance’ around, this sent Scorpius into fits of laughter, causing him to bang his fist on the desk in front of him. Everyone else was laughing, including Professor Flitwick, who was chuckling lightly.

“I can’t look at you,” Scorpius wheezed through his tears of mirth as she turned to face away from Albus, still laughing to himself. “You look ridiculous.”

“I thought I looked rather dashing if I must say so,”

“Well, I like it! You look good,” Mariah said loudly as she picked up her tiny Charms book, trying to turn the pages to find the right one, squinting at the barely readable words.

“Then I’m getting rid of it,” Albus stated quickly as Mariah blushed as she realised what she had just said.

“Then er – I hope you get ... Razor burn and it itches!” Mariah told him haughtily as she continued peering into the book. Scorpius was just managing to simmer his giggling down.

Albus squinted at her from behind his moustache, Scorpius turned to look at Albus and burst out into laughter again. “All you need is a bloody monocle and a top hat.”

Albus frowned at his best friend and shook his head at him.

“Does anyone have a magnifying glass?” Mariah asked the class.


“I can’t believe I just had to sit through the last class with books the size of a matchbox,” Mariah growled as she pulled out her miniscule Muggle Studies book from her pocket and placed that in front of her.

Albus turned to face Mariah, leaning over Scorpius. Both of them looked normal again, Professor Flitwick having had enough of his class being interrupted had said the counter curse to both of their ailments, completely forgetting to change Mariah’s stuff back to the right size before he carried on with the class, forcing her to squint through most of the class.

“You could have used one of our books you know,” Albus told her, Mariah looked at him hopefully.

“Really?” she asked.

“Well, no, because I don’t like you, but Scorpius might have let you,” he jerked his thumb towards Scorpius before adding, “oh and the counter curse is ‘Engorgio’ you dimwit.”

Mariah glared at him before she got out her wand and began waving it; Scorpius and Albus quickly ducked out of the way, both of them diving under the table not trusting Mariah with her wand at all.

“ENGORGIO!” she yelled loudly pointing down at her Quill and book, the only two items she had taken out of her pocket.

The two items began getting larger in their size and Mariah let out a loud, “whoop!” fist bumping the air, but her excitement was short lived as she realized that they were getting a lot bigger than they should have been.

“AHHH! What is this witchcraft,” she yelled loudly, trying to cower under the desk with Scorpius and Albus, but they pushed her out of their hiding place.

Mariah peered up at the items and saw that they seemed to have stopped growing in size.

“Oh Merlin,” she muttered, Albus and Scorpius quickly got up from under the desk and looked at the Quill and book, that had gotten so big the book took up the whole desk. The quill tumbled to the floor with a loud bang.

“Oh, I don’t think that was the right spell,” Albus said with a shrug at Mariah, as Scorpius began laughing again.

“The only good thing about hanging around with you two is that it is always entertaining!” He told them as he grabbed his stuff and moved to another table leaving Albus and Mariah behind. Albus quickly grabbed his own things and followed him like the sheep that he is.

Mariah huffed as she bent down to pick up her quill, which was quite heavy; she managed to balance it onto the book, whacking a few people behind her in the process with the feather.

“Has anyone got any ink?” she asked the class.

Saturday came quickly, bring to a start the Quidditch season, Gryffindor were versus Slytherin, and Gryffindor were the favourites to win the match.

“And welcome to the first match of the season,” came the voice of Lenny Sheen a seventh year Hufflepuff, he was an average height guy and a little bit on the tubby side, but his personality was so great that he seemed to get on with everyone.

“Today should be a good match ladies and gentleman; we have the winners Gryffindor fighting to keep their crown as the greatest Quidditch players this school has seen the past six years, and they don’t seem to want to part with that title anytime soon. Slytherin will have their work cut out for them in this match, so we best hope that Mariah Hayes and Albus Potter can keep their rivalry to a minimum and use that hatred for each other to actually hit the bludgers at the opposing team.”

“This should be a good match,” came Scorpius’s happy voice as he took a seat next to Kelly; Amelia looked up at Scorpius with a smile, as Kelly looked like Christmas had come early for her. He was waving a miniature Slytherin flag around enthusiastically.

“I never knew you were so into Quidditch Scorpius,” Amelia said, looking out onto the pitch as Lenny began talking about his predictions for this match. “How comes you’re not on the team?”

“Well considering I only watch it for the hunky men I don’t think I’ll be much use on the pitch,” he said with a chuckle to himself as he smoothed down his turtle neck jumper, which looked extremely nice on him, it brought out the brightness of his blue eyes.

