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Got Dynamite? by neverlosehope
Chapter 2 : C
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Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to the amazing J.K Rowling. All hail the queen.








Rose's shrill cry of war interrupted our quiet breakfast as she jumped up from her seat next to the window, knocking her chair down as she went.



The heads of her present family members all turned to face her, but Dom and I simply continued devouring our breakfasts. We already knew what had Rose jumping out of her knickers.



''What the fuckery?'' Fred wondered, with his mouth stuffed with pancakes.


''Is she having a seisure'', Roxanne asked, cautiously observing her cousin


''O.W.L results are here'', I explained, and recieved a few groaning responces.



How eloquent. (that was a big load of Sarcasm for those of you who didn't catch my drift)



I was curently seated around nana Weasley's breakfast table with Fred, Roxanne, Albus, Louis, Dominique, Rose and Potter along with Joseph Wood, David Finnegan and Lysander Scamander, stuffing our faces with the amazing food in front of us. Nana Weasley had made enough pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages and breakfast muffins to feed a smaller country.



I looked around the room, trying to subtly ignore Dave's shameless flirting


(seriously, ''If you were a booger I'd pick you first" must be the worst pick-up line ever, not to mention completely vomit inducing).



My eyes landed on Potter, who was glaring in to his breakfast.



He had been utterly stunned after our previous encounter, he hadn't even laughed (or reacted) when I tripped and fell on my butt. Now however he had gotten moody and had taken to stabbing his eggs viciously. Suddenly Potters head turned upward and his eyes met mine for a brief moment. His frown disappeared and one of his eyebrows raised. I averted my eyes quickly just as around ten brown olws came flying in through nana Weasley's kitchen, causing utter mayhem. Poor nana Weasley was startled to pieces.



Each owl brought a letter for each of us, and Rose was the very first to jump her owl, tearing the letter from the poor thing. She quickly skimmed through the first piece of parchment and immediately burst in to tears.



Dom and I were at her side in seconds, me patting her back soothingly and Dom reading her letter.
''I've failed'' Rose wailed, (heeh, that rhymes) ''I'm a failiure''
''Oh darling, it can't be that bad'', I cooed while everyone else watched in alarm.
''It isn't!..'' Dom chipped in.
''It's awful'', Rose cried in to my shoulder.

I gave Dom a panicked look and mimicked ''What do I do'', but Dom wasn't looking at me. Instead she had a surly expression on her face.



''What exactly is so awful about this?'' she said in an annoyed tone, waving the parchment. Uh Oh. I smell a Dominique-Bitch-Freak (another rhyme) coming on..

''Potions'' Rose sniveled. Eugh. There's probably snot all over my dress now.

''What? Were you expecting to recieve more than an O? Because the last time I checked that wasn't possible!'', Dom said sarcastically.
''But that's not an 'O', that's a 'C''', Rose wailed. C?
''C?'' Dom echoed, ''Rose we don't even get C's you fucktard!'' she yelled, and laid the letter in my outstretched hand.

''Rose, honey, look, it's an 'O', the ink is just a little bit smudged'' I said to her in a calm voice even though I was dying to get the snotty girl off of my favorite dress.



Rose looked down at the letter, her mouth forming a small ''o'', and then sat herself back up and started eating breakfast as her cheery self just like nothing had happened.



My best friend is bloody nuts.



As everyone had stopped to watch the scene when Rose had gone berserk the room was now full of teenagers trying to tie their letters off their owls.



I turned to the owl which carried an envelope with my name on it. It was a very small owl with brown feathers and a mischievous glint in it's yellow eyes. When I moved to take the envelope from the little owl's claws it hurriedly moved away from my reach.



I frowned and went for it again. It took flight and landed across the room.



I determinedly marched over to it and grasped at the letter.



This time the little pest wasn't satisfied with simply annoying the heck out of me. It decided to go for my hair. Tugging and pulling it with it's beak as I shrieked and writhed. It's a miracle no one noticed. I wasn't exactly being subtle.



Finally I managed to get hold of it's small body and pull it down, untangling my hair from it's beak. My hands grasped around the letter and tried to pull it from the owls grasp, but the son of a sod wouldn't let go.



