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The Sisters Three by DitheringFool
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The Family of the Night shall one day rise,
Together, the world they shall rule,
Apart, they shall cause each other’s demise.

The family of the most untainted blood
Must show their power
To those in whose veins run mud.


“…7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not, here I come!” Narcissa counted.

Bellatrix clambered over the sitting room couches and dove behind a tapestry. Andromeda followed. The large castle where they lived had been in the Black family for centuries. It was filled with hidden passages, some of them secret, others not so much. Once you looked beyond the daunting suits of armour, the vicious weapons that lined the halls, and the numerous secrets the castle held, it was quite a homey and comfortable place to grow up.

“Oh, ow, I’ve knocked over the swordsman! I’m stuck! Help me, please!” came the cry following a large crash. Andromeda and Bellatrix scrambled out of their hidden passage toward their little sister. What they saw when they got there though, was quite a surprise.

“Cissy. You have to play fair.”

“Says who? And anyways, you weren't playing fair. You know I'm much too short to open the passage you two were hiding in.”

“Humpf. Fine then. Let's do something else.”

“Do I need to constantly tell you off, Meda and Cissy? We have to clean this suit of armour up. And anyways, you should do all the cleaning up, Cissy, because it was your brilliant idea to knock down the suit of armour to trick us in the first place.”

“But Bella..”

“C'mon Bella, Let's help her.”

“Okay, but we're doing what I say afterwards.”

“Don't we do that anyways?”

“Yeah, and? What's your point, Meda?” Bellatrix put on her sternest possible face, which unfortunately was not very stern. Narcissa and Andromeda started giggling. Even Bellatrix cracked a smile. Together, the three of them started to tidy up the jumble of chest plates, shin guards, and other strange looking pieces of metal.

“Do Mistresses need Lavender's help?”

“Oh, Lavender, of course. Could you get Ash as well? He's the one that usually cleans these things, isn't he?”

“Yes Mistress. Lavender will have to tell Mistress Druella about this though. Lavender has orders.”

“That's perfectly alright, as long as we get this cleaned up.” The tiny house elf disapparated to find Ash.


“Children, we've got to go! Come on, we're going to Malfoy Manor and we're going to be late.”

“Mother, must we go to their dull tea party?”

“Narcissa, that is no way to speak about our colleagues, no matter how much you detest them. But unfortunately, yes, we do have to go, my darling.”

Each of them stepped into the fireplace with a handful of Floo powder, shouted “Malfoy Manor”, and was gone. Narcissa, with her brilliant blonde hair was dressed in a black and white dress. Andromeda had on a similar dress, only in green, while Bellatrix wore shimmering white. Together, the three were absolutely adorable.

Mr. and Mrs. Black, Cygnus and Druella, appeared next in very expensive dress robes. After all, the point of going to tea was to show off your wealth.

“Good day, Mr. Mrs. and Miss Black's. Will kind sir and madams allow Dobby to show them to tea?”

“Yes, please do, Dobby.” Inside, Mrs. Black was sneering. Every single time, that house elf had greeted them. In fact, he was the only house elf she had ever seen in that place. It was very likely that he was the only house elf the Malfoys had. Of course, it would be very impolite to ask.

Despite the beauty of their dresses- or maybe because of it- Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix were all very uncomfortable, and therefore in quite a bad mood when Lucius walked up.


“Hello Master Malfoy,” chimed all but Narcissa.

“Hi Lucius.” Bellatrix shot Narcissa a murderous look. We must mind our manners and speak like proper young ladies of the upper class.

“May I sit?”

“Of course, this is your family's party, is it not?”

“Yes, thank you Andromeda. Would all of you care for a walk around the garden? I can show you one of our ponds. In fact, I think we better use brooms to fly there.”

“I think, we would enjoy that very much, Master Malfoy.”

“Ah, I am forgetting my manners.” Bellatrix's nose turned up slightly. Lucius had already forgotten his manners. He's not allowed to call fine ladies by their first names until given permission. “Please, finish your tea first. And do call me Lucius. Master Malfoy makes me sound rather outdated.”

Then, like a well raised gentleman, he began eating his scones and sipping his tea which had just materialized. Narcissa balked at this. When they had hosted parties, she was supposed to eat with everyone she talks to if they were eating. However, she had quickly become full.

Unbeknownst to them, Druella sat watching them with a satisfied smile. Lucius would be a good match for one of her children. Not Bellatrix though, she was far too overbearing for him. Possibly Andromeda. They would get along well. She was very kind and sweet, as was Narcissa. But look at that hair. Their children would be almost albino, and such defected children must be left out for the garbage collector.

