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Fairytaled by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 12 : Bubbles
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 Woo! Chapter 12. :D So, I have up through chapter 20 written out, and I'm in the process of writing out 21, so don't you fear, I'll be updating quite frequently. :) 

A HUGE thanks to all my reviewers. You guys are what keep me going.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own HP or the wonderful world these characters live in, that all belongs to JK Rowling. And as for Beauty and the Beast, the credit for that either goes to Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont or Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.


Malfoy made his way to the door and turned back to me.


“Stay here for a minute. I’ll get my mother and bring her back here so we can get this all figured out.” He then turned back to the door and disappeared quickly, shutting the door silently behind him.


I sighed and sat down on the bed, upset with myself for forgetting Crookshanks and anxious to get him back. I knew he’d probably survived, that cat brought in more mice than I could keep track of, I just hope he hadn’t wandered too far.


The door opened a few minutes later and Narcissa Malfoy swiftly stepped into the room, followed by her son.


“Now, let’s get down to business.” Narcissa said. She pulled a small flask from her skirt pocket. “This has the polyjuice potion in it.” She pulled out a piece of hair and opened the flask, dropping the hair into it before handing the flask to me.


I went to take a sip from it, “Wait,” She said, “let’s go to the bathroom, we can switch clothes. People have seen me around today and they would find it weird if I was suddenly in different clothes.”


“O-okay.” I said, nervous about taking Polyjuice potion again considering the last time I had, it went terribly wrong. I grabbed my sweatpants and sweatshirt and handed them to her so she would be comfortable enough while here.


“Already got something.” She said and pulled an outfit out from the bag hanging off her shoulder. The bag was a tiny thing, maybe six inches across and five inches deep. I gave her a quizzical look and she smiled, “I’ll show you another time.”


We made our way to the bathroom and closed the door, blocking Draco from us. Narcissa turned to me and gave me a sad smile. “You’ll be fine, dear.”


She began removing her clothes and I turned away, doing the same. She set the clothes to my side, neatly folded. “Thank you.” I said quietly and after setting mine behind me and starting getting into hers. Her shirt and skirt fit loosely and the shoes were a bit tight, but I knew that wouldn’t be a problem once I took the potion.


After changing into her clothes, I bent down and retrieved the flask from my jeans pocket. I sighed and opened it, taking a quick swig. I scowled as the potion made its way down my throat and grimaced as the familiar sensation took over. Changing this time seemed to go a lot smoother. I didn’t sprout hair in odd places or feel a tail growing in.


Before I knew it, my hair was straightening and growing in length. I felt my teeth recede and saw my skin grow pale. My nails grew and I grew a few inches, finally filling in the shirt and skirt. The sensation went away and I found myself turning to look in the mirror. Narcissa stood next to me, smiling. She took the bag off the floor and handed it to me.


“You’ll find all the money you need in there. And my wand, of course. That’s all that’s in there, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you need.” She smiled. “Oh! You should put the flask in there as well. It’ll be much easier than stashing it in your pockets.”


“Right. Thank you.” I said, feeling more and more grateful that she was helping with this whole plan. I slipped the flask into the bag and took a deep breath, glad nothing had gone wrong so far.


We entered the bedroom and Malfoy stood up from the chair, smirking. “Perfect.” He said, “No one will know the difference. Just let me do all the talking. Make sure you walk with your back straight. Good thing you didn’t choose to wear high heels today mother.” She laughed from behind me. I blushed and looked to my shoes, truly glad for the fact that she had chosen simple black flats.


“Well, mother. We best be off if we want to make it back before supper time.” Malfoy said, kissing his mother on the cheek before offering his arm to me, “Shall we?” he said, winking. I found myself laughing despite my nervousness and taking his arm.


“I’m sorry that you’ll be stuck in here all day, Mrs. Malfoy.” I said, giving her a sad look.


“Dear, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s Narcissa.” She smiled, “Besides, it’s no trouble at all. It gives me a chance to catch up on some reading and truly relax for the first time in ages. Maybe take a bath in that marvelous tub.” She smiled to herself.


“Be careful when getting out, it’s a bit slippery.” I said and Malfoy groaned.


“I’ll keep that in mind.” She said and made her way over to the bookshelf, looking over the titles. She turned back to us, “Oh, good luck.” I gave her a smile and she waved, retuning my own before turning back to the books.


