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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight
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October had passed in a blur. Full of classes, essays, blowing up caldrons, being in love with James, hating James after quidditch practices, eating amazing meals and basically just living life.

Now, it was October 28th and Ally was jumping up and down on the end of my bed. “Ally, stop it! Please!” I begged as my bed shook.

“Sorry Aspen! I’m just excited!” She giggled and jumped some more.

“Come on Ally. She was out late last night with James, and we can’t even go to Hogsmede for an hour!” Megan told her. I knew I liked that girl.

“FUCKING SHIT!” We heard Dom scream from the bathroom, I walked in and saw that she had dropped her blush.

“Calm down Dom, its just spilt makeup. It’s okay.” I told her.

“I know, its just small things that set me off.” She sighed and sat on the counter. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. Your dealing with a lot of stuff right now.”

“Your such an awesome friend, you know that Aspen?” She smiled at me and I grinned.

“I know.” Dom laughed as I hugged her. No matter what shit we went through, no matter how many pig statues I tied her too, Dominique Gabrielle Weasley and Aspen September Isabella Anneliese Madeline Powells would be best friends. It was the way of the world.

“Now, what should I wear today?” I asked her. She went over to the huge closet all five of us shared and pulled out a white long sleeve blouse, a pair of dark wash jeans, tall black boots and a Gryffindor jacket. I smiled, “Perfect Dom.”

All five of us got dressed and headed down to breakfast. The boys were all sitting and talking about quidditch plays. Our first game was November 3rd, which was actually Danny’s birthday. Since he quit quidditch, he has decided to comment on the games. I think he’ll be brilliant at it.

“Morning boys.” I sing-songed as I sat down next to James.

“Morning lovely.” James said, kissing me softly on the lips. Merlin his lips where to die for. I swear I could just-SNAP OUT OF IT ASPEN!

“Are you all excited for Hogsmede?” Freddie asked, grinning away like a five year old at Christmas. Merlin, you don’t want to see him at Christmas, it’s scary.

“I can’t wait!” I cried, “I haven’t been since December in third year!”

“Oh, Honeydukes got even bigger!” Dom told me.

“Awesome.” I smiled. Half and hour later we left the great hall and we were walking down the pathway towards Hogsmede. It was pretty chilly, that part of the year right before it starts snowing. The trees had lost all their leaves and they decorated the wide pathway.

James intertwined his hands in mine and I smiled at him. “I love you so much James.”

“Good, because I love you too Aspen.” All of a sudden he picked me up and spun me around, I was laughing the whole time. Could someone be perfect? Because I think James is.

When we got to Hogsmede, the guys headed for Freddie’s dad’s store and us girls headed for a small boutique. I was looking through some dresses when I blurted out, “I think James is the one.”

“WHAT?!” All four of my friends cried.

“Are you serious?” Dom questioned me fiercely.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s going to be a few years, but I love him so much. I don’t think its just a teenage romance thing.”

“Aw! That’s so cute Aspen. And we all totally approve.” Ally grinned.

“Thanks Ally. Group hug!” I cried and we all squeezed together in a tight hug, the clerk of the store was looking at us like we were insane. We were, but so what? We were happy.

We left the shops with our pockets lighter, and bags weighing down our hands. I had gotten a Gryffindor scarf, a red sweater, a silver headband, a new pair of jeans, a Gryffindor flag and three new shirts.

“Honeydukes anyone? I’m in the mood for something sweet!” Ally grinned as we made our way through Hogsmede. We stopped inside the now huge candy shop and we must have been there for an hour.

Since it was almost Halloween, I went all out. I got three cauldron cakes, seven fudge flies, two choclate frogs, some salt water taffy, five jelly slugs, one fizzing whizzbee, a kilogram of trecale fudge, five sugar quills, a package of Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, two acid pops and finally five boxes of Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans. So I may or may not have a small sweet tooth. Fine, its fucking huge sweet tooth, happy?!