“Look at Lucius, he's such a gentleman,” simpered Daisy Goyle.

Indeed, Lucius was now helping each of the Black sisters out of their chair. He was joined by Regulus as they all strode towards Rodolphus' table.

“Oh, the poor child, he's sitting alone.”

“He's a rather quiet child. See, Lucius and Regulus are leading your daughters over to him. They're all such darlings, especially Lucius. He's been a very courteous host today.”

“Certainly. They all seem to get along so well.”

At this moment, the quintet plus Rodolphus were far from getting along well. Bellatrix believed Lucius to be very ill mannered, Lucius was very bored and simply wanted to these people to leave, and Narcissa was incredibly annoyed at Bellatrix's attempts to tell her to mind her manners.

“Dobby, can you get us six brooms?” Dobby appeared.

“Yes, Master Lucius.” There was a loud crack and Dobby disappeared.

“I want to show you this charming little clearing with a gorgeous gazebo and pond, if that's alright with you?”

“That would be fantastic, Lucius.”

“Here you go, Master Lucius. Master Abraxas has command Dobby to tell Master to please be careful and to make it back inside before the rain hits, which is supposed to be in half an hour.”

“Okay. Tell Father that he needn't worry, I've got my pocketwatch.”

Dobby sunk into a deep bow and disapparated.

As they flew over the expansive grounds of Malfoy Manor, Lucius kept up a constant commentary, describing in detail each landmark they passes. The ladies, of course, rode side-broom because of their encumbering dresses. This was done by Bellatrix and Andromeda with the utmost grace, while Narcissa grumbled under her breath something about how stupid it was that they couldn't ride as they normally did. With her luck, of course, Andromeda and Bellatrix both heard. Bellatrix shot her dark looks.

Narcissa kept on losing track of the conversation, she was that bothered by her sister act like her mother. What did Bellatrix care if she didn't follow ALL the rules? After all, Narcissa was only damaging her own reputation. Even though Bellatrix being commanding was a common occurrence, Narcissa simply didn't like how Bellatrix acted so superior.

“Here we are.”

“Wow, this is truly something, Lucius.”

“Thank you, Regulus. Our house elves do try.”

“Right. Now that there are no adults around, who's up for a game of broomstick tag?”

Everyone voiced their agreement except Bellatrix.

“Hang on. Before we start playing, I need to talk to you, Cissy.” A brief, uncomfortable silence passed. “In private. Come with me.”

“I'll go too. Don't start without us, okay?” Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda headed off. The walk was ominously quiet. To make things worse though, a light rain began to fall.

“Cissy, I've been wanting to talk to you all day, ever since we got here- you simply cannot behave the way you have been behaving.”

“Oh yeah? What's wrong with it?”

“What's wrong with it?! What's wrong with it, she asks! You must play your part and behave like the well bred gracious young lady that I know you are. It's not all fun and games, it's our reputation you're dealing with here. It doesn't matter how nice you look, or how expensive your shoes are if you don't act like a good aristocratic lady as is expected of you. That's why mother hires that horrid tutor. It's our reputation that is at stake here. Not just yours, but everyone in our family's.”

“Fine, Bella, you know what? While we're detailing my faults, why don't we bring up some of yours, hmm? You're far too bossy for your own good! Stop being such an arrogant, pompous brat. You're not my mother!”

“Bella, Cissy, don't. Remember what mother told us? We must love each other, for we are the sisters three.” There was a slight hesitation

“Yes, yes, yes, okay fine,” Bellatrix grumbled, giving in to tradition.

“Together, forever happy we stay,” chanted Bellatrix
“Together, much we'll do each day,” was Andromeda's line
“Together, no one holds our power at bay,” replied Narcissa.
“For we are the sisters three.” The three of them finished the rhyme together.

The moment temporarily defused, the three of them lapsed into stony silence once again as rain fell around them. This respite was short lived however.

“Look, the others have gone back now.”

“Yeah, and whose fault is that, Cissy? If you had not acted unreasonably, we wouldn't be miserably wet right now and my hair wouldn't look like this.”

“So now it's all my fault? Fine then. I'm not talking to you again until you apologize for being bossy and making false accusations. It's NOT my fault your hair is poofing up like a sponge right now, Bella.”

“Okay, I see how it is then. I'm not talking to you either until you apologize for being rude and ruining our reputation and my hair!”

“Be reasonable, Bella, Cissy. Stop fighting over nothing.”

This was met with bone jarring silence. Andromeda sighed.


