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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 10 : Confession 8 - Of More Secrets, Telling Parents And Wanting To Kill Certain Cousins
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After a good night sleep for a change, I woke up and led in bed wondering how on earth I am going to tell mum and dad. I can't leave it any longer, I swear my mini bump is getting bigger by the day. I have to tell them, today.

In the end I fell back asleep mulling things over and re-awoke because I could hear Rose outside the door talking in a hushed voice, "Shh, if my dad see's us he'll kill us both."

A male voice laughed "Ha, Rosie he's known since last summer and ok at first I thought he was going to kill me, but surely he would have done it by now?"

God I really wish those two would get a room. I'm fed up of hearing their loved up little chats and seeing them kissing. Especially when my boyfriend is no where to been seen. No letter, no nothing. Huh maybe I'm jealous, but only a teeny tiny amount.

I yelled "Oi, be quiet will you!"

There was silence, then the door opened and Rose came into the room. Still in her pyjamas and her red hair a mess. "I thought you were still asleep" She asked as she got clean clothes out of her chest of drawers.

"Yes I am clearly still asleep Rose." I said sarcastically. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. I then replied normally "Well I was, until I heard you two."

"Sorry for waking you. Anyway why do look like you wanna curl up and go back asleep?"

"Probably because I do." I mumbled.

"Why?" She said as she sat on the end of my bed and I pulled my quilt up a little causing her to nearly fall off.

"I'm planning on telling mum and dad today. I can't put it off any longer otherwise next time they see me I will be huge and I think you'll be able to tell then"

She squeezed my hand and whispered "Good luck with that Lil. What about everyone else."

"Well for now I'm just planning on mum and dad since you, Al, Hugo and Dom know. I'll tell the others another time and I really doubt that James will not end up killing Jake. I think he got off lightly when Al broke his nose."

"He broke his nose, really?" She said sounding and looking shocked.

Oops I must have forgotten to mention that. I nodded as Rose got up off my bed and left the room with her clothes in her hands.

Well I suppose I better get dressed and try and eat some breakfast before I do this. Please let it go ok. As I got out of bed I noticed an owl outside the window. How long had it been there, I wondered. I went over and let it in, looking closely I could see it was Hooter. I would recognise him anywhere, since he belongs to Jake. He landed on my bed, so I walked over and untied the tied the letter that was attached to his leg, my hands shaking as I read it:


Jake's back. He won't say where he's been or what he's been doing in fact he won't say anything. I think you two really need to talk. If you want to reply send your owl, since Jake doesn't know that I borrowed Hooter.


Ok so it wasn't off Jake, but he was home. Does this mean I can finally stop worrying about where he is now?. I hid the note in the drawer of my bedside table before going for a shower and getting dressed. After I was presentable, I made my way down to the kitchen for breakfast. When I got there Roxy and Rose were sat at the table along with Scorpius who has been staying here since his parents are god knows where.

Roxy looked me up and down before saying, "Lily are you ok because you don't look too good?"

"I'm fine Rox, honestly." I told her.

I managed to eat a few pieces off toast before going out the garden with Rose, Roxy and Molly (Who had graced us with her presence just as I had finished my toast) to watch the boy's (minus James) play quidditch. My plan is to do it before dinner because then at least I can avoid mum and dad by sitting by my cousins and talking to them.

Nana Molly brought us out some sandwiches and drinks at lunch time. I only nibbled a tuna one before I rushed off to be sick in the bushes, seems like this baby doesn't like tuna either.

As I walked back across the garden I could see another two people had joined our little group. As I got closer I could see that they were both blonde's. Oh fucking great Dom is here and Tori, but I like Tori. She hasn't yelled at me and at least she hasn't been ignoring me.

Tori saw me as I got closer "Hello Lil, long time no see. How are you?" she smiled.

I noticed She was wearing a pair of jeans and a red t-shirt, her blonde hair trailing down her back. Why is it that she looks so bloody pretty in everything, I hate her for being related to veela's. It sucks.