I ended up having to beat it off when Freddy's aghast voice caught my ears ''Alex, what are you doing to that poor little owl!!'' the little owl dropped the letter as I looked to Fred, and made sure to claw my hand. Then it flew over to Fred and snuggled up against him, shivering with wobbly legs. It was really acing the terrified and injured act.



Fred patted the evil little thing and it's evil little eyes seemed to be smirking against me.



''But Fred, it wouldn't give me my letter'' I whined


''Of course it wouldn't, you were attacking it!'' he scolded while feeding the owl a little bacon.


''You attacked a poor owl?'' Lysander gasped disgustedly as I spluttered.


''Seriously, Alex, that's just wrong'' Dom said, and joined Fred in making sure the stupid owl was well



Sure, guys! Your friend just got hacked to pieces, but let's all worry about the shitty little owl. Sarcasm.




Trying not to stain the letter with my bleeding hand, I opened it.


Even though my marks were nowhere near as good as Rose's I was very happy with my results. I scanned all the new equipment we would need to buy in anticipation of a trip to Diagon Alley. I had been wanting to go there to buy myself a new broomstick servicing kit.



I looked around to find Dom to ask her how she did on her O.W.Ls when something caught my eye.



Instead of his sulking demeanor Potter was standing there wearing a shit-eating grin, rolling something in his hand. Just as I was about to make a tip-of-the-toung snarky comment he said ''Jones, before you let out that snarky little comment you without a doubt have hanging at the tip of your toung'' Okay that was just creepy.. ''You maybe should re-evaluate whether it would be so clever to start insulting your new captain'', he smirked.


''What?'' I asked, dumbfounded.



''You heard me, Jones. I'm your new quidditch captain'', he repeated, holding up the gleaming captains badge he'd been rolling in his hands.



Whoopie. Sarcasm






I was laying with my head buried in my pillow, waiting for Dom to finish putting on her make up.



I don't even know why she wears it, Dominique Weasley always looks perfect.  She could be dressed in a brown plastic bag, with a layer of grease covering her hair and beard on her face and she'd still be breathtakingly beautiful.




Her complexion is pale and clear of spots, her eyes an ice blue, framed with thick black lashes. Her straight hair in silvery blond lenghts that reach her lower back. She is skinny, in spite of the fact that she devours every meal as if she would never have another, and she isn't involved in any type of excersize. I'm guessing it's the veela blood.


For 16 she is pretty tall, 5.6. Something she has inherited from her dad's side of the family. 




Rose is also tall, even taller than Dom, she hates it, but I think it suits her.


At 5.7 she really attracts the eyes of every bypasser, although it's not just her length that attracts.


Rose is truly gorgeous.


Her fire-y red hair is a color so exceptional it probably doesn't even have a name. It's just as bushy and thick as her mothers, but as the shampoo she uses is some sort of muggle anti-frizz solution we found in third year, her hair falls in beautiful waves around her face. 


Her skin is lightly tanned and she has a few freckles splashed across her cheeks, which she hates, but is really quite adorable. And her brown eyes are so unusually deep and big it takes your breath away. 






And then there's me with wild, blonde curls who can't even be tamed using Rose's hair potion, deep blue eyes with long, thick lashes framing them, light skin, and a lean frame. Compared to them I'm pretty short at only 5.2. I would never call myself ugly, because I'm not! Sometimes I'd even go as far as to say that I look beautiful, but for me at least, compared to them I'm pretty ordinary. 










I groaned. ''Dom will you hurry up? I feel like I'll grow old waiting for you'' 


''I'm almost done'' she called from the bathroom. 


Rose had already gone down, and I wished I'd joined her, but noooo. I just had to be the nice friend and stayed to wait for Dom to get ready. 




And now look where that's gotten me.




I groaned, and just when I was about to open my mouth to tell Dom to hurry up she emerged from the bathroom fully dressed in a floor length summer dress and sandals. 




''I don't know why you complain so much, that didn't take so long'' she cheerfully strutted. 


''Are you kidding? You've been at it for hours! Your parents will be here any minute to pick us up, and your mum specifically told you not to make them wait'' I countered. 


''I'll just blame it on you'', Dom shrugged. 