The next week was very difficult for all three siblings. Andromeda desperately wanted Bellatrix and Narcissa to make up, but because they were stubborn little children, nothing of the sort happened.

“Okay, now children, today we are going to review proper etiquette at Hogwarts, where you, Bellatrix, should be going soon,” dictated the old woman known as Ms. Thirn, who taught their etiquette classes. “So, who can demonstrate for me the correct way to sit down at the table in the Great Hall without lifting up your robes if space is tight?”

The lesson droned on and on. Bellatrix tried to listen to this boring lady, but it was impossible today. Who cares how to sit down properly? A small voice in the back of her head told her that it was necessary, in order to carry on the Black bloodline. At this rate, she and Andromeda would be the only ones to carry on the Black pure-blood tradition. Narcissa would never be accepted into another pure-blood family if she never learned how to act like a dignified member of society.

Narcissa was having just as much luck with Ms. Thirn's class. It didn't concern her for the next 5 years, when she'll be going to Hogwarts. Anyways, Bellatrix still hadn't apologized to her for being the biggest, annoying-est, bossy-est git alive. Still though, Bellatrix was her sister, and she really ought to apologize at some point, but then thought better of it.

In between the two sat Andromeda, who was the most interested of the three. Just one more year, and she'll be off to Hogwarts, where she can learn magic. If it weren't for the law against underage wizards and witches performing magic outside of Hogwarts, they would have started learning magic already, Andromeda mused. She was very annoyed that she couldn't go this year, with Bellatrix and Narcissa at her side. But then she remembered that the two were fighting and weren't talking anymore. It was a shame. The sweet little rhyme they had been taught by their mother when they were young hung over them like a death sentence. It was surprisingly accurate. The days hadn't been much fun, nor had they done much every day. They didn't have much power in the first place, so that part didn't concern her. It would be nice if they all had special powers though. Imagine if they could all talk to snakes, like the great Salazar Slytherin.

“Well, Bellatrix? I'm asking you a question, and this time, I, unfortunately, cannot answer it for you.”

“What? Sorry, Ms. Thirn, could you repeat the question?”

“Which House do you wish to be sorted into?”

“I get a choice?”

Ms. Thirn sighed. Her pupils were obviously outgrowing her. She remembered back when Bellatrix, sweet, sweet Bellatrix, was five and loved playing the part of a little lady. “Yes, the Hat will take your choice into account.”

“I don't care, as long as it's not Hufflepuff.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, why?”

“That's unacceptable. You are a Black and will be great someday. Therefore, you will be in Slytherin. Okay, off you go now, the house elves should have supper ready.” Why Ms. Thirn ever bothered with children over seven, she never knew. It seemed as if the instant they turned seven, they started becoming rough tomboys who were good for nothing. Well, nothing sensible at least.

Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa all sat down and waited for their parents to come. Except for meals and parties, they rarely saw their mom or dad. Bellatrix would have liked to be able to call them “Mum” and “Dad”, but that was childish and stupid, not befitting a member of their social class. Speaking of childish, maybe her fight with Narcissa really wasn't all too big of a deal.

Unfortunately, Narcissa, being only six, was steadfast in her opinion that Bellatrix was the one that had wronged her, not the other way around.

At this moment, their thoughts were disrupted by the food coming in. It was simple by their standards, but then their standards were far higher than everyone else's. ALWAYS must they be perfect. ALWAYS must they be strong and pure.

“So how were your days?” asked Cyrus, their father.

“Good,” chimed all three siblings. In fact, their day had been far from good. It had been dull and boring, as well as very tense, especially whenever Narcissa and Bellatrix were in the same room.

“Could you pass the salad please?”

“Of course,” Narcissa answered. Curse that Ms. Thirn. She hadn't meant to speak to Bellatrix. But then, Bellatrix had just spoken to her... which meant that she had won.

“Thank you.” Did Bellatrix just say thank you to her?

Andromeda beamed at them both. Finally! Bellatrix and Narcissa saw some sense and finally made up.

“Oh, and darlings? Remember, your two aunts, my two younger sisters, that is, want us to come to the next Quidditch World Cup with them. I think my mother and her two younger sisters will be there too. It'll be a nice treat for you, Bellatrix, before you go off to Hogwarts.”

“Yes, Mother.” Bellatrix faked a smile. She loathed her great aunts, who did nothing other than tell her that she was going to be great someday. Really, she wasn't stupid, she already knew she was going to be great already. After all, she was a Black, wasn't she? Her great aunts and grandmother were triplets, and were getting to be so old that they often repeated themselves. It was really quite annoying.


“Mother, Mother, my Hogwarts letter came today!”

