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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 14 : Chapter Fourteen
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“I’ve got to throw my stuff in my room and I’ll meet you on the stairs,” I tell Freddy before dragging my trunk up to my room. I really wish I was seventeen already. Not using magic in a house with stairs is torture.



My room looks the exact same way I left it in September. Pictures of Lily, Lucy, Lysander, Lorcan and I cover the walls. I get an awful feeling in my chest when I see the pictures of all five of us. Was Lucy secretly in turmoil over the fact that Lysander had his arm around me and not her? Is that smile she is giving us completely fake?



A loud tapping noise on the window jostles me from my picture trance. I look up to see a large tawny owl with a package attached to its leg. Curious, I open the window to let the owl inside and quickly untie the package. I smile to myself as I see the all too familiar handwriting scribbled across the top.



Roxy Poxy,



I bet you weren’t expecting a letter from me so quickly were you? What can I say, it’s magic. Well that and I plan ahead. I sent this from Hogwarts right before we left in hopes that it would be there for you when you got home. I know, I know, I should have been in Ravenclaw with all my wits. Now, onto more important things, I miss you. Okay, I may not be missing you while I’m writing this letter because you’re actually sitting in front of me chewing on the top of your quill (stop that by the way, you’ve no idea where it’s been). But I am sure I will be missing you as I take the lonely airplane back home. You’ve no idea. So I bet your wondering what’s in the package attached to this letter aren’t you? Well it’s an early Christmas present and it’s called a cellphone. You may have heard of it in Muggle Studies (if you were paying attention). I’ve already had my parents activate it and I’ve sent you extra batteries because I doubt you have an electrical plug in your house, being all magical and stuff. Basically it’s a way muggles communicate quickly. I think it will be much faster than letters, and I’m all about fast replies from my favorite person. I’ve also sent the manual (you know the thing that teaches you how to use items) so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting it to work. I would suggest maybe going outside or down the block because too much magical interference will jam the service and we don’t want that. I won’t be able to contact you for a few days most likely because muggles don’t like you using phones on airplanes, and it will take a few days to get back home. Now, I’ll finish off this letter, mainly because your starting to give me suspicious looks now (it’s like the past Roxanne is effecting the future Roxanne). I love and miss you dearly. How are we going to survive these next few weeks?



All my love,



Andi :)



P.S. Lysander can rot in hell.



By the time I finish reading the letter I have a huge smile on my face. I seriously love that girl. I couldn’t help but laugh at the last line, knowing she scribbled that onto the note at the last second today. I decide to wait to open the package until I have more time to investigate it.



I find a spare piece of parchment in my night stand to scribble a quick note back to her, so she might have a letter waiting for her when she gets home too.






When we graduate Hogwarts can we please get married? You are the absolute best!!! Missing you so much right now.






Roxanne <3



P.S. I couldn’t agree with you more.



I tie the letter to the owl’s leg and watch it take off out the window. I grab my broom and run down the hall to meet back up with Freddy.



“MUM! Have you seen my quidditch jumper?” Fred yells from the top of the stairs.



“It’s in your room,” I hear her shout back.



“I’ve already checked and I can’t find it!” he screams again.



“Did you look in the closet?” she replies.



Fred groans and inhales deeply, preparing to scream his answer. I cover his mouth with my hand.



“Honestly Freddy, you’re such a lazy arse sometimes. Go and look for it, and hurry!” I tell him.



He groans again but admits defeat and takes off down the hall to his old bedroom. Freddy promised to show me a few new beater techniques he learned at his last practice and I couldn’t wait to get out to our make-shift quidditch pitch in our back yard.



Minutes later he comes running back down the hall with his jumper hastily thrown over his head, broom in his hand, and a big smile on his face.



“Ready to get schooled in some quidditch sis?” he asks breathlessly.



I roll my eyes and take off down the stairs as quickly as possible. “Last one there has to hug Uncle Percy and apologize for earlier!” I scream from over my shoulder and pick up my speed.