"Fine thanks." I told her.

I sat back down on the grass, ignoring Dom and her me. We spent the afternoon watching the boys play and argue about quidditch, Molly went in as she went to 'study' and not ten minutes late Dom went in as she was going to have a bath. I have to say I'm glad she's went in as she kept shooting me dirty looks and I swear Tori picked up on it. Not to mention the fact that we hadn't uttered a word to each other.

Since I wasn't really paying attention to the quidditch game, I've been thinking whether I should tell Tori, she is my oldest cousin so maybe she won't take the news as bad and I just hope that Dom hasn't told her or anyone else for that matter. I went back inside the house as I was cold along with Al who was going to get a drink. I walked straight into the living room hoping to get a blanket but found mum, dad and James. Mum was reading a magazine and Dad and James were talking about quidditch and work.

Great, just great. I hope he leaves as I really don't want him finding out yet. James is bound to go mad. As I was about to open my mouth to speak Al came in. Even better.

"Mum, Dad is it ok if I invite my girlfriend over for tea? I want her to meet you all." He asked.

Dad's mouth dropped open, Mum gasped and James looked highly shocked.

Since when has Al had a girlfriend? More to the point why is he only mentioning this now. Surely it would have been around the school and back that Albus Potter son of the great Harry Potter had a girlfriend!

Just then Dom wandered in, wearing her pink fluffy dressing gown and matching slippers. She stopped to pick up the pile of girly gossip magazine's that were her's off the coffee table when she noticed the look on Dad and James' faces.

Dom made to leave but then when she was in the doorway, she turned around and looked right at me with an evil look in her eyes before she opened her mouth and said "I see you've told your parents that you're pregnant then" and with that she left the room with a wicked smile on her face.

I am going to fucking kill her!! I am deadly serious why couldn't she have kept her stupid big fat gob shut. I am going to MURDER MY STUPID FUCKING COUSIN!!

Mum looked at me horrified "Is this true Lily?" she asked the magazine dropping to the floor.

She has no idea how much I want to say that Dom is lying and that I'm not, but I can't because I am. I doubt mum would believe those words as the next time she will see me I will have quite a bump.

I nodded since I was lost for words. More like I'm plotting to kill Dom.

She looked mad and got up from her seat. She started pacing up and down the room before whispering "But Lily your the good one."

Al scoffed, "Thanks mum."

Even James looked annoyed at that comment. Mum looked towards Al "Sorry Al, I didn't mean it like that but... but..."

He seemed to know what she meant,"But I'm a Slytherin" He finished for her.

"No Al, that's not what I meant it's just that you're like James in ways and from what I've heard, lets face it he's no angel is he?"

Jeez Mum make the situation worse than it is, not too mention go off the fact that I Lily, her only daughter who is sixteen years old just told her that I'm pregnant.

Then James decided to butt in, "Hey it's not like I ever got any one pregnant." He yelled.

I snorted and he looked at me. Oh Jamesie there is a lot that you don't know, you've got a fucking three year old with your best mate for Merlin's sake.

He turned back to our parents after realising that I wasn't going to answer or do anything else. "I've only ever slept with one person, I think?"

"You think?" Dad enquired.

Oh god why are they discussing James' sex life whether it be existent or not. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!

James squirmed where he was sitting "I think," He repeated, "Because we were drunk and I woke up with her in my bed in my dorm and we weren't exactly fully clothed."

Oh holy mother of Merlin, I really do not want to KNOW!! There is something really disturbing about finding out that your brother has only ever slept with one person, Which led to him having a three year old son that he doesn't even know about. Who I only found out about yesterday. Now I have mental pictures of him and Bee in my head - seriously he does not understand that he is traumatising me right now -they are not exactly images I want in my head.

Dad looked livid, "How could you have been so stupid. You could have used protection like the contraceptive charm or condoms!"

