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I.O.U by Lady in Waiting
Chapter 1 : Taking the Plunge
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Hello Ladies and gents. Yes I know I have been away for some time but I’m back with a new story! It’s a spin off from my James/OC story FAT (which I know hasn’t been finished yet on hpff) but takes place a year later so you don’t need to read the other one to understand this but please feel free. Anyway I hope you enjoy this.

Taking the Plunge

It was late September and the grounds of Hogwarts were awash with the last of the summer sun. Students sat around in groups after class: by the lake, in the shade of the trees or on the vast expanses of grass. Yvonne Brockley – sixth year Gryffindor prefect and all round good egg – belonged to a group of three who chose the tall oak tree as their lounging area.

They sat in the shade of its leaves, munching on Drooble’s Best Blowing gum and observing their fellow students, especially those of the male variety.

“What about Johnny Carey?” Yvonne asked, leaning back against the tree’s thick trunk. Her friend Nora, a pale girl with messy dark hair was the first to reply.

“Ooh, definitely an eight,” she said through her chewing and the third girl, Libby, snorted. 

“Even with those sticky out ears? You’ll shag anything won’t you, Nora?” she teased, the intonation in her voice revealing her Scottish roots. “I’d say a seven. Yvonne?”

Yvonne inspected the boy who was running across the grass, ball in hand, as she calculated his rating out of ten.

“Seven and a half,” she said after a moment of thought. “He’s not ugly but he’s not stunning.” Libby tutted.

“You don’t always have to be so diplomatic!” she exclaimed good-naturedly as they turned their attention back to the boys running around playing a muggle game of football. “Trevor Hackett?”

Yvonne failed to hide a noise of disgust and Libby grinned gleefully. “He’s too short and he’s got that creepy stalker look about him. Definite four,” Yvonne explained and Nora squealed indignantly.

“He’s not that short! I bet he’s really nice when you get to know him!” Libby rolled her eyes.

“This game is based on looks not personality, Nora, dear. Don’t be getting all soft on us now!” Libby teased, pushing her friend gently and Nora sighed dramatically.

“How about James Potter?”she ventured.

“Ten!” Libby and Yvonne said in unison and Nora snorted with laughter.

“I would have said eleven,” she pointed out. “But he’s got a girlfriend so ten will do.”

“Lucky bitch,” Libby muttered darkly and Yvonne nudged her.

“Shut up. Isla’s nice. Anyway, let’s not put a downer on proceedings and focus on those which are within our league,” Yvonne said thoughtfully as she scanned the group of sixth years by the lake. Libby perked up, craning her neck.

“Yes. Now where is that elusive Albus potter?” Nora asked as she too stretched to spy on the boys by the lake. “Scorpius Malfoy is over there,” she added.


“At the edge,” Yvonne explained, pointing him out to Libby as she searched for the famous boy. Suddenly, Nora jumped, exclaiming that he was out in the water. Yvonne searched for him laughing at the sexual innuendos Libby was making over her shoulder. When she spotted him, however, she grew uneasy.

He had swum out quite far and his head was just bobbing above the surface. All of a sudden, his head darted below the water. Yvonne tried not to panic, telling herself it was probably a joke he was playing on his friends, but when he resurfaced he was thrashing and gasping for air.

“Merlin, is he drowning?” Nora gasped but Yvonne was already on her feet, kicking off her high heeled shoes and loosening her tie as she ran towards the water. Her friends shouted after her but she barely heard them. She knew it could take him seconds to drown out there especially if the Grindilows or Merpeople hindered him in any way.

She didn’t stop to take off her socks or tie back her hair as she dived head first into the Black Lake. Once her head was below the surface, she barely had time to think as she began to swim. Her arms sliced quickly and efficiently through the water and although her clothes slowed her a little she reached Albus in under a minute.

He was lying limp in the water and she pulled him up quickly, feeling around frantically for a pulse. The presence of his friend Scorpius startled her slightly but without a word passing between them he helped her pull Albus back to the shore. She cursed under her breath when she saw the crowd that had gathered.

