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Beat For Me by imacullenpottergirl
Chapter 1 : Puppy Dog Eyes, Hyaenas And Cheering Charms.
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Discalimer :- I do NOT own Harry Potter. J.K.Rowling does. And she is the BOMB.
Hey guys, this is my first story, and I really hope you like it! Please R&R. It makes any authors day, and puts a smile on their face. I love reading and replying to them! If you have any feedback, and I mean ANY feedback, please feel free to comment on it in a review! Thanks for reading! And when you read, if you are wondering why I spell words like colours wrong, its because i’m Australian and I use Australian english. :)


As I walked into the Great Hall, I felt like collapsing and just lying down on the cold floor and not moving- Forever. My legs felt like jelly. Actually, I didn’t think I could feel my legs at all.
I reached my hand down and pinched my leg. Nope, couldn’t feel anything.

Lord, WHY ME? Why make me go through so much suffering? I’ve done nothing wrong besides locking first years in broom cupboards. I mean, when I was a first year, I was locked in broom cupboards, and what goes around comes around right? I personally don’t see it as a crime, so why suffer for it? I call it continuing a Hogwarts tradition.
Finally, after walking for what seems like forever, I plonked down onto the table and my body went limp.

“How was practice?” Dylan asked me as I rested my head against the cool wood of the table.

Ahhhhh. Lord Mama Baby Jesus that feels nice.

“James Potter is going to die a very painful and agonising death,” I stated in a monotone voice that Dylan seemed to have barely heard.

He chuckled.

The git.

“Why is everyone walking into the Great Hall looking like zombies?” Dom asked as she sat beside me.

“Quidditch Practice,” Dylan replied.

That explained it all.

“Of course. Why did you have to do extra laps this time?”

“Aiden was 3 minutes late to practice because McGonagall wanted to speak to him about his prefect duties,” I said in the same monotone voice as before.

“And obviously James being the Nazi that he is, I’m guessing that he gave you extra laps because Aiden was um, let me calculate, 180 SECONDS late”, Dylan said.

“Yep”, I uninterestedly replied, popping the p.

“Speak of the devil”, Dom muttered as she glanced towards the entrance of the Great Hall.

James Potter walked through the entrance with a satisfactory smile on his face; as if he has just had the best day of his life. His gait was missing the signature limp that was apparent with the rest of his Quidditch team. He sat down next to my brother, who was a splitting image of myself, practically asleep on the bench. Unable to move a muscle and in excruciating pain, James helped himself gladly to the food in front of him, without even a glance to moi or mon frère who look practically DEAD.

Why do we look dead you ask? Well it’s because James-the-git Potter decided to ‘train’ his team for the first match on Sunday. His definition of ‘training’ is sitting on his broom while watching the rest of his team die of exhaustion from flying around the Quidditch pitch up until his own satisfaction.

“Looks like those extra laps were good for you Duboir, maybe we’ll do more next practice. What do you think?” James asked me.

“Fuck you.”

I still wonder how he stays so fit, when he doesn’t even do any training. Maybe he has a really fast metabolism! Or maybe he drinks a potion that keeps his body fit!

Just stop it Nala. Your only saying this because you don’t have a good metabolism and you junk on Tiramisu and butterscotch ice cream whenever you feel like.
No I’m not! It’s not fair that he makes us do so much work, and he doesn’t do anything!
It’s your fault!
No it’s not! It’s his!
I was just having an inner argument with myself.
I’m so tired.

What the HELL is wrong with my brain.
SOMEONE please tell me.

“Now that’s the spirit!!” James exclaimed. “You should be more like your sister Christo!”.

He nudged my brother in the arm that resulted in a glare from him, a warning that if James did it again, he would be in serious trouble. It wouldn’t be the first time that they’d be in a brawl anyway. In the history of their bromance, there had been too many punch-ups to count.

Dom looked at me, “Nala, you look exhausted. Why don’t you go back upstairs and go to sleep, I’ll bring you something to eat later. Hmm?”

Ah, Dom. Ever the caring one. Always looking out for others. Louis and I are sure that she should have been sorted in Hufflepuff. Dom however, was sure that she is a Gryffie, adamant that her time will come to prove herself.

She leaned in more closer, “And take your brother as well, he looks like he’s gonna pass out in his mash potatoes.”

