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The Perks of Being Best Friends by helpwillalwaysbegiven
Chapter 5 : I Think Our Freddie Is In Love
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Chapter 5 - I Think Our Freddie Is In love.

Insert Freddie’s heavy breathing that sounds like a mix between a working ox and a dying whale here.

Yeah, once I scolded the guys for locking me out of the compartment, Freddie jumped me and fell asleep almost immediately.

He has now been sleeping on my legs for the past two hours.

Did I mention I can’t feel my toes? I’m positive he’s cut off my circulation. Honestly, how much does this kid weigh?

I’m feeling generous today however (the poor thing’s probably still feeling jetlagged coming back from Spain and all), so I think I’ll give him another ten minutes before I push him off me and onto the—



Freddie. Cheek. Rubbing. Against. Knee. FRENCH KNEES.

Screw ten minutes, REMOVE IT.

“GET THE FUCK OFF ME BRO,” I said, pushing him to the train’s floor.

“Hmmmm? — OOMF!” he grunted, hitting the ground with a loud thud. His bedhead popped up. “What the hell is wrong with you Rina, I was sleeping!”

“No shit, Sherlock! I can’t feel my legs! AND WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS WITH YOUR CHEEK RUBBING MY KNEE? You know I have French Knees!”

There was a pause. 

“Your pants were soft,” he said innocently as he rubbed his big brown eyes. Even though he looks like an adorable teddy bear, I’m still pissed.

James and Brody peeked at us curiously over the Quidditch Weekly magazine they’ve been “fan-girling” over the entire ride. (Clearly these two need girlfriends. Mind you, they could have any girl if they so desired. Damn those attractive Wood and Potter genes.)

James looked confused. “Why the hell were you feeling up Rina’s pants?”

“GOD, I DON’T KNOW, I WAS SLEEPING! What the eff would YOU have done James?”

Insert appalled looks from Brody, James, and myself here.

“Mate, that’s just—” Brody began.

“SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING TO THE LOO.” Freddie interrupted. And with that, he got up from the ground and stormed out of the compartment, mumbling about how everyone thinks he’s mental.

Which — to be fair — he basically is. But see, that’s why we love him.

Shortly after Freddie Bear left, both James and Brody went back to their Quidditch obsessing and I stared at the changing scenery through the window.

“Hey look! Oliver Wood!” James exclaimed, pointing at something in the magazine.

“Yo, look at his new SilverSweep! Have you seen that thing fly? They say it’s the best broom for weaving, which is perfect for keepers! And oh my GOD, dude, check out his pipes!”

There was a pause.

“Bro,” James said, “that’s your dad.”

“Yeah, so?” Brody said, slightly flustered. “He’s an amazing Quidditch player!”

Another pause.

“Right. Anyways…” And they continued discussing Quidditch stats.

I rolled my eyes and diverted my attention back to gazing out the window.

Man, am I ever bored. You know, a game of Capture the Flag sounds pretty kick arse right now. That would be so bloody cool! All of us running around, looking for a flag, on a train! Whoa. Just whoa. Once Nate and Allie get here after they're finished with their Prefect duties — and if Freddie ever comes back — I shall commence Capture the Flag! Allie, James and I would so own Freddie, Nate and Brody, just sayin’.

I should probably mention: Allie Finnegan is my roommate and one of my best female friends. We're basically sisters. Hell, we even share a wardrobe. We are about the same in sizes after all. Unlike me however, she has hazel eyes and light brown hair. Although, when she slept over at my house last week, her wavy hair had a blond tint to it because the summer sun bleached it. She's still gorgeous, nevertheless. She's also athletic, and the way she dresses clearly shows that. Her hair is always in a ponytail or plait and when she’s not in the mandatory Hogwarts uniform, she’s always wearing leggings, baggy sweaters and trainers. Allie’s also sharp witted, all girl-power, and of course, brave. She's a chaser on our Quidditch team, along with James and me.

Nathan Windsor on the other hand — or Nate as we all call him — is roommates with Freddie, James and Brody. He's the Muggleborn of the group, not that it matters to any of us. He's also the sweetest and most polite young man that I have ever had the privilege to meet, and he's honestly adorable with his brown eyes and brown hair. People actually get him and James mixed up quite a lot, and some are convinced that they’re twins. That is, until they realize James’ last name is Potter and Nate’s is Windsor. Nate is fairly tall, about the same height as James, though nowhere near as tall as Freddie. Nate's all about control and rules, but he knows how to have a good time all the same. Nonetheless, he never lets things get too out of hand, and he's always talking our way out of trouble with the professors and Headmistress McGonagall. Basically, he takes care of us all.

