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A Plane Catastrophe by dRaMiOnE221B
Chapter 2 : Keep your friends close....
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Hey guys! So this is the second chapter!!! Hope you guys like it and see you on the other side!!






Draco had long since gone up to the Wilkins’ (Granger’s now) guest bedroom and was sitting on the bed when Hermione stormed in. She stopped short when she saw him, and turned to leave, when he shouted:







“What, Malfoy?” Draco got up from the bed and faced her.



“What happened?”



“Since when do you care?” spat Hermione, refusing to look him in the eye. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.



“Since now. Now tell me.” He let go and led her to the bed. She sat and ran a hand through her curly brown hair, making it even messier than it had been. She sighed, and said



“After I lifted the spell, and you ran from the room, an owl came flying through the window. My parents freaked out and started yelling at me, and I couldn’t handle it. I walked over to the owl, and the letter was from my land lord. I lost my apartment. After I read that I couldn’t handle it anymore. I ran up here and, well.” She finished, and fell backwards into the mattress. Draco just looked at her. He opened his mouth to say something to her, but the bedroom door banged open, as Mr. and Mrs. Granger came in, looking as furious as ever.



Draco got to his feet. “ Mr. and Mrs. Granger, please calm down.”



“CALM DOWN?!” screamed Mrs. Granger, “YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN?!



“Mum!” said Hermione in a tired voice.



“ You HUSH!” said Mrs. Granger. “ You think you can just come in here and lift some spell that you put on us, without our permission, mind you-“



“So you wouldn’t be KILLED! Voldemort would have hunted you down and tortured you! Don’t you understand-“



“and with this man who you claimed for six years to be your arch nemisis from school, and having us move to AUSTRALLIA?!”



“FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!” screamed Hermione so loudly, Draco wished he could


disapparate on the spot.



“COULD BOTH OF YOU SHUT IT?!” he screamed. The silence was such, you could hear a pin drop. “Mrs. Granger, I know you’re mad, but you really need to see


this from Hermione’s point of view.”



Mrs.Granger looked like she was going to throw something, but sighed  as her husband, looking just as furious, snaked his arms around her.



Draco spoke, “ Hermione changed your memories so the Dark Lord and his supporters couldn’t find you.” He paused to let this sink in. “I should know,”



“Malfoy? What are you talking abou-“



“I was in charge of that mission.”




Hermione stared at him with shock.  He just stood there, with an apologetic look on his face. ‘That GIT!’ She ran up to him and backhanded him with enough force to knock out Hagrid’ teeth.



“Gah! GRANGER!” Hermione moved to slap him again, but he whipped out his wand and said,



Petrificus Totalus!” Hermione’s arms snapped to her sides and as she toppled backwards he neatly caught her and slowly lowered her to the floor. He backed off as the Granger’s ran to their daughter. Mr. Granger examined her for a minute, then turned on Draco.



“What do you mean , ‘In charge of that mission’?”



“ Exactly that. I was in charge of finding you and getting information from you about Potter, but due to Hermione’s quick spell work, I couldn’t find you. So in a way, she saved your lives!” Mrs. Granger got up from next to her daughter and put a hand on her husband’s shoulder. He relaxed and, realizing defeat left the guest bedroom with her.


Draco bent down to Hermione and looked into her horrified face.



“If you promise not to do that again, I’ll lift the charm, ok?”



Draco took her silence for a yes and said “ Finite!



Hermione lay there for a while before turning on her side and mumbling “Git…”



“Hey!” exclaimed Draco, “ I just saved your ass! You won’t have to answer any questions for them now, they’ll just ask me.”






Draco sighed and walked out of the room. ‘When will she learn that she doesn’t know everything?’

Hello again!! The third chapter should be up soon..... PLEASE R&R!!!

P.S. reviews really help and they only take like 5 seconds!!!! PLEASE REVIEW!!!!


~~dRaMiOnE221B <3

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A Plane Catastrophe: Keep your friends close....


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