After we got as much candy as we could carry we headed to The Three Broomsticks where we were meeting the boys for an afternoon lunch. “Hola!” I said, sitting down next to Freddie and James and dropping my bags. Oh the sweet relief!

“How was shopping girls?” James asked.

“I think my hands are broken from carrying these bags.” I told him, kissing him as I dropped the bags.

“I don’t get why girls shop so much.” Danny said.

“Because its like zen time for us. We need it to remain sane.” I tried to explain, he just looked more confused.

“That’s stupid.” He countered.

“And that’s why you’ll never get a girlfriend.”

“Oi! I had a girlfriend last year-”

“The one in your imagination doesn’t count Danny.” I sing songed and everyone laughed. Expect Danny, he just looked mad. Oh well!

“Did you girls at least get some new Gryffindor gear for the game next week?”

“We all did, even Aspen.” Dom smiled while drinking some butter beer the boys had ordered earlier.

“Awesome, were gonna kick Ravenclaws’ arses!” Freddie cried gleefully. That boy really needs to go to the loony bin. And thats coming from me!

I yawned, “Merlin, I’m tired.”

“So am I, do you want to walk up to the castle with me?” James asked, a twinkle in his eye. I nodded. “Okay mates, see you up at the castle!” I collected my bags and we started out the pub and up the pathway to school.

“Hey James?” I asked as we held hands.

“Yeah Aspen?”

“Do you think we will last? Or do you think were just going to be a high school romance?”

He sighed and pulled me towards him, “I think we love each other too much and have beaten so many odds that it would be insane if we didn’t last. And I want us to last.”

“I want us to last too.”

Halloween parties at Hogwarts suck. You would think they would be all amazing and awesome glittery stuff and shit, but they aren’t. It’s one of the few nights that the teachers actually patrol and enforce the rules really hard.

So all the parties get broken up before the clock can strike nine. Instead of going to a party this year, we are going to the seventh year Gryffindor boys’ dorm. The best part is that we didn’t have to dress up if we didn’t want to. I went in pajamas!

We showed up about an hour after dinner ended at their door. “OI! LET US IN!” I cried pounding on the door, suddenly it flung open and I came face to face with Louis.

“Why must you be so insane?” He asked.

“It makes life more fun!” I walked past him and sat down in the middle of the floor. Soon enough everyone joined me and we dumped our bags of sweets in a pile and cracked open the butter beer.

Most teenagers party and drink and stuff like that. Want to know what we did? We played games. I love my life. “Okay Aspen, what’s Dom’s least favorite kind of fruit?” Freddie asked. Since we all knew each other creepily well, we were playing ‘How well do you know your friends?’. Not the best title in the world.

“Pineapple!” Dom nodded and I grinned as I got another point.

“Okay, James, how many non family member boys has Aspen kissed?”

“On the lips?”


“Um, me, Zander, Freddie in spin the bottle in second year and I think that’s it.”

“He’s right.” I said, eating another sugar quill. Damn those things are addictive! I know I said earlier that I had never been kissed before James. I had, but I hadn’t really been kissed. A kiss not in front of a bunch of people, a kiss so simple and yet so sweet. What a first kiss should be like.

I don’t know how many games we played, or how many pounds of candy we ate, but I do know that it was the most amazing halloween a girl could ever ask for.

A yawn escaped my mouth as I awoke. I rolled over to look at the clock. Ten thirty in the morning, and judging from the snores around me, everyone in the room was still asleep.

Since we were afraid of getting caught, us girls decided to spend the night in here. Dom and Bradley were in a bed together. Roxy was sleeping with her twin brother. Ally was on some blankets on the floor and since Megan and Danny were really good friends they were sleeping together. Meanwhile Louis got a bed to himself. Bloody git.

I turned over to see James’s hair in his brown eyes. A soft small smile is on his lips as his chest rises and falls. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. Oh shit. I remembered that it was Dom’s four month checkup. And it was supposed to be happening in a few minutes. Why can’t I ever sleep in?!

Carefully, I got out of bed and shook a sleeping Dom awake. “Dom, we have to go to the hospital wing!” I told her.

