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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 8 : Halloween and Moving on.
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 Halloween came not soon after. I liked Halloween. 



It was fun, and what I needed was defo some fun.




"So party in the room of requirement?" Hannah asked as she ticked things off her list




"Why can't we just have it here?" Lucy asked




We were sat in the common room on a Friday night. I had my leopard print snuggie on (you know those blanket with arms? Muggle thing...) listening to my friends bicker. We wanted a Halloween party. Lucy wanted Gryffindors only whereas Hannah wanted everyone.




Frankly I didn't care where we had it. It wasn't late. I fancied food.




"Guys I'm going to the kitchen, want anything?"




They took their "orders" and I went off to get some space. The corridor was dimly lit and cold with the October breeze airing through. I was nearly there, I could see the last turning.




"Ah! Little third year out of bed!" Screeched Filch.




THIRD YEAR. I am not short enough to be a thirdie!




"I am in my seventh year thank you very much, therefore my curfew is different. Now adios!" I stormed off. I heard him muttering. Barmy old codger




I was there. I tickled the pear just like Sophie showed me and the door swung open, a small house elf greeted me with an excited squeak and led me into the kitchens.




I saw someone there. They had dark hair and it was slightly ruffled at the back. I sat down next to them and mentioned what I wanted to the house elf.




"Hey." They said there voice was monotone, no emotion.




"Hi." They turned to look at me. James had really changed these last few weeks. His hair had gotten darker and longer. His eyes had lost their mischievous glint.




"For fuck sake Katy!" He snapped.




Dobbys sock! What was that all about?! He must of known he startled me as he softened his tone.




"I miss you. Why wont you talk to me?" He whispered




"No reason, just drifted." I couldn't look at him




"No. We. Did. Not! I miss you so much. I have nobody to run around the castle with anymore!" I noticed him blink quite hard. He was crying. "I want to be your best friend again." He added




I pulled him into a big hug. He squeezed me tightly as if, if he let go I'd slip away again.


"You never stopped being my best friend, idiot." I whispered into his ear.





Me and James. Besto's again. Amigos. Pals. Whatever you want to call it, but I was over the moon about it. I skipped through the corridors now, I hummed at random times. 




Though the sight of him and Elle made me gag. I knew that he cried over me. Me! That made me a silent victor. He'd never cry over her. Because he would never love her.




This new found happiness meant I was buzzing all the time, which meant Quidditch


was a blast.




The energy on our team was amazing. The atmosphere as we practiced was immense, we weren't just a group of players. We were a team. A group of people united over something we love. Which meant that we loved each other.




Speaking of love. Rose and Scorpius, the sexual tension was so high. He fancied her, she fancied him. WHY DON'T THEY JUST GET ON WITH IT.




That was were James and I came in. We agreed, Halloween party. We would get them together and it WOULD work!





That gives us two days to plan a foolproof idea. Shit.





Hannah had her hair in a ponytail and had glasses on. (always looking the part.)




"Okay gang. All of us to meet by the room of requirement at 5.30. For the party to start at 6.  Any questions?" 




Today was the day. Halloween party. Me and James had devised our plan. 


Operation get Rose and Scorpius together so they can live happily ever after or (graststclhea. If you wish.) This plan could not fail.




"Why are we making such a fuss? It's only Halloween?" Jason asked




"Because Jason, this is our last year and we are the best seventh years since like ever! So we are going to leave with a bang. All year round. Parties whenever possible!" Hannah said with a serious face. Jason shut his gob at this point.




Hannah may be the sweetest person like, ever. But if you piss her off her hair goes all crazy colours and her eyes go red. Scary.  




"Okay. I will see you here at 5.30." She dismissed us.




We all had a free period this lesson. But by the time Hannah was done, I was 10 minutes late for Herbology.




I sprinting through the grounds to the green houses. As I walked in panting I saw Elle smirk at me. Bitch.




"Ah, Miss Andrews. Nice to see you. Please take a seat next to Mr Brown he'll inform you on what you've missed." Longbottom said. He didn't sound angry just a bit pissed that I was late again.




I walked over to Danny, this'll be awkward. Last time I saw him I was buttoning up my shirt and leaving the room of requirement....




"Hey." he whispered as I sat down




"Hi, how you been?" Try to keep it casual Katy.




"I've been good, haven't seen you in a while?"




"I know I'm sorry, look room of requirement tonight at 6, party there all that junk. We'll talk then." I shot him a smile. 




What was wrong with him. He was attractive, very very attractive. He was funny, cared for others and he loved me. What is so wrong with him that I don't have feelings for him?