Puff right there.
35- Anala, 0 - Dominique
Back to my brother. Hmm. Should I leave him there and tease him about falling asleep in his mash potatoes, or should I be a good little sister and take care of him?
Ill do both.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely, you guys look exhausted,” she stated before glaring at James. He didn’t notice though and kept on shoving down food.

James is a pig. Not literally, but he eats A LOT of food. But Fred once transfigured his nose into a snout for the day. Poor Jamsie didn’t even know it. And I swore that I would not mention that again. Dom rolled her eyes at him before waiting for my response.

“Okay Dommie, see you later.” I replied quietly before slowly crossing to the other side of the table and helping my brother up.

And let me tell you, that is not an easy task. He is a fully-grown, almost 18 year old, with a load of muscles.
But this is when the fun part comes in.

“Miiiilii, I downt wannnna gerup”, Chris whined.

“Come on sleepyhead, I’ve got to get the mash potatoes out of your hair”.

He snapped up immediately, “My hair!! What’s in my hair??!! MILI!!”.

Hehehe, got ya.
My brother is more obsessed about his hair than I am.
That’s only because I gave up on my hair AGES ago and that my friend is another story for another day.

“Nothing’s in your hair tweedledee, I just want to go upstairs and sleep, and so do you, come on. Dom will bring us something to eat later”.

Such a nice sister, aren’t I?

I helped my brother up and half-carried him out of the Great Hall, ignoring the pain that shot through my legs and arms.

He is really heavy, and sleepy, which really doesn’t help.

Uh oh.
I forgot that we had to climb up the Grand Staircase to Gryffindor tower.
Seriously, they need lifts, or some lifting contraption for stranded people like me.
PEOPLE WILL MISS ME IF I DIE!! (Its the tiredness talking.)

No. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.
Just take a deep breath and do it Nala.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.

“Chris, I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can Mili.”

“Can you sing 100 bottles of beer with me?? Pretty please??” I begged him with my irresistible puppy dog eyes.


I guess they don’t work anymore. I wonder when they stopped working? If I knew, I could’ve come up with another way of getting what I wanted!! ALL THOSE YEARS WASTED!!
“Ill just sing it myself then.”



“99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, you take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall!”

It’s me singing you douche.
He should know by now that my singing is horrible, you know, after living with me for um, 16 YEARS.
Some people just don’t learn.


“Did you like my singing Chris??” I asked my brother as we climbed up the stairs leading to the boy’s dormitory.

Fuck. Stairs.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” he managed to get out.

“Do you want me to sing it again??”

“Lord no” he mutters.

“What was that?”

“Maybe another time?,” he squeaked.

We entered the boy’s dorms to a sight of absolute NEATNESS?? One thing you should know about the boys, their room was NEVER clean. There are usually clothes EVERYWHERE, and plates of rotten food sitting in the corners which is why I usually never come up here. Not to mention that the horrible stench of sweat in it was enough to make you want to puke.

“What the FUCK happened here!!??”, I asked him in surprise and joy.

“I think we forgot to tell the house elves to not come,” he exclaimed in surprise and panic, “FUCK!! NOW I DONT KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS!!”

Oh the irony.

“Kay, well I’m gonna just lie down over here,” I collapsed on his bed which I found really comfy, “and go to sleep for a while.”

“Nala? NALA? You have to help me find everything!!”

“Goodnight Christopher.”

“Why is Nala on the floor?” Dom whispered, strategically walking around the mess that was present again on the floor.

“Chris probably kicked her off while he was sleeping.” James replied shrugging his shoulders.

“And this is normal??!!”

“Pretty much, he does it all the time.”


“Wazzgoinon?” I said as I sat up, wincing when I noticed the throbbing pain in my back.

WHY AM I ON THE FLOOR? When I went to sleep I wasn’t on the floor I was on Chris’s be-CHRIS. That is why I am on the flo-OWWW!!
Back pain escalating. MAJORLY.

“Nala! You’re awake! We’ve got to go get ready to go to Hogsmeade. Everyone is leaving in 15 minutes.”

“But Dom, that isn’t enough time to tame my hair, let alone get ready!!”

“Ill help you, don’t worry. Can I borrow that blue top of yours?” Dom asked me.

“The satin one with ruffles at the front?”

“Yeah, where’d you get it from? It’s gorgeous!”

“This muggle boutique at home, they’ve got the prettiest stuff.”

