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When Life Takes Over. by carellio
Chapter 7 : vii.
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Hello! I know it’s been awhile since I last updated... so incase you have forgoteen what has happened in chapter 6, here is a brief recap:

.We see Scorpius for the first time and he and Bella have a chat. Bella then talks to Aiden’s friends for the first time and they are incredibly rude to her. She runs off crying and humiliated and Aiden follows her. They get into a massive fight about her humiliation and she tells him to stay away from her...And that’s pretty much it!

If that didn’t help refresh your memory then I suggest going back and reading the previous chapter :)

Okay, now enjoy!



Three weeks.


That’s how long it had been since I:

1.     Had been utterly humiliated.

2.    Cried my eyes out to an extent that I swear I had to rehydrate myself for atleast two days after the incident.

3.    Talked to my (fake) boyfriend, or well, ex-(fake) boyfriend.


Sure, I had walked passed him in the corridors, but I blatantly ignored him. I rarely had the energy to turn my head in his direction anymore.


I was quite thankful that he hadn’t bothered to try and talk to me. Atleast he respected my wishes for him to stay away from him. Even though when I said those words, at the time, I had been exaggerating, I never fully wanted him to leave. Now, as the words and the flashbacks of the incident sink in, I am making sure that one sentence is completely followed through.


However, I don’t believe the reason Aiden is staying away from me is because of those words. I am certain he is keeping his distance because Matt threatened to beat him up if he even came within a ten foot radius of me.


Loving brother I have, hey.


Now, if in any other circumstance I would have been furious at Matt for even trying to fight my battles But frankly, I missed Matt. I missed him like crazy. I hadn’t spoken to him for over a month; the day he first found out I was ‘dating the enemy,’ and I wanted him around as much as possible.


Matt had found me shortly after I had left that classroom. I had been crying my eyes out in the astronomy tower – because I had heard it’s a good place to go when you’re feeling depressed and shit.


I don’t really know how he found me. I mean, I had barely seen him walking around the corridors in a month and then he just randomly finds me in the astronomy tower. It’s a little weird.


Not that I really cared to get any further into detail about it, because like I said, I missed him.


He didn’t even ask me any questions either. He simply looked at my face, sat down next to me, wrapped his arms around me and held me. Just like he used to when we were little kids.


And just like that, all our previous problems, angers and fights diminished and we were siblings again, not foes who ignored each other’s existence.


We sat like that for hours, until I was all cried out and finally agreed to tell him what was going on. At the time I just blurted my entire guts out.


Excluding the part about me fake dating Aiden. Just the part where he hurt and humiliated me to an extent where I needed to cry for hours.

I think that’s how Matt knew I had been hurt so badly. I hadn’t cried for years...


“Bella, I said are you coming?” Rose’s voice breaks me out of my reverie and I hastily shake all depressing thoughts from my mind.

Rose is standing in front of me, hands placed on her hips and her eyebrows raised so high they almost touch her hairline. Same old Rose Weasley.


I launch myself off my bed, which I had been sitting crossed legged on while I waited for her to finish getting ready.


“Sorry. Yeah. I’m coming,” I say a little giddily, still overwhelmed by how much I had missed her, even if I had been hanging out with her every moment of my day since Aiden and I ‘broke up.’ But still, there is only so long you can go without hanging out with your bestfriend.

When I was with Aiden, even though we shared a dorm, I hadn’t spoken to her for atleast over two weeks. The longest we had ever gone without talking.



We walk casually into the Great Hall and sit at the Gryffindor Table, trying hide back our smiles as Toby Wallace, the school klutz, trips over his own feet getting into his seat and almost face-plants a bowl of milk.


I hastily snag up a buttered croissant, eating it slowly to savour its deliciousness. Rose picks up a piece French toast and stuffs the whole thing in her mouth.


Classy girl that one.


About five minutes after we sit down Shay Wood and Chloe Gray come to join us. My other roommates.  

Like always they are practically joined together at the hip. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought they were sisters with their matching blonde hair and brown eyes.

When I was first introduced to them, it was only their last names that had tipped me off that they weren’t actually related.


“Good morning!” Chloe says brightly as she reaches for some savoury toasted muffins. Horse food, in my opinion.


“You’re sitting with us today Bella?” Shay asks a moment later in a fake shocked voice. Or atleast I think its fake. I can’t really tell if she’s being completely serious or not.

She also reaches for a muffin. See? They’re twins I swear!


I reply in a serious yet teasing note, “Yes, I am. You got a problem with that?”


Shay smiles sweetly, a little too sweetly. Now don’t be completely fooled by her kindness, she can be a massive bitch.