"We were drunk ok and I'm not sure anything did happen." James retorted.

"OI" I yelled bringing all their attention back to me.

Dad turned looked at me, his eyes softening, "Um Lily, how far are you?" He asked.

"Well I'm nearly thirteen weeks and I've had my twelve week scan. I've made my decision and I'm choosing adoption" I said clearly.

They all looked shocked and mum collapsed into the nearest chair. James who seemed to be struggling for words managed to say "I'm gonna fucking kill the bastard!"

"Too late I already have." Al joked.

Arghhh why are they so bloody overprotective and WHY do they both my brothers want to kill my boyfriend. I only got pregnant it's not like he got me into drugs or anything (and for the record, I haven't done drugs and I never will). Note to self make sure that if I ever have any more kids one day, that they will not be so overprotective of their siblings for the silliest things.

"No you won't James. Isn't it enough that Al punched him multiple times or that he broke his nose, I do not need the father of my baby dead!" I yelled at them.

I saw mum look at Al when I mentioned he punched Jake. I haven't mentioned the fact that he disappeared not long after I told him or that he has only just reappeared after being missing for nearly two weeks.

Mum spoke up at last "Lily are you sure, you have ages to decide. We'll help you, were not going to chuck you out just because you're pregnant honey and as for money well that's not a problem."

"This isn't a discussion mum. I've decided and it's what's best for my baby, it's my decision and I'm putting it up for adoption." I said before I stormed out the room.

Well I suppose it could have gone a little better I mean not only have I found out that Al has a girlfriend but that the only person that James has slept with is Bee. And from the rumours that have been going around the school for years I can tell you that people think it's a lot higher than ONE person. If I let that slip then James' bad boy reputation will disappear in seconds.

I made my way upstairs, once I arrived outside my room I could here kissing and giggling coming from inside. For god sake I wish those two would that somewhere else. Instead of walking in on them again I made my way to Dom and Molly's room and boy was I going to give Dom a piece of my mind

Instead of knocking I just strolled right on in, slamming the door behind me. She was sat on her bed in her dressing gown flicking through a magazine, her wet hair wrapped up in a towel.


Dom looked up and it was clear she wasn't fazed by my outburst since she carried on flipping through her magazine, "Well," She said casually as she looked up at me again, "You see from the looks of James and your parent's faces I thought that you had told them you were pregnant."

I can probably guarantee she had been waiting outside before walking in at that moment. You may wonder why she would do that, well news flash Dom is a bitch when she wants to be. Trust me never get on the wrong side of her.


"Lily, little Lily would I do that to my own cousin." She said in a sweet voice.

God I hate her right now.


The door opened and in walked Tori. Fuck.

"What's all the yelling for? and why are you two speaking?" She asked looking from me to Dom and then to me again.

"Well..." I began to explain.

"She's knocked up." Interrupted Dom.

Can she honestly not keep her mouth shut for five minutes.

"What!" Tori shrieked.

I just looked at her and nodded to confirm it was true. Great so much for only telling my parents today on the other hand only five more cousins to tell, a whole load of aunts and uncles and also nana Molly and granddad Arthur

"Are you sure?"

I pulled out my scan photo that I've been carrying around in my jean pocket and passed it to her. "Yeah I'm pretty sure" I said sarcastically before saying in my normal tone of voice, "Your darling sister here wanted me to have an abortion which is the reason that she has been ignoring me and now SHE told my parents instead if me!"

Tori rounded on Dom and I was pleased to see that Dom had fear in her eyes. Serves her right, never get on Tori's bad side, she's exactly like auntie Fleur and goes off on one in French.

"Dom you didn't, how could you be so irresponsible. It was Lily's job to tell them not you."

Dom scoffed, "Me irresponsible, um Tori I'm not the pregnant sixteen year old."

"I don't care Dom, why did you do it?" She asked her sister.