“I don’t wanna!” She moaned. Why do I choose to hang out with people who act like five year olds? I hope that my kind of mental sanity isn’t all gone!

“Dom, we have too!” I told her. After twenty minutes, lots of feet pulling, two glasses of water to the face, a very angry Bradley and one slap, I finally got her up and to the hospital wing, along with Bradley because he always comes along to the healer appointments. Who wins at life? I do.

“Hey Vic!” I cried happily as we strolled in.

“Morning girls, and Bradley.” She said. “Ready for the four month checkup?”

“Yeah.” Dom yawned.

“Okay, come and sit down on the bed and I’ll do a wand scan.” She went over to one of the beds and Bradley sat down in the chair and held her hand. Aw! My little Dommy is growing up!

I walked over and sat near them as Victorie pulled out her wand and scanned it and looked at the scan. She didn’t say anything. All Victorie does is talk. This is bad.

“What is it Vicky? What’s wrong?” Dom asked, worried.

“Dominique, this may be hard for you to understand and I’m so so sorry. But, you had a miscarriage.” Silence. All three of us stared back at Vic in utter and complete silence. It seemed to hit us all five minutes after she said it.

She wasn’t going to have the baby. I know she is only seventeen and everything, but I knew that she wanted to do this. Dom wanted to have this baby, and she wanted to be with Bradley and to have a family.

“I’m so sorry Dommy.” I told her, clasping her hand. And that’s all it took for her to burst into tears. Bradley held her tightly to his chest and picked her up, together they walked out of the room.

“Excuse me Victorie, I have to go be a best friend.” She simply nodded as I ran after them.

They were only a little down the hall when I caught up. “I’m going to take her up to my room. Can you tell everyone else what happened?”

“Of course. And I’m so so sorry Bradley.”

“It is okay Aspen. It’s not the right time and place, but one day it will be for us.” I just nodded and went off to find everyone else.

Everyone was eating breakfast in the great hall, smiling and laughing with each other like everything was fine. Because, for them, it was. They all waved at me as I walked over. “Dom had a miscarriage.” Was the first thing I said when I got there.


“Dom had a miscarriage.” I bit my lower lip to stop tears from coming down my face.

“Oh my god, where are her and Bradley?” Megan asked.

“Up in the boys’ dorm. Dom’s a wreck and Bradley is just trying to stay strong.”

Over the next few days, Dom’s state didn’t change. She spent all her time sitting on Bradley’s bed, not talking to anyone (including me and Bradley), and just eating and not going to her lesson or anything.

It was the day of the quidditch match so I woke up, showered and went over to the boy’s dorm. I opened the curtains to Bradley’s bed. He was already up and walking around the room getting ready for the game. Dom was sleeping, curled up in a ball.

I hated seeing her like this. So helpless and so sad. I wanted it to all be gone, but it wasn’t going to go away. It was going to be here for a long long time. Maybe the rest of our lives. She didn’t care that she was young, she was so exicted about this baby. We went through lists of baby names. Together we had narrowed it down to Bella or Claire.

“Good morning Dom.” I said softly, even though she was asleep. Slowly, I closed the hangings again and went down to breakfast.

James had us eat as a team, so I sat down next to Hugo and Al. “Morning boys.”

“Morning little A.” They said together even though I was older then them. I was older then all my friends, but they still called me that. Fuck my life.

“How’s Dom doing?” Al asked.

“Same as always.” I said softly.

No one talked for the rest of breakfast, no one talked walking down to the pitch. I didn’t even think James was going to give a speech,but he did. Because he’s James.

“We have all had a rough few days with everything that has been going on. But right now I think we should all pull together. The seven of us are a team, we have known each other since forever. And we have pulled through so much together. So let’s go out there, let’s go win, let’s go kick Ravenclaws’ arses and lets do this for Dom.” We all smiled and cheered at the end.

It was a really short speech, but it was exactly what all of us needed to hear to be able to win this game. All of us grabbed our brooms and headed for the door. HOLY MOTHER FUCKING NARGLES IT WAS COLD!

