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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 11 : Rules
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Amazing CI by Nala@TDA
 3rd December

The months flew by and the dreaded detention was coming closer, you might be wondering why they didn’t just give us the detention on the day after the detention. Well I would answer that by saying Snape hates us and wants to put us though as much pain as possible.

Its full moon tomorrow, that’s why.

We missed the previous full moon because Hagrid was away for some unknown reason that no one will tell us, so tomorrow is the next full moon meaning it’s the night of our detention.

And of course Snape wants it on full moon in hope that bloody werewolves will find us and freaking bite us. I seriously want Snape dead, I hate him completely from his freaking greasy big nose head down to his plain black boring shoes that I’m sure are also dirty.


Every time I see him I’m reminded that he is the reason that everything has changed (if you take you-know-who out of the equation). If it wasn’t for him, Dumbledore would be here and if Dumbledore was here then Harry would be here and I would still be with him.

Its Snapes fault.

Neville waves a hand in front of my face to get my attention. I just lost myself in a daydream I’m fine, promise.

“You’ve been doing that a lot” He says quietly almost in a whisper as he bites a piece of bread off.

“I’ve been thinking. Why have we started the D.A. up again, what good is it going too do. Yeah we might be practising spells, but when are we ever going to need the spells” I almost cry. Lately I’ve given up hope, I know that’s not like me but there has been no information on Harry or anyone else for that matter, it’s like he’s just vanished from the earth and its breaking my heart.

“Ginny-” Neville says desperately looking at me with sadness. But he doesn’t say anything else which gives me the slight suspicion he also doesn’t know why we are fighting.

Snape stands up without saying a word and all eyes suddenly turn to him. His eyes traced the hall wildly looking for any trouble that’s being caused.

I however just want to throw a stinking bat bogey hex at him and watch him be humiliated in front of the whole school, no doubt he deserves it. The thick git shouldn’t even be standing up there as though he owns the school.

When everyone’s attention was on him he started speaking.

“It has come to my attention that some students seem to think that they think that they above everyone else. I however will not have it. New rules are to be put in place. Right now your Caretaker has brought it upon himself to go put them up in your common room. If, any student chooses to disobey any of these rules, the consequences will be severe” With that he sat down.

I suddenly feel angry, angrier than before. I want to hit him, forget about the wands I just want to cause him pain, as much pain as he put everyone he has ever met through.

And don’t worry, I will get revenge even if it means risking everything I have, Dumbledore’s army is going to bring him down, time to take him down from his high horse and face the truth of what he’s done.



Everyone wanted to get to the common room, there was a flow of pushing and kicking just to there. Don’t worry, I also did my load of pushing and kicking- that was sarcastic by the way (or maybe not ;) )

The notice board was surrounded by different ages and sizes. There were first years on tip toes trying to look past all the prefects. Then there was the older ones pushing past all the first years to get to the front.

Then there was me and Neville looking at each other with shock on our faces.

It took about half an hour for people to get bored of looking at the bored and go up to bed until me and Neville actually got up to look at it.

The list looked like it could go on forever, filch obviously had taken care to make sure we all go punished because some of these rules seemed impossible to obey.

I noticed some of them were similar to Umbridge one’s.


32. No group meetings unless authorised by headmaster or trusted members of staff

33. No products from Weasley’s wizard wheezes, if found they will be confiscated

34. The quibbler is banned

35. Magic is banned outside of classes, even in common rooms or dormitories 

36. Teachers will not pass on any information to students other than the information they are teaching

37. No disobeying trusted members of staff

38. If a trusted member of staff asks a question, you answer it truthfully

39. No music is to be played anywhere around school

40. The restricted section of the library is open to everyone- including first years

41. If you know anything about undesirable number one you are to come forward immediately

42. Dress properly at all times

43. Boys and girls are not to be more than ten centimetres together unless with a trusted member of staff

44. No unauthorised text books, if they are found you will be expelled

45. No butterbeer in school grounds or at hogsmeade

46. No quiddittch or broomsticks, if found with one it will be snapped

47. ALL Students must be in there common rooms by eight, if found out they will be expelled

48. No one is allowed to disturb the Headmaster at all hours unless you ask a trusted member of staff first

49. Do not be late to detentions


The list went down to well over one hundred, and I’m not going to bore you with reading them all, it was pretty dull just looking at them so your not missing out a lot.

I mean come on, how the hell are you going to stay more than 10cm from a boy, its virtually impossible

What if a boy accidently knocks into you, are you going to get expelled for that? Or you accidently miss place your hand and it ends up on his? It’s completely barbaric.

I get some of them, but what about the no broom thing, what will happen to those who brought there brooms with the intention to play quiddittch thinking it would be on this year, then to find it isn’t on and still have there broom with them. Will they get there broom snapped because of that?

