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Silent Confrontations by marauders4life
Chapter 8 : Kick It Up A Notch
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Detention was the following evening. 7:00 sharp. Having only just remembered this at 6:58, I was absolutely booking it down the moving staircases. Down here. Turn right. Now left. Long corridor. Down again.

At last I reached the trophy room at the end of the last hall. Polishing trophies without magic: what an original punishment. Not to mention I'd have to deal with Sirius too. In fact, that would probably be even more of a pain than polishing the trophies. I threw the doors open, expecting Sirius to be even later than me.

My first surprise was that it was actually difficult to open the door because of all the clean trophies stacked up neatly beside it. The second surprise was that Sirius was clearly responsible for them. Was I really only two minutes late? He had already polished about 25 trophies. I gasped in shock.

Finally, he realized I was there gawking like an idiot. He smirked, raising his eyebrows in his usual sarcastic manner. "Well, what did you expect? I've had quite a lot of experience you know," he said shamelessly. "Oh, I've had plenty of experience polishing trophies as well. Is that what you were wondering about?" His eyes glinted in amusement as his own joke. I rolled my eyes obnoxiously at him and grabbed a nearby rag and trophy.

We scrubbed in silence for a while. Occasionally I glanced over at him; his dark shaggy hair hung in elegant clumps around his face as he worked.

After what seemed like forever, I sat back on my heels to admire my work. I thought it was respectable; roughly about 30 trophies. I turned to compare with Sirius and nearly fell over.

He had polished almost every other trophy in the room. At least 50, probably quite a lot more. Sirius however, wasn't paying attention to the trophies as I was. In fact, he looked like he was studying me; much like how Madame Malkin might study the size of someone buying new robes in Diagon Alley. I looked at him pointedly.

"Can I be honest with you for a minute?" Sirius asked, as if he'd been waiting for this moment all night. I nodded slowly, unsure of what he was leading up to.

"I'm sorry for my...behaviour today, and yesterday, and the day before that. Basically every day, ever. It was..immature. I probably did deserve to have my bookbag split open," he smiled sheepishly before turning back to his trophy. "You know, I had a dream about you last night."

I raised my eyes in suspicion, thinking 'what kind of dream.' Hopefully this wouldn't to turn out to be a line of some kind.

As if he could read my mind, he chuckled softly "not THAT kind of dream. It was nice. You were singing to me in it but there was no sound except for birds chirping in the background. But I remember that somehow I knew your voice was beautiful anyways," he reminisced.

Singing? Ok, so it was kind-of a bit of a line. But there was something absolutely adorable about it. I smiled in spite of myself, feeling my cheeks go red.



Ok so I may have neglected to mention the rather significant snogging scene under the apple tree that was also in the same dream, but with good reason. Couldn't risk scaring her off now, could I? Besides, I got a blush and a smile; I'll take that.

"This was almost an enjoyable detention! We should do this every night," I joked, helplessly hoping that she would reply in a comedic fashion. Of course, she remained silent, giving me a mere smile in return.

Suddenly, I accidentally knocked over one of the smaller stacks of trophies. Norah turned to help me set them back up, but I sent her ahead of me, insisting I could handle it. Finally the last one was in its proper position. I was just about to leave the room when I came across a small piece of parchment. Intrigued, I picked it up:

I used to sing. ~ N







Detention with Sirius actually had been enjoyable last week. He had undoubtedly surprised me. In fact, it was basically the highlight of the last few days. To top it off, he never mentioned the note I left him, or the dream he had about me again. This was a good thing, I told myself. I didn't know what on Earth I was thinking when I left him that bit of parchment.

Actually, he might not have even seen it! Even better. Regardless, I found myself to be in a rather excellent mood on the Friday before our Saturday Hogsmead visit. I finished my scrambled eggs in haste, having remembered the Thank-You note I was planning to write to James. Lily and Alice sat across from me, unconcerned with what I was writing down.

"I got a really strange note the other day," Lily brought up. "It was signed 'Half Blood Prince', and it basically said 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Beware for your friends' or some other mumbo-jumbo like that,"

"Weird," Alice said through a mouthful of bacon. "Maybe you should take that to Dumbledore."

"I might. It's probably just a stupid prank or something though," Lily commented.

Unperturbed by their conversation, I completed my note and signed it quickly. I stood up, realizing that I should probably get moving to Transfiguration.

The Marauders sat further down the bench than us, closer to the door. James and Remus sat on my side. Perfect! I would drop the note off with James on the way to class. James' familiar hair stood out amongst the sea of normal, combed locks. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around in his seat, offering me a friendly smile. I picked up his hand and placed the note inside, closing his fingers overtop, giving him an award winning 'Thank you!' smile, and left.



"What was that?" I asked Prongs, attempting to sound nonchalant.

"Looks like a thank you note. She's thanking me for saving her life a couple weeks back in Hogsmead," Prongs said, pushing his round glasses closer to his face.

I couldn't help myself. "But..well I saved her if I remember correctly,"

"Well Padfoot, I'd say we both saved her," James said, evidently trying to end the conversation.

"Actually not really, Prongs. I was the one who and found her that way, and then carried her all the way to the hospital wing," I pushed.

"Maybe, but I directed you to go look there," James said, a twinge of anger in his voice.

"Really, James? That's how this is going to go? Unbelievable," I stood up in resentment, refusing to take part in this conversation any longer.

"Calm down, it isn't that big of deal," James said, bringing the stolen golden snitch out of his pocket.

I slammed my fist down on the table loudly. The grand hall immediately became quiet. "I will NOT just 'calm down' James! This happens all the time! Of course it isn't important to you; you get all the credit! Everything has to be about you, doesn't it. And if it isn't? Well I suppose it just 'isn't a big deal' then, right? I'm sick of you not giving a shit about me. Or Moony. or Wormtail! Get a life, Potter." And with that I left the room.





Author's Note: Here is Chapter 8! I don't think it is the best chapter by a long shot (it certainly isn't the longest), but hopefully it will tide you over until I post chapter 9 (Much more excitement in that one). Thanks for reading! Please review if you have any comments! They really let me know how I'm doing and what you would like/ hope to see happen. Love_Sirius_4eva: Thanks so much for being an awesome reviewer on so many of my chapters. :D

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Silent Confrontations: Kick It Up A Notch


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