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My Pride and Joy by missclaire17
Chapter 1 : Orion's Reflections
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Orion heard the slamming of the front door and he knew Sirius was gone forever.

Walburga was screaming incessantly and he heard a loud explosion. No doubt she had just blasted Sirius off the family tree.

Truth be told, Orion was more disappointed in Sirius than Walburga was.

Whereas Walburga was shrieking with anger because of the embarrassment Sirius’s actions had brought to the family, Orion was secretly fuming with disappointment.

Sirius never knew or understood just how much pride Orion had taken in Sirius being his son.

Orion had believed Sirius could be saved, even though he was in Gryffindor.

Orion believed that somehow, the blood-traitor ways of the Potters and the Gryffindors might be lost in Sirius.

But with each growing year, Orion saw his hope in Sirius slowly dying away.

 Each time Sirius returned from Hogwarts, be it for the Holidays, Easter, or summer, he grew even further from the son that Orion told proudly to everyone, “This is my son, my pride and joy.”

This day had been inevitable since the day Sirius had been sorted into Gryffindor but Orion had been too blind and too hopeful to see.

Maybe Orion had always been too blind and hopeful to see just how different Sirius always had been.

Maybe his rebelliousness at a young age was something more than just a productivity of immaturity.

Maybe his radical beliefs that differed so greatly from the rest of the Blacks was foreshadowing the path that Sirius would take.

The hope had come crashing down on Orion and he found himself wishing it was Regulus who left instead of Sirius.

Regulus was obedient and did whatever he was told to do. But that didn't matter. Regulus was nothing special, merely a backup, a second.

Walburga might preferred Regulus, saying blatantly to Sirius’s face that she wished he could be more like his younger brother.

But Orion had to admit to himself that even with Sirius’s deplorable views, he wouldn’t dream of changing who Sirius was. Orion wouldn’t dream of molding Sirius into someone like Regulus.

After all, Sirius was Orion’s favorite; and in the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, Orion was the man of the house, no matter what Walburga might think.  

It was Sirius who inherited all of Orion's good looks. It was Sirius who inherited all of Orion's intelligence and talent. It was Sirius who had once been Orion's pride and joy.

It wasn't to say that Orion was any bit tolerant of Sirius's views.

No, absolutely not.  

Orion hated Sirius's views and could not even fathom how Sirius could think that way.

He couldn't fathom it at all, and if it was Regulus who adhered to all those blood-traitors ways, then Orion wouldn't even bat an eye or care if Regulus had left the house.

After all, Regulus was just another son.

Orion knew, however, that thinking like this wouldn't do now.

Regulus was what there was left now. He would be the new pride of the Blacks and Walburga might finally stop yelling all the time.

Perhaps then there might be some peace in the house.

But somehow, Orion couldn't release that ball of hope that had come crashing down on him.

He couldn't release that final small bit of hope that Sirius might return and realize his errors.

At least then, the Blacks could have a proper heir. One that was fiercely loyal. One that was braver than all the rest.

One that was better than all the rest.

To his dying day, Orion knew that no matter how much he hated and despised his son's blood-traitor ways and his son's blood traitor and mudblood friends, Orion could never hate his son nor could Orion ever truly replace Sirius as his pride and joy.

With that in mind, Orion sought a letter to Alphard.

He knew that Alphard would help Sirius. After all, Alphard was the one who had told Orion and Walburga not to view Sirius and Andromeda, in a terrible light.

Orion grabbed a piece of parchment and dipped his quill in ink.

Pausing only to phrase his sentences, Orion finally wrote:


Walburga no longer recognizes Sirius's existence.

Sirius's blood-traitor ways has disappointed us all and it can go on no longer.

I regret his decisions more than anyone.

Sirius would be the Blacks’ pride and joy, without those blood-traitor views of his.

Help him in any way you can.


Orion latched the letter onto the family owl and sent it off.

He knew that once Walburga knew of his, Alphard would no longer exist on the Black family tree, but that is okay.

As a father, this is the last gift Orion could give his blood-traitor son who has left the family forever.


Sirius stared at the letter attached to his uncle Alphard's letter with confusion.

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of his father’s letter, which had been attached to his Uncle’s letter, stating that he, Sirius, had been left a very hefty amount of gold.

Orion Black had always been someone who was distant in the Black family, not someone who Sirius felt eager to exchange words to, though there were quite few in his family that he felt eager to exchange words with in general.

Sirius’s mum, Walburga, had always been the one reprimanding him whilst he was growing up as a boy, being chided at for lingering outside among the Muggles too long, being shouted at for not behaving properly, being told that Regulus would make a much better heir.

Even with his father’s distance, Sirius knew that this was as good of a compliment and as good of an insight to his father that he’d ever get.

Blacks’ pride and joy.

Sirius was perceptive, intelligent. With what he knew of his parents, especially of his mother and the rest of their pureblood-esque family, Sirius would never have been, or continued to be, her pride and joy.

No one, except perhaps Andromeda who Sirius was fond of, Regulus who had once looked up to him, and Alphard who had always been supportive, would consider Sirius the prized jewel of the Blacks; no one would consider him to be the Blacks’ pride and joy.

No one, except perhaps Orion Black.

A fact that puzzled Sirius more than any others.

The rest of Sirius’s damned pureblood family could rot in hell for all Sirius cared.

He would like nothing more than to have a showdown duel with his dearest cousin, Bellatrix.

He would like nothing more than to tell his mother to shut her gob for once in her life. He would like nothing more than to shake sense into Narcissa and make her see that Andromeda was still family.

He would like nothing more than to drag Regulus away from the dangerous fumes of Voldemort and the Death Eater’s fire.

But maybe, Orion deserved more than Sirius’s bout of fury and maybe Orion deserved more than Sirius’s bitter comments.

Maybe there was more to Orion Black than Sirius ever knew.


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