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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 31 : Visitors
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 I had a really good sleep for the rest of the night. I woke up around 2 o’clock, when everyone was already awake. Sirius was still asleep when I woke up. He wasn’t as pale as yesterday, and he had stopped squirming around in pain. He looked really relax in his sleep. Remus was right. Sirius really was unguarded when he was asleep.


“Morning, love birds,” greeted James when he entered the room. Sirius’ eyes instantly shot wide opened at the sound of his best friend’s cheerful voice.


“Hey, Prongs,” Sirius greeted back. “Do you bring my break fast?”


“It’s actually already lunch, Sirius,” I said.


“Oh, shit. I slept that long?”


“Yep,” James said. “And relax, I’ve brought your lunch and break fast.”


“The fuck you do,” Lily quipped. Her wand was aimed at two trays of food. “You left me alone carrying both trays.”


“Ah, I figured you could do it yourself, Evans,” James said. Lily glared at him, and the brown-eyed lad glared back at him. She sort of slammed both trays on the bedside table before she stormed out of the room. James looked at her silently.


“You could say sorry, you know,” Sirius said slowly, chewing a spoonful of roasted beef. James scoffed immaturely.


“And risked my head getting blown into pieces? No, thank you.”


“Stubborn git,” I muttered under my breath. James just scowled sourly at me. He bowed down dramatically and made his way out of the room.


I finished my food silently. Dorea Potter was really good at cooking. My mother never did cook a lot, since she spent her time at the hospital, taking care of people. I bet after Ani’s death, she’d spend more time at the hospital to forget that she had lost her daughter. I Sent the tray back to the kitchen. I could wash them later. I glanced at Sirius, who clearly hadn’t touched his food at all. He looked like he would vomit anytime, but only just.


“I don’t want to eat,” Sirius said, as if he read my mind. “I don’t feel like eating.”


“You have to eat, Sirius,” I said. “Or you’d never get better.”


“But, this roasted beef tastes like shit. Everything tastes like shit,” he whinned. I sighed deeply.


“Please, Sirius. For me?” He still looked hesitant. I had to do more than that, then. I flicked my wand and the door bang closed. I flicked my wand again before it locked.


“What are you doing?” Sirius said. I grinned and began to pull my shirt over my head, leaving me only covered with my bra. Sirius’ eyes widened. He gulped heavily.


“Now, will you eat? I promise, if you eat, I’ll stay all the day with you,” I said. He looked at the tray on his lap, as if it was poison that I told him to eat. I ran my finger from his chest down to his thigh. He grabbed my hand when it stopped right on his zipper.


“Stop it,” he gritted. “You don’t know what you’re dealing with, Isilee.”


“Really?” I challenged him, smirking. I leaned on him. “Prove it to me when you’ve ate this.”


He pouted at me and I thought he looked so adorable. “Fine. I’ll eat that damned beef.” He spooned the roasted beef into his mouth and flinched when he swallowed it. “There. Satisfied?”


I smiled widely. “A lot.”


Sirius rolled his eyes. “Bloody hell, woman. You can get really mean when you want to.”  

Around 7 o’clock at night, Remus came. He said he heard about Sirius being hurt. Sirius looked positively glowing when he saw his other best friend. He’d gone better after I forced him to eat. I also had forced him to drink some healing potions James’ father, Charlus Potter, told me to give Sirius. He was still weak and couldn’t move much, but at least he could already go to downstairs for dinner. I found Remus was sitting in between James and Lily, who kept on glaring at each other. I had to talk about this with Sirius and Remus. James and Lily couldn’t stay enemies forever. They were meant to be.


 The dinner went smooth. There was no food flying across the table (between James and Lily), or people shouting at the top of their lungs (James and Lily again), or not even hexes or jinxes shot at the wrong person (James and Lily, for the third time). Though Sirius and the James’ parents had to cheer up the mood every second of the one hour dinner we had. I talked with Remus about the events happened, about how Voldemort was recruiting people. I dared bet my sixth year wouldn’t be so peaceful as this dinner.


It turned up that I was wrong. My dinner wasn’t peaceful at all.


“POTTER!” a loud scream of a woman was heard, coming from outside of the house. “POTTER! WHERE’S MY SON?”


“Who’s that?” Lily asked. I noticed that the three Marauders and the Potter couple had gone tense.


“My mother,” Sirius muttered, hatred dripping from his voice.


“Let me get the door,” said Dorea said. “She’s my niece after all.”


“No, I’m coming with you,” Sirius said, getting up from his seat.


“Me too,” James agreed and the three of them went to get the door.


“What?” I said. “His mother is related to James’ mother?”


“You see, Lina,” Remus said before Sirius could say anything. “Purebloods family are all connected. James is Sirius’ parents’ cousin, actually, if you check the Black family tree.”


“Walburga,” I heard Dorea said. “How nice of you to visit me.”


“I didn’t come here for a little chat, Dorea,” Walburga replied. “I came here to get my son back.”


“What son?” Sirius said, his voice sounded shaky from anger. “I recall you and Orion disowned me.”


“We don’t,” a man voice was heard. That must be Orion Black, Sirius’ father. “Your brother begged not to disown you.”


“He’s really a nice kid,” Walburga said. Without seeing, I knew that both Sirius and James were rolling his eyes.


“Regulus Black is not my brother,” Sirius hissed heatedly. “My brother is James Potter. Regulus is nothing but some piece of shit I love to step on.”


“I don’t want you to talk like that about your brother. Say another word against your brother, I will seriously stop giving you money for your lifelihood,” Walburga threatened.


“I don’t care,” Sirius said. “You’re not my parents. I don’t have parents.”


“And who will support your life? You won’t last a day in without money, kid,” Orion said.


“I will support his life,” Dorea said. “I will give money to him until he’s old enough to work.”


“Dorea!” exclaimed Walburga. “You have no right to -“


“He is my son,” Dorea said and I could see how she looked a bit like James when she narrowed her eyes. “I have the very right to do that. You know how magic works. The moment you said that you disowned your child, he’s no longer yours. And I’m taking the responsibility to be the parents you never were for Sirius. Now, if you please, I want you to get away from my porch and never come back here or I seriously going to tell the Ministry about this.”


“You’re just talking,” Walburga said though something in her voice gave away her fear. “You won’t do that.”


“Oh, she will do that,” James said, backing her mother up. “Trust me, she will do that.”


“You seriously going to regret this, Potter,” Orion said. “Interfering my family business.”


“Just go,” Sirius said. “I’m sick with all of you and your Pureblood nonesense.”


“You insolent, ungrateful-“


“GO AWAY!” Sirius yelled.


“You heard him,” James said coolly. “Go away.”


The Black couple wasted no time and Apparated away. I looked at my boyfriend, who was so pale from the anger he had. His entire body was shaking and I thought he’d explode like a volcano. James muttered something at him, Sirius just shook his head. I felt worried. Sirius was one of the loudest person I’d ever met. Him turning all mute must meant really bad. He nodded at Dorea, who smiled sadly at him, and walked out of the house.


“Sirius...” I began but Remus stopped me.


“No, let him be,” Remus said. “He’s going to be fine. He just needs sometime alone.”




“Remus is right,” James said. “Sirius is better to be alone when he’s pissed.”


I leaned on my seat. I thought I knew everything about Sirius. But, I was wrong.



A/N: Sorry for how the mood keeps on changing. I thought that Walburga and Dorea wouldn't let go of their kid so easily without a fight. I'm really sorry if you don't like it.

About the family connection between the Blacks and Potters. I just checked the Black family tree and found out that Walburga and Orion are Dorea's nephew and niece.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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