“No fair! You got a head start,” he yells and chases after me.



I pick up my speed once I get off the stairs. I have to dodge a few pieces of furniture and jump over the cat once I reach the kitchen, but so far I’m in the lead. As I’m about to reach the door that leads to the back yard I hear Freddy yell, the cat screech, and a deafening crashing sound.



I turn around and see him lying on the floor moaning and the cat is nowhere to be seen.



“What did you do?” I ask him, trying to contain my laugher.



“Freddy are you okay? What happened?!” mum asks as her and dad make their way into the kitchen.



“What do you think I did? I tripped over that stupid cat again,” he mumbles and picks himself up off the ground.



Before we can stop ourselves we all start laughing. This isn’t the first time our cat FeFe has tripped him. When we were kids we used to believe that it was out to get him. Now we’ve realized Freddy is just extremely clumsy and doesn’t pay attention to where he is going.



“It’s not funny. I could have died!” he exclaims.



“I’m more worried about the cat,” dad laughs, “I’m surprised you haven’t killed it yet.



“What were you doing running through the house anyways?” mum asks.



“Trying to get outside before Roxanne,” he replies.



“Why?” she asks again.



“Geeze, twenty questions?” I mumble to my dad and see him try to contain his smile.



“We wanted to practice quidditch. Can we go now?” Fred asks after brushing himself off.



“Absolutely not. We have to be at the Burrow in fifteen minutes.”



Freddy and I both groan this time. I always forget we have to have dinner at the Burrow on our first night home. It’s like a tradition. Normally I enjoy it, but I’d rather just spend the day with Freddy and not worry about having to avoid Lucy.



“Do we have to go?” Freddy asks.






“Can’t you say I’m sick?” I ask.






“Tell them I’ve tripped over the cat and broke all the bones in my body,” Freddie says.



“They might actually believe that one,” dad whispers to me.



“No. Now go and get ready,” mum says.



Admitting defeat we grab our brooms and head back upstairs to change into a nicer set of clothes.



“By the way,” I remark before going into my bedroom, “you have to hug Uncle Percy tonight.”



“I hate you,” he says with a scowl on his face.



“Love you too bro,” I laugh and slam the door.








Ten minutes later I find myself stepping out of the fireplace of the Burrow, bumping into one of my cousins, and narrowly missing my brother.



“Sorry,” I manage to say as I begin dusting the soot off myself.



“It’s okay,” I hear Lucy say politely (too politely if you ask me).



My body immediately goes rigid. “Never mind,” I manage to say before stalking off to see if Lily is here yet.



After searching all of the upstairs rooms and running into James, Albus, Scorpius (who is Albus’ best friend and usually stays with us over the Holidays) Dom, Rose, Hugo, and Louis I finally find her in the kitchen talking to her mum and our Aunt Hermione.



“There you are!” I exclaim.



“Roxy! I haven’t seen you in ages,” she jokes.



“I know. What’s it been? An hour? Give or take a few minutes,” I reply.



“To long if you ask me,” she laughs.



“Why don’t you girls go find Lucy and help us prepare dinner?” Ginny asks.



“I already ran into her, she said she’d rather finish her potions essay she was doing on the train,” I lie.



“Sounds like something you would say Hermione,” Ginny laughs and begins handing us potatoes and carrots to peel.



Oh my God. Did I just lie and get away with it? I smile to myself before I look at Lily and see her rolling her eyes.



Apparently I didn’t fool everyone. 



We got through dinner with out to much incident. Uncle Percy bored us all, as usual, talking about some ministry thing; I’m not quite sure what he was on about. I’ve learned to tune him out when he talks. Uncle Ron glared at Scorpius the entire meal, which is also normal. Lily chattered away nonstop while Lucy and I sat quietly, which isn’t normal. James choked on potatoes and was beat ferociously on the back by Freddy, causing him to spray a mouthful of food all over Dom’s plate, which of course caused her to scream and my mum to yell at Freddy for trying to save James’ life. Some family I have.



