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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi by XxBeyondChapinxX
Chapter 2 : Seeing pain
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  Draco continued down the hallway by himself until he heard a couple footsteps behind him, “Hey Draco!” he turned to the familiar voice and saw his friends Blaze and Pansy walking toward him. Pansy was the one who called his name, she was waving at him and smiling. She left Blaze behind and half-ran up to Draco. “were have you been?” she asked slanting her head to the side slightly, “when we didn’t see you in the common room we figured you went to breakfast without us.” 



  Draco waited for Blaze to catch up before he answered. “ No…I woke up early so I went and walked around a little.” Blaze gave him a concerned look from behind Pansy, Draco knew what that look meant. Blaze knew were he had gone this morning, he was the only one that did. Blaze and Draco had gotten to be really good friends and he was the only one that Draco could really talk to about all of the worries he had and all the things that bothered him. He always knew that Blaze could cheer him up, or attempt at least. 

  Looking back, Draco had been up in the Astronomy Tower when they were starting to become best friends…  


  “Hey Draco” Blaze said and walked over to him and sat down. “what’re you doing all the way up here by yourself?”

  Draco didn’t remove his gaze from the outside, looking at the setting sun as it was giving off brilliant colors of pink and orange. “Thinking” he said, almost a whisper. 

  “Thinking? About what?” Blaze answered turning his gaze to outside as well. 

  “About what ’He’ said. He…he told me that I have to do something for him and I don’t know if I can…”

 Blaze looked at Draco slightly alarmed. “ Really? What did he say?” Draco shook his head and told him it was nothing, waving his hand as a gesture to excuse Blaze. “C’mon man I know its not nothing. If he told you to do something and its making you this worked up it cant be nothing.” he tapped Draco on the shoulder to get him to look at him, “you can tell me, I wont share it to a soul.” 

  Draco let out a big sigh and was silent for a while and it was a solid ten minuets  before he finally answered. “He said I have to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts and kill Dumbledore…” 

  Blaze kept his composure and looked at him seriously, although a little confused. “how are you going to get them into the castle with all this security?” Draco told him about how before the year started, him and his mother went to Borgin and Burkes and got a vanishing cabinet that could get them in here without anyone noticing, and that he’d fixed its twin in the Room of Requirement after Peeves broke it. “I see…but what about Dumbledore? How will you manage that?” 

  “that’s just it…I don’t know how just yet.” Draco looked down at his hands, “ all this time… all I really ever wanted was my fathers approval. Everything I did was either a mistake or not up to his standards…he’s put so much pressure on me, saying how its all up to me to save our family’s reputation.” Draco pounded his fist hard on the floor “why?! Why is it up to me!? I cant help it that my stupid, ignorant father had disappointed the Dark Lord and couldn’t pull through with his orders! Its not my fault that he put our lives on the line because of his stupid mistakes! No! its his fault!” Draco’s eyes started to fill with tears, his eyes stinging. “that’s the only reason I took this order in the first place…I…I just thought that if I pull through with it and succeed then maybe, just maybe, he would finally be proud of me…” Then something happened that took Blaze of guard, as he looked at Draco, his face was staring to show all the pain that had been building up all these years. A tear fell from that suffering face, a silent tear that yet said so much. That was the first time Blaze had ever seen him cry.




  Draco had barely touched his food. He looked up and Pansy and saw her talking to him but he didn’t hear any words, he didn’t care to listen. Instead he looked over his shoulder and saw them. Potter, Weasley, and…wait, she wasn’t there? Draco looked up and down the Gryffindor table and yet didn’t find Granger Were could she be? She should be over there by now…

His lips tightened, why do I care? I don’t talk to them anyway. Stupid. 

  But why was a good question. Why did he care? Why all of the sudden had he taken such an interest into Granger’s personal life? Forget about her. ‘I’m serious, knock it off’ he thought to himself. 

 But at that moment, a flash of brown curls bounced in the corner of his eye. He looked over and there she was. In her uniform, a bag hung at her shoulder and a book was tucked under her arm. She smiled at the two boys and sat next to Potter who was across from Weasley. They exchanged small talk, and Weasley must have said something to set her off because before he knew it, Granger stood from her seat and leaned over the table to hit him over the head with the book she had resting on the table. Draco laughed to himself, he thought it funny how even though they get mad they can laugh about it a second later- “Draco! Hey are you listening to me?” 

  Draco looked away from the Trio and saw Pansy waving her hand in front of his face to get his attention. He blinked a few times before answering. “Sorry..what?” Pansy let out a frustrated sigh and gathered her things before smacking her hand down on the table and pushed herself up and walked out of the Great Hall. Draco sighed “aw man I did it again..” he looked at Blaze who was laughing and shaking his head. “hey! Its not funny! that’s the fifth time this week I’ve tuned out on her.” 

  Blaze chuckled, “And that’s a bad thing? C’mon man when have you actually listened to a word that girl said?” Blaze held his hand out, in gesture for waiting for his answer. Draco’s eyes searched for a reply but, now that he thought of it, he never really listened to her at all. He actually felt bad. Blaze laughed again “see?” but he got serious suddenly. “But, what’s up with you lately huh? You seem even out of it when I talk to you.” 

 Draco sighed, “I’ll tell you when I figure it out myself…” Blaze nodded and went back to his pancakes. 

 Blaze had a point…but Draco couldn’t tell him that it was something to do with Granger, not yet at least.  



  Well another chapter done! :D this one is kind of short as well but I try to make them longer… 
anyway I really wanted to portray some of Draco’s hidden pain about his father and show the side I have thought of him in the series. Thanks for reading and please review! I love reading them! :) 

All recognizable content belongs to J.K Rowling. 

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Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi: Seeing pain


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