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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 1 : Those People
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In life, there’s always those people that you’ve known since you were a little baby toddling round in nappies and talking in a foreign language. The people that you’re close to even if you don’t see them for ten million years, the people you can talk to anytime about anything with no awkwardness, just those people. For me, Charlie was those ‘people’. And for your information, Charlie is the girl and I’m the guy!

Charla Wood and I lived on the same street since before we could talk, we were born in the same ward at the Maternity section of St Mungo’s (sixteen years prior to now, or thereabouts) and we were looked after by the same nanny up until we were old enough to look after ourselves.

Charlie’s dad (the coolest dad in the history of ever... apart from my dad because he’s the savoir of the Wizarding World so mess with that Charlie) was the keeper for Puddlemere United for ages, then he transferred to the Chudley Cannons (which made Uncle Ron exceedingly happy and Grandpa exceedingly irritated) and taught me how to play Quidditch when I was five; dad never had the patience to keep me under control.

Charlie’s mum was also a Quidditch player, she flew with the Harpies (and my mum) for six years, then both women became pregnant and they both became reporters for the Daily Prophet.

We stuck together in our first year of Hogwarts, but I guess we sort of drifted apart after that. Sure we still said hi and Valentines days was specially reserved for us because that was the way it always had been, but it got to the point, last year, during OWLs, that we barely talked... mainly because she had decided to go to France for a year.  

And then I saw her at the end summer...

‘Jamesie-poo!’ Lily chided sweetly, I grimaced in disgust. Lillers wrapped her skinny arms around my waist and gazed up at me with her unbelievably annoyingly amazing puppy dog eyes... Thirteen year old sisters are such a pain. And Albus for the record so are fifteen year old brothers! (Al's birthday is near dad's he'd only just turned fifteen).

‘What do you want?’ I asked monotonously – that was my feeble attempt at resistance; don’t judge, I’m not a morning person... ok that was a pathetic excuse because it was nearly four thirty in the afternoon but it would have worked if it was morning.

Turns out all she needed was advice on what clothes to wear to her date with Luke Davies... LIKE HELL SHE WAS GOING ON A DATE WITH LUKE BLOODY DAVIES! Which I told her quite plainly followed by her throwing a baby tantrum. Turns out my little Lillers doesn’t like being told what to do. See if I care, thirteen year olds don't date.

‘It’s the first day of school tomorrow!’ I whined, ‘you can’t let her go out and not me!’

‘James, if we let you go to that party you’d come home drunk and be hung-over on the train tomorrow-’ so not true! ‘- so no you may not go to that party, however Lily is a sensible girl and will be home by ten, right Lily?’ My dearest mother was the least fair person on the plant! Lily? Sensible? Fat Chance!

However if I was to complain anymore about my Dad’s favourite child (yes dad, we all know it’s true!) then the chances of me returning to Hogwarts would be even smaller than they already are, so I decided to shut up and go for a walk.

I liked walks, they’re calm and relaxing and there are no annoying little siblings.

So that was it, I took off, dad raised his eyebrows and reminded me to take a jacket (I didn’t need a jacket). Mum kissed me on the forehead (no I’m not a mummy’s boy) and I dodged Lily’s next series of Puppy Eyes, and darted out the door.

I walked down the road on the way to the park (my favouritest place in the world... apart from Uncle Bill’s place, Shell Cottage is the best!) and had not even reached the swings before regretting not grabbing my jacket before I left... however I would not tell dad that because he’d laugh...

Millie and her sister Lolly (I don’t actually know Lolly’s real name, we just called her Lolly) were the only two other kids at the park.

Admittedly, Millie is pretty hot. She’s two years younger than me, a year older than Lily, and she has blonde hair and nice legs but she’s pretty much a sister to me because her and her family have lived in the house next to Godric’s Hollow since... since I’ve been in Godric’s Hollow, thats for sure. Lolly’s also gonna be hot, but she’s five now and I’m not a paedophile so I don’t look at her as anything more than the kid that I babysit from time to time.

Yes, you heard correctly, James Potter can babysit without blowing up a child... but admittedly Lolly is an easygoing child, I would know from the number of times I’ve forgotten to cook her dinner and ended up ordering a takeaway! And it’s convenient that they’re family are an old Wizarding family too, somehow related to dads deceased godfather I think.

‘Hey Millie,’ I swept her into a bear crushing hug causing her to yelp indignantly.

‘James,’ she raised her eyebrows as she surveyed my newly attained height, it was true over the summer I’d grown at least a foot. ‘How was France?’ she grinned.

‘Excellento, I mean, sexy French girls, what more could a guy want?’

Millie laughed and Lolly decided at that moment to ask if I thought she was sexy, I told her she was very sexy and that she was going to find a great boyfriend one day! I think she was pleased. Either she was pleased or she really has to work on those facial expressions.

‘What about Claire?’ Millie asked teasingly, bringing up my last girlfriend. That touched a nerve Millie dearest.

