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Actions Have Consequences by nmegirl
Chapter 55 : My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay
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James’ POV

It was less than a second after Madame Pomfrey invited us in, that I stormed past her into the hospital wing, Jack on my heels. It wasn’t hard locating the bed she was in, the only bed in the room with the curtains drawn around it.

She looked defenceless. Her face was serene, but her sleep was clearly potion related. Cuts and bruises still covered the skin that was visible, but she seemed in better shape than Jack had described to me. I reached for her hand, that was limp like a rag doll’s. The rustle of the curtain told me Jack and Pomfrey had followed me in.

“How is she?” I heard Jack ask behind me. When I turned around, I could see his eyes begging for good news.

“We stopped all the internal bleeding. Healed the cuts as best as we could, but some will take longer than others. All her bones are fixed, and with a few days of rest she should be completely healed.”

“So she’s going to be okay?” I asked, still worried despite the long list of good things Pomfrey had just spouted. Jack didn’t look any more eased than me.

“She will be confused because of the concussion, and still be in a bit of pain, but other than that she’ll be fine after she rests a while longer.” Pomfrey explained with a smile.

I let out a small sigh of relief at that, only for my gut to clench as I asked the next question. “And the baby?” Her smile slipped slightly.

“It’s touch and go I’m afraid.” She replied. “Only time will tell if we did enough to prevent a spontaneous abortion from occurring. I’ll be happy when both have been stable for at least twenty four hours.”

“How long until she wakes up?”

Madame Pomfrey sent me a sympathetic smile. “That’s for her body to decide, Mr Potter. She’s allowed visitors, but keep it to short visits and small groups. No more than four visitors at any given point.”

We thanked her, before turning back to Amy. I drew up a chair next to the bedside, making Jack send me a look of confusion.

“I thought she said short visits?”

“If Pomfrey thinks I’m leaving her bedside while she’s still unconscious, there’s something wrong with her.” I responded, reaching over and brushing Amy’s hair off her face. Jack’s face took on a stubborn expression that must have been similar to my own, and pulled up another chair on the other side. Only the beeps of monitoring spells and Pomfrey walking around the wing filled the silence as we sat there.

“Should one of us go and tell the others that she can have visitors?” Jack asked.

“I’m sure once Aiden has told them all, they’ll be down here like a stampede.”

I wasn’t far off from my prediction. Twenty minutes after we first sat down, the door to the hospital wing banged open, and several running pairs of feet came bursting down the middle of the wing.

“This is a healing atmosphere!” I overheard Madame Pomfrey say sternly to those that had entered. “I would kindly appreciate it if you could please………”

“Where’s Amy?” A voice said that was recognisable as Dom’s.

“She’s resting, which would be a lot easier if……..”

“We need to see if she’s okay!” Rose said next, the desperation clear in her tone. The next voice was easily matched to it’s owner by the actual statement said, rather than sound.

“This is exciting. I’ve never been in here before! Holly, shall we decorate it to make it more colourful? It’s a little dull to be honest.”

“Honestly can you not be normal for a few minutes and keep your daft personality to yourself??” Aiden replied, annoyance obvious.

Al was next, scoffing in the background. “That’s like asking a cat to pretend to be a dog.”

“Don’t be so mean!” I’m sure a little colour would be just what patient’s need. Well done Adam!” Last but not least, I knew we’d never ever be rid of this girl. “I know exactly where Amy hid the paints!”

“Will you be quiet!!” Pomfrey yell whispered, making everybody shut up. “This is a hospital wing! Where people go to get better! Which none of you are helping by yelling loudly and disturbing the peace. Now Amy can only have four visitors at a time, and seeing as Mr Potter and Mr Swann are already in there, I suggest you split into pairs of two and come back in small groups instead of making yourselves a nuisance.”

It was a few more minutes before they all managed to organise themselves and decide who got to see her in which order, but eventually Aiden and Al came around the curtain.

“Hey,” Al nodded to us, as Aiden just stood staring at Amy in dismay. “She any better?”

“She’s come through the worst of it.” I said, leaning forward and grabbing her hand once more. “She’s a fighter.”

Jack stood up from his chair so the youngest Swann could get closer. Aiden held the opposite hand to the one I was, before turning to his brother. “Should I tell Mum?”

Jack nodded stiffly “I’m sorry, I haven’t really left her side long enough to be able to. I should’ve told her.”

“It’s fine, I can do it.” Aiden turned back to her and sighed. “Haven’t left her side, huh? How much of a crappy brother does that make me seem?”

