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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 20 : Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close
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Chapter Twenty – Epilogue: To Hold You So Close

Mild Language

Starring across a sea of heads donned in graduation attire, it seemed so long ago that they were all starting life out at Hogwarts, so many changes since then, so many sleepless nights from forgotten homework, so much heartbreak over stupid boys, so much fun and laughter, so much danger and fear. It seemed like a lifetime was spent at Hogwarts, the life of so many was buried beneath its walls the stories of so many students trapped forever, only to be remembered by the portraits that watched the walls. Hogwarts had seen many changes over the years, the school stood proud once more, opening its doors and welcoming it’s students with open arms, the school kept everyone safe and sound acting as a mother to all the students who lived within. Some students didn’t want to leave the safety of Hogwarts and indeed some returned, for McGonagall it seemed as though she’d never left Hogwarts.

The school didn’t hold the same things for her anymore. At one point Hogwarts had been her home, the place she felt most safe in, the place her friends were, the place she could learn and grow as a person. Now she got the latter from other places, Hogwarts was no longer needed, and as for safety well she felt most safe within his arms. She’d broken away from the graduation party, the whoops and cheers becoming a bit too loud. Sitting in front of the Black Lake watching the Giant Squid dance in the water gave her a moment of serenity.

Sometimes it was hard to imagine all the changes that had taken place over recent years. The Golden Trio had crumbled, her parents had died, she’d transformed, been catapulted into a new family, her real family. She’d lost friends and gained new ones, lost love and found it. She’d almost died several times for several reasons, she’d killed for fear of being killed, she’d been tortured for being something it turned out she wasn’t. She’d risked her very existence to find the one thing that was missing. She didn’t know what would have happened to her if she’d been wrong in her predictions and her Papa hadn’t been where she thought he’d be, or worse if she’d found him dead.

When she was young as all little girls tend to do she’d wished for the perfect fairytale story with the perfect family and the perfect prince charming. And it seemed through all the trials and tribulations that she’d endured that she’d finally found that perfect fairytale story. She had the perfect family, her Papa, her Mother and Blaise. The family may be cracked and patched up to other people but to her she only saw the faces of people who made her life worth living. As for her Prince Charming, well she’d hit the jackpot there. They always say that love can grow from hate, and oh how she used to hate him and now she loves him with all her being. Of course he fits the role of Prince Charming perfectly, not many people can pull of that look but he has it down to a T.

She laughed when she thought of all that had befallen Ginny and Victor she couldn’t help but think they deserved all they got but if the rumors were true then she pitied their child who was soon to be born. No child deserves to be product of a loveless marriage just because their parents were stupid idiots. Speaking of stupid idiots Ronald and Harry took the gold medals. Ronald was always going to be a lost cause; he wanted far more from life than it would give him. He would be better off moving to a place where no one knew him then he could start afresh with no expectations but Evvie suspected he liked the limelight too much to give it up. And Harry, well it had seemed for a while that Harry was coming round and thinking for himself but at the end of the day it seemed that Harry preferred to stay within the safety of what he knew rather than see the world for what it really was. In rejecting the one person who had seen him for his true self he had thrown away his one chance of true happiness. He’d learn but by then it would be too late.

Life had given them a second chance to be a family; she didn’t want to waste that, not for anything.

She still wanted to be a healer, though perhaps not on the same ward as that trainee healer who was mean! She wondered what his plans were. They’d never really talked much about the future; she’d been so focused on the present. She knew she loved him but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for anything else. She knew one thing for certain though.

“What are you doing down here?” he asked, he’d noticed the moment she’d disappeared but had given her time to herself before following.

“Thinking” she replied, he always had a knack for finding her.

“That sounds a bit serious” he remarked with a smile on his face, “Care to share?” he asked.

“I think I need a holiday, no we need a holiday, don’t you think?” he cocked his head, “A nice holiday away from everything else would suit me nicely I think” she decided.

“If you want we could turn it into a honeymoon holiday” he muttered quietly.

She gazed at him unblinking. Is this what he wanted? She thought.

“Why don’t we go on holiday first, then you can think of putting a ring on my finger” she said with a smile.

“Deal” he replied, “Come on you, your family will be missing you” he said wasting no time in dragging her along with him and back to the castle.

“And we have a world to explore” she giggled.

That we do he thought, and with her by his side, it was sure to be bloody fantastic!

It was 1:28am on the 22nd of June that I finally finished Queen of Gorgeousness. It was a long road to travel but one I thoroughly enjoyed. I struggled over the ending, I kept writing things and then rewriting things, I was looking for the perfect ending. I didn’t want another marriage or strictly planned out ending. I thought there would be more chapters, maybe twenty-two or twenty-three but I realized I was just trying to drag it out; there would have been nothing to fill those chapters with. It’s hard to acknowledge that this story has ended. I definitely think it’s my favorite story so far. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have and that the ending was pleasing.

If I have to thank anyone it would be to all the people who have read this story and reviewed it. My special thanks goes to Shortie who diligently reviewed all chapters of this story and continually converses with me on the forum. You are a godsend! And I would still be working out how to request a banner if you hadn’t come along!!

Now, Queen of Gorgeousness might be over but don’t fear. I have a new story that I’ll be posting soon. It’s called: Enchantress. I wrote 44 pages (roughly a third of it) while I was on holiday. I’ve yet to write it up on the computer but stay tuned it will be coming and you will love it (: I hope!


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