‘Whose Claire,’ I retorted mockingly. Claire hadn’t been the best girlfriend... too clingy... and girly... and she didn’t play quidditch! Huge flaw!

Millie had been in the common room at the time I had decided to dump Claire. She had also probably laughed the hardest when I told Claire it wasn’t because I didn’t like her extreme fakeness (seriously she didn’t need the fake American accent or the blonde extensions that were really horrible to touch!) and that it was actually because she lacked talent in Quidditch... and anything really but mainly Quidditch.

‘What about your summer?’ I asked, out of politeness, ‘Italy right? Bagged any Italian Lads?’

‘Well there were many fit guys but finding one that actually called me Millie and not Belle...’ she trailed off and sighed.

We chatted for a couple more minutes before Millie decided to take Lolly to get a hot chocolate at the cafe nearby, she asked if I wanted to go but to be honest I was broke in Muggle money and couldn’t let a girl pay so I said I was meeting someone.

‘Who?’ Millie asked curiously, wearing a cheeky smile.

‘None of your bees wax Millie, Love’ I waved to her and Lolly and flopped down on the swings... I did love the swings!

I sat swinging like a little kid, - ok well not as high as a little kid, I was pretty sure these swings were going to break soon – and watched a squirrel munch on a nut. I was just thinking up an awesome story of a killer-squirrel/reincarnate-of-Voldy taking over the world when I heard a new voice.


Upon hearing that oh so familiar voice I leapt off the swing and landed rather painfully on my left foot, not the most impressive landing ever!

Ignoring that fact I turned and came nose to nose – or nose to chest because she was very short – with a tiny red headed female figure!

Don’t get me wrong Charlie’s awesome, but you know, guys don’t really go for girls with hairy legs, braces and something slightly mental looking about them... those are the girls that stay in the friend zone... or turn into super models?


‘Well who did you think it was dumb-ass?’ she laughed – nope, this was definitely Charla – and stood up on her toes to wrap her arms around my neck.

I hadn’t seen Charla in over a year, she had decided to go to France for a year because her sister was going through a hard time and after her parents separated the girls had decided to live in separate homes. France had definitely done Char some good.

She’d never been ugly, but now her braces were off, and she’d shaved/waxed (I don’t even know the difference!) her legs and grown into her body... not that I was staring at her boobs which had certainly grown.... that was against the Code of Guyness (and you don’t mess with the Code of Guyness!). Her hair was in two French Plaits so I couldn’t see its old frizzyness and there was she was even wearing makeup... I think.

‘Charlie, where’ve you been?’ I tackled her into a hug and swung her round giddily. ‘How was France, and you’re holidays, and Rory, and-’

‘Jamesie, let me breathe!’ she said, giggling.

‘I missed ya love,’ I kissed the top of her head and pulled her down onto the bench beside me.

‘Yeah, missed you too Jamesie, mon petit chou!’ {My little cabbage} she sighed, ‘France was good, Aurora’s recovering, she decided to come and live with me and dad this year because everything seemed to be better when we were together. The holidays were good, y’know, just getting Rory settled back here! What about you, how’s everything been?’

‘Meh, so so!’ I grinned down at her, ‘I got the Quidditch training thing in France this summer, I got a new broom too, I dated twenty eight girls this year and, ugh... Lily has learnt that dad doesn’t mind if she dates...’ I put on a fake threatening accent, ‘Luke Davies!’

‘Well, I suppose we should have seen that one coming, Rory will be so happy to see Lillers again!’ she paused, ‘who are you kidding Jay, I’m so happy to see you!’ She snuggled into me for another hug.

We chatted and joked and laughed and it was just like old times, no awkwardness that I would have expected from the last time we saw each other (don’t ask, because I’m not going to tell you), it was cool!

‘So any French boyfriends I should know about?’ I teased jokingly.

‘Nah, French dudes aren’t as sexy as English ones,’ she winked, ‘I mean, I saw Freddy yesterday, he’s got fit...’ she looked up at me from under her long, dark eyelashes to see my response, which was a very unimpressed face glaring back at her.

‘Well I should tell you that me and Claire are together,’ I said in a huff.

‘Claire? As in Claire Palmer, the Huffelpuff?’

‘Yup,’ I said proudly.

‘Fred told me you broke up,’ Charla laughed, ‘but nice try, I almost fell for it with those eyes!’

Ten minutes later Char stood up sighed, ‘well I better be going because Daddy has promised me a dinner out with his manager at some posh hotel and I promised Aurora I’d do her hair!’

I stood up too (because I have such amazing manners) and walked Charla to the point, three streets away where the roads to each of our houses met.

‘See ya tomorrow Charlie,’ I hugged her quickly and watcher her turn to go. And as she walked down the road with a backwards wave, and a blown kiss I noticed something I had never really noticed before...

Charla Wood has a nice ass! 

Heya, so it's me again! This is my first attempt at a novel, please tell me what you think! A review would be lovely. Also, anything recognisable is not mine, Harry Potter is JK Rowlings and swings were not my invention! Thanks, 

~ Char   

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