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Lies Told To Me by CrystalRain11
Chapter 34 : Lie Number Four: Ronald Weasley
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So for all you Dramonie shippers out there.... All you Draco lovers.... all you ron haters. I am very sorry for this chapter. However, we all knew this was going to happen. Please enjoy.

Another impatient knock resounded at the door. Like they had all planned Hermione had opened the door. Her wand was pointing at the visitor.

“Harry I’ve got grea- you’re not Harry.” The visitor was not the famous scared teen who had always been her best friend. Instead, it was the cloaked Death Eater, the one who Virginia had become such good friends with. The one whose true identity was a mystery.

“Brilliant deduction Hermione. You’ve always been the smart one.” Hermione tensed at the voice. She swore she could hear something familiar in it, something comforting. She shook her head and waved her wand threateningly.

“Who are you and why are you here?” Draco’s wand joined hers. The man raised his hand in peace.

“Hey hey now, don’t worry. I’m not coming here to harm. In fact, I’m here against orders.” Hermione raised an eyebrow.

“Against orders? You have five seconds to explain yourself or I will blast that brain of yours out of your skull.”

Really lil sis…that’s the best threat you got… pathetic.

Hermione literally growled at the voice in her head causing the poor man to jump and raise his hands higher.

“Hey now, hey now…”

“5…” The man shook his head.

“This is no way to treat a friend…”

“4…” Hermione was in no mood to deal with someone from the Dark Lord’s side of the Death Eaters. She wanted nothing to do with them.

“I really do come in peace. I mean it.

“3…” Virginia’s voice was growing; she was restless but still weak.

“Calm down Hermione let me explain.”

“2.. Don’t test me, Death eater scum.” Virginia was chuckling in the back of her mind. Hermione’s alter ego was throwing out minor insults at Hermione’s pathetic attempts at menacing remarks.

“I need to talk to you guys.” Virginia was pissing Hermione off, and that’s probably the reason why she lost her temper, lost her calm.

“Times up. Cu-“

The curse died in her throat. The man had removed his hood and mask. Hermione barely heard the clanking of her wand as it hit the floor. Even Virginia went silent.

There’s no lie here. Marcus answered Hermione’s unspoken thoughts. You’re eyes tell the truth.

Before them stood a man with over long red hair. His freckled face was a dead give away when paired with that amazing red hair. The Weasley giveaway. Hermione opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again.

“You look like a fish, ‘mione. It really doesn’t suit you.” Hermione closed her mouth, just staring. She was staring at a ghost, a dead man. She was staring at Ronald Weasley.

“But….what….How…not possible…. You’re dead….I don’t understand.” Hermione rambled. Ron moved inside and closed the door behind him. An awkward silence remained.

“I sorta…kinda…faked it.” Hermione suddenly glared. Her hand smack across the freckled face leaving a mark that was redder than the near by hair.

“How dare you!” Hermione screamed.

Nice one lil sis.

Ron rubbed his face softly.

“I guess I deserved that.” He said with a soft chuckle. Draco stopped Hermione from striking Ron again.

“Deserve it,” The platinum blonde hissed. “No Weasley, you deserve far worse. You cause this whole mess and then disappear and desert us. Did you ever think of what this did to Harry, to Ginny, the rest of your family…. What it did to Hermione? I think you’ve seen what happened because you sorta kinda faked it.” Draco shook his head. “ You deserve this… cur-“

“No!” Hermione was crying as she pulled Draco’s hand down, stopping the spell. Without another word her arms were wrapped around her old friend. They hugged in silence for a long time. Hermione finally pulled away.

“Ron, I missed you.” The red head smiled and wiped away a tear with his thumb.

“I know Hermione. I’m really sorry, for everything. I should have been there.”

“Yea, you should have.” Draco hissed. Hermione touched him softly with a hand, trying to calm him. The sunlight caught the light of her ring…The engagement ring. Ron swallowed hard upon seeing it and closed his eyes a second.

“Why are you here Ron? You said you needed to talk to us.” Ron nodded and together the three of them were sitting.

“I actually came here on some unfinished business.” Ron said fiddling with his wand. “Its something I should have done earlier…but well I guess I didn’t really have the guts until now.” Hermione nodded softly.

“What is it Ron?” Ron looked at Hermione sadly.

“I’m really sorry Hermione, really I am. It actually has to do with Draco.” Ron turned to Draco just as another knock came. Hermione smiled and stood.

“It’s Harry. I’ll handle it. Ron go ahead and talk to Draco. I’m sure it will be easier for both of you without me.”