“Girls, please get the fuck out of my dorm. Now. My brain can’t stand anymore girly talk.” James whined, before starting to push us out.

“You know what James, I think you would look good in a skirt.”

“I was thinking the exact same thing B2”, I said as we exited the room.

“Who’s B2?”, Dom asked me with a puzzled look on her face.

“Muggle reference.”

Bananas in Pyjamas were AWESOME.

“Oh,” Dom realized, “Merlin, I can just imagine his face if we give him a tutu for his birthday.”

Laughing as we walked down the stairs, we heard a distinct, “Fuck you”, before the slamming of a door.

A mad rush and a half later, the girls and I were walking down the main road of Hogsmeade, linked arm in arm, eating chocolate after spending ages in Honeydukes. I think the shopkeeper was going to kick us out if we didn’t decide on what to buy.

“Oh man, dis chocolat is gud.”

“You got that right gurl.”

“Pass it here! I haven’t had much!”

“Liar! You’ve had nearly the whole bloody bar!”

“And it was good. Merlin, I NEED more.”

“I love chocolate.”


“I don’t like chocolate.”



Four pairs of eyes turned to stare at me with shock and surprise. They didn’t realize that every time we go into Honeydukes, I never got anything. Never. I mean, chocolate is yummy and all, but I just don’t like it that much. If you give me a bar, ill have a square or two. I’d rather live on butterscotch ice cream, or tiramisu. Seriously. Chocolate just leaves you parched and thirsty, and unhealthy, and guilty, and hungry.

But so does butterscotch ice cream and tiramisu.

“Yeah, I thought you guys knew?”

They continued to stare at me incredulously.

“Apparently not.”


“I’ll have a piece if you want?”

That seemed to ease them and they gave me a massive piece.

We continued to walk but they all glanced at me to make sure that I would actually eat it.
They won’t let me out of this.

Here goes nothing.

I put it in my mouth and my mouth went dry.


I finally swallowed it and they each gave me a satisfied smile.
They always get their way.
Bloody gits.

I spotted Scrivenshaft’s in the far right and immediately felt the urge to go.

“Guys, I’m gonna pop into Scrivenshaft’s, does anyone wanna come with?”

Dom, Khala, and Katie all sheepishly turned away from my gaze.

“Ill come, I need to get some new charcoal anyway,” Ellie said.

“We’ll meet you guys in the Three Broomsticks for a drink later yeah?”

We left them and the chocolate and walked through the wind towards the shop. Ellie and I walked into Scrivenshaft’s to a sight of pure joy. I love quills, pencils and pens. Any writing instrument really. I stared at rows upon rows of quills. In every colour and design imaginable.
I was in heaven.

“Every single time.”

“I know.”

Each time you walk through the door you think that it’ll be the same as before, the same quills and colours, but no. Each time, you get hit with the awe of the shop. Each row was different than the ones before, and it would make you want to spend another hour in the shop. At least, that’s what it was like for Ellie and I, Katie and Dom could not POSSIBLY spend a whole hour in the shop. They would probably loose their minds. Not saying that they haven’t already, as they probably already have.

“I’m going to go get some charcoal kay?”

“Sure, I’ll be here.” My eyes wondered over the colourful isles and I walked towards the furthest one to the right.

The feel of a quill in my hand just felt so right. The way my fingers held the feather, and how it glided across the parchment was so perfect. I ventured deeper into the shop. After skimming the isles, I came across the perfect quill. It just sung to me you know?

Okay. Maybe you don’t.

I mean, it didn’t actually sing, I just knew that this was the one that was made for me.

It was beautiful. It was a soft, textured Phoenix feather, but it was blue. Not just any blue, Royal Blue, my favourite colour- her favourite colour. My head clouded with thoughts of her, and I once again felt the nostalgia haunt its way into me. Her beauty, her love, was gone. And although it was just a quill, I felt that it had her memory in it. It was way to remember her, every time my hand glided across the paper. I mentally calculated how much money I had to spend. I didn't have enough.
I wanted to give something really sweet to Kit for Christmas and I needed to save up. I NEEDED TO SAVE UP. I couldn’t get it. Sadness etched itself on to my face just as Ellie found me.

“What’s wrong Nala?”

“Nothing wrong! I’m fine. Just thinking that’s all.” I planted a fake smile across my face.

