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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 19 : I would sell you my soul
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I walked furiously along the brightly lit streets. How could i tell Scarlett what i had done, even though i assumed she already had hated me with a passion i guessed not. I entered the manor seeing Scarlett. I licked my lips, she sat on the stairs her legs crossed. She wore black fish net stockings underneath a short black laced skirt and black and white striped sweater. Her long blonder hair was braided to the side, her head tilted.

She looked like she was waiting for me to come home.

I smiled before going to accent the staircase. "uh uh uh"

Scarlett blocked my path, "Have you decided?"

I stayed silent. This wasnt her, i knew that she didnt act like this. The real Scarlett the girl i fell in love with.

"hm, i thought so" she smirked "hey, go get ready i want to take you somewhere"

I stood still for a moment before shrugging and going upstairs. Half an hour later i came down stairs redressed and smelling of soap instead of alcohol. Scarlett rose from her original place smiling before we apparating us.

We walked hand in hand like old times. But something felt wrong, w walked over the hill to see a huge lake reflecting the sunset. The sky tinged with orange, blue and pink. It was beautiful a breathtaking view. Scarlett faced me and smiled "This is where you first kissed me"

Shocked i looked around no wonder i hadnt noticed since all of the now green grass was covered in soft white snow and the lake was frozen into ice.

I stared at her a grin spread across her face. Maybe this was her, she remembered didnt she?

I couldnt help myself i plunged for her lips but instead of her soft lips on mine her finger was pressed against them stopping me. She smirked "Not until you do that little favour for me?"

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, why not? this girl is my life

I nodded, she smiled uncontrollably jumping onto me pressing her lips onto mine. I held her in a tight embrace never wanting to let go again. I missed the taste of her lips on mine the way she licked me lips seductively begging for entrance.

We pulled apart and walked back my arms around her. Feeling happier than i have been in a long time.



I walked into Lucius's study, I had told Draco to go to sleep he had looked so sleep deprived lately i was worried about him. I knew there was something different about me, something darker, but something stronger and i liked it. I did have to be the new dark lord.

I searched the room for Lucius "Is it done?"

"Yes" A smile spread across my lips. "Draco has agreed to lend me part of his soul for my final Horcrux"

"Scarlett you do realise once you have completed the final Horcrux you will have no control over your new dark self. You wont be able to come back as the sweet innocent Scarlett as you have been doing"

"I know that" i chose my words carefully, knowing the consequences.

"Im proud of you, smart thinking that was. Getting Draco to put his soul in your last Horcrux making it harder to destroy, this will make you stronger than Lord Voldemort Scarlett this will change our course of history"

"I know" I returned Lucius's devilish grin. "When we will the last Horcrux be made?"

"I will need some time, it will take much longer than the others for two souls must be merged but it can be done. In the meantime i want you and Draco to spend lots of time with each other rebuild your trust"

I nodded before leaving the room.



I walked through the corridor to see Scarlett dark makeup, wearing all black not the usual bright coloured clothes she normally wore. Her eyes dark and menacing but instead of the beautiful green colour they once were they were bright red. I gasped stepping back.

"Whats wrong Draco? dont you want to split your soul for me"

I moved backwards quickly slamming up against the wall "I..i" I stuttered uncontrollably my heart racing. My breathing hard and fast. She moved slowly towards me, her high heels clicking against the wooden floor as she walked.

I tried to think, Horcruxes? splitting up your soul? thats whats happening to her?

the seventh one, the one she needs my soul for will be the one that makes her exactly like her father. It completes her immortality.

My eyes widened, my gaze going to her hand. Her wand gleaming as she held it steadily.


I gasped for air sweat poured down my forehead, as i rolled to the side. I was in my bed, just a dream.

Just a dream? I saw Scarlett looking at me concerned, she sat wearing her nightgown. "Bad dream?"

"yea.." i replied quietly. "sleep with me tonight?"

She smiled "sure" she moved gravefully to my side. Getting underneath the covers next to me.

Just a dream. the words repeating in my head over and over again.

I shivered and pulled her closer toward me. Her body fit perfectly against mine. My arms draped around her as she rested her head against my shoulder, this was the real Scarlett. But how did i know? after a while i heard her soft cute snores.

And finally drifted asleep.


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