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Don't You Remember by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 15 : Till I Collapse
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“Lauren?” Kelly knocked on Hugo’s door. “Are you here?”

“Where else could I be?” Lauren muttered bitterly, as she sipped her coffee. “My flat has burned down to the ground yesterday remember?”

Kelly’s small forehead creased. “I came to check on you.”

“No,” Lauren corrected her harshly, “Wrong. You came to make sure I’m not a crying, weeping mess.”

“Lauren-“ Kelly started sitting down next to her.

“No.” She cut her off, standing up and moving away from her. “My boyfriend has been a mess. He’s been trying to hide the fact that he cries himself to sleep, but that’s a little hard to do since I’ve had to sleep here.”

Kelly sighed, her brown eyes cringing in concern. “You know you can-“

“Stay with you?” Lauren finished for her, her voice laced with anger. “Are you serious? Are you completely out of your mind? Do you think I really want to spend time with you and your fiancée? So you can be all lovey dovey together?” She crossed her arms. “I think I’ll pass.”

“What is the matter with you?”

“Are you kidding me?! My best friend was just burned alive, and I was supposed to be there! She knew that!” Furious tears rolled down Lauren’s face, as she ripped the note out of her jacket. “She sent me this! Posing as Hugo to get me away from the flat! She knew what was going to happen Kelly! Rose, knew exactly what was going to happen and she sacrificed herself!”


Lauren couldn’t control her anger. She grabbed the cup she’d been drinking and threw it with all of her strength against the opposite wall. The remaining coffee stained the wall and the cup shattered apart.


“I’m so mad at her!” Lauren cried falling to the floor, her blonde hair falling out of the tight ponytail it had been in. “Why did she do it?! How could she do this?!”


In the years that Kelly had been friends with Lauren she had never seen her lose it. Not when her mother died. Not when she found out her first boyfriend was cheating on her. Kelly was always the emotional one. Rose would always comfort her and tell her not to get so worked up about whatever test it was. Lauren stayed as far away from caring as she could, but the one person who had broken through that completely was Rose.


Kelly lowered herself down to the floor and carefully wrapped her arms around Lauren as her own eyes filled with tears.


“She wanted to protect you.” Kelly told her as she rubbed her back. “She loved you and she wanted you to be okay. She knew she wasn’t going to be.”

“How are you okay?” Lauren croaked.

Kelly frowned. “I’m not okay. I’m holding on, because I know that’s what she would want me to do.”

“How the hell could you know that?”

“Something she said to me the last time I saw her.” Kelly told her, but then she turned the conversation. “Are you going to the ministry dinner tonight?”

Lauren shook her head and bit her lip. “Yeah I have to.”

“Well then, why don’t we get you cleaned up and get dressed? Okay?”

Lauren sighed, her blue eyes tensed. “I have nothing to wear.”

“Are you going with Hugo?”

“I don’t know…He’s been with his family all day.”

“Well then you’re going with me.” Kelly told her with a smile.

Lauren asked, “What about-?”

“You are my best friend, and we will get through this together. My fiancée will survive one night with out me. Now why don’t we go get something for you to wear?”


In one swift movement, she pulled Kelly into her arms for a hug, something she had never done before. And then she cried onto the much smaller girl until she was all cried out.


Adjusting his dress robes, James’s eyes filled with tears. For the past forty-eight hours he’d been pushing his grief down, and refusing to deal with it. At first he thought it would be simpler to just cry out what he was feeling, but then he realized if he started he wasn’t sure he’d stop. And considering Hugo had no one left but his mother James felt it was his duty as his older cousin to keep it together for him.


Hugo sat on James’s bed already fully dressed, his curly brown hair desperately needed a haircut, but otherwise he didn’t look any different. The color of his brown eyes is matched his mothers perfectly, he was the same size and stature that his father had been. In the process of growing up Hugo had morphed into more of a mix of his parents. He worried like his mother, had her logical mind, but he had his father’s unwavering sense of loyalty and commitment. But right now that man was lost. He didn’t know what to do from one minute to the next. He felt seasick, constantly swayed from side to side, completely unable to get his bearings and stabilized.