Jack looked like he was having a light bulb moment as he realised what he said. “I didn’t mean to make you feel……..”

“It’s okay.” Aiden shook his head to try and stop Jack from apologising. “I know what you meant.” Aiden kissed Amy on the cheek, before leaving to let his mum know about everything. Al hesitated slightly.

“What about you two?” He said. “No one’s even asked how both of you are handling all of this.” Jack slumped back into the seat he had previously vacated, shrugging.

“We’re fine as long as Amy is.” I answered. Al nodded, and followed Aiden out the bed space.

“So……………” Adam huffed, before sitting back in his chair and whistling. “This is boring, huh?”

I rolled my eyes, where as Jack looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel.

“Well what did you expect? She’s been through a traumatic event, she’s hardly going to be running about and doing cartwheels is she?”

Adam looked at Jack like he was insane. “If that’s what you do for fun, you need to get a bit more creative. I was kind of hoping for a little sing song.”

Holly looked at Adam with no particular expression, but didn’t actually say anything in reply. Whereas me and Jack probably looked like we were taking part in a sponsored silence.

“Sing song?” That boy just didn’t know when to give up. “Anyone?”

“If you’re not going to say something sensible, then don’t talk at all. Stop being weird.” Jack answered, clenching his teeth in annoyance.

“If I’m what you call ‘weird‘,” He accented the inverted commas using his fingers. “Then clearly anything sensible out of my mouth would be ‘weird‘ as well.”

“There’s your answer then.” Jack replied. “Don’t talk at all.”

“Stop arguing.” I said, making everyone else turn in surprise to me. I aimed the next statement at Jack mainly “It’s not good for her to be surrounded by arguing. She can probably feel the bloody tension your clearly giving out.”

Jack agreed, and sat back once more to watch over his little sister. I looked around at Holly. She’s been strangely quiet.

“You okay?” I asked. She looked up from Amy to me.

“She just can’t catch a break can she?” She replied, looking close to tears. I’d never seen this serious side to her. “She doesn’t deserve any of it, what if she doesn’t wake up?”

I was shocked. She was really worried. For the first time, I didn’t see Holly as the random girl who’s in my house, goes to classes with Amy and was most likely suffering from some sort of insanity. I saw her as the girl who must have had something that Amy had seen, and chosen to be best friends with in first year. The girl Amy had stuck with through thick and thin, and who had done the same right back.

I saw why exactly Amy had stayed such close friends with this girl over the years. She had a caring side that not a lot of people saw, and was fiercely loyal to those she did care for.

“She will.” I said directly to her. “Pomfrey says she just needs a bit of time, this has taken a lot out of her.” Holly nodded, a tear running down her face, the same track that all the others had taken.

“And I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you making flour bombs and pelting first years with them, if it makes you feel just that little bit better and takes your mind off everything.”

She laughed like I was joking, but if she was a dog, her ears would have stood straight up in interest at what I just said. “Flour bombs you say? Not a bad idea.”

Wiping away the current tears, she stood up suddenly and walked in the direction of the door. “Come on Adam, you get the flour and I’ll find the victims.” She turned back, mouthed ‘Thank you’ at me, and left.

As Holly was exiting however, Adam seemed to want one more shot at some sort of correspondence with the unconscious body of Amy. Running over to the bed, he started shaking her shoulders, and yelling in her face.


As Jack practically dragged Adam away, he yelled over his shoulder “DON’T GO INTO THE LIGHT!!!” Pulling the curtain back, Jack shoved him out of the area, where Madame Pomfrey was waiting in anger. She obviously wasn’t happy with his shouting.

Rose and Dom were both in a state. Any time they tried to get words out, they ending up losing them to sobs and hysterics.

“Who would do this to her?” Rose eventually managed to say, choking back the tears.

“We were wondering the same thing.” Jack replied, slumped in his chair.

I sat forward in my chair just a little bit more. “Look girls, do you have any clue who might’ve done this? We can’t just sit here and let them get away with it.”

The girls were shaking their heads, until Dom had a look of realisation on her face before she covered it up.

“What was that?” I jumped at even the slightest chance that they knew.

Dom tried to look aloof. “What was what?”

“That look you just had on your face.” I replied flatly. “Do you know?”

“What? No! Of course I don’t.” She giggled nervously.

Jack suddenly came alive. “If you know then you have to tell us. We have to do something about this Dom. Why would you be protecting someone like that?”

