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The Wrath of a Huff. by Loony_Scorpy
Chapter 3 : Three.
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Author’s Note:
Look! What’s this? A new chapter? Why yes!
I’m super sorry guys for taking so long and, well, my excuses don’t even excuse me taking this long. If anyone is still around, I love you ♥
I hope you guys enjoy :)

It wasn’t after curfew yet, so we didn’t have to worry about being caught outside of the common room. I definitely wasn’t about to throw myself into another detention. Especially since it would Nott’s fault again. I don’t care how indirectly it would be. I growled internally at the thought of him causing me to get another detention, which caused Gee to glance at me quizzically and laugh.

Oops. That wasn’t meant to be out loud.

“What the hell goes through your mind, I’ll never know, Cat,” Gee snorted.

I scowled, “Well excuse me, Georgiana, you don’t see me questioning what goes through your mind.”

“True – ”

“You must have some clue though, or I don’t think this friendship would work out.” I raised my eyebrows playfully.

“Indeed, Caitriona, but half the time…nope!”

“Well I’ve got to give it to you, neither do I!”

We burst out laughing at our idiocy as we entered the kitchens. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like living any further away from them. To not be able to duck in for a bite whenever we felt like…I don’t think I could handle it.

I shook my head. I was definitely put into the right house.

We took our usual spot in the corner and both let out a contented sigh. We glanced at each other and giggled. We’re really mature.

“Alright,” Gee declared, “before we get down to business we need to eat!”

A group of house elves made their way towards us, forever eager to please.

“What would you like to eat Miss Georgiana and Miss Caitriona?”

It had taken forever to get the elves to even call us by our first names, let alone drop the Miss and shorten them to our nicknames.

I swear though, almost every single one of them would be sorted into Hufflepuff – if house elves were sorted that is. They have hearts of gold and are the most loyal beings I have ever met. Although I suppose some might go into Gryffindor; I’ve met some mighty brave house elves before.

That led me to think about Dobby the house elf, who we had learnt about last year. I mean he actually saved Harry Potter.

I felt a jabbing at my side and gave a startled blink as I realised one of the house elves was peering into my face, waiting for my request.

I really needed to stop getting lost in my thoughts. Who would have thought that History of Magic would be the subject that keeps distracting me? Bloody bizarre, it is.

I quickly blurted out the first food that came to mind…which just so happened to be a lemon and cheese sandwich. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from either.

The house elf just nodded and scampered away to fulfil my request. I glanced at Gee who somehow already had her food and crinkled my nose in distaste. She was eating a cabbage and gherkin sandwich.

Then I laughed; no one ever said we were normal.

By that time my sandwich was already sitting in front of me and the house elves had busied themselves with something else. Not only are they eager to please, but they are also extremely quick.

Gee and I sat munching on our food in silence for a while and just let the aromas of the kitchen wash over us. The moment we set our plates down, the house elves scurried over to take them up.

We glanced at each other then, a determined look in our eyes. It was time to get down to business.

We brainstormed ideas for what felt like hours. The pieces of parchment were covered in our scrawl-like writing, with words scratched out, and torn here and there.

Somehow we found immense enjoyment in plotting his demise, but it was only fair, he had caused too much destruction around the school and in the hearts of our family and friends – what exactly it was that he had done, I couldn’t quite pinpoint at that moment, though, except that it had to do Gee’s sister.

I glanced up to see Gee’s little sister, Lani, walk into the kitchen by herself and we quickly stuffed our parchment away. There was no need for her to see what we were planning and get involved.

She grinned the moment she spotted us and came running in our direction. I scooped her up and swung her around.

Yes, she is thirteen years old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t act like a little kid.

She squealed with delight, “Hey Cat! Hey Gee!”

She loves us so much it is ridiculous. You would almost think that her and I were actually related. I love her just as much though, and I suppose that’s why Nott affected me so much.

It hit me right then. It was why Nott had affected me so much. It had been over two years, and I had continuously pushed it to the back of mind, which is probably how I didn’t think of it straight away – well I’m pretty sure anyway.

I’m a bit slow sometimes. Hah. That arse of a Slytherin truly caused so much trouble.


It was the year that Lani started here at Hogwarts. Gee and I had already become friends, and were super excited to be starting our third year. Of course, Nott was in his third year as well.

Lani had been here only a few days when the trouble started. Scrawny and with much less of a reputation, Nott began his descent into the fiery pits of hell. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, but he didn’t cause much trouble before that, that I knew of.

Lani had trouble making friends at first, something that Nott seemed to quickly notice and use to his advantage.

That piece of scum scouted her out and stalked her like a piece of prey. Who the hell does that? He was thirteen, and already his mega creepy side was coming out. Not that we knew at that point. Oh no, we didn’t find out about this for a long time.

And the thing that really gets to me…she was only eleven. Eleven fucking years old. She didn’t have a clue what to do once things turned ugly. What makes matters even worse is that she thought she had brought it on herself. And she never told a soul.

So you can imagine my horror when I found her cowering in a dark corner of the castle one day with tears streaming down her face, her demeanour completely and utterly broken.

Heck, I was thirteen; I didn’t have a bloody clue how to help her. So I just sat and got her to talk to me. I was disgusted with Nott. He betrayed the feelings of a child, not that he was more than one himself. He let Lani believe they were friends, and once she had let him into her usually closed off self, he swooped in.

