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One True Love: Another Year by DracoGal
Chapter 4 : Harry EXPELLED?!
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 The few weeks I spent with the Malfoys were very enjoyable. We went to the island and had a few more dinner parties with Lucius’s colleagues (I swear, that’s all they do), but most of the time was spent with just me and Draco doing simple things like sitting in the garden. All too soon, it was time for me to head home.

I was going to leave by Floo. The Ministry allowed the fireplace at Privet Drive to be opened just for my journey. The night before I was due to leave, Draco and I were sitting on the couch in the sitting room. It was pretty late, as Trix just went up to bed.

“I’m going to miss you.” I said as I snuggled into his chest. He rubbed my arm. 

“I know. I will too.” 

“It will be a full two months before we see each other again. Promise me you’ll write?” He kissed the top of my head. 

“Of course I will. I wouldn’t be able to go that long without hearing from you. I’d go insane.” I reached up to kiss him. As we broke apart, my eyes started to sting with tears. One escaped and slid down onto my cheek. Draco wiped it away. “It’ll be okay.” he whispered. 

“I know. It’s j-just that this will be the first time we are ever going to be apart.”

My packed trunk was sitting beside the fireplace as I gave everyone a goodbye hug. Draco gave me a bone crushing hug and kissed the top of my head before letting me go. I looked at him disappointed, while he smiled at me. I sighed, knowing that he wasn’t going to give me a proper kiss and turned to step into the fireplace with my trunk. 

“Number Four, Privet Drive.” I said clearly and felt the swirling sensation take over.

I landed with a thud in the living room. Aunt Petunia came rushing in as I dusted myself off. “No! Don’t brush that soot all over my clean room! Go outside and do that, for heaven’s sake!” 

I rolled my eyes. “It’s good to see you too, Aunt Petunia.” I said with heavy sarcasm. 

“Yes, yes, now go outside!” I huffed as I went out on the front porch. I looked around to see if Harry was near, but apparently he wasn’t. I yelled inside to Aunt Petunia that I was going for a walk and got a reply of, “Yes, yes!”

I walked to the neighborhood playground and as I expected, Harry was sitting on the swing. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. 

“Hey big bro, how have you been?” He placed his hands on top of my arms.  

“Hanging in there, as usual.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

“Miss me?” He chuckled. 

“Loads. There has been nothing to do. Your adventures would have come in handy.” I laughed. 

“So that’s why you keep me around; only for my fun ideas. I don’t blame you, though; they are pretty awesome!”

The next thing we knew, Dudley and his gang approached us. “Oh good, little Natalie’s back! Maybe she can keep the nightmares away!” he said mockingly. “‘Stay away from Natalie! Don’t kill Cedric! Mum, help me!’ Where is your mum?” I grasped Harry’s shoulders rather hard to get him to not do anything rash. “Where is your mum, Potter? Is she dead?”

Before I could stop him, Harry shot out of the swing and pointed his wand and Dudley’s throat. Dudley looked terrified while his cronies laughed hysterically. As I walked up to them to get Harry to lower his wand, the sky became very dark and the wind started to blow. Dudley’s gang ran away while Harry and I looked at each other in fright. With a nod, we took off in the other direction with our cousin following behind.

We ran until we came to a tunnel under the highway a mile or so away from the park. Then it started to get really cold. The lights flickered and froze over. All of a sudden, a dementor snatched Harry by the neck and held him against the wall. Panicked, I felt in my pockets for my wand. With dread, I realized that it was tucked away in my trunk. 

“Dudley, run away from here!” I exclaimed, not wanting him to get attacked. He ran, but slipped and fell on some ice. Another dementor came swopping down and started sucking on him. 

“Natalie…” Harry breathed. I looked over at him as he got his wand out and stabbed the dementor with it. “Expecto Patronum!” The stag shot out of the wand and then was redirected at the one attacking Dudley. After it was gone, we rushed over to our cousin.

Harry tried shaking him to get him to respond, but it was no use. We heard footsteps coming toward us, so he tucked away his wand.

 “No, don’t put away your wand, Harry. They might come back.” 

“Mrs. Figg?” 

“Yes, it is I.” 

“But how…?” 

“I’m a Squib, silly boy. Now let’s get you lot home.”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY SON?!” Uncle Vernon bellowed. I cringed while Harry looked at him indignantly. 

“I did absolutely nothing!! Dementors attacked us!” 

“What in the devil are dementors?” 

“They suck out your soul.” I said. “And since Dudley still has his, you can thank Harry for saving his life!” Uncle Vernon snorted. 

“Vernon, he needs to be taken to a hospital.” Aunt Petunia said while stroking her son’s hair. 

“And what will we tell them?!” He sighed. “Very well. Let’s get him into the car.”

After they left, we ventured up to our room. “Thanks for help back there, by the way.” Harry said sarcastically. 

“Oh Harry, I’m sorry. I didn’t have my wand with me. I wasn’t actually planning to come home and get attacked by a couple dementors.” He sighed. 

“Okay, but promise me from now on you’ll always carry it with you; just in case you get into any trouble.” 

After I agreed, an owl swooped in through the open window, dropped a letter, and left. It was addressed to Harry. He opened it and then looked at me gaping. 

“What?” I asked. He handed me the letter and I quickly read it. Harry had just gotten expelled from Hogwarts.

“It was self-defense! They surely had to know that!” Harry shrugged and held his head between his hands. “There has to be some mistake…” I muttered. 

“It doesn’t matter anyway now. I’m expelled; never going back to Hogwarts!” he exclaimed. Just then, another owl came in through the window. This time, it was addressed to me.


Moody, Tonks, and some other people are coming to pick you and Harry up and bring you to us. We heard that Harry needs to have a trial at the Ministry before he can be expelled (which he won’t). Have a safe trip!


I smiled. We were going to the Burrow! I gave Harry the letter and we started getting our things together when there was a knock on the door. 

“Well that was fast.” I commented as we headed downstairs to let them in. 

“Come on, get your things.” Moody said. “We are going to headquarters.”

A/N: And there is Chapter 4!! What did you think? Please leave a review! Every one of them means a lot to me!

*This quote is from the 5th movie, Order of the Phoenix.  Dudley says this while mocking Harry about his nightmares.

Oh, and just as a note: Nat learned the Patronus charm at the same time Harry did. That explains why he expected her to help while facing the dementors.

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One True Love: Another Year: Harry EXPELLED?!


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