“I’m not protecting him!” She yelled back clearly upset, before shutting her mouth quickly, realising she’d let that slip.

“Look,” She started again, calmly. “I have no idea who pushed her down the stairs, only suspicions. But I can’t tell you those suspicions, because Amy told me that I wasn’t to tell you about it and worry you.”

“I think the situation has changed a little bit since that conversation.” I said, bemused. “I think Amy would want……”

“Wait for her to wake up, and tell you herself.” Dom answered, but before I could question her any more, Madame Pomfrey came in to usher everyone out.

“Everyone needs to leave now, it’s too late for social hours, I’ve surprised even myself by letting you stay this long.”

The girls stood and left immediately, but me and Jack just sat their defiantly, refusing to move.

“Boys! I’ve told you before, you can’t stay here. Only short visits allowed.”

“We’re staying until she wakes up.” Jack said, not even acknowledging any her rules. She shook her head, and stormed off to her office, mumbling all the way.

I laughed. “You realise that after the Slytherin match, you and me are going to be the last people she heals.”

“Pain makes me stronger.” He smirked, making me laugh more.

It wasn’t long until someone else entered the bed space. This time, not a student.

Professor McGonagall had no expression on her face. She nodded to Pomfrey, who was flitting between caring for Amy and sending death glares at me and Jack, and then turned to me.

“I know this must be an unfortunate time given the circumstances, but might I ask for just a minute of your time Mr Potter.”

Now normally I’m not the kind of person that would deny McGonagall anything. She was the type of woman you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. Stern, strict, especially on the rule of being in your common room before curfew. And even I tried not to pull anything so bad that I lost a large amount of Gryffindor points in one go. McGonagall is a big Gryffindor supporter even if she shouldn’t be as headmistress.

But in this one instance, I was reluctant to leave Amy’s side.

“Right this moment professor? Can't it wait until Amy has woken up?”

Her lips went thinner than I’d ever seen them. “I’m afraid not Mr Potter. I won’t keep you long, and I’m sure Mr Swann is quite capable of bed sitting while you’re gone. I‘m sure Poppy wouldn‘t mind lending us a room in which we can talk, so you won‘t have to go far.”

The woman in question nodded to McGonagall, before turning back to her patient. I grudgingly stood up and followed the headmistress into Pomfrey’s office.

“Sit down Mr Potter.” I did as she asked, not once looking away as she walked around to the other side of the Healer’s desk. “Before I begin, I will need to ask you some questions before diving in to the topic of the conversation.”

“Go for it.”

She once again tightened her lips at being told to ‘go for it’. Nonetheless she apparently decided to let it slide. “For the purposes of documentation, I will need you to confirm that Miss Swann is in fact pregnant.”

“She is.” I nodded, refusing to look away. Me and Amy had been expecting this conversation with McGonagall to happen before the birth at some point. I just never thought I would be having the conversation alone.

“How far along?”

I mentally calculated quickly. “About thirty three weeks.”

“And you are the father?”


She sighed, finishing writing everything down, before turning back to me. “I know that the condition of the baby in question cannot be confirmed until a period of at least twenty four hours has past, and a Qualified Midwifery Healer has done a check up, but the details of the baby’s imminent arrival need to be determined nonetheless. You can understand the difficulty you have put this school in when it comes to accommodating this new revelation. What with Miss Swann’s education, and the location of where this baby will reside after the birth, this is a very delicate matter.”

“We have a basic plan professor.” I tried to explain, while making sure to show McGonagall that serious thought had gone into it. “I finish school at the end of June. The baby is due late May. There’s only a month in between and then I can have the baby stay with me.”

“But it’s that month that causes trouble Mr Potter. I’m afraid that a baby is not permitted to stay at Hogwarts, we have neither the rooms nor the facilities to accommodate one. Nonetheless, Miss Swann will be allowed to return after the birth and complete her education, if she deems that acceptable.”

“I’m sure either my parent’s or Amy’s will look after the baby during that space of time. But we‘d like to be able to go home as often as we‘d like.” I answered, trying to work around the kinks in our plan. “And Amy said she’d definitely want to finish Hogwarts.”

McGonagall nodded. “Your plan is acceptable, however I have a few suggestions you might like to consider. Miss Swann is a student who gets mostly O’s and E’s. I’m sure she could cope with the workload at home if it was sent to her by owl. For the duration between birth and sixth year exams, she could stay at home with the baby, and still continue with work. The last few weeks are mostly revision sessions after all, and she can send her practice tests and homework back by owl as well.”