He made her feel worthless. He made her feel like she didn’t even deserve to be at Hogwarts. He tormented her for having no friends. And she took it all in. She believed every word of it and suffered. People toss out insults without a second thought, cutting people up inside, and it hurts. Nott knew that. He knew how to hurt someone; he knew that he didn’t even have to lay a finger on her. It was all emotional, all mental, and Lani was as vulnerable as you can get.

How I wish I had known earlier. I found it had been happening at least four months before I found Lani on that day. Four freaking months. She begged me not to tell Gee - in fact she began crying again when I started to suggest it.

Just thinking about it tore up my heart.

I told one of the professors – without Lani’s knowledge – and Nott stopped. I’m not really sure what it was that the professor did, but it seemed to work. Lani was confused, but extremely relieved at the same time. Slowly, but surely, her face began brightening up as she started making friends.

As soon as I knew Lani was okay I shoved the whole ordeal to the bottom of my memory. It gave me nightmares, and Nott was always showing up in my head of a night, and I was always scared for the safety of Lani. At night, my mind had a habit of playing out scenarios that made reality even worse. My mind really made things worse for me, sometimes when things weren’t even so bad.

It was at the stage when I woke up screaming night after night that I had to let Gee know part of it; I couldn’t keep it all to myself, and she deserved to know. She kind of had to, since I was beginning to affect her sleep. After I got next to no sleep for two weeks, Gee practically forced me to go to the hospital wing to get something to help me sleep.

I think the sleeping potion that the old lady in the hospital wing gave me was also laced with something that made me lose my memory. Although, it was more like masking my memory, I suppose, since I remembered now.

I shook myself back to the present and gazed into Lani’s face. I felt absurdly like some sort of proud mother as I saw how ridiculously happy she looked. I decided it was time to hit her with the question.

“Hey Lani…” I drew out.

“Mmm?” she replied, fixing her gaze on mine.

“So who was that boy I saw you holding hands with today?” I grinned cheekily, waggling my eyebrows.

Lani’s face went bright red as she hid behind her hands.

“Caaat,” she whined, “you know I’m not going to tell you anything.”

She folded her arms and stomped her foot, poking her nose in the air.

“Why have I not heard of this romantic development, missy?” Gee exclaimed, waving her arms around for effect.

What sort of effect, I’m not sure. If she was going for the crazy woman look then she nailed it.

Lani just stuck her nose further in the air as she stood her ground. Gee and I shared a conspiratorial look and started creeping towards her. Lani’s eyes widened and she began to warily back away.

We pounced on Lani at the same time and started tickling her, everywhere we could. Lani squealed and tried to push us off, but to no avail.

“Come on Lani, tell us!” Gee and I chorused.

Lani clamped her mouth shut and refused to speak. Gee and I stopped tickling her after a few moments more, and Lani breathed a sigh of relief.

Gee pouted childishly and announced, “I will find out, missy. Got to see if he’s a nice enough lad for you.”

Lani grumbled and gave me a hug – because I’m the nicest, obviously – and skipped out of the kitchen clutching a massive plate of cookies. I hadn’t even noticed them before; those house elves are pretty stealthy creatures. Remind me to never get on their bad side. Although I think that would be pretty difficult.

“Yo Gee,” I hollered, as she stared into space, “we need to get rollin’ gurl.”

Gee rolled her eyes at my terrible gangster impression and drawled, “Ma home dawg! We should fo’ sho’.”

“Actually, I think it’s definitely time we wrapped up here…pretty sure we’re going to be cutting it close to curfew,” she said more seriously.

“I know,” I whined, “I do not want another detention!”

With that, we grabbed our stuff and sprinted out of the kitchen – as you do. We tiptoed all the way back to the common room without incident, and I was really glad that we didn’t actually have that far to go.

The common room was fairly empty by the time we scrambled in, with most of the younger students having gone to bed, a few older students chatting and a few others sitting around doing essays and study.

Gee and I darted up to our dormitory and flopped onto my bed.

“It’s surprising how knackered you get just from plotting someone’s demise,” Gee laughed.

“It actually is…I think I’m going to head straight to sleep as soon as I’m ready!” I remarked.

“Huh, I think I will too,” Gee said as she rolled of my bed.

As soon as we were ready, which Gee was in record-breaking time, we collapsed into our beds.

“Time for some beauty sleep Gee, I’ve got to be bright and sparkly for my awesome detention tomorrow,” I deadpanned.

In classic Georgiana fashion, Gee rolled her eyes and snorted, “Night Cat.”

“Night Gee,” I grumbled, annoyed at what tomorrow was going to bring.

Author’s Note:
I hope you guys liked it! I would love to hear your feedback :) This chapter I really tried to use dialogue, which you may or may not have noticed I barely used in the other two chapters…I find it really difficult to write for some reason :/
Also, this chapter I hit over 2000 words! It was a really exciting moment for me!
I want to apologise for it getting so serious, I actually didn’t see that coming, if you’d believe!
So I’ve love to hear from you guys, just to know if you’re still around and/or if you liked it! ♥


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The Wrath of a Huff.: Three.


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