“Really? That's wonderful, Bellatrix. We'll all go to Diagon Alley next weekend to get all your supplies.”

The week dragged by slowly as everyone was looking forward to getting to go to one of the centers of wizarding activity. Saturday finally rolled by.

“Ready, everyone? Alright, let's go.” A handful of green powder and a sprinkling of ash later, they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron.

“Alright, I have to go, um, do something first. Why don't you all go to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour with Ms. Thirn once she gets here? Here's a Galleon each.” A loud popping noise ensued. “Splendid. Here she is now, run along.”

Andromeda was desperate to tell them something she had recently learned from Prestigious Wizarding Families of Great Britain, a book Ms. Thirn had assigned for her to read.

“Guys, come here I've got to tell you something. You know our little rhyme-”

“What type of ice cream are you going to get, Meda?” asked Bellatrix loudly as she elbowed her sister. In an undertone she whispered “Ms. Thirn will hear.”

“Bah, who cares about that old bat anyways, tell us!”

“No, Bella's right, Cissy”

“What are you three whispering about?”

“Nothing,” answered the sisters far too quickly.

The four of them arrived at Fortescue's, picked a table, and went to order ice cream. Soon, Andromeda forgot what it was that she had been dying to tell her sisters. It was certainly important, but rack her brains as she might, she couldn't remember what it was she had wanted to share.

“Hi. Are you going to Hogwarts for the first time too?” Bellatrix barely had time to nod before the girl stuck out her hand and said “Good. Maybe we can be friends then? I'm starting at Hogwarts and I don't know anybody because my parents have always kept me from mingling too much with- they've always kept me at home, and there were no children like me where I grew up.”

“Sure. I only know one other person. His name is Rodolphus and he's the shyest person ever,” replied Bellatrix as she shook the strange girl's hand. This time, it was Andromeda's turn to elbow Bellatrix hard as she whispered, “She could be a filthy Mudblood for all we know,” just loudly enough for Bellatrix to hear.

“By the way, my name is Lizzie. Anne Elizabeth, but just call me Lizzie. What's yours?”

“I'm Bellatrix.”

“What are you children up to now?” demanded Ms. Thirn.

“Ms. Thirn, meet Lizzie. She's starting at Hogwarts in September too. Lizzie, meet Ms. Thirn. She's our etiquette tutor and occasional babysitter.” In an undertone, she added to Lizzie, “She's a strict old witch so mind your manners.”

“Hm, well, it's good to see you making friends, Bellatrix. I hope you have good parents? I simply can't stand those cross breeders, creating nasty riffraff. Every single one of them is polluting our pure blood.”

“No need to worry, Ms. Thirn, my parents are perfectly good people. They frown upon cross breeding as well.”

“Well, who ever you are, Lizzie, I suppose it's alright for you to be Bellatrix's friend.” As Ms. Thirn said this, Lizzie stuck out her hand again, expecting Ms. Thirn to shake it, which did not happen because Ms. Thirn happened to turn away at that moment and did not see Lizzie extend her hand.

While this exchange was going on, the Black sisters were trying very hard not to laugh. It was quite a comical sight, with Ms. Thirn being her usual, intolerant, stuck up self, and poor Lizzie acting the polite little lady that Ms. Thirn often pretended to be.


“Alright Bellatrix, we need to go and get all your stuff now. I'll go and pick up your books while you get your robes, okay? Then we'll hop over to Eyelops, get you an owl and we'll save your wand for last. And yes, we'll pick up some sweets for you at Sugarplum's Sweet Shop before we leave. Oh, and who is this?” Mrs. Black's words tumbled out of her mouth in a huge hurry.

“Hello, I'm Anne Elizabeth, but please call me Lizzie.” Her hand came out a third time. Mrs. Black shook her hand warmly and replied, “Hello, you can call me Mrs. Black. I'm Bellatrix's mother.”

Lizzie, sensing that her presence would only be cumbersome, said “I'll leave you to your shopping then. I actually need to get going, my parents will be waiting for me.” As she walked away, Mrs. Black commented, “Such a nice young lady.”

They saw Ms. Thirn off and started the walk to Madam Malkin's.

“Andromeda and Narcissa darlings, do you want to go with your sister? I think you'll better; you need new robes too. Ask her for the latest styles.”

An hour later, their mother came back, sans books, and paid for the robes. Bellatrix looked stricken as she realized that her mother didn't have her school books.

“Don't worry, I've sent your books home with Oak, the house-elf, already.”

“Mother, can I get a snake instead of an owl?”