“Ready?” Malfoy asked as we walked towards the door. I grew more and more anxious with each step.


“Ready as I’ll ever be.” And with that, he opened the door and escorted me into the hall, closing the door silently behind him. I turned as we walked away, the door vanishing into the wall as if it never existed. I felt my breath catch and Malfoy put his hand on my own.


“You’ll be fine.” He said, giving me a quick smile.


I took a deep breath as he led be down the hallway and down a flight of stairs. We came across a wide landing and heard voices. Bellatrix Lestrange walked from down the hallway and I tried my best to remain calm. She smiled at us and walked over.


“Cissy, what’re you doing on this fine day?” She said in a slow voice. I tried my best not to blanch, remembering all too well the day she killed Sirius. I hated this woman for everything she’d done to Harry and wanted to curse her into oblivion.

“Mother and I are off to run some errands. We’ll be back this evening, shortly before supper.” Malfoy said in a drawling voice.


“Very well. I have some business to attend to.” Bellatrix said, walking away with a pompous strut.


When I was sure she was out of ear shot, I whispered a thank you to Malfoy and he nodded quickly.


We came to another landing and this one revealed a wide sweeping staircase that must go down at least two stories. At the bottom stood a magnificent entry way, a fountain in the center and a crystal chandelier above that. In front of the fountain stood a set of double doors. They seemed to be made of glass and iron, standing at least thirty feet tall. The iron made designs on the glass and I could see green jewels inlaid every now and then. I felt myself draw a quick breath and Malfoy chuckled beside me.


“A bit much, huh?”


“It’s gorgeous.” I said, hearing the own surprise in my voice.


“I suppose it is. In its own way.” He sounded bitter and once again, began walking. We made our way down the staircase and I felt myself in awe the whole time. We walked across the entry way and I realized upon approaching the doors that several snakes made up the intricate patterns and that the green I had seen were the snakes’ eyes, seeming to be made of what I assumed were real emeralds. Malfoy pulled the handle and the doors opened, revealing a wide porch and a path leading towards a set of gates.


I went into sensory overload as we stepped out onto the porch and the doors shut behind us, realizing this was the first time I’d stepped outside since I’d come here. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, taking in the fresh air.


The smell of rain was everywhere, and for the first time in these past few days, I felt at peace. Rain was one thing that always calmed me down, no matter how I was feeling. I used to sit out on the porch at home and read for hours when it was raining, enjoying the sound and the smells.


Malfoy drew out his wand and muttered a few spells before stashing it away inside his jacket and offering his arm once more. I took it, glad for the support and we made our way out into the rain.  


I expected to feel rain beating down on us but was surprised when we stayed perfectly dry. I looked up and gasped as I saw rain falling down what looked like a bubble. Whatever Malfoy had done, it had made it as if we were standing inside a bubble. The rain washed down the sides of it, leaving us perfectly dry inside.


“What spell is this?!” I nearly shrieked, unable to hide my excitement. Malfoy laughed at my obvious wanting to know.


“I’ll show you later. For now, we must get this done.” He said, his eyes trained straight ahead, clearly wanting to get this whole endeavor over with.


We approached the tall gates and Malfoy once more pulled his wand out, waving it at the gates. He kept walking and I went to say something as we approached the gates at a fast pace but we walked directly through them as if they weren’t there.


That is something you can only do if you’re a Malfoy. Or if we’ve lifted the spell for you to pass through.” He said calmly, knowing I would ask. We walked for a ways in silence before he stopped walking abruptly.


“This is it.” He said, looking down at me.


“This is what?” I asked, not knowing what he could be talking about.


“Where you can apparate in and out of the land. Another step back and we would be unable to.” He said and I looked around for some sort of marker but all there was on either side of us was forest.


“How do you know?” I asked, not understanding.


“It’s just something I’ve learned after all these years.” He said quietly. “Are you ready?” he asked once again. I was beginning to grow used to that question.


“Of course.” I said. And with that, he apparated, pulling me with him.


Well, what do you think?! I know tihs was more of a filler chapter, but what do you think will happen next? What do you like? What do you dislike? All that jazz! The box is ever-so-lonely. I think you should give it a little something to keep it going. ;P 

Thank you to all my loyal readers and reviewers. You guys are incredible.


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Fairytaled : Bubbles


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