I'm surprised that Tori isn't ripping her head off right now.

Dom shrugged which made the towel on her head go lopsided, "She said she was keeping it. I didn't want it be like fucking Rose all over again."

Tori looked confused "Rose, again?"

Dom you complete and utter moron, she didn't know you stupid girl. Not only has she blabbed to my parents, brother and Tori that I'm pregnant but she also told Rose's secret. I'm starting to think that girl has a death wish.

"Fuck," She whispered, "Forget I said that, if you want to know ask Rose."

Tori looked even more confused "i will ignore that for now but I'll be having words with Rose later on. So why did you do it?" Tori pressed on at her sister.

"Like I said, because she was keeping it. She's sixteen Tor, it'll ruin her life."


"So I told her to get an abortion and she didn't exactly take it to well."

"Understatement of the year Dom. I was not thrilled at all and I still hate you for even suggesting it. I may be going through with this pregnancy but I'm putting my baby up for adoption so that it can have a better life."

Tori looked at me and before she could say anything else I left the room leaving her with Dom. Maybe now that I've gone Tori will yell at her since she seemed way too calm. I went downstairs, grabbed a book and hid in the nearest possible place.

After spending the rest of the afternoon hidden in cupboard under the stairs reading, I re-appeared just as Nana was about to dish up dinner. I managed to sit inbetween Rose and Roxy so that mum or dad couldn't speak to me. Al was sat opposite with an empty chair next to him for his 'girlfriend'.

Since I've been hiding it looks like shit's gone down between Dom and Rose since they're ignoring each other and Tori keeps shooting glances at Rose and Scorpius who was sat on Al's other side. I swear that kid spends more time here with us that in his own home with his parents.

Nana had just started dishing out the spaghetti bolognese when there was a loud knock and Al jumped up off his chair and motioned for quiet, "Um guys, can you be nice to her. She's going through a rough time right now." He aimed the first bit at James and Fred who were both sporting mischievous grins as they looked at each other. Any bet that they're plotting something.

I turned away from James and Fred, mainly because every time I look at my brother all I can see is him and Bee in my head, and it is not something one wants in their head. I wish it would go away, maybe I need something else to mentally scar me before those images leave.

Al left the kitchen and the chatter died down. I have to say that I was getting impatient as I was actually hungry for a change. Shock horror, this baby wants me to eat, hopefully without throwing up. I really hope so because it's no fun living off toast, crackers and ginger biscuits.

When Al eventually came back in, he stood in the doorway with one of his hands trailing behind him holding his 'girlfriends'. I couldn't see what see looked like just yet as Al was blocking her from view. All I could see of her was her white ballet pumps.

"Everyone I'd like you to meet my girlfriend." Al said as he walked in and she came into view.

I was still looking at her shoes when Al brought her in, she had on a blue skirt that had little flowers on it, a white top and a blue cardigan. She had blonde hair which was up in a messy bun and blue eyes that had red marks around them, as if she had been crying.

Her blue eyes found my Hazel ones and I jumped out of my seat, "What the actual fuck!" I yelled at Al and my best friend.

"Language Lily." Nana scolded me.

"Please tell me you're joking." I said looking fro Al to Kayl. "I do not need this right now."

"Lily I'm not joking. This is my girlfriend Kayleigh." Al announced sounding a little bit hurt.

Nana rushed over and pulled her into a hug, "Do sit down Kayleigh dear."

Kayl nodded and took the empty seat next to Al. James, Fred, Tori and Teddy were making conversation with Kayl and I don't think my aunts and uncles realised why I had reacted so bad when I first saw her.

I was only picking at my food and even though it smelt delicious I only ate half of it. I excused myself from the table and as I left the room I could feel three pairs of eyes on, Nana, mum and Kayl.

Since when was my best friend, Kayleigh Jessop dating my brother, Albus Potter.....

A/N Dun, dun, dun ......

Edited 06/02/13


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