“I can’t believe we have to go to this tonight.” James muttered under his breath as he flustered with his tie.

Hugo nodded, frowning in the silence of the room.

Steps echoed and James looked up as his father walked in already fully dressed. “Hey dad.”

“Hey boys. Have you seen your brother anywhere?”

James face tightened as a scowl worked its way on his face. “No. I haven’t.” He replied shortly.

“When was the last time you saw him?”


Harry frowned at his eldest son and sat down next to his nephew. “James, you might want to check on him-“

“Why?” He cut him off. “I’m sure he’s just sulking in his flat being too selfish realize other people loved Rose as much as he did.”

His fathers voice became pained as he wiped his exhausted face. “James. Can we please just get through tonight? I understand you are mad at your brother for not being around, but he’s dealing with his grief in a different way. Either way he’s your brother.”

“Believe me,” James said darkly as he put his wallet and wand into his pocket. “That’s been made more than apparent.”


“Can we just go?” James snapped, in a harsh tone that wasn’t like him.


Harry wanted to scold his son and make him see how in times like these it was important to stay together. But he didn’t have the energy to lecture him. If they could just make it through tonight then they could grieve properly without any of this lingering build up of emotion following it. But for once Harry Potter wasn’t sure what to do to keep his broken family together. So he nodded at his son and left with them feeling disappointed and a little lost. It would have seemed odd to him when he was his son’s age that he wouldn’t have it all figured out in his fifties, but you’re never to old to be lost.


“shitshitshitshitshitshitshit.” Rose breathed under her breath as she looked in the mirror and saw her baby cousins face reflected back at her.

“Breathe Rosie,” Albus put his hands on her shoulder reassuringly as she put make up on her face.

“I’m just…” She bit her lip. “What if they see through me? What if they figure out I’m not Lily?”

Albus wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “You’ve known her your whole life. You can do this.”

“Just make sure to keep your parents away from me.” She gulped as she finished her make up and fixed her dress. “If anyone will know the difference it will be Aunt Ginny.”

“You can do this.” He offered Rose his arm, “Come on. We’re gonna be late.”



Rose and Albus walked out into Teddy and Victoire’s living room. Teddy was waiting on his couch with an unconscious Roxanne sleeping next to him. His light brown hair stuck up slightly in the back and his face was unshaven from the weeks away from his wife and children. They really couldn’t have found a more cooperative coconspirator than Teddy.


“We’ll leave her here. Put a protection charm over her.” Rose declared in Lily’s high-pitched voice.

“Your mother is in charge of keeping my parents out of the way right?” Albus checked nervously as he rolled back and forth on his heels.

Rose nodded. “She has it under control.”

“Then we’re good to go.” Teddy announced after he finished putting the protective charm over Roxanne.


Teddy let out a low breath and closed his eyes. His body changed first, his six foot three inch body shrug and became less muscular and more feminine. Within seconds, his hair was dark black, his tan skin had turned caramel and he jet black eyes. Rose had seen Teddy transform before, but it was different seeing him become someone she knew. Even though she was in someone else’s body it still freaked her out to see Roxanne clearly in front of her and Roxanne past out on the couch. It was surreal and really confusing.


Albus felt the same. He shook his head and let out a breath. “This is weird.”

“But necessary.” Teddy said in Roxanne’s slow voice. “Al, take the real Roxanne upstairs, and then we’re off.”

Rose nodded.


Her whole body was shaking with a mixture of excitement and unbelievable fear, which all came from the unnatural amount of adrenaline pumping through her borrowed body. She could do this. Rose could walk like Lily. Rose could talk like Lily. For the time needed she would even be Lily and when the time came she would end this.


Lily had smaller bones, longer ligaments, and much thinner hair then I did, but the hardest part of being Lily wasn’t the physical aspect, it was her presence. Lily for the 22 years she’d roamed the earth had this intense above-it-all presence that was something seen not something that could replicated, but Rose did her absolute best to do so.


“Ticket?” A ministry security guard that she saw every day for years asked her.