Ellie however was too used to my tactics and knew that something was wrong but stayed quiet.
I wouldn’t be able to explain to her, even if she asked. We slowly walked out of Scrivenshaft’s and started heading toward The Three Broomsticks. The girls and the guys would all be there, and I wanted to talk to Kit.

Walking into The Three Broomsticks was really difficult because a petite, small and short girl like me could get trampled on any moment, and then looking for people you know amongst the huge and tall members of the crowd was pretty much impossible. Luckily, my brother is one of the tallest people around. I spotted him as soon as I walked in.

“I’m gonna go to my brother and talk to him for a bit, I’ll be right back,” I told Ellie. She nodded. She knew that I was going to talk to him about what made me sad at Scrivenshaft’s. She gave me a small smile before walking towards the others.

I ran into Chris’s arms, and he wrapped them around me.

My teddy bear.

“Mili, where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for ya!”

I was reminded of the quill that I saw at Scrivenshaft’s, how it reminded me of her. How I missed her.

“Kit,” I said, and my eyes immediately filled with water.
I leaned into him, and let the tears fall down my cheek. He hugged me closer and pulled me outside.

“I was a Scrivenshaft’s, and I saw a quill.” I sniffled, and he tucked my head under his chin.

“It was a Phoenix feather, but Kit, it was blue. Her blue. And it reminded me of her.”

More tears escaped my eyes, and stained his moss green shirt.

“You know why Kit?” I asked him and looked up into his crystal blue eyes. Tears began to form in his eyes as well.

He kissed the top of my head before replying, “It was her favourite colour too.”

I nodded.

Minutes passed, and it was only Kit and I along with the howling wind.

“I miss her Kit.”

“Me too.”

No one else knew what it felt like. Only us, and I wanted to stay like that forever, wrapped in his arms, safe and understood.

After wiping my eyes, and laughing at Kit’s corny jokes, I came out of the cold wind into the crowd of the pub. I gave Kit another hug and thanked him. He replied as he whispered in my ear, “Anytime Mils.”

Just as he was about to turn around and join his friends, Tristan called out to him, “Hey Christopher!”

Chris just gave him a nod and returned to his 7th year friends.

“Sorry Tris, but your attempt to hang out with my brother just failed.” I sympathetically told him as I leaned closer and whispered, “Sorry to ruin your bubble, but your not cool.”

“I AM COOL! Aren’t I everyone?” Tristan stood up and asked the group.

No one replied for a while and silence filled the room. Mikhala stuffed her fist in her mouth trying not to laugh while nodding her head. Dominique hunched over in hysterics, and Dylan was trying to be a good friend by trying to keep a serious face, which frankly, was failing. Elysia had stuffed her earphones in her ears, but drew with a smile on her face; Lucas patted Tristan on the back and teased, “Keep believing that, mate and one day it might just happen.” Kaitlin and Aiden were laughing harder because they hit heads laughing the first time and Lysander was clueless as to what happened, joining the conversation,“What are we laughing about?”.

I however, was fondly shaking my head at my friends. We’re a crazy bunch. Tristan joined in with the laughter, and after a few minutes the amusement died down. Everyone was taking deep breaths and no one realised that Dom was STILL silently laughing. She let out a loud laugh, something in between a hyena’s laugh and a screech, and everyone started laughing harder than before. Dom turned tomato red; meanwhile Dylan and I were on the floor, clutching our sides, with tears in our eyes.

God. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.We were like a firecracker. Once you set us off, we’re gone.

“Im going to get some more butterbeers”, Kaitlin said still chuckling.

“Ill help you,” I offered.

“Our group’s like a circus, I swear”, Katie said as the barman was getting our drinks.

“And that’s just how I like it.” I said smiling.

We returned to the booth with the butterbeers, and we sat and talked about anything and everything. Pandas (I dunno, don’t ask me, I didn’t start it. Tristan did. Well, that explains everything), Fleur’s cooking (Its. Amazing.), The Lion King, laundry, nail polish and lastly, Qudditch.

“You ready for tomorrows match Nala?” Aiden asked me.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said and smiled.

“You’re one of our best chasers. You better be! We HAVE to win this first match! And you Ellie, you ready to defend the hoops with your life?”

“Of course.” Ellie looked up from her drawings and smiled.

“Good to hear”, James said from behind us. “Team!”

Every player from the Gryffindor Quidditch team looked up from their conversations around the pub to their captain.

