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Black Roses Red by belly84
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Last time: Lily and James had a practise kiss and have been seen together at the back to school dance.




†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††next morning†††††††††††††††††††††††



Sam came over a short time after James had left and Sally appeared in my room at around the same time. Sally helped me fill Sam in on everything and then we gossiped into the early hours of the morning.




"Lily, get up! We have to be out the door in half an hour." Screeched Sam.

I look over at the clock. Shit, she was right! I jump in the shower for the world's quickest wash and then rushed to put the clothes that mum must have laid out for me on. It was a soft white blouse that hugged my every curve. Mum had taken the first two buttons off so I couldn't do them up. Stupid, any other mother wanted their daughter to cover up. But no, not my delusional one. With both the buttons open you could see a good deal of cleavage. For bottoms I had a puffy high waisted navy blue lace skirt that sat three quarters of the way down my thigh. Sally sent straight to work on my hair braiding it away from my face while Sam put a small amount of makeup on me. I was too tired to complain and I know that if I don't then I will look bloody exhausted for the whole day.



Finally finished, we rushed out of the house, on the way I grabbed my necklace and my head girl badge.

We arrived at the station at a quarter past ten, the time that Alison had told us to meet. I was shocked to find that on my way in I was attacked by paparazzi, I didn't think they would recognise me without James, but I was wrong.


After pushing through all the people I made my way to where James was, he smiled at me.


"Hey." He said kissing me on the cheek. I smiled up at him. Not my full smile, but just enough for him to look taken back.


Our moment was broken up by Alison grabbing us both.

"Lily you need to give the reporters a real smile, not that crap that you were doing last night." She whispered into my ear.

I shook my head. Then I saw mum walking over, "mum they want me to smile." I said, hoping she would back me up.

James’ POV


Why was Lily chucking up such a fuss over just smiling, I mean when she smiles at me for real it stops me dead in my tracks? Isn't that what every girl wants, to get attention of guys?

I look over to see what Marilyn would say.

"Hun, I know what you mean but lots of people already know. You may as well just smile." Lily looks pained.
I shoot Marilyn a confused look, Alison is doing the same.

"Lily's grandmother, on her father's side was a Veela, the jeans skipped Andrew but Lily got the smile. It stops people dead in their tracks. I never wanted her to use it to much because she was already getting enough attention from boys and I was worried about her." Explained Marilyn.
"That is the best news I have ever heard!" Alison just about jumped for joy. Well that explains a lot.



Lily’s POV



Alison was looking way to happy about all of this. Mum knows that I hate the V-factor, as Sally calls it. Why was she doing this to me?

"Lily, please, please after you kiss James; give the cameras a real smile." Begged Alison, I looked to mum, she nodded at me.
"Fine" I said rather annoyed.

"Oh and Lily while you and James are on the train will you please make-out in an empty carriage till someone finds you. You know act like a normal couple." Smiled Alison, she spoke in a very casual voice, almost as if she was asking me what I wanted for lunch.

I shoot James a panicked look. His face showed the same expression as mine. WHAT THE HELL?

"Now off you two pop, once your stuff is on the train, come out, say goodbye and then kiss like crazy." She winked at us and then walked off. That lady is not embarrassed to say anything is she.


But I know she is suggesting the right thing. James and I make our way over to the train and do as we are told.

"Make sure you write sweetie, I know you will have an amazing year." Smiled my mother giving me a hug, she turned to James and gave him one too. Throughout the hugs and kisses with family, James and I kept looking over at each other; we both know what was going to come next.


I felt someone grab my hand and when I looked up James was smiling at me. I guess it was time. He quickly pulled me away trying to 'not' be seen by the many reporters and pulled me closer as we reached the side of the train. I stood on my tippy-toe and whispered for him not to mess my hair up. He laughed and pulled me closer still, resting one hand on my waist while the other caressed by cheek, with one finger he lifted my head up so I was looking him in the eyes. Our lips brushed again, like the night before, he closed the gap. His tongue begged for entry into my mouth, I pulled closer to him let him in. Through my closed eyes I could see the flashes of hundreds of cameras go off. Not wanting to get carried away like last night I pulled away slightly. His eyes met mine, I gave him a quick peck on the lips before turning towards the media and, being the good girl that I am, I flashed them a missive Veela smile.



††††††††††††††††††††††††††on the train†††††††††††††††††††††††††††



"Okay welcome everyone and congratulations on becoming prefects for all you new ones, and welcome back to the older students." I said looking at all the new faces and some old, James' brother Albus winked at me. I let out a laugh. For the next half hour James and I went on to explain about the powers that come with being prefect and the great responsibilities that come also. Once everyone had left it was just James and I alone in a carriage.