“What about her exams?” I asked.

“She will return to sit them with the other students.”

“It sounds like a good idea professor, but I think we should wait until Amy wakes up before setting anything in stone.” It was Amy’s life after all that we were planning.

“You may return to Miss Swann now.” She said, jotting a few more notes down. “I hope that the baby manages to pull through and her condition improves.”

“Thank you professor.” I said, standing up and making my way to the door.

“Oh and Mr Potter? My congratulations to both you and Miss Swann.”

The night dragged. We took it in turns to doze off so that if she woke up one of us would be awake to be there, but neither of us could sleep for long. It was exhausting, but neither of us were prepared to leave. Once or twice, Amy’s arm would twitch or her face would screw up in what looked like pain. We would both come alive in a second, moving closer, grabbing her hand, speaking to her. But she’d settle back into a motionless, expressionless state, and we’d move back to our seats and doze once more.

“I’m sorry.”

I swung my attention away from Amy, to where Jack was eyeing the floor intently.


He looked at me with a warning look. “Don’t make me say it again. I don’t do apologies. You’re lucky you got that one from me.”

“No I just…….explain please.” I replied, confused.

He rolled his eyes. “For making it hard for you both. But you have to see it from my point of view.” I just raised my eyebrows, as a sign to continue. “It’s hard to leave the overprotective jackass older brother behind when your sister is even <i>dating<i>, never mind getting with someone you thought would look out for her just as much as you do. So…….what I said first.”

I smiled, looking back to Amy. “I’d be the same with Lily. I understand where you’re coming from.”

He nodded in recognition, before leaning back and closing his eyes. I broke the silence. “What you said first…..from me as well.”

Jack popped one of his eyes open to look at me. “You’re apologising as well?”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I shouldn’t have started a relationship with your sister, that’s not what brothers do.” I paused. “But I’m not sorry that I did, and I’m not sorry that I fell in love with her.”

He grinned a little. “Wouldn’t be friends with you again if you were.”

I shook my head and smiled, gazing back at the ceiling. Jack caught my attention. “Not that this isn’t moving and all, but I think we should take a break from this bro fest.”

I smirked. “Is there too much bonding floating around the room for you Jack?”

“Well yes, but that’s not the reason.” He answered. “Amy’s waking up.”

A/N: I am sooooooooo sorry for how long this chapter took. I know that it’s no excuse, but my course just doesn’t let up at all. I don’t even officially finish the year until august :s

And I also apologise for the shortness of this chapter. But there is only so much you can write from one person’s point of view if they stay in the same place the whole time, and I really wanted to start the next chapter from the point of view of Amy.

Next chapter will be longer I promise. And posted a hell of a lot sooner I swear.

Also to apologise, I’m thinking next chapter they might start talking names :D I shall be researching for a decent name, so any suggestions will be great. If I decide on a name that you mention, I will personally mention you in my next author’s note. I need a first name and a middle name to go with the surname Potter. They can be original names, or named after someone in the Potter/Weasley/Swann family. Whatever you think.

You definitely all deserve the next preview. A longer one than normal for waiting.

Pain. And Darkness. Not exactly two of the best situations to find yourself in.

I heard voices on and off. It was incredibly confusing. Was I imagining them? Or were they really there? I had no control over my body, no matter how much I wanted to scream out to someone.

And I was forgetting something. The darkness was pressing in on me, making me feel unconnected to the real world. It was uncomfortable, and something was creating a nagging feeling deep inside.

‘Minerva, thanks for coming. I’ve done the scans I need and found several bleeding points, but something is really confusing me. There’s a significant bleed in the abdomen that I just can’t locate.’

‘Well I’m here to help in any way I can Poppy. Filius is also on his way, I sent an urgent message to him explaining the situation.’

Well that’s nice, I thought, allowing the darkness to enclose me slightly. Whoever’s abdomen is bleeding, I’m sure this Minerva and Poppy will help them. They seem like they know what they’re doing.

The darkness was less daunting the more I found myself in it. I mean, if you can get over the fact that everything is in fact dark, then it’s a quite relaxing. I could let myself just fall asleep for a little bit…..

‘Her blood pressure and heart rate are both falling. I need to find this bleed before she goes into shock and then cardiac arrest. I’ve managed to stop the haemorrhaging I’ve found Minerva, but she’s still bleeding from an unknown point. Oh good Filius, you’re here. Could you charm the bones to heal while I find this bleed?’

Sounds serious, I thought.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with this story. Once again, so sorry.


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