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Heritage by lilypotterfan123
Chapter 6 : The fallen hero is unmasked.
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A week had flown by and the three children were in what teachers thought to be the fountain of learning though everyone else referred to the place as the Library. Both Phoebe and Tonks were searching frantically through books and newspapers that were hidden by the layers of dust that had formed over a long period of time with the help of cobwebs and people just forgot that these literary treasures existed. On the other hand there was Charlie sat by a table in his quidditch uniform, tapping his fingers against the table along with a blatantly fed up expression on his face showing just how bored and uninterested he was.

“So why are we here? You know I’ve got quidditch practise in 15 minutes and I should be going.”  Charlie asked his friends who stopped as they heard his voice. Tonks slammed a stack of books onto the table, just missing Charlie’s fingers and sat beside him.

“Because you idiot, we’re looking for a Gideon, one that’s died. I told you this when you got here but obviously you weren’t listening.Tonks retorted, spreading out the books in an attempt to scan more than one at once.

“But why? It is a bit creepy you know, that you’re looking for someone who’s dead. Come on Phoebe, why tell Tonks and not me!? I bet I could help a lot more anyway.”   Charlie almost shouted to Phoebe, who was avoiding eye contact as she knew she was a terrible liar. She didn’t want anyone knowing about her family and though she could trust Charlie, Phoebe didn’t have the courage to tell him without bursting into tears. 

“Charlie, sometimes you just have to trust your friends because that’s what you’re there for. It’s nothing bad or scary but you just have to trust me and not ask questions. Tonks wasn’t even meant to know, and really neither was I.” Phoebe sighed, just picturing a gravestone with the name Gideon etched upon it. No flowers, or anything there just a man buried with only his name. Phoebe remembered the song Eleanor Rigby, one of John’s favourites. Is that how her father was remembered, someone lonely and misunderstood? Was he just a man who died without a friend in the world, someone who had died in vain?  Phoebe had already asked herself this throughout the past week which had ultimately led her to tears. She turned to Charlie, who was now stood up and looked slightly guilty,

“Alright sorry Phoebe, I should just put faith in you and not ask questions. But I do know more than Tonks. I had an Uncle Gideon. He died three years ago along with his twin brother Fabian. He died happy though, I know he did mum used to tell me the story all the time just after he died but it always made her cry.” Charlie informed the two of them and almost instantaneously their eyes widened.

“What’s the story Charlie??” Phoebe whispered, almost lost for words.

“I’ll tell it like my mum does, it has an effect to it:
it was in the year 1981 when a mysterious man only identified as you know who roamed the world destroying anything he didn’t deem as pure as himself. Those who plotted against him had fallen in numbers, and only the  Order of the Phoenix were left to protect the defenceless and they too had lost many members to you know who and his army of followers. One summer’s night the order of the phoenix met up and discussed their battle plans. They talked of you know who’s strategy and where he planned to strike next. The Order had been informed that there were rumours of death eaters attacking a muggle village somewhere near the tip of the Pennines. Many members were insistent on a battle plan but one man thought differently, his name was Gideon. All the order opposed his brash idea, even his own siblings. But in Gideon's mind if it was only a rumour then only one person would need to go. Instead Fabian vowed to join him, and stay by his brother's side until the end. Their sister urged to go with them, but they were adamant that she had a family of her own which would be more people to leave behind. They needed her more than her brothers did. They both meet their undeserving fate. When they arrived, fires were blazing, people trapped under rubble or cornered by tormenting death eaters. Locked in a hell raising battle with more than fifteen death eaters attempting to kill their opponents, the two brothers prepared to fight for one last time. Fabian was the first to meet his maker, after killing 5 death eaters to save a muggle family Antonin Dolohov used such dark magic upon Fabian it took his life. Emotions of anguish erupted from Gideon as he saw his brother draw his last breath and become still. He leapt on, taking as many people as possible with him, and saving all the muggles he could.  Moments later members of the order apparated, but it was too late. More death eaters surrounded the Prewett brother and it was Rodolphus Lestrange that finally claimed his life. From that a shrill scream echoed throughout the village, yet it was not their sister as she couldn’t speak, the woman was lost for words. One by one, the death eaters disappeared, leaving the village in ruins. They took Fabians frozen body away before the sister had a chance to say goodbye, but he died as a valiant, courageous man that wouldn’t have himself die any other way. Molly kneeled besides her second brother, Gideon, who looked more at ease in death. Yet the sister didn’t realise until that moment that her brother had died with a secret. Inside his coat pocket was a picture, which was enough to fill him with happiness even in the afterlife and fill his sister with hope.”  And with that Charlie had finished the tale. Phoebe was still eager to here more but Tonks gave off the impression that she wasn’t satisfied and was ready to enlighten her two friends,