Rose sucked up all of her strength and handed it to him nonchalantly like she didn’t know the names of his children or what kind of food his wife cooked best. Then she went a step farther and forced herself into becoming Lily. She didn’t have the time to hesitate. This was the time to buck up and go all out. As soon as they walked into the ballroom, she set her face and let go of Rose, and fully embraced being Lily.


One of the guards smiled to his partner, “Smoke break?”

The older guard checked his watch and sighed. “Fine, but be quick about it. We are the only ones covering this side and security is tight tonight.”

“I understand Truman,” Johnny rolled his eyes.        


Johnny walked out the back door, with his wand loosely in his pocket as he tried to open his cigarettes. As he struggled with a pack, a man walked around the corner. The man lead with his chest, his short black hair, almost pure black eyes stood out against his almost translucently pale skin.


“Excuse me?”

“Shit mate! You scared the shit out of me.” Johnny put a hand to his chest and let out a relieved breath.

“Well,” The man began before whipping on his wand and immobilizing the guard. “That’s unfortunate.”


Six males, and two females came up behind him. Turning, he eyed them all with a victorious smirk. He looked at the guys; Russell Avery, Thomas Nott, Timothy Rosier, Alexander Wilkes, Ralph and David Carrow and raised his head a little higher.


“Wilkes, you take this sods spot to keep an ear out for the security.” The man spoke clearly, his cold voice making the humid June air simmer. “Carrows, you are on the borders of the party, you stay alerted to all the Auror’s on patrol. When I give the signal I want you to take them all out quickly and swiftly. We won’t have long to get the hostages up on stage and have them isolated. So you work fast.”


The three men left as instructed leaving Rosier, Nott and Avery. “You three better not fail.” His voice constricted darkly, “Rosier you shadow James Potter, and you grab him at eight thirty. Nott you grab Roxanne Weasley at eight fifty. Then at nine o’clock Avery you grab Lily Potter. Avery you have to make sure you make her disappearance flaw-less. Threaten her family, make sure she goes quietly; she’s the biggest part to this plan. They need to watch her die. Understand?”


The three men nodded in unison and left like the three before them, leaving him with the girls.


“Who do we get?” A blonde woman asked coyly as she leaned against the brick wall.

“Brooke,” He began, gesturing to the bored looking brunette. “First you are in charge of de-habilitating any person that may be a threat. Dance with them, slip something in their drink and then leave before you leave a lasting impression. After that you are in charge of keeping our guests …entertained.”

Brooke Nott shrugged, “How beat up do you want them?”

“Enough to make a impact, but they have to be breathing Brooke.” He told her sternly. “So just wait by the Carrows until you see Rosier grab James Potter.”


Brooke swished her long dark hair over her shoulder and saluted him mockingly before disappearing.


“Well that just leaves me.” The blonde woman smirked.

“Rachel,” He breathed with amusement at the sound of her name. “You are in charge of grabbing the last hostage.”

She raised her hands feigning excitement. “What’s the catch?”

“By that point people will begin to notice that they are missing so you will have to use persuasive means to get him away from the crowd.”

“I see, and what are you going to do Nick?”

Nicolas Yaxley sneered. “I am going to wait till all of you have finished your work, and then I will become the host.”

“Revenge of the Death Eaters?” She smiled angling her body towards his.



Albus licked his lips and reached for a glass of wine. He needed some liquid courage to hide the unnatural anxiety growing in his chest. As Auror’s Teddy and Rose were used to dangerous situations, they breathed live or death scenarios everyday. Albus just wrote about them as a impartial bystander, this was completely out of his element. Once Rose let go of her fear and committed to acting like his little sister he began to silently panic. What if this all went to hell?


He looked from his intelligent, brillant Aunt Hermione, to his own mother in unyielding terror. At the table was Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Teddy-Roxanne, Rose-Lily, James, Hugo, Uncle George and Albus. Albus was sandwiched between Rose-Lily, which was the only way he could remember who she was, and James. The longer the night went on the worse Albus felt. They had to do this, but the fucked up part was no matter what they did there wasn’t a single thing they could do to promise that anyone at their table was safe and that killed him.


