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The Sun Will Shine Again. by SydneyBlack
Chapter 1 : Julliette.
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Mr Ollivander's POV



I've many children, and my children have many children. Not one of them is like my Ette. Julliette, to be frank.

The family is loud and rambunctious, whereas Ette is quiet and thoughtful.

Ette, is a beautiful girl, I only wish she would know it.


"Pappy, the boys at Hogwarts have been whistling at me!" she said, in an outraged tone.

I furrowed my brow, "They have hmm? I'll drop you off at the train. Don't worry, I'll take care of the whistling", I smiled.

"Your sure?" she questioned me further.

I nodded at her and changed the subject, "Now let's see that badge!".

She pulled a small badge from her back pocket, and smiled proudly, "I'm Head Girl".

"Congratulations! I'm so proud!" I beamed.

She smiled, and pinned the badge to her shirt pocket.

I gave her a thumbs up, and she laughed.

Ette, my dear, you are truly an amazing girl.


Ette's black hair whipped through the window, she waved.

"Good luck Ette! Write every day!" I yelled.

"Yes Pappy!" she yelled back.

I stepped away from the train, breathing in the glorious smell of burning coal.

I glanced farther down the train, three bruised and bloody boys hang out of a window kissing their mums goodbye.

I smirked.

"That's what you get. That's what you get for whistling at  my Ette" I murmured under my breath.


Julliette's POV



I narrowed my eyes at the boy sitting across from me.

"Weasley, why not find your own compartment? Perhaps one with your idiot friends, hmm?" I spat.

Jonas smirked, "Come now Julliette! We are to properly acquainted to be using last names!" .

"Shut it Weasley".

Jonas ignored my retort and continued, "I see your Grand Father hexed my brother", an impressed smile crept to his lips, "You shoulda seen his face!" Jonas wiped away fake tears from his clear blue eyes.

"Pfft..that was nothing!" a voice came from the compartment door.

My face lit up, "Simon! How was your summer?".

I felt my face burn, when he asked about my grandpa, say something intelligent!

"My Pappy made them hurt".

*Face palm*

"Hehe, okay?" Simon stared at me.

Simon Cross was just about the best looking boy at Hogwarts. With his bright green eyes, and handsome dark brown hair, all the girls were after him.

All the boys were jealous of him.

Especially Jonas.


 Jonas Weasley's POV 


Damn you Simon Cross. 

Don't you ever, ever talk to My Julliette.

Okay, so maybe Julliette isn't mine..yet.  Simon Cross isn't making it any more easier to actually win her over. 

I studied her green eyes, her friend Joy had once told me that Julliette had always wanted someone to compliment her on her eyes. 

That someone being Simon Cross. 

I felt disgusted at the way she smiled at him.  Her pink lips spread back, revealing pearly white teeth.

Why didn't she smile at me like that?

Simon Cross, I swear, if you don't get away from her,

I. Will. Kill. You.




Hey guys, I've got a question about writing stories on this website. My chapters are rather time consuming, due to the fact that they aren't saved into a file on word, I need the opinions of other authors as to what should I do. Should I keep writing chapters straight onto the website, or should I write them before hand? 

Thanks for your time! Rate and comment!

Ps, Sorry about the horrible Chapter title!


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The Sun Will Shine Again.: Julliette.


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