Do I fancy him? A little bit I mean, I had sex with the guy... But he's not James. But I can't have James. Because he has Elle. 




Soon enough class was over and it was lunch. Nobody had come to get me today because I told them I fancied a walk around the lake. That's when I saw Eric across the lake.




Eric was going out with Elle up until the events of about a month ago. Eric was nice, I saw him a few times in Summer. He was a Slytherin and I knew that he knew Michael from his earlier years.




I walked up to him, he looked just as shitty as I did.




"What's up?" I asked him




"Just bitches...." He sounded so cold. So angry




"Refering to my sister by any chance?"




He told me he didn't mean to offend me, he didn't though. Turns out he hated Elle just as much as me.




We spoke for a bit, but it turns out he's moved on to another girl. Christine Lewis. A dark skinned girl, Slytherin, keeper. She's really nice, spoke to her a few times.




"Well I wish you all the best with Chris' I have to go now, bye Eric!" I waved


"You too Andrews!" He smiled at me.





5.00. An hour.




Hannah had it easy, she was going as a fairy, her long silver curly hair went down to her hips. She had pink eyes and elf like ears. She looked the part, her blue outfit completed the look.




Lucy was going as a nurse, she had a curly hair in a ponytail and some glasses on. She looked stunning.




Dom was going as Dom. What's the point she says. But after a lot of nagging from Hannah, she put some devil horns on.




Me- I was going as a cat. I had my whiskers painted on and my nose coloured in. My hair was curled by Dom and I had a simple black shirt and skirt on. Oh and a clip on tail.




We looked so amazing!




The boys decided to come as- the men in black. Jason introduced them into that muggle franchise. So they just had their suits on and some sunglasses. 




We had some pre-party drinks and soon enough it was 5.30 and we made our way to the room. 




Hannah was in charge of picturing the room so she took charge of opening it. But when it did open it looks fabulous! The decorations hung from the ceiling and the food was out on the tables. It was going to be a good night! 




"Wow Han' you've outdone yourself here." Fred said.




I saw her blush so did Fred as he tried to hide his blush. They were almost as perfect as Rose and Scorpius.




On that note, him, Albus and Rose just entered.




"Ah dear brother! You've joined us! Lets get the party going!" James shouted (drunk all






"Hey, James guess what!?" Albus looked really excited




"What, you've read the whole library? No suprise." Dom couldn't help but make a dig.




"Shut up Dominique! No, we're having an Easter ball. Mum just owled me. But it'll be official, so no pratting around."




"Why are you telling us now?" I asked. 




"Because if we tell Lily too late, she wont have time to find an outfit." Rose interrupted.




"Ahhhh!" We all said in unison.





The party was in full swing and it was only 7. I dragged James away from Elle who shot me daggers. I don't care. Plan GRASTSTCLHEA was about to be put into action




I handled Scorpius while James got Rose.




"Scorpius! Ah I need your help!" I ran up to him. He whipped around. He nearly keeled over when he saw my face




Okay, for part of the plan I might of smashed my nose against a wall so it bled. But that's not the point. What has to be done will be done. 




You see I knew that Scorpo' (cool name.) knew simple healing spells, I've seen him read books in the common room. So I planned to take him away from the party to "fix" my nose. Though it did hurt a bit, so he better know his stuff.




"C'mon I'll fix you up." We left the party and I saw James I gave him the signal. 




"Episky." He pointed his wand at my nose. Okay that did hurt a tad.




"Scor' this is for your own good." I saw James have Rose. 




We told them that they loved each other and that we're giving them opportunity. And we shoved them in a broom closet.




What. It'll be worth it....





"Hey Kate!" I whisked around to see Danny there. He wasn't dressed up unless you count the fangs. Oh he was a vampire. Cool. "Want to dance?"




I couldn't resist, he looked gorgeous.




I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor. I fit into him well. He could dance.




Fuck it. 








I kissed him. 




"What does that make us?" He asked after the rather rough make out session




"Whatever the fuck you want" I winked at him




I looked over to my friends who looked like they'd seen me kissing Voldemort.











I guess that makes me Danny Browns girlfriend. Awesome.





The party was still in full swing when I left having to hold up an extremely drunk Dom.


Danny offered to help, but I could do it, sort of.




"So are you and Dan the man like you know..." She slurred




"Yes." I hitched her up




"Ah, so you're okay about James and Elle now?" 




Usually when someone brings them two up. I either get a lump in my throat, or I want to vomit. This time, nothing. That's good right?




"Yes. Yes I am."


a/n yay for moving on? Dont hate me, it will all make sense in time! pleeease review, I love your opinions on things!


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Odd one out: Halloween and Moving on.


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