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Simply Chaotic by just_jae
Chapter 2 : Reasoning
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A/N: Here's chapter 1! I hope everyone enjoys it. Also, in this chapter the italicized text is for a flash back.


                                                          Chapter 1: Reasoning

     “Good morning, Ellasyn,” Remus greeted his daughter as she got some orange juice out of the fridge.

     “Morning, Dad, Siri,” she smiled at them as she sat down. Remus gave his daughter a questioning look, but she shrugged her shoulders.

     “Morning,” Sirius said in return as he stood from the kitchen table. “I’m gonna go um…to the study.”

      “Sirius, you haven’t finished your breakfast, you need to keep up your strength. Sit down and eat.” Of course Remus would make sure that Sirius stayed.

     “So, is it just the two of y’all living here? Or are there more people? When I spoke to Dumbledore, I thought he mention some type of organization that was living here.” Ellasyn was looking at her plate of eggs and bacon as she spoke.

     “Sometimes other people come stay here for a while, but permanently it’s just me and Sirius here and you now.”

     “Why are you here?” Sirius didn’t mean for it to sound rude, but realized he shouldn’t have blurted it out when Remus gave him a sharp look.

     “I lived in a muggle city and there was an attack. My family along with half the population was killed by Voldemort’s followers. I ended up with nowhere to go and knew if I didn’t find someone I could trust then I’d end up dead.” She shrugged like it was no big deal to fear for your life.

     “How did you find me?” Remus didn’t tell anyone, except for Dumbledore, that he had a daughter so he had no idea how she found him.

     “A few years ago I found out I was adopted and was able to find my original birth certificate which listed you, Remus Lupin, as my father and Amelia Kleinfield as my mother. I did some digging and found out my mother had died while giving birth to me, so I found my grandparents. I pretended I was doing a research paper for school and was able to talk to them about my mother. They told me she got knocked up in Britain over the summer holiday. So I did research in Britain for anyone named Remus Lupin. I found a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so I contacted the headmaster. He led me to you.” Ellasyn wasn’t sure how her new found father would take the information. She worked hard to find out where she came from and was relieved when he took her in since she had nowhere else to go.

     “I didn’t know my name was on your birth certificate…” Remus trailed off as he recalled that night.

     It was Thursday night and Remus was in the Gryffindor common room reading a book while James and Sirius were playing wizard’s chess and planning their next prank. Peter was trying to finish his potions essay that was due the next day. Professor McGonagall came through the portrait hole and the four boys looked up from what they were doing. “Mr. Lupin, if you will, I need you to follow me.” She was slightly out of breath and Remus could sense the need to hurry. He dropped his book on the couch and quickly followed Professor McGonagall to the headmaster’s office.

     “Professor, what is going on? What’s this about?” Remus tried to get information out of his professor, but she didn’t speak a word to him.

     “Gumdrop,” she spoke the password and sent Remus in to see Dumbledore.

     “Ah, Mr. Lupin, it seems we have an issue with a young lady. Apparently there is one Amelia Kleinfield that claims to be having your child.” Dumbledore paused to see the reaction on his student’s face. After a second, he continued. “I have made sure that the floo network is connected with that in hospital where she is giving birth. You are able to go and be with her, that is, of course, if you want to.”

     “Yes, of course!” Remus couldn’t stand it, he needed to be with her, it was his child too after all.

     “I will let your friends know that you had a family emergency in hopes to not worry them so when you are not in class for a while,” Dumbledore said as he handed Remus some floo powder. She is at St. Joseph’s Hospital.” With a nod, Remus stepped into the fire place and in a clear voice, said the name of the hospital. He was engulfed in green flames and soon arrived at the hospital.

     Amelia was in labor for hours before anything happened. There were complications and her mother’s heartbeat started fading. She blacked out and had to have an emergency C-section. Finally at 12:21am on February 13th their daughter was born. The baby was a bit on the small side weighing in at only 5 pounds, but other than that she was fine and healthy as could be, especially for being born six weeks premature. Amelia didn’t make it. Her heart shut down and she was gone. Her parents were screaming and crying while Remus was standing there holding his new baby girl. Amelia’s mother hated him with a passion. He took her only daughter away from her. Her parents wanted nothing to do with him or the baby. He handed his daughter over to the doctors and went out of the room into the hallway for some air.

     A doctor came up to him and asked him the baby’s name. “Ellasyn Amelia Lupin,” Remus said after a moment’s thought. In the letters between Amelia and himself, she mentioned liking the name “Ella” but wanted something different. Together, they decided upon “Ellasyn,” but it was in that moment that Remus gave his daughter her mother’s name for her own middle name and his last name.

     The hospital released the new born that afternoon and allowed Remus to take her. He tried to find Amelia’s parents to ask for some advice, but the staff at the hospital said they left shortly after their daughter had passed. He was alone with a baby girl in a country he’d never been to before. He stayed at a muggle hotel for a few days before he realized he couldn’t do it alone. He hadn’t slept a wink since the night before his daughter was born and he didn’t have any money to buy food for himself or diapers or formula for the baby.

     After four days of no sleep and nothing to eat, Remus decided to take baby Ellasyn to a hospital and see what other options he had. He couldn’t think clearly as he walked in the doors of the nearest hospital. “Found outside, baby needs new home.” His speech was slightly slurred as he handed the baby to a nurse. He stumbled out the doors of the hospital and left his baby.

     “Moony? Mate, ya there?” Sirius hit his friend on the back of his head with his fork.

     “Ow, Sirius, what the hell?”

     “You were staring into space for a while, are you ok?” Ellasyn looked worried.

     “Yes, I’m fine, I actually think I’m going to go lie down for a bit,” Remus smiled at his daughter and left the room.

     “Why do you call him ‘Moony’ and why does he call you ‘Padfoot’ sometimes?” Ellasyn questioned Sirius as soon as she knew her father was out of earshot.

     “I-uh-we..umm…we came up with the nicknames during our time at Hogwarts,” Sirius stumbled with his words before he finally got the sentence out. Suddenly, Sirius stood up and walked out of the kitchen and made his way towards the study. In the three weeks that she had been here he made sure he was never alone in the same room with her. He sat down in a big fluffy chair in front of the fireplace and let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

     “Why don’t you like me?” A voice no louder than a whisper came from a few feet behind Sirius.

     “Merlin! You scared me, Ellasyn,” Sirius said as he spun around and grabbed his chest.

     “Sorry,” she smiled sheepishly. “I just don’t understand what I did to make you hate me so much that you never want to be around me.” By now she had walked around so that she stood directly in front of Sirius.

     “I don’t hate you, I could never hate you,” he whispered as he looked into her sad green eyes. “I just, I don’t want to screw anything up, I’ve never been in a situation like this before.” He didn’t tell her everything, she didn’t need to know that he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

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