Across the room he saw a few familiar faces, Rose’s friends Lauren and Kelly were sitting a few tables over. Hugo looked over a few times but he never moved from his mother’s side. At first Albus thought his cousin was just trying to be supportive, but after awhile it seemed like Hugo was the one that needed to be supported. His girlfriend Lauren looked over a few times too, but after awhile she would just get this dejected look on her face and talk to Rose’s friend Kelly.


In the back of his mind he thought of what Rose had said the day before about love and he couldn’t help but wonder if anyone really ever fell in love or if they all crashed into it. Albus was there the first night Hugo talked to Lauren, they had run into her and invited her and Kelly to sit with them. After an hour or two Albus felt bored, Kelly was nice, but they had next to nothing in common. When he was about to lean over and ask if Hugo wanted to leave he stopped, because Hugo was completely in his own little world with Lauren.


Albus had seen couples in love. His parent’s, his grandparents, hell even his cousins, but he never understood it until he saw Rose and Scorpius. Hugo and Lauren were obviously having problems, but Albus couldn’t quite say whether they were a lasting couple anyway. They had a hit or miss quality to them that could honestly work out either way. It was twisted, but after what he did to Rose years ago he began to see that it could be more than that.


She was in dungeon, remote, unclean for hours. Worrying about her family, worrying about her friends, but above all worrying about Scorpius, a man who should by all merits be long gone, and should have stopped caring about her welfare years ago. At first he thought that he was just going to fuck her and leave her broken hearted like most guys their age would have, but there was something different about them. They had something that seemed to be able to with stand anything. It was so indestructible, but perhaps it was because the most unexpected relationships last the longest.


Looking at Malfoy across the room Albus knew he didn’t want to be here, but he was here anyway. But was weirder to Albus was that he knew that Malfoy was hurting. It wasn’t obvious. If he hadn’t been born adamantly observant he wouldn’t have the slightest clue. But he was, and he saw that Malfoy was being ripped from the seams. And Albus knew without a hesitation of a doubt that it was because of Rose, which seemed odd to him since he had never had a civil conversation with the man in his life. Then again, maybe he just knew his cousin so well that he knew him by association.


Albus checked his watch and saw now would be the opportune time for a bathroom break. On the way there he kept his emerald eyes peeled for signs of movement. So far it was a regular ministry event, boring with idle mingling and chitchat and a few people dancing to the off tempo music. When he was finished washing his hands, he dried them off and left to go back to the ballroom. He almost made it back in when he saw Rachel. She winked at him from across the room; her plunging neckline startled him slightly. But he didn’t get the chance to respond, because at that moment Scorpius Malfoy came out of nowhere.


Scorpius flew at him, he grabbed Albus by his collar and pinned him against the wall behind him. Bruising Albus’s spine as he was thrusted vigorously against the wall, his grey eyes were alive with rage. Albus scrambled for his wand, but Scorpius caught his arm.


“Listen you little worm.” Scorpius growled as he glared loathingly into Albus’s green eyes. “I know she’s alive, and I know you have something to do with it.”

“Let me go Malfoy.” Albus spat, “You don’t want to start this fight.”

“Oh I don’t?” Scorpius sneered. “Because I really think I do.”

Albus eyed him, as Scorpius’s grip tightened. “Malfoy, I’m going to say this one more time. Let-me-go.

“Hey!” Rose shouted pushing Scorpius off Albus. “What the hell is wrong with you two?! You are both adults! We are at a charity auction!”


Albus let out an unnoticeable sigh of relief at Rose. She had perfect timing and was the only one who would be able to subdue Scorpius.


All day Scorpius had been planning what to do. He knew Albus was involved, he felt it with every fiber of his being. And as soon as he saw his opening he went for it. No one was going to stop him. Not even Lily Potter.


Scorpius was about to open his mouth to tell her to mind her own business, but when his eyes caught onto her he hesitated. Her words were something he knew Lily Potter would say. He had spent enough time with her over the years to know what she would say in a situation like this. And if he hadn’t looked at her he might have never noticed the slight difference, but he did. And when he did he recognized that something was off with her speech pattern. The words were right, but the way she said it wasn’t right. It was familiar though, and that caught him off guard. He’d been walking a tight rope of rage for the past eight hours, and then with one look at Lily he forgot it all.