My bones felt frozen as I trudged to the middle of the pitch and mounted my broom. “GOOD MORNING HOGWARTS STUDENTS!” Danny’s voice sounded through the microphone. “I’M DANNY HANSEN, BRINGING YOU YOUR COMMENTS ON TODAY’S GAME BETWEEN GRYFFINDOR-” Loud cheers erupted through the pitch. I had forgotten what it felt like to being in the middle of this all. It felt incredible, like nothing could touch you. “And the claws.” He said quitely. The sound of McGongall hitting him on the back of the head sounded across the stadium.


“THEN AS BEATERS, WE HAVE THE STRONG BRADLEY FINNIGAN AND THE GUY THAT ACTS LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD, FRED WEASLEY! AFTER THEM WE HAVE THE YOU-CAN’T-TOUCH-THIS KEEPER, HUGO WEASLEY!” People were cheering as he did his thing. He was really good at it and the students and teachers were all laughing. Expect for McGongall, but she is a bitch, so who cares? “AND FINALLY, WE HAVE THE BEST SEEKER TO BE ON THE GRYFFINDOR TEAM SINCE HARRY FREAKING POTTER HIMSELF, ALBUS POTTER!”Everyone was going crazy as we flew around the pitch, waving to people.

“NOW TO THE RAVENCLAW TEAM. ZANDER VINCENT, KAREN SENDER AND ELIZABETH BOOT AS CHASERS. LYSANDER AND LORCAN SCAMANDER AS BEATERS. TEGAN CHANG AS KEEPER AND LAUREN LOPEZ AS SEEKER.” The Slytherins and the Ravenclaws cheered for them. We could take a couple of claws to problem. Let’s get this shit done.



James and I had spent extra practice getting me to do that move. It’s when you corkscrew across the pitch, slam hard, mid spin and as your still spinning kick the ball into the goal. If it goes in, you basically die a legend. Looks like I’m dying a legend. Cool.

Everyone in the stands was going crazy as I took a victory lap around the pitch. I grinned, it was all so exciting and I loved every second of it.

Three hours later the score was 510-360, Gryffindor was winning. We were all getting tired as the game wore on. Danny had even resorted to talking about our personal lives. I am so going to kill him when the game ends.

“OH MERLIN, IT LOOKS LIKE LAUREN LOPEZ HAS SEEN THE SNITCH AND SHE’S GOING AFTER IT, ALBUS POTTER IS RIGHT BEHIND HER! COME ON AL! LEAVE HER IN THE DUST!” He screamed into the microphone. Everyone stopped as Lauren raced after the snitch, Al on her tail.

I don’t know how, but I knew that Lauren was going to catch that snitch, so I raced forward and threw the ball into the hoop, it sailed through just as Danny cried, “LAUREN LOPEZ HAS CAUGHT THE SNITCH AND THE TWO TEAMS ARE
TIED, BUT WAIT. WHAT WAS THAT, ASPEN POWELLS JUST SCORED, GRYFFINDOR WINS!” My jaw dropped when I realized what had just happened.

The noise was deafening, everyone was screaming they’re fucking heads off and I saw my team mates freaking out and almost jumping off their brooms while I sat on mine stunned.

I heard someone curse loudly and shout, ‘Give me that!’. It was Zander’s voice. Then I heard a loud crack and I felt two huge hard balls smacking into me. One on my stomach, on at the back of my head.

The last thing I remember is falling from my room and someone shouting and crying out to help me. My eyes closed and all I felt right then was intense insane pain. I let out a little moan before I can’t remember anything over.

Author’s Note: Can you say oh my nargles?! I’m so so sorry for the wait and I’m also so so sorry for how short it is. I don’t really have an excuse other than writer’s block. Her are the chapter questions:

How much do you hate me for the wait?

Did you like the Hogsmede part?

What do you think about Dom having a miscarriage?

Favorite quotes?

Again, really really so sorry for the wait and the shortness. Your amazing and I really hope you will give me a review, they’re like food to an author!


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