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Getting Past the Nerves by Summers_2008
Chapter 4 : A Date for Albus Potter
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 Hogsmead weekend was upon us and I was freaking out. I didn’t know what I was going to do or what Addie was planning to do. I wasn’t even sure what I should wear. “Okay, Potter quit being a girl and get ready.” Scorpius pushed his way in through the door.

“I don’t know what to wear!” I almost shouted. Scorpius burst out laughing. “This isn’t funny Scorpius, I’ve never been on a date, unlike you who had like five hundred dates before settling with Rose.” This made Scorpius laugh even harder. “Shut up Malfoy!” I grabbed the nearest article of clothing which happened to be used socks and chucked them at Scorpius.

“Ew gross, okay, okay,” Scorpius’ laughing died down. “Rose just told me that Addie’s freaking about the same things that you apparently are. She doesn’t know what to wear, what to do or what will happen.” Scorpius told me. That actually made me feel better. I mean yeah, I’ll probably be a nervous wreck the whole time I’m with her but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one freaking out. “So put on a pair of jeans a t-shirt and grab a sweater or something and come down stairs.” Scorpius told me.

I did as Scorpius instructed and met him down stairs. Rose and Addie were still getting ready. “what if I pass out again?” I asked Scorpius.

“You won’t just remember to breathe, try not to vomit on her, I know that you can’t help it sometimes but try, not that she’ll flip out and tell you to get lost like Lindsay…” Scorpius chuckled again. “you’ll be fine.” Scorpius said as Rose and Addie appeared at the foot of the girls dorm stairs. Addie was wearing jeans and a red shirt. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and I could feel my nerves working up again.

“Breathe Albus,” Rose said as she and Scorpius headed out.

“You look nice Al,” Addie smiled. My heart skipped a beat when she smiled. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. I was too scared. “C’mon lets go.” She said taking my hand. It felt like an electrical jolt was sent through my body just at the slighted touch. But I didn’t jerk away. And neither did she. I followed her to hogsmead mostly because she practically was dragging me the whole way. “So where should we go first?” she asked looking at me. “It’s okay to talk to me Al,” she said softly.

“Honeydukes,” I choked out, trying not so sound like a nervous wreck.

“Okay,” Addie pulled me along to honeydukes. Her eyes widened at the sight of all of the candy in the store. “Wow,” was all she said. “this is the most candy I’ve ever seen in my life!” she grinned at me. “What’s your favorite?” she asked me. She didn’t care that all I’ve said to her in the last 45 minutes was Honeydukes. She actually genuinely wanted to talk to me.

“Er…” I took her to my favorite candy. I handed her a handful of Peppermint frogs.

“Interesting,” She smiled. “These are my favorite too.” She said excitedly and loaded up a small basket with them. “C’mon what else is there here that you can show me?” She headed to the front counter to pay. I reached into my pocket to pay, “Hey now, I’ve got this, you get lunch.” She told me winking. The lady behind the counter bagged up the candies and handed them to Addie. Addie took my hand with her free one and we left the store. She looked right and left. “Where to?” I didn’t know. I had only been to hogsmead a hand full of  times and it was Scorpius was the only one who would direct me where to go. “Okay… So take me to where Scorpius would drag you next,” She said taking my hand in hers. Then I realized something, I couldn’t really screw this up if I tried. I mean hey the girl had been around me for the last few weeks without completely freaking out. And I hadn’t vomited on her. Which is a win in my book.

“Er… He usually dragged me to the joke shop that was formerly Zonkos but is now my uncle Georges place Weasley Wizarding Wheezes.” I rambled on telling her facts about the store and how my Uncle George and his Twin Fred had opened up the store. She listened intently not interrupting me. The more I talked the wider her smile got and the less nervous I felt. Well that was until the bell over the door jingled upon our entrance and I saw James at the front counter and I instantly started to freak out I would have run for cover had Addie’s hand hadn’t tightened around mine.

“Al!” James said excitedly jumping over the counter and bounding over to me and pulling me into a tight brotherly hug. “Man I’ve missed you. Jenny’s been driving me nuts!” I could feel the panic rising in my gut. “Who’s this?” James turned to Addie. “I’m James Potter, Al’s older brother.”

“Addie Grayson,” She said still gripping my hand. “Al’s date.” James took a step back and looked from her to me for what seemed like forever. “Take a picture it lasts longer.” Addie said.

“You asked him didn’t you? I know for a fact that Al’s shakey at best around Jenny and she’s my fiancé.”

“Trust me the most he’s talked since we met was just a moment ago,” Addie said.

“And he hasn’t…” James paused and lowered his voice. “Vomited on you?” James finished his question.

“Nope, and it wouldn’t bother me if he did,” Addie said. “I want to go into the Healer field and I know that I might get vomited on and mostly because I’m sort of attracted to him.” Addie winked at James. I was starting to sweat and lose control of my breathing. Panic had completely set in. I was going to vomit. “Relax Al, it’s okay, breath.” Addie said softly to me.

“Well I’m going to go back to work, or I might get terminated,” James tried joking. George couldn’t fire his family if he tried. No one would be peeved at him, well maybe the one who got fired, but George really couldn’t fire anyone. If it weren’t for James or any of my other cousins over the summer he would have no staff… well besides the few fools who actually apply for summer jobs. 

“Sure,” Addie said. “So um, we’re just going to take a look around.” Addie said and pulled me in the opposite direction of James. “Just relax,” She told me and I started to calm down. After shopping for another hour or so Addie said she was hungry and we headed to The Three Broomsticks. I started talking again. Not as much as I had earlier, but I was able to form some sort of speech. It was starting to become easier with Addie. Rose and Scorpius arrived shortly after us and decided to join us.

“Please tell me that James was nice to you?” Rose gushed as she sat across from Addie. “If he wasn’t I’ll hex him into next year!”

“He was okay, tried to be funny.” I said. “I think.”

Rose and Scorpius stared at me in what I can only describe as a mix between wonderment shock and sheer terror. Addie covered her mouth trying not to laugh at the looks on their faces. Seriously it’s not like they’ve never heard me speak before. Oh right… Addie’s here and usually I just mumble and freak out and stop talking. I really need to work on that. Sure I’m still nervous but Addie just keeps telling me to breath and then I relax enough to speak. “You… talk… Addie… what?” Scorpius said starting to sound like… well like me.

“Do you have a fever?” Rose said reached across the table to feel my forehead. “Did someone drug you or something.”

“No Rose,” I said.

“Are you feeling alright?” Scorpius asked.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. I was still feeling panic in some form and I felt a little queezy. But Addie was holding my hand and she didn’t once laugh or freak out when my palms got sweaty in hers. She would sense the tension or something and tell me to relax. It was working well mostly. So in answer to Scorpius’ questions I just shrugged.

After lunch Addie and I made one last stop. We sat outside the shrieking shack They’d taken the fence down and it was now a memorial of sorts. They didn’t let people inside. but now you were allowed to actually see it up close. When I was younger I wanted to buy the place and fix it up to look like it probably did back when it was built. “Thanks for going with me to Hogsmead.” Addie said “I don’t think I could have had a better trip.”

“You’re welcome, and this has been the best Hogsmead trip I’ve ever been on.” I said. “So it’s I who should be thanking you.” Addie and I looked at each other. I couldn’t stop looking into her eyes. I didn’t even realize that we were getting closer together until our lips collided in a kiss.  

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