“Dad tried to get me interested in playing again this year, but I really couldn’t be bothered,” he shrugged as he placed his flag onto his lap and rested one leg on the other, leaning casually backwards as he surveyed the pitch in front of him, Amelia and Kelly had been lucky enough to get seats in the front row. “Plus, can you imagine the havoc that all that wind would do to my hair and my skin? It would be so dried out,” He shuddered as he thought of it. Both Amelia and Kelly chuckled at his statement.

“So dad brought me these shoes instead,” Scorpius finished bringing his foot up and pointing down to his shoes, which were incredibly shiny and what appeared to be black and leathery.

“They look really nice,” Kelly said in admiration as Amelia nodded. “You look really good Scorpius”

Scorpius smiled at her, “thanks Kelly,” he said, giving her a one armed hug and winking down at her. Amelia could have sworn that Kelly was close to fainting as Scorpius pulled away from her. She began to wave herself with her flag as she struggled to breath normally, Amelia knew that it would take a lot for Kelly to stop fancying Scorpius.

“And here come Gryffindor,” Lenny called out, Amelia, Kelly and Scorpius clapped loudly.

“Captain Sarah Fox the beater, who is very foxy indeed,” Lenny called, others cheered around the stands. “Followed by James Potter, keeper,” Amelia cheered feeling a small flutter of butterflies in her stomach. Kelly gave her a smirk and Amelia rolled her eyes at her as she tried to contain her blush. The three of them cheered louder when they mentioned her brother’s name, “Adam Campbell Price who is their seeker. Ian Taylor the other beater and the three chasers Roxanne Weasley, Brian Corbett and Aidan Cook. A mighty fine team here Ladies and Gentleman.”

Scorpius scoffed at Lenny’s words. “We all know that Slytherin is the far superior team,”

“Which is why they won last year,” Amelia said cheekily, smirking at Scorpius. Last year Gryffindor won the match in the final against Slytherin, Slytherin were the favourites to win, but Albus ended up trying to blind Mariah with the light reflected from his watch and in the distraction it had caused, she had hit the Bludger she was aiming for towards their own seeker, hitting him in the shoulder and causing him to stop chasing the snitch. Albus still swore to this day that it wasn’t shining the light on purpose.

“We would have won if Mariah and Albus didn’t start chasing each other around the pitch. But I must admit Gryffindor has the best looking players. Adam is just yum.”

Amelia retched slightly, “oh Merlin Scorpius, you’re disgusting!”

“Hey, you obviously can’t see it because you’re related but he is one tall, dark, handsome tasty man,” Scorpius smirked, looking over at Adam who was chatting to James on the pitch, “So is James actually.”

Amelia felt a blush creep on her face again, “I haven’t even noticed.”

Scorpius and Kelly both let out scoffs at her words, “Amelia,” Scorpius said, leaning forwards and resting his arm on his elbow as he addressed her, “We’ve known about your feelings for James for quite some time now, so don’t try and pull that on me. Just admit that he’s hot if he liked guys I would be asking him out like that.” Scorpius clicked his fingers on the last word. Kelly’s smile fell from her face.

Kelly even though knew that Scorpius was gay, which he didn’t even try to hide, was still madly crushing on him, Amelia seemed to think that Kelly thought she could change Scorpius, much like James’s cousin Rose Weasley tried, and failed to do.

“Fine!” Amelia admitted throwing her hands up into the air in defeat, “I may have had a tiny crush on him.”

“Tiny?” Kelly laughed, her face filling with happiness again.

“Alright, I still fancy him! But he has a girlfriend,” Amelia told them.

“True, true. So who do you fancy that hasn’t got a girlfriend?” Scorpius asked her.

Amelia looked over at the pitch, Slytherin were yet to enter, her eyes catching the sight of a tall, blonde stocky built figure.

“What about Aidan Cook?” Amelia asked jokingly as she nodded over at the Gryffindor chaser who was a sixth year, she must admit he was kind of cute looking. Scorpius seemed to think so too.

“Would you?” she asked directing her question to him.

Scorpius turned back towards her and gave a smirk, “who said I haven’t?” he told her with a wink.

Amelia’s mouth dropped open in shock at his words and Kelly remained tight lipped, but before Amelia could say another word to Scorpius, the Slytherin team was announced.

“And on the Slytherin team, we have the chasers Captain James Ray, Eric Dixon and Victoria Thompson. Beaters Mariah Hayes and Albus Potter, neither of which is sporting any injuries which is a good start for the Slytherins,” Lenny gave a chuckle to himself before continuing, “Keeper Gerald Howard, and seeker Joanne Brown.”

Cheers went around the stadium and Scorpius waved his flag around in enthusiasm, “We are so going to beat Gryffindor.”

Slytherin lost 190 – 260.

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