“Well? What was this picture?” Tonks demanded, with a look of dismay as her hair began to fade into a mousy brown. Charlie merely shrugged at what Tonks said,

“Mum would never tell me. I always think it was a picture of his family, or a girlfriend.” He suggested, but Tonks wasn’t convinced,

“Yeah but why wouldn’t she tell you if it was something as simple as that? What do you think Phoebe?” Tonks asked but Phoebe was only half listening as she'd began to rummage through old newspapers, her frantic searching made her seem almost desperate but then  Phoebe didn’t ever give off that impression, people would just have to make that conclusion for themselves. Charlie rolled up his sleeves and casually checked his watch, as if he was showing off his gadget, his eyes widened for a minute and he leapt off his seat.

“I’m gonna be late for quidditch practise, but erm I will see you both later yeah?” Charlie asked, already nearly out the door.

“We'll probably meet you afterwards, bye.” Phoebe echoed Tonks when she said goodbye but Charlie had already left. Phoebe was still looking through the papers, throwing so many on the floor. Tonks picked up one, and opened it, almost in awe of one of the pages.

“Phoebe you really shouldn’t judge things by their covers, look.” Phoebe picked up all the thrown newspapers and placed them back on the shelf, then stood over Tonks as she read,

“Fallen heroes: - Prewett brothers fall to the hands of the death eaters.” Tonks didn’t bother to continue reading after the headline; she assumed Phoebe was reading to herself. However Phoebe was staring at the picture of the two brothers who looked exactly alike apart from the difference of hair colour. One was auburn and the other a dark brown, almost black.  Phoebe didn’t want him to be her father; she hoped that this Gideon Prewett was just Charlie's uncle. To not know him at all and to never have the chance to either was heart wrenching for Phoebe.

“I think he looks like you, that one I mean,” Tonks pointed to the man with the red hair.

“And not just because of the whole, hair colour thing. If you two were stood together, you’d know that he was your dad. You have his nose too! It must be weird, seeing him for the first time though.” Tonks tried to sympathise with Phoebe but she couldn’t really comprehend the situation.

“He might not be my dad though, he is just a possibility. Just because we have the same hair colour and....nose. It doesn’t mean anything!” Phoebe retorted. Tonks put the newspaper closer to Phoebe's eyes,

“He has to be! How many Gideon's do we know that died between the years 1973 and 1984? We found five others and they were either too young, too old or didn’t look anything like you Phoebe!”  Tonks told her directly, as if it was the only explanation and Phoebe had to accept it. Phoebe tried to shrug the thought off but before she knew it a voice crept up behind the two of them,

“Hello Miss Tonks, Miss Prewett. By any chance have you seen a copy of Transfiguration Today lying around? If you haven’t guessed it’s a journal all about transfiguration, I would recommend you read it for your studies.”    Professor McGonagall informed the two girls, who both looked rather puzzled.

“No sorry Professor, we haven’t.” Phoebe replied with a hint of sorrow in her voice, though that was more related to the fact that it was almost certain that her father was dead.