Now, you didn’t hear that from me okay? I’ve heard the things she’s said behind people’s backs. I do not want to be on the receiving end of one of her snide rumours.


Shay shrugs he delicate shoulders, “Nope. Just thought you’d be with your boyfriend, you seem to be lately.” She sneers the word ‘boyfriend’ and smiles again as she takes a small bite of her muffin.

The word bitch repeats through my mind as I stare at her.


The mention of my ‘boyfriend’ (Well, ex-boyfriend, I guess) makes me frown, and my mood drops a little bit. “We broke up.” I say gruffly and moodily drop my gaze to my plate in annoyance.


“Oh, really?” Chloe asks and leans towards me, her face lit up in excitement. She loves any piece of juicy gossip.

Not that I could call my non-existent love life ‘juicy.’


“Yeah,” I reply, refusing to give out any information of what had happened, I don’t really need anything spread around the school about me.


I pretend not to notice when her face immediately drops at my lack of information and instead reach for some grapes and pop a few in my mouth.


I nearly choke in surprise when Rose suddenly smacks her hands to her face in distress, “Dammit!” She swears loudly.

Seriously, is she trying to kill me?


“You okay?” I ask through a full mouth and a coughing fit, so really it comes out ‘yo opa?’


Shay laughs at me and Chloe looks disgusted, they both don’t really seem to fussed that I’m practically choking to death. Rose doesn’t seem to have heard me and looks like she’s about to have a mental breakdown.

I swallow my food and try again, “You okay?”


Rose turns her eyes on me, “No!” She practically screams at me like I should understand that she is in fact not okay.


Well sorry women, don’t get snapping with me just because you can’t control your mood swings!

“I’m not snapping!” She shrieks and I swear her eye just twitched.


Shay and Chloe try to hide their smiles by biting their lips. But really they look like those girls that think biting their lips to get a guys attention is ‘sexy.’ They are a little bit deluded.



I sigh and scratch my head, “Well what’s wrong?” I say exasperated, not really caring that I had accidently spoken out loud, her mood was tiring me out. I s’pose I should be used to it now, I guess.


Actually no, she never used to be this snappy before we stopped talking.


“I left my Ancient Runes homework in the common room!”


Really, that’s all?


“Well why don’t you go get it?” I say slowly like I’m trying to talk to someone that doesn’t understand English.


For someone so smart, she can be incredibly dumb.


“Because class starts,” She checks the watch that is strapped to her wrist, “in four minutes and I can’t get to the common room and to class without being late!”


I swear if she opens her eyes any wider they’re gunna pop out of their sockets.


“Well, I’ll go get it.” I say, suddenly liking this new idea to get away from this craziness. I start to stand but she grabs my hand.


“But you’ll be late!”


I roll my eyes, “Like I care. Besides, do you want your homework or not?”


Her hesitation is brief, “Yeah.” She releases me and leans back, “But try not to be too late.”


“Fine.” I roll my eyes at her motherly tone, “See you in Ancient Runes. Bye Shay, Chloe.” I give a small wave.

They both have freaking Divination next. Like you’d ever choose that class, it’s the most wacked out class in the school, and the teacher isn’t much better either.


One time Miss Trelawney actually had the nerve to tell me I was in grave danger. Can you believe it? Yeah, no one actually did when I retold the story. She did freak me out a bit though, well really it was her voice (I didn’t actually believe I was going to die or anything. The women’s a complete nutter) She said it all freaky like, so really she was like, “yooouuuu are in graaaaave daaaangggeeer!”

I laugh about it now, because that was three years ago, I figure if I really was in ‘graaaaave daaaangggeeer’ then I would have been eaten by a bear already, or possibly fallen off a cliff.


I don’t buy into the whole: ‘I can see into the future’ bullshit.




I take my time making my way back to the common room. I figure I’m already going to be late, why not add twenty more minutes on to that?


I make it back to the common room in exactly 13 minutes (instead of the usual five). Rose always said I was the biggest procrastinator she’s ever come across.


And considering she is the cousin of James Potter, who takes five days to clean half his room (or so I’ve heard from Ginny Potter) , I don’t see how I could even be in her top five.


I quickly run up to the dorm, trying my best not to scoff at the rebellious second years sucking each other’s faces off in the corner of the room. Jeez, what has this world come to?


I rummage through Rose’s organised half of the room, trying my best to keep everything in place so she won’t have a freak out when she comes in here next. I really don’t need to go through another screaming match of hers today.


It takes me another five minutes to finally find the god damn essay in a stack of draws next to her bed. Filed away under ‘A,’ for ‘Ancient Runes.’