Soon her kicking feet hit the bottom of the lake as the incline to dry land began. Scorpius helped her drag Albus through the mud and onto the grass. Immediately the pupils began to clamour. Voices upon voices, shouted, screamed and whispered as Yvonne tried to start CPR. Scorpius fell to his knees opposite her and in a low voice said,

“He’ll be fine, won’t he?” She titled Albus’s chin back and found that he wasn’t breathing.

“Em...yeah. I just need a bit of space that’s all,” she rushed out as her fingers deftly found his breast bone and linked together. She began to throw her whole body weight down her arms and into his chest in an attempt to get him breathing again.


“What are you doing?” someone shrieked and out of the corner of her eye, Yvonne spotted a distraught Lily Potter push to the front of the crowd. Scorpius held back her flailing arms.

“She’s trying to save him,” he explained.


Yvonne focused solely on counting and blocked out all the shouts for the nurse, the shrieks of family members, the faux-confident voices that kept saying that he would be alright and the sickening crack as the force of her chest compression broke his rib. Eventually, she reached thirty and pressing his nose shut with one hand she sealed his lips over his.

She watched as his chest rose with her breath and fell again. She pulled her lips away intending to return for another rescue breath, when Albus coughed. She sighed with relief as she rolled him into the recovery position. His whole body shook as he coughed up the water that he had swallowed. His arm supported him as he retched onto the ground.

Yvonne stood up shakily and backed away. A cheer rose up from the crowd as the whole Potter and Weasley clan crowded around him and he was escorted back to the castle on a levitating stretcher. Yvonne felt Nora and Libby beside her as they hugged her from either side.

“That was amazing,” Nora cheered. Yvonne shrugged, ruffling her hair. The crowd began to scatter and migrate towards the three girls. The group of boys who had been playing football wolf whistled. Libby snorted at them in disgust as she quickly turned to divert questions from dreamy eyed fan girls. Yvonne looked up at them and smiled weakly. Johnny Carey (the aforementioned 7½) grinned and waved while his friend Thomas Haggerty (an 8 thanks to incredibly swishy hair) shouted down.

“Hey, Brockley! Nice tits!”

Yvonne’s faint smile turned to an appalled look as she glanced down at her school shirt which was so soaked that it had gone see-through. The red and white spotted pattern on her bra was clearly visible and she blushed furiously as Nora whipped off her own cardigan handed in to her friend. Yvonne clutched it too her chest ignoring her chattering teeth and giggling as Libby shouted profanities at the two boys.

Nora hugged her before recoiling in shock. “You’re freezing!” she exclaimed and, with one look up and down, added. “And soaked. Let’s get you upstairs. You coming, Libs?”

Libby shook her head and grinned. “Nah. I’m on damage control.” She made her way towards the crowd of bright faced Albus Potter fans, eager for a glimpse of his saviour. Yvonne and Nora, on the other hand, turned away and headed into the castle.

It was silent and deserted. Yvonne’s wet, muddy feet squelched on the stone floors and every item of clothing was dripping. She wrung out her hair as they made their way upstairs. Nora was giggling to herself but Yvonne’s mind was reeling.

It had all happened so quickly. She had just dived straight in and saved him. She had saved Albus Potter. They reached the top of the seventh flight of stairs and ran into a very familiar face.

“Professor Longbottom!” she exclaimed in surprise, carefully pulling the cardigan across her chest. He frowned at her in confusion.

“Miss Brockley, you’re soaked through! What on earth happened?” he asked incredulously. Nora snorted with laughter.

“Oh, nothing sir. She just saved Albus Potter’s life,” she said, waving her hand dismissively.

“I beg your pardon?” he exclaimed, surprised, and before Yvonne could get a word in Nora ran off a blow by blow account of the story in one breath. The professor frowned in disbelief but with another look at Yvonne’s appearance he seemed to be swayed.

“Is this true, Miss Brockley?”

She sighed and with a smile replied, “Yes, it is. He was drowning and I...uh...saved him.”

Longbottom grinned, nodding in approval. “Well, then. Fifty points to Gryffindor for very chivalrous act indeed.”

Yvonne smiled bashfully and they parted ways. Nora clutched her friend’s arm squealing excitedly.

“This is so amazing! You’re going to be famous, Yvonne! Famous.

Famous? Yvonne felt her stomach drop.

No, no, no.

So not happening.


So what did you think? Please review I’d love to hear your feedback J

Emily x



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