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Fairy tales are hope in disguise by ForeverCharmed
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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I do not own the followingstories: Charles Perrault author of Cinderella, Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont author of Beauty and the Beast, Brothers Grimm are the Authors of Snow White and the author of the Ugly Duckling is Hans Christian. Thanx to these wonderful authors I was inspired to write this Fanfiction. 








I boarded the train at platform nine and three-quarters a little later than usual. The previous night had taken its toll on me and I woke up late.










I lay their crying on the floor. I had just seen Ron kissing Lavender Brown at The Leaky Cauldron in front of everyone including myself. I felt betrayed after the defeat of Voldermort we had gotten together we were going to move in together but Hogwarts letters had arrived informing us that we were allowed to return for our seventh year. We had all agreed we wanted to go back so Ron and I had post-pond moving in together. But that was now out of the question he had cheated on me the night before we returned to Hogwarts. I couldn’t believe him. All I ever wanted was my fairy-tale ending like Cinderella, Belle or Snow White. But no that was obviously not for me if fate kept intervening. I cried a little longer before falling asleep on the carpet.










I hadn’t confronted Ron yet. I walked down the rows of carriages taking in everything going on that I did not see the figure walking in front of me. I bashed into the person in front and would have almost fallen back had it not been for the strong arms that fell around my waist pulling me back up before impact.










I looked into the grey eyes of Draco Malfoy staring intently back at me. His eyes showed something I could not read.










“I’m sorry” I apologised. I had no time or strength to fight with anyone today but Ron. I walked away before he could say anything.










Draco’s POV










I was still confused from the night before and what the old/young lady had said ‘You are a beast inside and you have hurt those around you that you care for more than you think, especially one young girl with a heart of gold’ she then gave me a rose and a mirror. ‘Treasure the mirror, rose and her or a price you shall pay’










Through all the confusion I did not see her off in another world and ran into her she went to fall back but I grabbed her around her waist before she fell. I looked into her warm caramel eyes whilst trying to hide what I was feeling especially for her. She apologised something that we had never done before and left.










Her caramel eyes were conflicting as if she was recalling something that brought her pain. I hope she couldn’t see through the shield that hid my emotions.




















I continued walking along through the carriages watching what I was doing this time so I wouldn’t have any more run ins with anybody. I finally reached the compartment that held Ginny, Harry, and my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.










I was greeted with hellos and how have you been even though I had seen them only a few days ago. I sat down and looked at Ron. He just sat there as if he had done nothing wrong. I knew he was about to get up for a kiss so I had to interrupt. I did not want to kiss those lips ever again. Even though I still had small feelings for him, but they were slowly evaporating. In a ice cold but calm voice I asked him:










“So what did you get up to last night, Ron?” His cheeks flushed red and a guilty look rose from his face.










“Nothing, just stayed at home”










Before I could answer Ginny did.










“No you didn’t, remember you said you were going out”










Ginny looked confused, wondering why he was lying and Ron was starting to sweat and trying to come up with a way out of his lie.










“Oh, yeah forgot, umm yeah I just went and took a walk”










“Really, Ron. Would you be able to answer me this then? How were you walking outside and at The Leaky Cauldron at the same time, oh and before I forget to ask why were you snogging that whore Lavender Brown?” I put across quite sharply.










“Is this true Ronald Billius Weasley” Ginny looked shocked.










Ron looked down ashamed for a moment before looking back up angry at being humiliated in front of Harry and his sister and being caught.










“Oh get over it, you just so up-tight. Just because you are not as hot or pretty like Lavender. You are a know-it-all that has to rub it in all the time”










Harry, Ginny and I all gasped at what Ron had just said. I had, had enough I got up slapped him across the face and left the compartment.










I ran down through the compartments with my bags floating behind until lucky enough I found one for myself. I cried and cried. How could he say those things to me? I may not be all that pretty and I may know a lot of things but why. We have been friends for so long.










“I wish, I wish I could just find my fairy-tale the one that ends happily ever after”










My face was buried in my face showing no light that I didn’t see the sparks around the room that were gone when I finally looked up. I was exhausted by this time that I decided a nap would be good.










“The poor dear, she has gone through a lot, well don’t worry little one you rest for now, you dreams will come true” with a pop and some sparks the fairy godmother flew away.




















The train had stopped and we all started to move out when I saw someone asleep in the compartment. I opened the door and walked into to see the girl that held my dreams in the palm of her hands, Hermione Granger.










Her tear stained face was peaceful as she slept. He did not want to wake her but knew that he must.










“Hermione, Hermione, wake up”










She woke with a jolt.










“Oh my god”










She realised what had happened and started to grab her bags when she turned back to me.










“Thank you Draco”










Authors note:










Hello Everybody, My first chapter I am really excited for this story I think that it will work out real good. This is the first chapter and it is not into the good stuff just yet so please continue reading next chapter will be up soon. Please leave a review.

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Fairy tales are hope in disguise: Chapter 1


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