“Professor, why would it be here?” Tonks asked her teacher. The deputy headmistress replied,

“l initially believed it was the headmaster that had my copy, however he has his own. Then I thought to look for it in the last place you would expect it to be but Im afraid that doesn’t work either. Eventually I will summon it but for now I prefer looking for it properly to stretch my legs.”

  Professor McGonagall was peering over the article, taking a quick glance at the headline. It was then when her eyes lit up with a hint of shock, how could they know who Gideon was?  Did they overhear herself and Professor Dumbledore discussing it? The transfiguration professor didn’t have much more time to contemplate; it was time to go further into the matter by discussing it with the two students.    

“Oh I see you’ve been doing a bit of reading yourselves. I remember that day in particular, very sad. The two of them were exceptional at transfiguration though Gideon always believed to be the better brother. Why would you look into such morbid events?” Professor McGonagall asked her two students. Phoebe looked over to Tonks for support, she could never think on the spot and wasn’t one to lie either. Tonks gulped, she preferred not to think on her feet either but it was better to say something than nothing at all.

“Well Professor you see.....were doing this for Charlie! Yeah Charlie....he um, he doesn’t have a picture of his Uncles and since he won’t be seeing his family until Christmas he wanted a reminder. He loved his uncles to bits see and was going to come with us, but he couldn’t find the newspaper and then he left for quidditch practise and, then you came.” Tonks concocted such a strange lie that Phoebe had to act upon it and nodded to back up what Tonks was saying.

“Yes Professor, but Madam Pince, doesn’t look entirely happy about us wanting to take this.” Phoebe then looked round the corner to see a spying Madam Pince glaring at both first years, ready to attack if either of them stole something that was clearly the property of Hogwarts Library. Minerva saw that look in Phoebe’s eyes that her father and uncle used to have when making excuses in relation to why their homework was late, it was clearly a lie. But Phoebe did have no pictures of her Father and in order to humour her and to give her something to remind her of him she agreed,

“No matter. I shall see that Madam Pince will allow this to be taken, from the amount of dust I see around the newspaper, it’s quite clear than no one will miss it.” She then watched as Phoebe's eyes lit up and a huge grin appeared on her face.

“Thank you Professor and I hope you find your edition of Transfiguration Today! I think I might start reading it myself.” Phoebe said and with that the girls sped off, and Professor McGonagall didn’t even warn them about no running in the corridors.

Once they left the library Tonks checked no teachers were about and she whispered excitedly,

“I bet she knew! Think about it, if Charlie’s uncles are dead then his mum will have pictures of them. McGonagall isn’t stupid, she will know that. So she knows that’s the right one, otherwise she'd have said no, you can’t take something that is the property of this library.”   Tonks attempted a Scottish accent, which only led Phoebe to burst out laughing. 

“Never, do that again. But she probably did, which means he’s my dad. I really wish he wasn’t, but he is. I wanted to meet my Dad in a coffee shop or in his house. The only chance I'll have now is his grave, and who knows maybe it’s the same with my mum too. The only family I have is Charlie and he doesn’t even know it.” Phoebe sighed; it gave her that ultimate feeling of loneliness.  Yet the fallen heroes were unmasked and this is what he was, her father. But all that Phoebe had to ask was, why? Why him, couldn’t he have been a coward and stayed with this order of the phoenix with his sister? Then there was this woman screaming, why was that so important if it wasn’t Charlie’s mum?  Unless it was Phoebe's mother? It was a stupid thought, there was every chance it could have been some muggle but it must have stood out to Charlie’s mum if she told him that....perhaps she thought the same thing? Right now it didn’t matter to Phoebe she just wanted to run away from all her problems, but with magic it could never be that easy.


A/N - Well I thought this chapter would take forever and a day to write, but all of a sudden I get the inspiration to write it all in a few days! The song in the chapter I referred to was Eleanor Rigby, by the Beatles. The next chapter will be slightly similar to chapter 5, but hopefully not too much so. PLEASE review if you have time, I would love some feedback and it wont take too long.


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Heritage: The fallen hero is unmasked.


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