After everyone was finished eating we made our way back inside to mingle. We have to have all our family dinners outside in giant tents now because there is no way we can all fit inside the kitchen. Not even magic can help us there.



Trying to avoid being caught in a conversation with Lily and Lucy, I make my way over to where Freddy and James are sitting and working on a puzzle (an odd game my granddad found while at a muggle shop one day. If you put each of the provided pieces together, it makes one giant picture. It’s brilliant).



“Got room for one more?” I ask them.



“Don’t you have your own friends to hang out with?” Fred jokes.



“But you’re my best friend,” I tell him before squeezing myself in between them.



“Whoa Roxy, have you been gaining weight? We never used to be this cramped sitting three people on the couch,” James says.



“Don’t be daft, we’re on the loveseat, not the couch,” I laugh, “Besides, didn’t you know you aren’t supposed to comment on a girl’s weight? It’s like the number one rule.”



“Which would explain why you can never keep a girlfriend,” Fred remarks.



“Sure I can. Do you remember that one girl I dated for over a month? What was her name? Carmen?”



“It was Cathy, and if you can’t even remember her name than it must not have been very serious,” I tell him.



“She was seriously hot,” he laughs.



Yep, that’s the famous Harry Potter’s first born. He probably dated the entire female population at Hogwarts when he was there, sometimes two at a time. I’m sure being a famous quidditch player has only given him more ladies to choose from. It’s safe to say he most likely won’t settle down and reproduce any time in the near future, which is probably a good thing.



“What about you Freddy? Have you met any special girls yet?” I ask.



“Not even close,” he sighs.



As much as James is scared of commitment, Freddy craves it. Unfortunately, he’s never had as much luck with girls as James does. In my opinion that’s codswallop, Freddy is ten times a better catch than James. Though I suppose my opinion may be biased.



“You know, it’s sad that your baby sister can keep a longer relationship than you Freddy,” James comments.



Ouch. I wasn’t expecting James to remind me about Lysander. He is right, I can keep a longer relationship than Freddy, but as far as I know he has never had a girl leave him for his cousin. Actually with James being his cousin I could see that happening a lot. I guess our side of the family really got screwed in romance.



“You’re still with that bloke then?” Freddy asks.



“You know James, Lily has also kept a boyfriend much longer than you ever have,” I remark, avoiding Freddy’s question.



“WHAT?” James yells, causing a few of our cousins to look at him and roll their eyes.



“She didn’t tell you?” I laugh, being fully aware that she didn’t.  



“Who is she dating?” he sputters out.



“Holden Sanders,” Lily says from behind Freddy, making him jump.



She always seems to know when people are talking about her and pops up at the most random times. Luckily, Lucy didn’t tail along like she normally would. I really don’t want to be in a conversation about boyfriends with her around.



“Holden Sanders? Who in the devil is that?” James asks.



“Isn’t that Hugo’s best mate?” Freddy asks.



“The one and only,” Lily says smiling.



“I don’t like him. He’s always been a prat,” James says.



I can’t help but laugh. I know that James and Holden have always got along quite well. Mind you, they only saw each other during Holidays when Hugo invited him over. Still, I know he is just being the over protective brother he thinks he needs to be.



“That’s not true and you know it James,” Lily says, anger rising.



“I thought you were crazy about that Scamander boy?” James asks suddenly.



“Yeah well, he’s had a girlfriend for months, hasn’t he?” she replies.



“So! Why not wait around for them to break up? In the meantime, you shouldn’t be dating. That will give him mixed signals,” James says matter-of-factly.



Wrong thing to say James.



“Oh!” Lily says throwing her hands up in the air, “why didn’t I think of that? You just have all the answers James! While I’m at it, why don’t I just take a vow of celibacy and be a virgin for the rest of my life? Have no friends, and have no contact at all with men. I’ll adopt fifty cats and live out my life as a bitter old woman! Would that make you happy?”