“What the hell…?” He whispered eyeing her suspiciously.

“What Malfoy?” She scoffed, “Why don’t you be a friend and step away from my brother?”

Scorpius released Albus, but continued looking at Lily.

Lily pointed at Albus threateningly. “You get inside and stop it. And Malfoy-“


She paused, her heart rate escalating as her breath catching in her throat as she saw the way he was looking at her. Rose Weasley had been looked at by Scorpius Malfoy like this many time, but Lily Potter had not. And even though she really wasn’t Lily, Rose still felt completely unnerved at why he was looking at her like this now. There was no way he could know, but somehow Rose could see that he suspected something. Rose would rather just walk away and pretend he saw nothing. But Lily wasn’t the type to walk away. She was the type to confront, so Rose had to.


“Malfoy why are you looking at me like that?!” She snapped. “I get that you’re upset over Rose, but there is no reas-“

Scorpius snapped out of it, and shook his head. His heart digging with blades of agony. “Don’tDon’t say her name.

Rose felt a tug at her gut and she couldn’t help the rush of guilt. “I’m just saying you shouldn’t try to start a fight. Just go inside, and calm down.”

“How can you be so calm?” He spat, “She’s dead. Rose is dead, and you’re standing here telling me to get over it. Did she mean anything to you? Or do you know something? Do you know he’s guilty just like I do and that she’s a-”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” She breathed before roughly slapping him hard. “She was my cousin and best friend. Don’t talk like that.”


Then before Rose could break her cover, she strutted away like Lily would have, with her head held high and her hips swaying in the air.


“Nice save.” Albus muttered to her once she sat down. “I thought he was going to put me through the wall.”

She nodded, but she was still worried. “For a second I thought he might have known…”

“Known?...” Albus’s eyes popped in recognition. “But how could he?”

“I don’t know!” She whispered in a low voice. “But we need to keep an eye on him or he might throw all of this to hell!”

Releasing a slow breath, Albus shifted in his dress robes. “This is going to be a bitch isn’t it?”

“Yep.” She answered taking a swig of her wine.

“Should you be-?”

“Lily would,” Rose shrugged, as she made sure she held her glass like Lily did.


Rose watched each one of them get taken and did absolutely nothing about it. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but at this point she knew she wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway. She danced with some who asked and rejected some who seemed too eager. After what seemed like forever, someone grabbed her from behind as she headed for the bathroom. She thrashed and fought the man’s grip but she didn’t use her full strength, because she expected it to happen and because Lily wouldn’t have been as strong as she was.


When the blindfold was pulled off, she was standing in the middle of the room with a wand to her throat. Glancing over, Rose saw that Roxanne and James were in the exact same predicament. The difference was that James had a trail of blood running from his gashed cheekbone to his chin. It was clear by their injuries that they had taken turns on them. When it was Roses’s turn she got it the worst. They clearly were trying to make an important statement with Rose’s bruises. Everyone else was beaten, but they made sure she was completely and totally broken. The years of training came in handy, but it barely mattered, because in the end she really did need to be picked up off the floor.


When I opened my eyes, I felt a numbing pain all over, a kind of pain I had only felt once in my life. There were little spikes of piercing, skin seizing pain, but then it would stop and all I would feel was cold. Really, really cold. It took me a few seconds to process that I was on the floor; it took me even longer to realize I was lying in a pool of my own blood. My jaw was fractured, I could tell because not only could I not shut my mouth but also I couldn’t open it very wide. It was stiff and tender like it had been rammed with a freight train. I probably had more injuries, but I wouldn’t let myself go there. If I tried to think of my injuries then I might start to feel them or worse I might start to panic.