Wow, Dominique. No need to thank me for waiting for two hours for you to put on your bleeding make up when I could have been doing something fun or productive elsewhere. Sarcasm.




We descended from the stairs, me taking extra caution this time so I wouldn't trip again. Rose was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs, tapping her foot impatiently.




She looked a freakishly lot like her mother. 




''Come on, hurry, we're leaving. Aunt Fleur is already here, Dom'' 








Dom cussed under her breath and we both followed Rose into the lounge to face her parents.




Aunt Fleur was standing by the fireplace with a stern look on her face




 ''Dominique Gabrielle Weasley! I zought I 'ad told you not to be late? But you never listen, do you? Ah mon dieu, when will you ever learn?'' she scolded in her French accent as Dom rolled her eyes. Then she saw me. 




''Oh! Alexandra! Ma cherie! I didn't see you. Why 'aven't you told me she was 'ere'' Fleur added towards Dom as she rushed to embrace me. ''We are going to 'ave so much fun''




As you can probably tell Fleur Delacour-Weasley really, really likes me. Most parents do, actually. It's a gift. 




Well, apart from Dom's uncle Percy and his wife Audrey as the stick lodged up their royal arses prevents them from liking anyone.


I don't even think they like eachother. 








After Fleur had released me to hug her own children I said my greetings to all the other parents. 






''Shall we go get this misery business over with?'' came George Weasley's unenthusiatic voice from the chair he had slumped down in. Looking around the room I saw that all the males were wearing the same miserable facial expression. It seemed as if they were not so happy to be spending the day shopping for dressrobes with their wifes. Figures. 




''I still don't understand why we have to come'' Ron Weasley repined. You could tell that this wasn't his first try at getting himself out of this. ''I mean we could just stay here while you go. You actually like this'' his wife slapped his arm angrily ''Ronald! This is not up for discussion! You are coming to spend time with your family.''








While they argued on another glorious presence graced the room. Sarcasm.




In simply a pair of dark jeans and a t-shirt, Potter looked undeniably handsome. The contrast of his white shirt against his tanned skin was an overwhelming mixture. 


His hair was gorgeously mussed up, making it look like he'd just gotten off a broomstick, which he actually might have, and the liquid gold in his hazel eyes made my knees a bit weak. 




Wait. Did I just swoon at James Potter?  


This shall not be spoken of ever again. Capiche? 








Potter had been a lot happier since he'd gotten his captains badge.




He hadn't even scowled at me more than once since, and only then it was just because I had managed to save his goal when we were all playing backyard quidditch. I had been a bit dissappointed when he had gotten the badge instead of me, but after a jar of chocolate ice-cream with Dom and Rose I had gotten over it, plus I had to admit he deserved it.  








While I was buzy making eyes (ew) at Potter the spouses fight had come to an end, and we were all getting ready to go.


I got in line, grabbed a handful och floo powder, stepped in to the emerald green flames, and in a quiet but clear voice I said ''Diagon Alley''.




The next thing I knew I was spinning faster and faster as a thousand different fireplaces flashed before my eyes.




I prepared to catch myself if I ended up falling head first out on the floor when the spinning came to a stop. Fortunately, this time I got out steadily, though I had to pause to breathe as I was feeling slightly nauseous. 




Flooing might be better than apparating, but it's still nowhere near my favorite transport. 






Rose was waiting for me with her parents, and Dom and Louis came quickly after I had. We then parted ways with the others. And followed Ron, Hermione, Fleur and Bill to purchase the necessities for this semester.  




After we'd finished me and the girls went off to do a little non-school related shopping before we had to meet their parents at the leaky cauldron at six.  




After realizing neither Madam Malkins or Twilfit and Tattings provided any type of fashionable teen wear we decided to take a trip in to muggle London.


As none of us were old enough to apparate we had to go through the passage in The Leaky Cauldron. 




We were well familiar with this part of London as we had gone shopping there multiple times. 


We made our way to our favorite boutique as Dom insisted that we had to find ourselves party outfits for the annual Gryffindor ''Welcome back''-party that James, Fred and their cronies always organized.