“I’M BACK FROM THE LOO!” Freddie exclaimed, ripping the compartment door open and interrupting my train of thought. “AND LOOK WHO I FOUND!” he moved aside to reveal Allie and Nate, both who were smiling widely.

“You found them in the loo?” James inquired. Upon seeing Nate and Allie however, he cracked into a smile, and ignoring that Freddie supposedly found them in the loo, he got up and pulled them into a group hug.


“What? Rina, that’s stupid,” James chuckled, shaking his head.

“Am not! How dare you — you — stupid-head!” I stuck out my tongue like a three year old. Yes, I am rather witty with my comebacks if I do say so myself.

“Stupid-head?” Brody laughed. “Wait, I’d still like to know what the hell Allie was doing in the men’s loo.” He smirked and hugged her with his muscular arms as if he had not seen her in years.

Which is far from the truth, because not only did they spend all of yesterday packing together, but they had spent the entire summer together too. After all, they do live rather close to each other in Ireland’s beautiful country side. Allie’s house is legit just a fifteen minute walk from Brody’s house. All they have to do is maneuver through some random old guy’s farm. Might sometimes have to shove aside a few sheep on the way, but an easy route nonetheless.

“Then again, this IS Allie we're talking about. Were you getting it on with some bloke in the loo again?” Brody taunted. He then yelped as Allie smacked him across the face.

“I. DID. NOT. GET. IT. ON. WITH. ANYONE,” Allie said through gritted teeth.

“Allie, I know, I was just yanking your wand—”

Allie's hand made contact with Brody’s face yet again as she spat, “TAKE IT BACK. TAKE IT BACK NOW.”

“Allie, I’m sorry, I didn’t — OW — bloody hell, stop hitting me, woman!” Brody said as he cowered behind James.

“Say you didn’t mean it!”

“Okay, okay! I apologize! I didn’t mean it!” he said with his hands up. He looked absolutely terrified. (I don’t blame him. I would be too.)

“Thank you Brody,” she said as calmly as one would thank a person for passing the butter.

You may think she's bipolar, but she's honestly not. She’s just sensitive due to a little incident that occurred last year with a guy.

Annnnnd, it might have happened in the train's loo.

But it’s nothing like that, I swear! So you can remove your head from the gutter now.

“Jesus, you're so temperamental. Is it your time of the month again or something?” Brody asked nonchalantly as he sat down on the plush compartment seat beside Freddie.

 “BRODY WOOD, YOU ARE AN ARSE!” she shrieked like one hell of a sadistic banshee.

“What? What'd I say?” he asked incredulously, completely clueless as to what was wrong with what he had said. Clearly he doesn't know rule #43 of What Not to Say to a Woman (which, in case you're wondering, is: "Don't bring up anything about her being on her period unless you want your balls chopped off.")

A huge wave of awkward silence fell across the compartment as everyone waited for Allie to explode.

“SO! Who's up for Capture the Flag?” Freddie asked excitedly, breaking the silence.

Oh for the love of Merlin.

How is it that this kid always manages to have the WORST timing? And I mean even worse than my own! Which is shit, trust me. I mean, hello, I interrupted a steamy snog sesh in a random compartment today! And even though I usually get the Award for Worst Timing, I think Freddie takes the cake for this one. Don't get me wrong, I'm still down for Capture the Flag, but really Freddie?

“NO,” everyone else but me retorted in unison. Freddie's face fell.

Gosh, what cranky people. Capture the Flag is fun.




The train ride couldn’t have possibly gone faster.

We did in fact spend most of the ride playing a mini game of Capture the Flag. But because we couldn’t locate an actual flag, we had to use Freddie’s socks, so technically we played Capture the Sock. We let him run around barefoot. Everyone on the train was more concerned with the fact that there was a mental barefoot kid on the loose rather than the fact that six kids were playing Capture the Flag. On a moving train.

It was a fun game but it mainly consisted of James (who was on my team) tackling me continuously from behind whenever we actually got serious, which then sent Allie into a BF (bitch fit, for those who don't know) on how James and I are shit teammates (not true!). Needless to say, Brody, Freddie and Nate captured the sock and took home the golden victory.

It wasn’t long after that until Nate made us go change into our school uniforms whilst he and Allie left to do their Prefect duties.

Now I sat with my head on James' shoulder. The sun had completely disappeared and the dark sky was now scattered with bright twinkling stars. I could see Hogsmeade Station in the distance as the Hogwarts Express began to slow its speed. We would be arriving in less than a minute.

“WOO-HOO!” Brody and Freddie — being the idiots they are — screamed, jumped up, barged through the compartment door, and full on booked it down the train to the nearest exit.

Clearly they're excited to be back.