"So I think we should make up the patrol timetable when we get to school, Minnie might have some suggestions on who should be paired up with whom. What do you think?" Asked James


I nodded and excused myself so that I could go change into my school robes; on the way to the bathrooms I caught sight of Sam waiting for me.

"So, the kiss at the station looked like fun." She winked at me. I laughed and leaded into tell her about what Alison had said about us making out in a carriage. She laughed and told me she would send a little first year in after ten minutes who she knew would blab to a newspaper. I thanked her and put my robes on. They were small, smaller than last year. What was going on?


What the hell had mum done? My skirt was now well above my knee and more suited to my body shape, the shirt was the same as the blouse I was wearing now, fitted with the first few buttons missing and for shoes she put in simple flats. At lease they weren't high heels. I stuck my hand into my pocket and found a note.


Dear Lily,

Doesn't your new uniform look fantastic! You can thank me later. Oh and don't even think about making it bigger I have put some precautionary measures in place.


Love you baby.



I wanted to cry.

"Sam!" I yelled.

"What did your mother do now?"

"She shrunk my clothes!" I cried.

"Well good! You looked like a nun in your other ones." She sung back laughing at her own joke. What a good best friend I have.



I made my way back to the carriage where I left James. On the way I bumped into Summer.

"Watch wear you're going slut!" She barked at me. "You know James is going to get over you VERY soon. He will just come running back to me." She spat in my face.

"Move away from me or I will give you a detention when we get back to school." I said pushing her away. I made my way back to the carriage and sat next to James.


"What's wrong?" he asked, seeing my face.

"Well first mum make my school uniform smaller," I said running my hands down the tight clothes, "and second I just bumped into the wicked witch of the west." I slouched into the seat.


"You know you must be going loopy when you are quoting Wizard of Oz. And as for the clothes I think they look hot." He said letting his eyes have a good look at what I am wearing. He shuffled closer. I sighed and moved closer too, I know we have to keep up the charade.

I was about to rest my head on his shoulder when I saw Summer's head look through the window of the carriage.


Without even thinking I moved closer to James and brought my lips to his. After a second of shock on his part James played along as well, he put one hand on my lower back and the other went straight to my hair. He shuffled back so that his back was against the window of the carriage and I was sitting in his lap. Both of my hands were running through his thick mop of messy black hair. When my nails scratched against his skin he let out a moan drawing me closer still. His hand moved from my back to my leg pulling it so I was straddling him. Both of his hands now rested on my arse desperately trying to pull me in.



I don't really know how long we have been kissing but I'm definitely not going to stop. James had moved his hands from my arse to my thighs, just resting near the hem of my skirt, and then slowly they moved up a bit. I think if we were somewhere more private his hands would have moved further. I deepened the kiss some more, loving the way it was making me feel when I heard a gasp at the door. I pulled away from James quickly. Four second years from Hufflepuff were standing in the door. They burst into a fit giggling. Even though I knew it was coming I still couldn't help but go red, I pull away from James and finger comb my hair trying to pull out the knots. James does the same. The girls shuffle away leaving us in a very awkward silence. We look at each other, both bright red.



The awkward moment is broken when Caleb White and Fred Weasley walk in.


"Yo, Lil's do you think you could hook me up with your friend Sam." He asks sitting across from me. "She was looking damn fine at the party last night." He finished looking towards Freddie for his view.

"I'm with ya there mate. Puberty has done well with that one." Freddie said mimicking boobs on himself. I let out a giggle.



James’ POV (Starting from the point where Lily walked into the carriage)



Lily was standing in front of me and Merlin was she looking good. Her usual school robes were now tight around her small frame showing off her long legs. The top was tight and with the top few buttons undone I can see a tempting hint of what she has been hiding in the chest department.



"What's wrong?" I ask, seeing the angry look on her face.

"Well first mum make my school uniform smaller," She said running her hands down her body, the sight made me gulp "and second I just bumped into the wicked witch of the west." She finished and relaxed into the seat.

"You know you must be going loopy when you are quoting Wizard of Oz. And as for the clothes I think they look hot." I replied. I moved closer without thinking, she must have thought I was just doing it to keep up the charade, sighing she moved closer too.