“Maybe not the cat part, but everything else sounded all right,” James replies seriously.



“Well it’s a little too late for some of it,” Lily remarks before stomping off.



Please don’t let James figure out what she meant. Please don’t let James figure out what she meant. Please don’t let James figure out what she meant. As much as I would love to see James turn into a raging psycho, I think it’s in everybody’s best interest if he didn’t find out that his baby sister isn’t a virgin.



“We’ve only got three cats, not fifty. She is so overdramatic,” James remarks before turning his attention back to the puzzle.



Merlin he can be pretty thick sometimes. I let out a breath I didn’t notice I was holding and hear Freddy do the same thing. Apparently he is a little smarter than James. Do you see why I’m surprised girls flock over James more than Freddy now?



“Roxanne, Fred are you two ready? Your mother has an early day at the ministry tomorrow,” my dad says as he makes his way over to us.



“I am,” I remark, “but I think Freddy wants to say bye to Uncle Percy first.”



Fred groans and begins making his way over to where the adults are sitting.



“Well I don’t want to miss this,” dad says.



“All ready then?” my mum says as we approach her and a handful of my aunts and uncles.



“Actually, Freddy was wanting to apologize for the way he acted earlier to Percy,” my dad comments and earns a glare from Fred.



“Go on then,” my mum says when Fred just stands there.



Admitting defeat, Fred mumbles a quick sorry and surprise hugs Uncle Percy for a few seconds.



“Well isn’t that sweet,” my Aunt Audrey says as Freddy’s face turns bright red.



“Roxanne, aren’t you also going to apologize?” my mum asks.



“Nope, I didn’t lose the bet,” I laugh and take off toward the fireplace with Fred at my heels.








“Roxanne that wasn’t funny! You really hurt you’re uncle’s feelings,” my mum says to me once she steps out of the fire place.



“Oh come on Angelina, they were just having a laugh,” dad says.



“It wasn’t funny!”



“I thought it was,” I say.



“It was pretty comical,” Fred says.



“You three are impossible,” she remarks and begins to rub her temples. So that’s where I got the exaggerated temple rub from.



“Did you expect anything different when you married me?” dad asks, which brings a smile to my mums face.



“I suppose not,” she says, “but tomorrow you are both apologizing for real.”



After protesting for a few seconds we say goodnight to our parents and slump upstairs to our bedrooms.



“Sleepover in the spare room?” Freddy asks before I can make it to my room.



“We haven’t done that in years!” I laugh.



“So is that a yes?” he says happily.



“Let me grab my stuff and meet me there,” I tell him before running into my room to grab my blanket and pillows.



Our spare bedroom is on the bottom floor, away from our parents. When we were kids we used to have “sleepovers” with just the two of us and stay up all night. I think it’s one of the many reasons we became so close.



“What made you think of this?” I ask excitedly as I’m dragging my oversized blanket into the room. Freddy has already starting setting up a fort area for us to relax in. We used to do it as a team, but over the years I’ve realized I’m more of a hinder than help.



My mood is at an all-time high. I managed to avoid talking to Lucy all day, got a letter from Andi, am able to spend some quality time with my favorite brother, AND most importantly, I haven’t had to tell anyone about the Lysander/Lucy fiasco.



“I think we need to talk, and I think you know what about,” he says seriously.



And there goes my perfect mood.



“What do you mean?” I ask suspiciously, knowing exactly what he means.



“Do the names Lysander and Lucy mean anything to you?” he asks.



“Not particularly,” I mumble.



“I don’t think so. What happened Rox?”



I don’t wish it often, but sometimes I really think it would be nice if I had the clueless James Potter as my brother instead. 



A/N: Once again I have to say sorry for taking so long to update this! Hope you guys enjoyed it though!!! :)

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Unexpected: Chapter Fourteen


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