“Want a piggy-back ride?” James asked, turning his head towards mine. Our faces were just centimeters apart, and for probably the millionth time in my life, I couldn't help but marvel at his warm, honey-coloured eyes. (Though I would never admit that to him.)

Snapping out of this, I perked up and replied, “Hell yes I would!” His bright smile spread across his face as he got up from the seat and stretched.

“Well, get on then,” he said, still smiling. With that, he threw me on his back and we followed everyone out of the train. One of the perks of being best friends, I’m telling you.

James maneuvered our way through students, trunks, animals, and the thick billowing smoke while I strained to listen for Hagrid’s gruff voice through the loud clatter.

“James! There!” I said suddenly as I spotted our favourite half giant smiling through a clearing of smoke.

I jumped off of James’ back and ran towards Hagrid. “Wotcher Hagrid!”

“Rina! James! Good summer?”

“Never better,” James said, man-hugging him.

 “Now 'ats what I like ter hear! I gotter get 'em firs’ years goin’ but I’m expectin' a visit soon for tea, eh?” The giant cracked a smile only slightly visible through his untameable beard.

“Of course!” James and I chimed together.

He beamed at us before turning away. "FIRS’ YEARS, OVER HERE! FIRS’ YEARS!”

James grabbed my arm and led me through the crowd once more, this time towards the carriages. It was nearly impossible to breathe with all this smoke. I began to cough and then felt James release his grip on me. I started to panic until he grabbed my hand, squeezing it lightly as if to reassure me. I stayed close behind him, burrowing my head into his back, allowing him to guide me.

 Finally, we broke through all the students and smoke, and I was able to take a much needed breath of fresh air.

Aaaaahh, sweet mother of Merlin, how I love fresh air.

“There they are,” James said as he let go of my hand and pointed towards Freddie, Brody, Allie, and Nate. They were all waiting for the next carriage. Just as James and I came up to them, a carriage rolled up and we all piled in (and when I say piled, I mean literally piled. This is a carriage meant for four people and here we are piling in six.)

Allie and Brody were seated on one side while Nate and James sat on the other. I was on James' lap and Freddie was standing in the middle.

Yes, that's right. Standing.

So each time the carriage hit a bump, Freddie went flying into Brody and Allie. And each time this happened, his arse ended up in Brody’s face. Brody then proceeded to snort and slap it while saying “dat ass!”

Every. Single. Time.

It wasn’t long until the carriages dropped everyone off at the humongous double door entrance and we were being ushered into the candle lit Great Hall. The ceiling above mirrored the clear starry night sky. The Sorting Hat said some tosh about house unity but still remembering to dance and eat rainbow cake while riding sparkly unicorns with your enemies. Or something along those lines. Who really knows, I wasn’t listening. After the sorting of a few terrified first years and a huge feast fit for the Queen, Headmistress McGonagall stood up at the front of the hall and said, “It's off to bed with the lot of you. Now, trot!”




The warm fire was crackling and the September wind was howling outside the window.

We were the only ones still awake in the Gryffindor tower. It was just the six of us. Allie was sitting in one of the comfortable plush chairs, Brody was sitting on the floor leaning against Allie’s legs, Nate was perched on the windowsill, Freddie was sprawled out on one couch, and James and I sat on the other couch with my legs on his lap.

We've been here since we left the feast, talking and catching up, and we haven't moved since. It was getting rather late now, half past midnight to be exact, and silence as well as tiredness was beginning to creep up.

It was almost eerie.

It didn't help that James was sleepily tracing swirls on my leg with his fingers. It gave me goose bumps and made me want to roll off the couch, just so that he'd stop. The only thing stopping me from doing so is the warmth radiating from him. Plus, if I moved, I'd disturb the silence.

Damn is it ever quiet.

“So Freddie, where’s your bane of existence?” Brody smirked, suddenly alerting everyone.

“Who?” James looked up sleepily, finally removing his fingers from my leg.

“He’s obviously talking about Isabella,” Allie said, rolling her eyes.

There was a pause, followed by more silence.

Then James said, “Isabella who?"

I smacked my forehead so loudly it echoed throughout the common room.

Really James? You did not just say you don't know who Isabella Riono is. She’s in Gryffindor. She’s been to your house with your cousin Rose countless times. Hell, she's one of the best players on our Quidditch team!

How, James?

“Mate!” Brody exclaimed incredulously. “The girl you made beater! Rose’s best friend!”

James blinked.

“You know! The girl! On your team! OUR team? Gryffindor? The team that you’ve been captain of since last year?” Brody continued, trying to jog James' memory.

“Oh!” James’ face lit up in comprehension. “Her! Riono! Isabella Riono! Izzy! Bella! My home girl!"