Moving closer again she pounced onto me; bringing her warm lips to mine. I took a moment to respond, what was she doing? Then it clicked, Alison had told us to make-out on the train she was just playing her part. Getting into the kiss I pulled the stunning girl on my lap closer. As I pulled Lily in, I shuffled back so my body was pressed flush against the window in the carriage. With one hand in her hair and the other against the small of her back pushing Lily's body closer to my own. She ran her fingers through my hair; I let out a soft moan into her mouth. Wanting more I slide open her legs so she is now straddling me. My hands moved to her behind bring her closer still. Moving my hands from her arse I slid them forwards, not leaving her skin for a second, my hands stopped at the hem of her skirt about half way up her thigh. I have to remember that we are on a train and in public, I can't, nay I won't get too carried away. But I'm sure it would be okay to move my hands up just a little bit right? My hands moved slowly towards Lily's hips, slow enough that she could pull away if needs be, but she didn't. In fact, to my astonishing pleaser Lily deepened the kiss even more. Merlin, this girl was going to be the end of me, I fought back with great enthusiasm, and our tongues fought an everlasting battle. Then suddenly it all came to an end, Lily was no longer pressing against me, her mouth was no longer on my own. She was sitting next to me looking mortified. Shit, I knew I had been pushing it, for Merlins sake; I was just her fake boyfriend. My train of thought was interrupted by group of giggles, looking up I can see four second years and by the look of their robes they were in Hufflepuff. Now I understand was Lily was looking so horrified, we had done precisely what Alison had wanted. I quickly finger comb my hair, trying to tame the black locks that never seemed to stay down. Just like dad. The giggling gaggle of girls quickly left the carriage. Looking at Lily, she is bright red and looking very embarrassed. Shit! What the bloody hell do I do now?



The awkward moment is broken when Caleb and Fred walk in. I have never loved those two more in my life.


"Yo, Lil's do you think you could hook me up with your friend Sam." Asked Caleb, who was sitting across from Lily, jealousy struck me, Caleb had called her by her nickname that only her close friends used. "She was looking damn fine at the party last night." He finished, this was new. I mean sure Caleb was a, for lack of a better word, man slut when it came to girls but if memory serves, this will be the first time since first year that Caleb has asked someone for help when it came to getting the opposite sex. He, being cocky, normally just pounced.


"I'm with ya there mate. Puberty has done well with that one." Freddie said mimicking boobs on himself. Any other time and I would have laughed at my mate, but at present I am to horrified that Lily's is yet to say a word, was she regretting kissing me? Did she want to stop this thing between us, whatever it may be?


My thoughts are yet again interrupted by a giggle, but this time rather than coming from an awkward group of Hufflepuffs the giggle is much sexier, a giggle from the girl whose lips were on mine only a short time ago. Curse that girl, the heat that had been socked out of my system from the mortification of being caught out, returned with a single giggle.


"And why would I do such a thing Caleb?" Teased Lily. I laughed at what she had said casually adjusting my trousers to hide my excitement, it went unnoticed apart from Freddie who shot me an amused look, followed by a wink. I winked back and returned my attention to the conversion.


"Gee, I don't know LilyPop, because you love her and want her to get some action?" Replied Caleb looking smug; the use of 'LilyPop' brought a scowl to her face and jealousy back to mine.


"That's it; definitely not doing it after you called me that." The female redhead said pretending to be mad. I laughed at Caleb's moment of panic, he didn't quite catch on that she was kidding. That bloody git, he fancies Sam and hadn't told us. Wanker.


"Come on mate, don't get your wand in a twist, Lily is just kidding." The relief that sprung to my best mates face was instantaneous, he must really like her. Freddie shot me a knowing look; he was thinking the same thing I was.


"Oh course dear." Smiled Lily taking my hand. Relief flowed through me, she wasn't angry. "But I better be off, I have to have a nice little chat with Sammy before we get to school." She finished looking at Caleb.

"I knew I liked you for a reason LilyPop." Beamed Caleb.

"You owe me bit time White." Replied Lily ruffling his hair before moving closer to me, she kissed me on the cheek before whispering in my ear, "Do they know?" I knew instantly that she was referring to out dating. In reply I smiled up and nodded.


Once Lily had left the carriage Freddie laughed at me.

"So mate, what were you and the pretty Miss Liliana Wilson doing before we came in?" Asked Freddie trying hard not to laugh.

"Let’s put it this way mate. I was having a better time then you were." I laughed at the boys. Caleb look confused. 


"You see, our good friend James here tried very hard to hide his new addition of an extra lump to his" Freddie paused to cough, as if getting ready for a speech, "amazing boaady!" Finished the male redhead in a high girly voice.


All three of us burst out laughing.



A/N: Please tell me what you think. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to let me know. Sorry about the spacing as well It wouldn't work properly. I do not own The Wizard of Oz, that belongs solely to the author;  L. Frank Baum


Yours truly, Belly.x

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