‘Okay,’ I told myself as I tried to slow down my ragged breathing and try to see where I was. Across the room Albus was slumped on the floor, barely conscious. ‘Okay,’ I said again, getting my bearings. I was still in Lily’s body; I could see that body just the shape of my arms. But I couldn’t hear anything. It was the most terrifying moment, but thankfully it didn’t last. It was only a few seconds, a heartbeat or two of horrifying silence. My heart exploded with unimaginable fear at the thought that I had lost my hearing, but then it all came rushing back and I almost wished I never had gotten it back.


“AHHHHHHH!” Albus screamed, his body squirming under the torture of a cruciatus curse.


My eyes burned with tears, as I flipped myself onto my side. Albus and I were the only ones conscious. James was unconscious on the floor, Hugo was slung up onto the wall and Teddy-Roxanne was passed out right next to him. It must have almost been time to go, because there was a man standing right next to me about to pick me up.


“Take the girl in last.” A familiar voice snapped, from somewhere in the room. My body tensed and I couldn’t control my reaction. Vomit came out of me before I could even consider stopping. I retched until there was nothing left in my stomach and almost nothing left in me at all. My head pounded as I coiled up in a pitiful ball.


“She’s a weak little thing.” The man above me commented to no one, his voice was soft, almost sympathetic voice.

“Alright,” The voice sounded again. “Take her, everyone else is in position.”


First he cleaned the vomit off of me, and then he scooped me up and carried me. For awhile I forgot where I was, who I was and what I was doing.


I said in the smallest voice, “Where am I going?”

The man seemed to hesitate before he got a grip on himself. “To the ballroom.”

“Are you going to kill me?” I whispered weakly.


He jostled me in his arms, I guess even Lily’s small body was heavier than he was used to carrying. I considered going to sleep. I was so tired and he already said he was going to kill me anyway. Why not just end it now?


We moved into the ballroom and I could tell we were invisible though I didn’t see the man put the charm on. All the guests were drinking and eating, but the night was about to start winding down. All of the alcohol was almost gone and already some people had left. My family hadn’t though. Though I only glanced at them for a second I saw they were worried. I didn’t know why. I was in so much pain I was completely numb. The thought that would connect their anxiety to me was broken.

The man laid me down on the floor, he grabbed his wand and pointed it at me, but I could tell he wasn’t really worried about me. He thought I was far too weak to fight back, and for a few minutes I agreed with him. I was just a little girl who just needed some rest.

All of the people with hostages wore Death Eater masks and robes, it made goosebumps arise on my arms, but I didn’t feel them grow. I felt nothing. I just wanted sleep, but when I tried to close my eyes the man nudged me awake. They wanted them to see the lights leave my eyes for some reason. Why didn’t they just end it now?


There was a barely visible temporary barrier separating us from the rest of the event. But it didn’t take long for them to notice there was a problem. A man ran into it with his drink and spilled it all over himself. Soon others were testing it, as they did, the death eaters secured the room. Then with a blinding flash of bright light, we all became visible. I saw my uncle standing on the other side, furious. His green eyes were a lit with a rage I’d never seen before. Not even when Albus and I were six and had flown off in the middle of the night on his and Aunt Ginny’s brooms.


“What do you expect to gain from this?” He asked the only man without a hostage, the man I knew. “Do you think you will walk away from this?”

The man chuckled, a dry snickering chuckle.


In that second I snapped back into place. Everything was distorted and blurry before, but now it all was clearly with vivid colors. My hearing became perfect as I heard the screams of the guests as they saw the state we hostages were in. Aunt Ginny panicked the most when she saw me, but that’s when I realized I wasn’t Lily, I was Rose Weasley and I had a mission.


My hands weren’t bound; the man that was in charge of me hadn’t bothered. He didn’t think I would be any trouble and a second earlier he was right, but not now. A violent tidal wave of adrenaline silenced any pain I was feeling and I pulled the strength out of me to kick my brain into thinking.


The man I now recognized. He was the one who took me. I never saw his face, but now I knew exactly who he was from old newspaper clippings. His name was Nicolas Yaxley, his father had been rotting away in Azkaban for the past thirty-five years. Now I understood. He wanted to finished what his father started and get justice for a father he never got a chance to know, because of my family. My father and I were supposed to be the first stand, but I got away and killed one of his guards to do so. He wanted my family gone but he wanted me to feel it because I messed up his original plan and made him wait. This was his last stand to make everyone see that Death Eaters will never be gone. Unfortunately, like his first stand, he underestimated the lengths I’ll go through to survive.


