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A Different Fate by SnitchCatcher
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The Meet
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(NOTE*: The Prologue will be Harry's POV in third person. Throughout the novel, some of the chapters will be like this. But for almost all of it, the story will be Tabetha's POV in first or third person.)


--------------------------------------Harry's POV-------------------------------------

Ten year old Harry Potter was cooking breakfast for his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon one day. His Uncle had told him to make bacon, eggs, toast, and sausage. He was serving it to his whale of a cousin, Dudley, when the doorbell rang.

"Boy! Get the door!" his Uncle shouted.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry said.

Harry opened the door to reveal a young girl about his age that had beautiful silky, dark brown hair that had a twinge of copper highlights in the light.

Her eyes were a deep dark brown that looked like rich, milk chocolate.

Her skin was a medium olive color that helped the waves of her hair glow even in the dull light of the Dursley's home. 

His eyes quickly skimmed her face so he could take in the beautiful freckles the made her face even more radiant. The girl blushed.


"Hi." she said. "I'm Tabetha. My da told me to come and say hi." she said, beaming a set of nice, white teeth. "Here." she said, handing Harry what looked like a large apple cherry pie. "My da made this himself. It's his best pie." she said.

Harry smiled. "Thank you!" he said, taking the pie. "Oh and I'm Harry." he added, blushing red a bit.

Tabetha smiled. "That's a nice name. Hey, would you like to meet me in the park after lunch?" she asked,

Harry smiled at the thought of being away from the Dursley's for the afternoon. "Sure!." he told her.

Tabetha smiled. "Okay, see you soon then Harry!" she said, waving and leaving,

Harry quickly closed the door smiling to himself in his mind as he entered the kitchen. He set the large pie on the counter. "A new neighbor came and told me to give this to you." he told his uncle.

Vernon squinted his small eyes at the boy. "Fine then. Now go weed the garden." he said.

Petunia watched Harry almost leave. "And don't forget to do the laundry, dishes, and clean the whole house. I expect it to be done before lunch." she added, smiling to herself.

Harry groaned inwardly. "Yes Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon." he said before walking outside.



One Harry was done doing his chores and making lunch for the Dursley's, he met Tabetha in the park.

"Hi Tabetha!" he said

Tabetha beamed. "Hi Harry!" she responded.

The rest of the afternoon was spent learning about each other.

Harry learned to call Tabetha "Tabby", and also told Tabby all about the Dursley's and how his parents died in a car accident.

Tabby had been a bit angry when she learned how his aunt and uncle treated him, but quickly got over it. She told Harry about how her mother and brother had mysteriously died one night when she was very young.

"His name was Bradley and my mother's name was Samantha." she said sadly.

The rest of the summer went in a blur. But the day Harry had gotten his Hogwarts letter from Hagrid, his whole life, as we all know, changed.

What Tabby hadn't told Harry though, was that she also was a witch. Only she went to a wizarding school in France because that's where her brother had went.


Three years Later:_____________________(Harry's fourth year.)

Tabby stared in horror as her only connection with her brother burned to the ground. Tears streamed down her now pale face as the people who caused this whole mess apparated away.

Tabby had been visiting her headmistress before school started up again so she could go to the Triwizard Tournament with their sister school, the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

Before her Headmistress signed the slip, a dark hooded figure known as a Death Eater lit the castle on fire with Fiendfiyre.

Tabby cried her final tear and flooed back home, where her father calmed her down and asked if she wanted to go to Beauxbatons for school instead.

Tabby had shook her head and insisted to wait for the other school.

Two weeks before the school term started, a Hogwarts owl came and gave her a letter to Hogwarts.

Tabby instantly packed and went to Diagon Alley with her father, where they got the necessary school books needed for Hogwarts.

Tabby also got her robes and other equipment, as well as a new wand because she had been using her mother's at her old school. Her new wand was now a twelve inched ebony wood with a phoenix feathered core.

A week later was September first, which is when Hogwarts was starting.

She got on Platform 9 3/4 and went into a train carriage. She put her luggage along with her own black tawny owl, Garim, onto a rack.

She was just about to sit down when the door opened to reveal a girl with bushy brown hair, a boy with red hair, and a familiar boy with emerald green eyes and shaggy raven black hair.

The girl ad red haired boy sat across from Tabby while she and the black haired boy looked at each other, confused. The boy spoke first.

"Hi Tabby." he said, cautiously.

"Hey Harry." Tabby answered just as cautious.

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