“No, Bellatrix, rules are rules and anyways, an owl will be much more useful. Have you decided which type of owl you want yet?”

“Can I get a peregrine falcon?”

“That's not an owl.”

“Fine... Can I get a great grey owl then?

“Of course, honey.”

Inside the store, there were all manner of strange animals. There were rocks that were turtles just pretending, rabbits that changed into extravagant top hats with a faint pop, and a cage full of Crups alongside all sorts of strange and wondrous pets. Sadly, not many of these were allowed at Hogwarts. They bought a great grey owl and a shiny new cage and then proceeded to walk to Ollivanders. When they walked in, they saw a handsome, gorgeous man talking to the shop keeper, apparently asking about the wands of his parents in an attempt to find them.

“Did you see him? He was so good looking!” whispered Bellatrix as the man walked outside, out of earshot. This drew a funny look from Andromeda.

“You do realize he's at least twenty years older than you, right?”

“So? That doesn't keep me from admiring that he's handsome.” Andromeda sighed. Her sister was impossible sometimes

“Ah, another Black, is it?” Bellatrix jumped slightly as Mr. Ollivander appeared behind her.

“Yes, Bellatrix here is going to be starting at Hogwarts in September-”

“I know, I know, and she's going to be needing a wand. I've heard the introductions enough times. Try this one. Hawthorne. 10 inches. Phoenix Feather.”

Bellatrix took the wand and waved it at the box, which immediately began smoking.

“No, no, no, extinguo. Here, how about this one, walnut, springy, unicorn hair, 12 inches.” Several wands in, he suddenly started. “Ah, silly me, you're the sisters three, the prophecy, the prophecy, how could I have forgotten, that's right. Try this one. Walnut, dragon heartstring, twelve and three quarter inches. Unyielding.” Bellatrix waved it and a bright, happy glow filled the room. As she brought the wand over her head, she floated a few inches off the ground. “That's a very powerful wand you've got there, Bellatrix. Very rarely does a young witch or wizard's wand make him or her levitate when a wand makes its decision. I've got two others with wood from the same tree. A gifted charmer managed to sing wood for three wands out of a single walnut tree. They will most likely choose your sisters. Well. Anyway, that'll be seven Galleons, please.”

Andromeda had stopped listening at “prophecy”. She remembered what she had wanted to tell them so badly. It would have to wait though. When she could get her sisters together without anyone else there, she would tell them. It definitely couldn't be done at home, where any of the house elves could be listening. That was why she had been unable to tell them before the trip.


“Hey, Cissy, Meda, now that Lizzie's here, we've got enough for two-a-side Quidditch. Let's play.”

“Um... Bellatrix? I've never flown a broom before.”

“That's okay, we'll teach you.”

“Yeah, you'll pick it up really quickly.”

“So you'll want to start out with a well balanced broom then, I suppose?”

“Uh... sure, I guess. I don't know.”

“Yes, you do,” piped up Narcissa who had only learned to ride six months ago, when she had turned six.

Soon, the Quidditch game was in full swing. It was the week before school was about to begin and Bellatrix and Lizzie were enjoying their last days of freedom before they were bogged down with homework, which would be a first for both of them as they both have had tutors. They had gotten to know each other rather well in the month that had passed, and had even invited Lizzie to the Quidditch World Cup. Even though she had been unable to go, it had still been fun watching the match. That is, until their grandmother and her sisters had began gossiping. The rhyme held dear by Narcissa, Andromeda and Bellatrix had been taught to their grandmother's generation as well, it seemed.

“Lizzie, watch out!” cried Narcissa as Andromeda hurtled a Bludger towards her. Lizzie managed to duck just in time. For not having ever ridden a broom, Lizzie was actually quite good. She zoomed around in the air as if the broom was a part of her. There was a part of her Quidditch knowledge that she was lacking in.

“Hey, that's a foul, you're not allowed to grab onto someone else's broom!”

“Sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know, I don't play Quidditch at home.”

“It's alright, Lizzie.”

A good deal later, Lizzie went home. Even though the four girls often played together, this was the first time Lizzie had went to the Castle of the Night, where the Black family had traditionally lived for centuries.

In the month that had passed, Andromeda had been unable to find a time to tell Bellatrix and Narcissa what exactly it was she had found in that book. She would tell them at Platform Nine and Three Quarters, she decided, as the noise there would be able to cover up what she was saying.


A/N: Sorry, I'll try to get stuff to happen soon, I know, this is insanely boring. Please, though, review it. This is my first shot at writing anything outside of class, so I have no idea what I'm doing. Your reviews will be much appreciated.

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