Everyone went to their parties, they were the hottest bashes of the year, and honestly they were a very helpful tool for us Gryffindors. Since none of the other houses were invited unless they recieved a invitation from a fifth to seventh year Gryffindor (one per student) we constanly had people sucking up to us in hopes of being invited. 






Dom had helped Rose find an off-white one shoulder dress which reached just above her mid-thigh and which suited her amazingly well as I picked her shoes.


I chose a red pair of pumps that went with her hair and made her impossibly tall at 6.2.




''I can't wear these! I'll be a giant, no one will want to dance with me'' Rose complained when I threw her the heels. 


''Oh, please! You could be covered in lard and guys would still dance with you. Besides, Scorpius will still be taller than you so you have nothing to worry about'' I said, and Rose blushed beet red.


''Wh-What are you talking about?'' she spluttered. Ha, I knew it. 


''The fact that you've totally got the hots for him!'' I said with a nonchalant shrug of my shoulders.


''N-No I don't! Pffft. What makes you think that?'' she lied (poorly, I might add) .


''Oh maybe because I saw you guys going at it at the graduation party, and also your blush kind of says it all''




She gave up trying to convince me. I knew her too well.




''Okay, fine. I may have just a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy microscopic crush on Scorpius Malfoy'' 


''Aaaaaaaaaaawwwww'' I squealed. This was rather big. Rose rarely dated, and she rarely admitted that she liked someone. 


''But it doesn't matter! He was really drunk when we snogged, and he probably doesn't even remember it. I'm sure the guy barely knows I exist'' she sighed, and I felt a painful tug in my heart due to her unnecessary sorrow. 


''Oh, Rose. To be so young and naive. The guy has been head over heels for you since third year!'' I exclaimed. Her mouth fell open and she looked at me disbelievingly. 




Luckily for her she didn't have to think of a responce because at that moment we were interrupted by Dom barging in carrying what looked like 30 different sparkly dresses in various colors. 




''Dom, are you really gonna try all of those on? That'll take forever!'' I questioned, cautiously eyeing the mountain of clothes before me.




''No, silly! This is your pile! Mine is over there'' she said, pointing to an even bigger mountain laying on a couch by the corner. 




Well fuck.  













Hey guys. I actually managed to write another chapter. Yes, I know! I'm as surprised as you are. 






I am a bit unhappy with this chapter, though, as it lacks humour, plot, and just about everything else you need to make a story interesting. But on the plus side it's a bit longer than the previous one. Chapter three will be more eventful (I hope) when Alex and the girls arrive at Hogwarts and the Welcome Back party takes place. 





Again, I apologize for any grammatical errors or misspellings.




This will unfortunately be the last update for a little while as I am going on holiday with the fam for a few weeks. As my parents are hopeless and unsympathetic they have decided to take me somewhere without a wi-fi connection. I am very much hoping I'll be able to enjoy myself anyway.




A big thanks to the amazing people who have reviewed the last chapter.  


Johanna, Dobbyblack, C'est moi, XLaughingxCrazyX, and Lea. 



Also major thanks to Abbz, AccioTeddyLupin, Adorably Cute, Howdoyounotlikeit,Ms4aisa and (again) XLaughingxCrazyX for adding this story to your favorites. 



You all should have seen me fangirling after every review and favorite. It's involved dancing. Badly.


My sister has declared herself as ''scarred for life'', but I cant be bothered. This responce was more than I'd ever expected to get for the first chapter and I hope I'm not scaring you away with the suckiness of this one. 



Anyway before I explode your minds with my rambling I would like to tell you that I've added an MTA on my Author's Page and it's getting quite dusty, so please fill it up, and as always r/r.



Much love. N 



A/N 2 



Okay so I posted this chapter three weeks ago before I went on vacation with my family, but it got rejected, as I was on vacation with the fam I couldn't fix it. When I got home I reposted it, but it got rejected.. again. After that I gave up trying to R-Rate the language, and just rated the whole thing Mature, So this this whole story is now rated M for language, and the next chapter will hopefully be finished soon. 



Also thanks to Flip_Side, veela_wishing22 and Voldys_Moldy for adding this to your favorites. 


I also apologize for the mile long spaces between a lot of the parts. It keeps doing that after I edit the chapters and I'm far too lazy to take care of it.  





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