It’s a funny place to put it hey...



My gaze catches the bedside clock next to Shay’s bed. Damn, and I’m already twenty minutes late for class. Rose it going to slaughter me if I don’t get her essay to her by the end of class.


I quickly run down the stairs, giving myself a mini heart attack as I nearly fall face first down them. I catch myself on the railing just in time but still manage to twist my ankle in the process.


“Fuck,” I mutter as twinges of pain spread throughout my foot.


I hastily limp away, only slightly caring that the snogging couple, that broke apart when I nearly crashed my way down the stairs, didn’t check to see if I was okay. What happened to manners in this world?


I limp my way down the corridors towards the Ancient Runes classroom, giggling to myself as I imagine a panicked Rose with sweat running down her face as she freaks out about her essay.


Seriously, that girl needs to learn to not take everything so series.


I don’t realise how much noise I’m making until it’s too late. I mentally scold myself. I should have been taking extra care in being quiet.


“Fuck,” I mutter, only vaguely aware that I’ve been swearing a lot today, as I hear the distinct meowing of Filch’s cat. Mrs Norris the 3rd.


You’d really think after the third cat you’d start naming it something else.


I turn around a jump with a start as I notice the creepy thing staring at me. I try to step around it but it hisses at me and bares its teeth. Its sickly yellow eyes glow at me as its own bore into me.


The thing scares the shit out of me, and I’ve never been up this close to it.


A shiver runs down my spine and I swallow deeply trying to contemplate how the fuck I would get out of this situation.


“Mrs Norris!” I jerk my head behind me to the corridor I had just passed as I hear the seething voice of Filch himself. He was just around the corner.

And I’m fucking trapped between him and Mrs Norris. Splendid. There is nowhere to run, I’m going to get caught.


“Shit,” I mutter again and Mrs Norris screeches at me and begins hissing and meowing like crazy.


“What’s that Mrs Norris? Is someone out of class?” I can practically hear the excitement in his voice that he will be handing out a detention.


He needs to find a better hobby.


I begin to panic and, figuring I had been put into Gryffindor for some reason, I rack up all the courage I have (which really isn’t that much) and jump over Mrs Norris.


I know, it’s probably not the best plan. Especially when she goes all ape shit and I feel her claws rake their way up my bare legs, tearing the skin.


I give a sharp cry in pain. But, trying to ignore the fact that my legs are literally ripped to shreds and I’m probably leaving a trail of blood, I run for my life. I’m about 99% sure that Mrs Norris is still running after me.


I hear louder footsteps behind me and faint yelling about ‘detention’ and broken rules,’ which leads me to understand that Filch has finally caught up.


When I’m sure I’m about to faint, whether from blood loss, or loss of breathe, an empty cupboard comes into my view.

I let out a relieved cry, but when I begin to slow down, practically heaving my guts out, I become aware that my surroundings are too quiet.

Have a lost Filch and his cat? I swear they were right on my heels...


I give a none humorous laugh, and forget all about giving Rose her essay (that somehow remained in my hand throughout all of that) , figuring she’ll understand when she finds me in the hospital wing with my legs all bandaged up and looking like I’ve been in a massacre. Which I practically have.


She’ll totally understand.


I’ve taken one step when there is a loud crash from inside the broom cupboard. My heart beats fast from being startled. Again.


Curiosity sets in and I immediately open up the dusty cupboard. I wasn’t prepared for what I would see.


My heart instantly stops, and I swear I have just been scarred for life. Blugh, I really didn’t need to see this. Hell, I didn’t want to see this.

This cupboard isn’t filled with broomsticks that have fallen down, as I had originally thought, but a pair of students. Both looking at me with a mixture of shock, embarrassment and guilt.


I can’t even muster up a word when the familiar red-head finally tries to speak, “Bella, look – what– I-“


She cuts herself off as she can’t seem to get the right words out. The blonde male is too stunned to even move.


I cover my eyes with my hands, not that this picture won’t be forever imprinted in my brain, and quickly say, “Cover yourselves.”


I instantly hear the sound of movement as they scramble apart from each other and re-button their clothing.


Rose Weasley being caught in a compromising position in a broom cupboard?


Well, that’s new.








Author Note: I am so sorry for how long it has taken me to post this chapter, but honestly I just couldn’t get it written! The chapter had about 8 different endings and I eventually ended up with this. Sorry for its total suckiness by the way.

I’m hoping I haven’t lost too many of my readers with my overdue update, but please let me know what you think of this chapter! Any guesses who the guy in the broom cupboard is?

Thanks for reading!


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When Life Takes Over.: vii.


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