Slowly, Hermione walked to the door. She picked up her wand will she accidently dropped. Then suddenly, that bad feeling was back, and full force. Something was terribly terribly wrong. She just couldn’t place it. She opened the door tense and ready for the worst. Virginia was gaining strength so it could be a fight for her to get the horcrux to Harry.

In the doorway, Harry stood with the sword of Gryffindor. Hermione let him in. They were silent for just a moment. Hermione handed over the horcrux. Easy. Done. Virginia was complaining but still too weak to take control. Hermione smiled.

“Harry, you’ll never believe whose here. You’ll never believe whose alive.”

The bad feeling hit like an overwhelming wave as Harry’s eyes widened. Terror. Pure terror. That’s what Hermione saw there. Her heart was beating fast. Everything was wrong. The air in the room. The smell. Even the temperature. Everything was just off. Hermione knew why Harry’s eyes were filled with fear. It was the blood curdling scream. Draco’s scream. A scream of pain. It was a screaming that shattered part of Hermione. She could feel the pain of it inching through her. That pain was fueling her evil half.

Her footsteps pounded in her head as she ran to the sitting room. Each step took ages, the feeling in her stomach growing worse and worse every second. Draco. Draco was hurt. Draco was screaming. When she got to the doorway, she could hardly contain her own scream. Blood. So. Much. Blood. Draco’s blood. Tears well up in her eyes as she ran to the man who had become the love of her life.

“Draco.” She whispered. “Where is it? Where’s the potion?” she was searching for the heal all poison that had saved his life before. Draco shook his head. He lifted her head and forced her to look at her.

“Hermione.” His voice was so weak. It struck her heart. “It will kill me.” Hermione shook her head.

“No. No. No. It heals you. It makes you stronger. Remember. You told me.” Draco shook his head.

“Hermione. Two years.” Hermione shook her head and kept whispering the word no. “I was the first to test it. The Dark Lord ordered me to drink it. Then a week later…” Draco paused to cough. His hand was red with blood when he removed it from his face. “He slit my throat…and I drank. It was clear within an hour. I was hooked and hooked bad. Hermione, in a week…without a cure…I…” Hermione let out a sob. She buried her head in his neck.

“No no! You’re lying. You’re fine. You can drink and live. You can. You c-c-can. You have to. Draco…” His hand lifted her head to face him.

“Hermione, I’m so sorry. I really am. You’re a strong girl. You can make it. Virginia…if she … if she loves me too… then she’ll help you.” Hermione let out a sob. She kissed Draco hard, not caring that his mouth tasted of blood.

“Draco…” She whispered and placed a hand on his cheek. “What…what should I name it?” Her voice faltered but she made her point clear with a hand on her stomach. Draco’s breath was quick and ragged.

“You lied…” Hermione nodded.

“That doesn’t matter now! I was scared! But… but…the doctor…He…he’s healthy…so far… Draco…I was gonna tell you… after today I promise.”

Hermione trailed off when she saw a tear fall from Draco’s eye. It slid down his cheek and splashed onto her arm.

“Name him Eros…” Draco coughed and for a moment all either could do was clutch each others hand and wait.

“Draco… Don’t leave me.” It was a desperate plea. One she knew he couldn’t fulfill. He was already ghostly white.

“Hermione, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He kissed her softly. “I love you Hermione.” The kiss that followed…it could have lasted forever. It was brilliant. It didn’t matter that blood stained their lips, or that it was all Draco could do to keep from coughing. It was the most powerful kiss they had ever shared. Hermione could feel the fireworks against her skin. She could feel the love from his lips. She clutched his hand in a desperate hope that the moment would never end.

He pulled away all too soon.

“I love you Draco.” After a single peck to his forehead, Draco closed his eyes, a faint smile on his lips. Hermione felt his hand go limp. A dreadful sob wracked her body, it was loud and painful.

Hermione, lil sis, you can’t handle this right now. Let me take over. I’ll make the culprit pay. I’ll avenge our love. Lil sis let me help you?

Hermione relented to her other half. She let Virginia take over as she curled her consciousness up into a ball, barely able to control the grief racking through her.

Virginia stood up after a kiss to the top of Draco’s head. Her eyes were dark. They glared at Ron. Within his grip was the evidence of his crime. The shattered piece of glass that had ripped Draco apart was still dripping blood. Blood that cover Ron’s hand. Blood that tainted him. Blood that screamed Guilty.

She smirked at Ron. Took a single step towards and laughed. A cruel, cold purely evil laugh.

“You are a dead man, Weasley.” Then the two wands were raised and the fight began.


I'm sorry that he had to die. It was really a hard scene to write. I hope you guys won't give up on the fic because of this chapter.

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Lies Told To Me: Lie Number Four: Ronald Weasley


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