“Lets get to bed guys, it’s been a long day and we need our energy for tomorrow.” He ordered.
Unwillingly, many players said bye to their friends, and Aiden, Elysia and I did the same. We left the pub and started to walk towards Hogwarts. As we exited, we could hear Dom laughing her laugh again.

I love my friends.

James, Fred and Chris, also known as the Three Musketeers, were walking in the front shoving each other and laughing. Probably at something Fred had said, which was most likely. Aiden and Rose were next, talking about their mutual hate for Divination. Divination. Euh. Finally, Elysia and I, were dancing and singing to the muggle song that we were listening to, slightly lagging behind the others.

“Don’t wanna break your heart, Wanna give your heart a break. I know you’re scared it’s wrong, like you might make a mistake. There’s just one life to live, and there’s no time to wait, to waste. So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break. Let me give your heart a break, your heart a break. Oh yeah yeah.” Ellie and I sang.

I was so engrossed in dancing and singing my little heart out, that I didn’t realise that Aiden had silently snuck back to us, and stuck his foot out in front of me. And guess what idiot fell flat on her face. ME. But not before I saw who did it. I started sprinting after Aiden, determination etched on my face. He’s such a coward. Running away from a girl. As I sped away from Ellie, I heard her and Rose yell, “Good Luck!”

I started to catch up to him, as he was loosing breath. As we passed the Musketeers, Fred started laughing, Chris gave me a thumbs up, and James winked. Fred, the birdbrain, probably thought that Aiden was just running for the sake of running, not that he doesn’t get enough of that thanks to James, until he saw me chasing after him.

Smiling, I ran faster. I reached the Entrance Hall and saw Aiden slowly ascending the Grand Staircase. He turned backwards and saw me approaching before he disappeared up the stairs.
I really didn’t like stairs. Especially when I had been at Quidditch practice and I was exhausted, or when I had been running for the past 10 minutes. Did I mention that I hated stairs?

After several instances of nearly catching him, I cornered Aiden close to the common room.
The evil grin on my face reappeared, and I raised my wand towards him.

“I’m sorry Nala, I uh, didn’t mean to! Honestly!” Aiden pleaded with a high-pitched voice, a sure sign that he was lying.

I aimed my wand at him as he closed his eyes, obviously expecting the worst as it was coming from me. I sent a cheering charm towards him.

Aiden exploded in guwaffs of laughter, clutching his chest, struggling to breathe. Soon after, tears started to leak from his eyes and he was wheezing for breath.

“I don’t even know what I’m even laughing at!!!” Aiden hysterically laughed as he struggled to get his words out. To my surprise, he was able to actually somewhat speak while he laughed crazily.That was a new record. He looked like a suffocating fish on the floor, flopping around.

Soon after that I was also on the floor laughing at Aiden’s laugh, nearly close to a heart attack for the second time that day.

“Geez Anala, give the guy a break!” Fred said, looking at the scene smiling, “c’mere Aids, I’ll fix you up”.

“Thank (laugh) you!!” Aiden said. He managed to get to Fred after falling down a few times and Fred did the counter-curse.

“Fred! You ruin all the fun!” I whined still laughing, clutching my stomach.

“Darling, I am the fun.,” he suggestively said, before winking.
I slapped him across the back of the head.

“Guys, I have the hiccups,” Aiden said, sitting on the floor.

Everyone started laughing again, and Elysia gave me a hi-five.

“Bed everyone. Now.” James commanded with a smile on his face.

“Yeah Yeah”, Chris said.

“We’re going,” Rose sulked.

We entered the common room and when we were at the base of the staircases leading up to the dorms, I held Aiden back. I slapped him across the back of the head as well.

“OWW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR WOMAN??!!,” he squeaked.

“That was for being a coward, and running away from a girl.”

“You may as well be a guy,” he said.

“Should I be flattered or angry?”

“Flattered. Definitely flattered,” he said before speeding up the boys staircase.


And thats it. Chapter 1 DONE. So, HOW DID YOU LIKE IT?? Feel free to let me know in a review. I love them. (hint hint)
Thanks for reading!!
I do not own The Bananas In Pyjamas, Demi Lovato’s Give Your Heart A Break, and 100 Bottles of Beer On The Wall.
Im not that awesome. Sadly,
(and its pronounced like Abby.) :)

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