 “Yes, you dolt, Isabella Riono, the girl you first recruited onto the team. The girl you recruited before anyone else!" Allie said exasperatedly. "Even before Rina, and that's saying something,” she added under her breath. I threw her a questioning look but she merely looked away.

“YOU GUYS NEED TO STOP,” Fred’s voice boomed out of the blue.

Woops, forgot he was here.

“Why, Freddie? I thought you hated her?” Allie said mockingly.

Everyone knows Freddie and Isabella “hate” each other... Or, did.

“Really?” Brody teased. “Cause that’s not what he told me.”

“Or me,” Nate added with his golden smirk.

“Bro!” James jumped up from his chair, knocking me to the ground. Git. “You’re my cousin! How come I wasn’t informed that you’re in love with her?”

“Sit your ass down, James,” I said through gritted teeth as I got up from the ground and crawled back onto the couch. I placed my hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down while adding, “He doesn’t know he is. Yet.”

In all seriousness though, Freddie probably just shit himself. We've never talked about him and Izzy to his face before so this must be a complete shock to him. He never knew that we knew.

“SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING TO THE LOO,” Freddie said. (Yeah, he says/does that a lot. You'll get used to it.) With that, he stormed up the stairs to the boys' dormitories.

“Someone has their knickers in a twist,” Allie muttered as the boys' dormitory door slammed shut.

“Or he just shit himself after hearing the word love,” Brody added cheerfully.

I nodded in agreement. Knowing Freddie, he's probably genuinely confused right now. Which is actually really cute, because, I mean, come on. This is Fred Weasley we're talking about here. The free-spirited Fred Weasley who is a complete jokester that doesn't give two shits about love – up until now anyway. "I think our Freddie is in love," I said thoughtfully.

“He acts like he hates her though. Always has. Besides, love is a strong word, Rina,” Nate said from the windowsill. “He may like her, but I think it’s too soon to call it love.”

May like her?” Allie questioned Brody and Nate, narrowing her eyes. “What exactly did he say to you two?”

Nate exchanged a look with Brody before opening his mouth and saying, “It was before he left for Spain. At the Potters' official start-of-summer barbecue, Brody and I saw them talking to each other. Normally. Like normal people. Without yelling or cursing or physically abusing each other. They were just talking… and laughing… and smiling."

“Okay, so they were flirting,” Allie stated.

“Yeah. So Nate and I questioned him about it afterwards and he fessed up, saying that they don’t always fight. Which is just bull because everyone always sees them fighting and arguing! In corridors, at Quidditch, and even at breakfast where it's too early to be doing anything,” Brody said.

“Well, is that all he said? You guys made it sound much more — how do I put this — um... that he dropped to his knees and confessed his undying love type of thing,” I said a little disappointedly.

“That’s not all,” Brody said, shaking his head vigorously. “He admitted they’ve been studying together. Which is also bull, because Freddie doesn’t study. My boy is naturally smart!”

“Wow, they actually study together?” Allie said, impressed. "If that isn't a big deal right there, then I don't know what is.”

“He also said they snogged,” Brody added as an afterthought.

“WHAT?!” Allie and I exclaimed in unison.

“Yeah, during their study dates. Isabella would apparently be studying and Freddie would be annoying her, naturally. They'd fight in a heated argument of sorts, and then apparently they'd suddenly be snogging,” he said, making a face. “Can you believe it?”

“YES!” I was literally bursting at the seams.

“How? They hate each other!” Allie exclaimed.

“Yeah, but haven't you ever noticed the sexual tension they have?”

“I don't know, I always thought they were platonic,” Nate said thoughtfully as he suddenly jumped down from the windowsill.

“They are platonic,” Allie stated, stifling a yawn. 

“Well, I guess only time will tell if they decide to stay platonic,” Nate said, stretching his arms so high that his shirt lifted and you could see the bottom of his toned torso and the top of his red boxers. (How on earth he’s still single is beyond me.) He yawned. “I’m off to bed. Night guys.”

“Same here,” James yawned, getting up.

“Me too,” I said rolling off him and the couch. “'Night all.”

“I guess I should go as well. Carry me Brody, would you?” Allie asked sweetly, wrapping her arms around him. 

“Oh sod off Al, you have legs.”

“You arse, Brody Wood!”


SUPER SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO imacullenpottergirl for reviewing our chapters continuously, giving us advice, and basically encouraging us to keep writing. (Thank you so much for all of it!) She, herself, just started writing her first ever fanfic, so CHECK IT OUT! It's bloody brilliant. SHE's bloody brilliant.

On another note, I bet I know what you're all thinking: finally, a longer chapter! Well there's more to come like this, so do keep up with us! Thank you for reading, and please don't hesitate to review!

~ Jenny

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