And what’s with it calling the two Carrow teachers trusted staff, they are not to be trusted and the only person that trusts them in this school is Snape, and he’s a villain just like them.

And surly everyone has the quibbler these days, everyone has them. Are they just going to expel everyone for having them, and I doubt Luna will hide that she has a book she’ll be the first to be searched.

Why can we do magic in the common room? Its not bothering them, and how about homework? What if we get homework to practise some magic if we can’t bloody do magic! Do they want us to pass our Newts or not?

I really should shut up moaning shouldn’t I?

“Ginny?” Neville asked looking at the bored with the same angry expression as me “You know you asked earlier about why we are fighting?” I nodded replaying the event in my head “Well I think I know the answer now”

A moment went by and still he didn’t say anything.

I looked at him and suddenly it felt weird, this certainly wasn’t the Neville from last year, the determined look on his face definitely wasn’t there last year and now his face didn’t show any fear, but instead bravery.

Neville is truly and inspiration. How anyone can go from a weak little boy with a rabbit face to an amazing man that fights for what is right I will never know.

“Were fighting for peace, that’s what were fighting for”

We both looking outside where the moon was almost full and I was reminded that our detention is tomorrow outside with all the scary werewolves. I’m going to be so scared of werewolves after tomorrow night, I’m sure of it.




“You’re late” filch wheezed as me and Neville walked down. Luna was already there her hair put up in a pony tail and a sad expression written all over her face, it was the same expression that had been all over her face about a month ago.
“No were not. You said the detention started at seven” Neville remarked back looking straight at Filch.

“Yes you are late, it is Seven but its been thirty seconds since you should have been here” hahaha, so sneaky filch, we were thirty seconds late better go get the Azkaban guards to arrest us!

Bloody squib, I hate the wheezing old cat lover.

Neville shook his head but said no more and now all we waited for was Hagrid.

Then suddenly out of the trees came enormous figure with a bow and arrow in his hands with a black bushy beard and beetle eyes.

“Al’ight there kids” Hagrid said patting Neville on the head with his gigantic hands.

Just as filch was about to leave he turned around again “Remember this is a detention, they are not meant to be treated well” A smirk came onto the squibs face as he walked back up to the castle.

I was thinking about throwing a stone at the old bat. He is the one squib that I will ever hate truly.




It was pitch black and every step we walked it got darker and every second that we were in there I convinced myself that it could not get any darker and every time I got proved wrong. I couldn’t see where I was walking; the only thing that I could see was the silhouette of three people, one gigantic with a lit lantern in his hands.

I seriously think that I’m going to trip in a minute because it’s so pitched black. If I ever become blind I don’t think I’ll cope.

The trees were as tall as mountains and I think we all felt rather small against them, even Hagrid who’s used to them by now. That reminds me, we still have no idea what were actually doing out her.

“Hagrid?” I ask from behind them all “What are we actually doing out here?”

“That’s a very good question, were in h’re for some Knarl food. One of the’ Knarls I’ve got at the’ moment is ill, see and I have to have special food for it and it’s quite tricky to get” Hagrid explained.

“What are we looking for then?” Neville asked joining the conversation

“Were looking for some knotgrass. Knarls only eat that, Knarls look like hedgehogs but don’t drink milk, and its known that some fully grown knotgrass is a cure to must illnesses on a knarl. Knotgrass can only really be taken out of the ground at night, its something to do with how the moon reflects it. We had to do that for care of magical creatures homework once didn’t we Hagrid” Luna interrupted looking around at everyone with a dreamy look upon her face but still with sadness in her eyes.

 “That is exactly what were doing, and that’s ten points to Gryffindor” Hagrid winked at the three off us as we continued walking.

Perhaps this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

We came to an open area. There were still stumps and odd pieces of branches over the place but there was more light so I actually could see what I was walking on

“Right so what ya looking for is grass tha’ looks long, with lots ‘o knots in it. Understand?”

We were looking for ages, well over an hour. My hands started to hurt mid way through because I had been pulling odd pieces of grass out that looked like knotgrass. Seriously what’s the difference between grass and knotgrass, oh yeah! Knotgrass has knots in, well I could just put some knots in grass and then I’ll start calling that knotgrass! And I bet I’m confusing you like hell.

I’m just so frustrated, why the hell didn’t we plan more about the Gryffindor sword thing. I suppose we thought it was easy, just going in there and stealing the sword and coming back out again. Anyhow, if we did succeed with stealing it how were we planning to send it to Harry! By owl? There all being checked, it would have been impossible because we don’t even know where he is!

Were all so stupid, and I feel so stupid and everything is so stupid! This war is stupid, my life is stupid and moaning about it is doing no good what so ever!

Oo! The detention is over.

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Here without you: Rules


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