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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives by hiral05
Chapter 12 : Getting the dates
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“We are sick and we are tired, we’re all fools and worthless liars” The past six years – Deaf Havana

 Mimi, Lola and I were sitting in the library waiting for Lily to turn up to help us with our defence essays. Besides, there was no point starting without her seeing as we wouldn’t get very far.

Lily finally walked in, hushing apologies at us as she hurriedly tried to get her parchment, ink, quill and defence books out of her bag. She looked a bit too flustered for my liking.

‘Lil, what happened?’ I asked, curiously.

‘What do you mean?’ she said quickly, brushing her wildly red hair out of her eyes.

‘Why are you so flustered?’ asked Lola, eyeing her.

‘Ok well’ she said, putting her quill down ‘Owen Murray just asked me to Hogsmeade’

Mimi squealed ‘Oh wow, this is great, this means we’ll all have dates!’

Lily looked confused ‘Well, I said I’d think about it and even if I had said yes, we wouldn’t all have dates, Jem and Lola don’t’

‘Actually’ said Lola, looking up sheepishly ‘Carter finally made a move and asked me to Hogsmeade when we were studying for Astronomy’

 ‘I’m so happy for you Lola, you’ve been waiting for this for ages, and Carter Bonweasel? You’re going to be the couples gossip! the school will  be buzzing for weeks!’ I said before turning on Lily ‘Lils, Amos Diggory caught up with me this morning after you left to get your Transfiguration notes and, he asked if I had thought about us anymore and if it was the right time, and I was thinking about Sirius and Mya. I really just thought, why not? So we’re going to Hogsmeade’

‘So’ said Mimi ‘if you say yes to Owen, which I think you should seeing as he’s an absolute 10 on our scale, then we’ll all have dates’

Lily’s eyes lit up ‘Yes, I think I will now’

‘Yay’ clapped Mimi ‘this is going to be great’

‘Do you think this is a good idea?’ Lily was asking me as we sat in the common room reading over some Potions notes.

‘What is?’ I mumbled, not taking my eyes off the notes.

‘This whole date thing, I mean, what will James and Sirius think-’

My head snapped up.

I interrupted her ‘It doesn’t matter, they have girlfriends and we have dates to Hogsmeade, so what? They don’t care, evidently, so we should do what we like, and not feel guilty, yes?’

‘I guess, but don’t you think it’s bad?’

‘Why would I think it’s bad?’

‘Well, because it’s just so soon’

‘Look, lils, we’re not going to sit here and brood over two arrogant boys who have girlfriends’ I said standing up and crossing my arms ‘we’re strong girls, we should be able to do what we want, and if that’s going to Hogsmeade with Amos and Owen, then so be it!’

‘Yeah! You’re right’ said Lily, getting fired up ‘You are so right!’

‘I always am’ I said, smiling.

It was the day before the Hogsmeade trip, Lily and I haven’t really spoken to James and Sirius apart from at mealtimes because we all sat together. A rare ‘pass the potatoes’ was the closest we got to a proper conversation. Thankfully, they knew not to bring their ‘girlfriends’ to the table, otherwise it would have been awkward as hell.

‘Hello hello’ said James and Sirius, sitting down.

‘Hi’ I muttered, not looking at Sirius.

‘Right, well, what do you guys have first period?’ asked Remus, sensing the tension and attempting to break it.

Sirius just smirked ‘We’ve all got defence, remember?’

I knew exactly why he was smirking, Mya was in that lesson.

‘Um, what about second period?’ asked Mimi, weakly, knowing there was no use.

‘Lily, Jem, I won’t see Katy before your cheerleading practise tonight, so can you pass on a message?’ asked James, ignoring Mimi.

‘Not bloody likely’ mumbled Lily into her food.

‘What was that Evans?’ grinning James.

‘Nothing’ I said quickly ‘what’s the message’

‘Just tell her to meet me in the astronomy tower afterwards’ he said, still smiling ‘tell her, it’s a surprise’

Lily looked like she was about to cry but I don’t think James noticed because he was too busy making eye contact with Sirius and smirking. Those two thought they were so smart, what dicks.

Lily composed herself and said ‘Yeah, should be able to pass that on’

‘Anyway’ said Remus, in his calm, even tone that cut through the tension ‘What about Hogsmeade tomorrow, everyone excited?’

‘Oh I’m really excited’ said Sirius ‘what about you two?’ indicating to Lily and I ‘what are you doing?’

I just shrugged, not wanting to bring up the date thing.

‘Not much, just some shopping’ said Lily, quietly.

‘Of course’ said James, smirking as if he had won.

Mimi obviously didn’t pick up on this exchange and that we didn’t want to tell them about our dates and said ‘What are you two talking about, you should be so excited!’ she was grinning like she was excited for us.

‘Why?’ said Sirius cockily, as if we had nothing to be excited for.

‘Because’ she started. I shot her a warning look but she ignored it and continued ‘they have dates of course, anyway, Remus shall we quickly go and get my defence essay and then go to class?’

They left while James and Sirius were narrowing their eyes.

I did not want to get into this here, we needed to leave.

‘We should get going too-’ I started, trying to pull Lily up.

‘Dates?’ asked Sirius, coldly.

‘Um, yeah’ I said getting up and pulling Lily by the arm.

‘With who?’ asked James, matching Sirius’ cold tone.

‘Why do you even care?’ burst Lily ‘anyway, see you in defence’ before we left the Great Hall, I saw Sirius and James exchange confused looks.

I don’t understand why they can get mad at us for getting dates when they have girlfriends. Hypocritical much?

‘Thank a lot Mimi’ I said as we walked into defence.

‘Oh come on’ she winked ‘they were going to find out anyway, and now they have found out, you can see that they’re jealous’

Lily rolled her eyes ‘We didn’t want to tell them’

‘I know, but I thought that it would be better because, then you would actually believe that they’re just trying to make you jealous, but by having dates it’s blown up in their faces because they’re the ones that are jealous’ said Mimi, raising her eyebrows as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

‘They’re not jealous, though’ I said, taking a seat.

‘Yeah and I’m a hippogriff’ said Mimi before going over to her seat next to Remus.

I looked at Lily ‘What d’you think?’

‘I’m still going on the date’ she said surely.

‘Yeah of course’ I said ‘but d’you think they’re jealous?’

‘I don’t know’ she said thoughtfully ‘It’s just that, they did seem a little mad’


‘I think that-’ but before she could finish her sentence, Sirius and James walked in the room. James taking a seat next to Peter directly in front of Lily and I, while Sirius led Mya in the seats next to them, right in my peripheral vision. He slung his arm round the back of her chair, lazily then turned his head slightly, caught my eye and smirked.

Oh really.

I looked at Lily and thankfully she had seen the transaction and shook her head at me.

Looks like those two are starting the Jealousy Wars.

Well two can fight in that war, or rather, four can.

Game on, bitches.

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The Greatest Days Of Our Lives: Getting the dates


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