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Misjudged by Dobby_246
Chapter 1 : Black smoke
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This is my first ever fanfic so I apologise if it isn’t very good, but I hope you like it, please review and tell me what you think (set in Harry’s 3rd year)

Anything you recognise belongs to JK Rowling


Harry had just reached the common room after the start of term feast, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had sat down to play a game of exploding snap, just as Harry went to join them and small brown owl flew through the open window and collided with the table of which they were sitting at

“Bloody bird!” Ron moaned as he took the letter attached to Errol’s leg. Errol then got up, shook his head and flew back through the window towards the owlery. “Arrggg I left my trainers back at home” he said after reading the letter “mum wants me to send a school owl to pick them up coz Errol can’t do it”

He stood up to leave, but then sat back down with a groan, he was way too tired to walk up to the owlery and back at this time of night.

“Do you want me to go?” Harry asked, he himself was feeling tired but not as much as Ron

“Cheers mate, sure you don’t mind?” he asked but at that same time leaned further back into the sofa and propped his feet up on the table in front of him

“No it’s fine” he turned to leave but Hermione pulled him back

“you really shouldn’t give into his laziness Harry” she stated giving Ron a displeasing look, Harry who was used to his friend’s laziness just grinned and left through the portrait hole.


By the time Harry was walking back from the owlery he was feeling quite exhausted himself, and achy for that matter.

Uncle Vernon’s punishments over the last few months had most certainly gotten worse, and last nights had been especially harsh. Harry hadn’t done anything to deserve it, as far as he knew the only thing he did was try to sneak a bit of leftover food from the frying pan after he had cooked the Dursleys dinner. But this alone had earned him a few punches to his ribs and a kick in the shins by Dudley, his cousin always joined in whenever Harry was getting hit, it seemed like some sort of game to him.

The effects of a summer’s abuse were returning to him now and he felt achy and generally weak. This mood was made worse by the arrival of his least favourite potions teacher.

“Well, well out for a stroll Potter? Its past curfew, do you believe yourself above the rules Potter?” Snape sneered as he looked down on the small scrawny boy below him

Harry not feeling strong enough to get in an argument just replied “no sir”

“No? Then why Potter, are you out in the corridors at this hour?” He challenged

“I was delivering a letter, professor” Harry said, he looked over at the window in order to avoid Snape’s eyes; snow was gradually falling outside, despite being the wrong season for snow.

 “A letter you say? I can’t imagine you having anyone to send a letter to Potter” he said, trying to provoke the boy, and his comment obviously had some effect because Harry’s head snapped up.

“I was doing a favour for Ron actually” Harry tried to get angry at Snape, but all he felt was hopelessness. Snape had just said exactly what Harry had been thinking about over the summer. That he really didn’t have anyone, except Ron and Hermione of course.

“Ahhh” Snape said he was trying to get the boy angry, so that he would have a reason to give him a detention but when Potter had looked up, there was hurt and sadness in the boy’s eyes and this disconcerted him “The great Harry Potter, constantly doing good deeds for his fellow house mates, how very noble of you Potter”

“I…….” Harry started but as his gaze wandered over to the door near the end of the corridor his voice faltered, emerging from the partially open door, was a thick black smoke, it was so thick that it looked more like a solid sludge seeping out along the floors and the walls.

“What are you….” Snape began to ask but as he spotted the stuff as well he stopped. The smoke was fast approaching them and he didn’t really wnat to find out what would happen if it did, he turned to Potter and was about to tell him to run when the smoke engulfed them.

Harry stood shocked as the black smoke closed around his chest, he felt as though the black smoke had overtaken the air. He couldn’t see Snape anywhere; in fact he couldn’t even see his own hands. He tried to call out but no words came out, only a strangled sort of croak, suddenly he felt weightless, as though he had been lifted off the ground completely. His head began to spin and he couldn’t breathe, he was sure he was going to suffocate. When all of a sudden he was falling, falling for what seemed like ever until at last he hit the ground. He felt his whole body crack and was sure he must have broken every bone in his body. A fierce wind was blowing through his ears and he began to lose consciousness, the last sound he heard was a similar thud next to him, then nothing.         


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