“You will watch your children die painfully and you will be able to do absolutely nothing.” His voice was like a sharp dagger to the crowd. “If any of you tries to stop us we will simply kill them faster and kill quite a few of you.”


Moving to the edge of the barrier, that I knew the Auror’s would have down in a half hour if they weren’t being held at wandpoint, Yaxley looked right at Scorpius. “Rough deal blood traitor that your little dirty blooded girlfriend had to die. But take that as a small token of what’s coming for you. We haven’t forgotten what role your family played Malfoy.”

Scorpius’s face went purely white with rage as he moved as physically close to the barrier as he could get. His voice was angrier than I’d ever heard it. “You sick son of a bitch-“

“Don’t.” His father whispered, putting a hand on his son’s shoulder and facing Yaxley himself. “If you threaten my family you will get hell for it.”

Nicolas smirked, looking extraordinarily like his father. “Then hell I shall receive.” He let out a breath and then moved to lock eyes with my Uncle specifically. “Your daughter will die first.”

“No!” Aunt Ginny cried out, but no one acknowledged her outburst or tears. My mother just held her as tears ran down her own face.


The man that was holding me grabbed me and took me to the center of the room. I knew he would not know I wasn’t Lily. He would assume that I would be naïve enough to go home and not realize he wired the whole thing to explode. He would assume I would not see any of this coming, that I couldn’t have possibly been prepared.

I was dropped in front of Nicolas; his eyes looked down at me and smirked. “So young. So stupid. You thought you were safe here didn’t you? You believed since you were Lily Potter you’d be safe because of your family? Well none of you will ever be safe.”

“Fuck you.” I spat, in Lily’s voice my eyes full of the deepest loathing.

“I see you have your cousins fire. I tortured her for weeks and she never caved…but you don’t have as much time. And I believe if I hit you enough I won’t need to use a killing curse. I wouldn’t want to make my predecessors mistake and believe that you will bend to the killing curse.”


I licked the blood of my lips, but found that I didn’t have enough strength to say anything. I needed to save what little I had left for what was coming next. On my knees I could already feel by body swaying from the strain of my own weight.


His mouth opened and he said something, but I didn’t hear it. My body was lifted and then forced through the wall behind me. The pieces of the wall that had fallen on me fell on me puncturing my lung. I gasped as I knew my lungs began to fill with blood. My eyes grew wide as I discovered that soon I would be dead.

But I wasn’t. Rachel walked over to me, I knew it was her by her hair. She lowered herself down to me and wordlessly fixed my lungs. I was shocked. Not at her actions, but by the fact that she knew exactly how to fix my lungs without even examining them. She then flicked her wand again and emptied the blood from my lungs. I wasn’t fixed, I still had a long list of problems wrong with me, but I could survive the other injuries. Her cool eyes focused on me and she smiled. I faked one last shuttering breath and then I stopped moving.


“Is she still alive?” Nicolas asked in a slightly strained tone.


I stayed perfectly still, which was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My body was burning raw with jagged agony from my various wounds, but I didn’t even flutter an eyelash. Blonde hair brushed my face, and two fingers pressed against my throat. She could feel I was struggling, that I was weak, but still alive.


“Wait one minute before crawling out.” Rachel whispered in a barely audible voice, before rising and proclaiming. “She’s dead.”


A sob echoed through the hall, but other than that there was complete and total silence. Beads of blood and sweat rolled down my face, but I didn’t dare move a single muscle. I waited exactly one minute, and then as all hell broke loose in the room in front of me I heaved the rocks off of me and dragged myself across the floor.



Authors Note:


Till I Collapse By: Eninem is the song in the title and the summary. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS REVIEWED! You people are my favorite people in the world. THANK YOU ALSO FOR READING! I appreciate it more than any of you could ever possibly know! PLEASE REVIEW!


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